1/4 Scale Grave Digger Part 1 with Conley V8

This is the beginning of my 1/4 Scale Grave Digger Monster Truck. Powered by a Gary Conley V8 engine. Yes, those are Roller Rocker Arms. Exhaust is Aluminum.

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Author Joshua Cyrus (2 months)
If you built a 5 speed transmission for it. Maybe it will go faster

Author rocbud43 (1 year)
nice bro.

Author jammer2150 (1 year)

Author naturalyshocked (4 years)
that's not vry expensive, considering my 0.28 CI isabout 200€ : ) did you
tig weld the chassis? what material did you use for the chassis?

Author 57 Films (4 years)
what kind of fuel does this run on?

Author Brady Simonson (4 years)
when does the next part come out????????????????

Author rcWizzard (3 years)
To - @mudpuppy4life Runs on nitro 20%. Bore .875 - Stroke .625 - Solid
lifters - Cam has 280 degree duration & .059 lift - Siamese Porting 6 to 7
lbs - 3 to 4 HP at 12,000 RPM - Glow Plug Ignition. That would be a short

Author Baptiste de Schrevel (3 years)
@rcWizzard so like avengers exhaust ?

Author rcWizzard (3 years)
To - @baptistedeschrevel Me too. Depends on the final placement of the
engine, but a zoomie style, going down rather than up.

Author mxfreedom155 (4 years)
nice video. do you know how much hp it puts out?

Author mudpuppy4life (3 years)
specs on the v-8 that can be held in your hand!!! what does in run on?
nitromethane or pump fuel? that little engine makes me laugh....can you do
a vid of specs on the conley?

Author MrBurnTec (3 years)
@rcWizzard do you have a rough guess how much it cost in the end with all
the parts and engine and wheels when it is fully made ??

Author rcWizzard (4 years)
@MrRfitz27 Well with Glow Plugs rather than Spark Plugs this version could
be considered a diesel. Check out the new version at ConleyPrecision. com.
Sorry though, it is NOT a diesel.

Author KEVIN1997CH (3 years)
XD Contect 0:02 Klick XD

Author rcWizzard (4 years)
@EatmyDust1311 Yes, took them off so the roller rocker arms show. 19 will
be a few weeks.

Author rcWizzard (3 years)
To - @copkilling745 12,000.

Author rcWizzard (3 years)
To - @KeithWasHere1 I got this one on e-Bay, $1650, ready to run. Check out
the new version at ConleyPrecision. com

Author rcWizzard (4 years)
@blakemckee It's been 1000 to 1500 hours so far.

Author Shawn G (3 years)
This is AWESOME!!!!!! Looks like a real pain in the ass to maintain though..

Author rcWizzard (4 years)
@NebunLaCap Check out other video's to see the valve covers. Not drivable

Author Andre Neves (4 years)
@rcWizzard i think a 50cc chainsaw engine will be better

Author kiriakoskakos (4 years)
when will you upload another video

Author sherbutorange (4 years)
how much would one of these engines cost and where can i get one from?

Author cj5134 (3 years)
can i install that baby in the baja 5sc??

Author K sweeney (4 years)
is there any way you can tune the sound of the conley exhaust ??

Author rcWizzard (4 years)
@WeirdoMikey 4 Stroke.

Author markdem (4 years)
the responsiveness of that thing is just sickkk!

Author TROJAN P (4 years)
all this work u might aswell slap on a supercharger :D p.s. love the work,,
ur a true engineer bruva

Author rcWizzard (4 years)
To - @MrNEVEX One cylinder rather than 8, nah, I'll stick with 8.

Author rcWizzard (4 years)
To - @ElijahWheeler In my pocket.

Author niklasmich (4 years)
@rcWizzard what kind of fual ur taking is it the normal mdell 1:20 like iam
using it or is it more nitro

Author rcWizzard (3 years)
To - @Sancho1388 So go play with your balls! I'll play with my Conley.

Author Lucas goodmanCharlton (4 years)
I need front and rear axles/differentials like the ones on ur grave digger
that are 16 inches long give me a price an I'll see if we have a deal

Author kiriakoskakos (4 years)
when is your next video will be uploaded?Keep the good work

Author MrRfitz27 (4 years)
do they make those v8 engines in diesel

Author rcWizzard (4 years)
@rubbr223 e-Bay. Check out the new Version at ConleyPrecision. com

Author 845jdog (4 years)
do u haave a clutch for it

Author Baptiste de Schrevel (3 years)
i rather prefer the sound of your stinger ! hey btw , how are you gunna
make your new exhausts and where are you going to place the pipe ? (are you
gunna make it a pipe header or a zoomie header?)

Author Shawn Jones (4 years)
@rcWizzard Man you are the king!!

Author rcWizzard (4 years)
@kiriakoskakos Plan to film it this weekend, so Mon or Tues.

Author rcWizzard (4 years)
To - @MullinPerformance I do want to increase the final gear ratio, But,
before I invent another wheel, or gear box rather, I want to see how it

Author cardinals373 (3 years)
ya thats cool but watch the fuel tank drop very quictley

Author niklasmich (4 years)
@rcWizzard okay iam jusing modell fuel with 16 percent because my car is new

Author funnyboyswag (4 years)
how much do those motors cost

Author Sancho1388 (3 years)
to bad every single one i have seen run doesnt have any power. my stock
baja has more balls

Author rcWizzard (4 years)
@rubbr223 Used from e-Bay. Check out the New version at ConleyPrecision.

Author rcWizzard (4 years)
@myrcrevo1 This one was $1600 used from e-Bay. Check out the new version at
ConleyPrecision. com

Author rcWizzard (3 years)
To - @SIKE5323 I got then engine from e-Bay. Check out the new version at
ConleyPrecision. com

Author rcWizzard (4 years)
@Hogasofa 20% Nitro for 4-stroke engines.

Author ledzepcamaro67 (3 years)
press 0 then 9 to see how much gas it used in less than a minute

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