1/4 Scale Grave Digger Part 1 with Conley V8

This is the beginning of my 1/4 Scale Grave Digger Monster Truck. Powered by a Gary Conley V8 engine. Yes, those are Roller Rocker Arms. Exhaust is Aluminum.

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Author Daniel Radke ( ago)
were can i buy this engine

Author WillieStroker? NoButiWillLetYourMom ( ago)
that guy must have built the rc grave digger from the ground up roll cage
and all. because there's no was I would buy that peace of shit look at the
welds. He damn sure can't weld looks like a pigeon flew over it and took a
shit on it. that roll cage is going to fall apart.

Author Axel.G ( ago)
Venez tous voir ma chaîne -> MonsterKill71

Author Joshua Cyrus ( ago)
If you built a 5 speed transmission for it. Maybe it will go faster

Author rocbud43 ( ago)
nice bro.

Author loonymoons99 ( ago)
That is awesome and sounds sweet props man

Author totoandamigo ( ago)
those are the cutes valves ive ever seen

Author rcWizzard ( ago)
Thanks man.

Author mrbleetbleet (1837 years ago)
now he just need 1/4 scale victims lol

Author rcWizzard ( ago)
Yes, I took them off to show the roller rocker arms.

Author ConanPrays2Crom ( ago)
do they make valve covers that small..??

Author Michiel Peetroons ( ago)
almost 5 years later still not finish

Author totoandamigo ( ago)
lol i can see the valves moving

Author NativeNaziViking ( ago)
thats literaly a mini v8 thats bad ass

Author rcWizzard ( ago)
To - @SIKE5323 I got then engine from e-Bay. Check out the new version at
ConleyPrecision. com

Author ConanPrays2Crom ( ago)
that is sick

Author yeasee1 ( ago)
wowzers i want one

Author KEVIN1997CH ( ago)
XD Contect 0:02 Klick XD

Author Codythecartaker ( ago)
@ledzepcamaro67 HOWLY SHEEET

Author aquariyums ( ago)
Sounds hungry. Quick, someone feed it a Honda!

Author Yeager_Charlotte ( ago)
@ledzepcamaro67 nitros use alot of gas =p and mine was a 1 cylinder... "dis
herez uh Vee-8 shun" gets worse mpg than my bronco probably

Author Shawn G ( ago)
This is AWESOME!!!!!! Looks like a real pain in the ass to maintain though..

Author rcWizzard ( ago)
To - @vikkiandbradley07 Nitro.

Author rcWizzard ( ago)
To - @AdamIzBeastin I didn't build it, I bought it on e-Bay. Check out the
new version on parts 20 thru 22, AND ConleyPrecision. com

Author AdamIzBeastin ( ago)
hoy did u build the engine

Author ledzepcamaro67 ( ago)
press 0 then 9 to see how much gas it used in less than a minute

Author rcWizzard ( ago)
To - @jimmypaduaa Around 4 or 5.

Author rcWizzard ( ago)
To - @KeithWasHere1 I got this one on e-Bay, $1650, ready to run. Check out
the new version at ConleyPrecision. com

Author rcWizzard ( ago)
To - @TheAdam24680 This version, no, other than e-Bay if you're patient.
Check out the new version at ConleyPrecision. com

Author cardinals373 ( ago)
ya thats cool but watch the fuel tank drop very quictley

Author Denil Silva ( ago)
LOoks Ungry!!!!!

Author Jay Stantonja ( ago)
come on lets see the thing moving on part 23 please

Author cj5134 ( ago)
can i install that baby in the baja 5sc??

Author Jonah Weitzel ( ago)

Author Baptiste de Schrevel ( ago)
@rcWizzard so like avengers exhaust ?

Author bigdaddymatty17 ( ago)
That sounds like the real thing!!!! nice!!!

Author rcWizzard ( ago)
To - @baptistedeschrevel Me too. Depends on the final placement of the
engine, but a zoomie style, going down rather than up.

Author Baptiste de Schrevel ( ago)
i rather prefer the sound of your stinger ! hey btw , how are you gunna
make your new exhausts and where are you going to place the pipe ? (are you
gunna make it a pipe header or a zoomie header?)

Author xXCREEKSTARXx ( ago)
even so small a v8 sounds great...8 cylinders are a unique piece of
engineering history in sound and power :D

Author rcWizzard ( ago)
To - @MrBurnTec I'd say 6 to 7k, including the engine. But have not added
up the receipts yet.

Author MrBurnTec ( ago)
@rcWizzard do you have a rough guess how much it cost in the end with all
the parts and engine and wheels when it is fully made ??

Author rcWizzard ( ago)
To - @MrBurnTec It's all scratch built. If you mean the engine, check out
ConleyPrecision. com

Author MrBurnTec ( ago)
how much does all of that cost ??

Author rcWizzard ( ago)
To - @Sancho1388 So go play with your balls! I'll play with my Conley.

Author Sancho1388 ( ago)
to bad every single one i have seen run doesnt have any power. my stock
baja has more balls

Author mudpuppy4life ( ago)
@rcWizzard lol it would have been a short video.....but 12,000rpm out of a
v-8 is ALOT!!

Author rcWizzard ( ago)
To - @mitchrox7 Go to ConleyPrecision. com.

Author Mitchell Smith ( ago)
i want one for my 1/8

Author rcWizzard ( ago)
To - @mudpuppy4life Runs on nitro 20%. Bore .875 - Stroke .625 - Solid
lifters - Cam has 280 degree duration & .059 lift - Siamese Porting 6 to 7
lbs - 3 to 4 HP at 12,000 RPM - Glow Plug Ignition. That would be a short

Author mudpuppy4life ( ago)
specs on the v-8 that can be held in your hand!!! what does in run on?
nitromethane or pump fuel? that little engine makes me laugh....can you do
a vid of specs on the conley?

Author rcWizzard ( ago)
To - @chevybogger9 It does, they're rubber mounted.

Author rcWizzard ( ago)
To - @copkilling745 12,000.

Author alex richter ( ago)
i think it needs motor mounts

Author AmericanThunder ( ago)
That thing is HOLY SHIT awesome. Seriously cool!

Author derneuschooer ( ago)
absolutely awesome!

Author 845jdog ( ago)
@rcWizzard thats prety sick

Author rcWizzard ( ago)
To - @845jdog It's in the transmission housing.

Author rcWizzard ( ago)
To - @blklightning330 4 or 5 HP. 20% nitro, for 4-Strokes.

Author 845jdog ( ago)
do u haave a clutch for it

Author Bullet Tooth Tony ( ago)
how much power does that make? and it runs off regular gasoline rather than
20 or 30 percent rc nitro, i take it. i hope it runs off the latter,

Author rcWizzard ( ago)
To - @funnyboyswag I got it used from e-Bay $1650. Check out the new
version at ConleyPrecision. com

Author rcWizzard ( ago)
To - @issackool4evr That's going to be a few months.

Author issackool4evr ( ago)
when are you going to freestyle or actually drive it around?

Author rcWizzard ( ago)
To - @MullinPerformance I do want to increase the final gear ratio, But,
before I invent another wheel, or gear box rather, I want to see how it

Author MullinPerformance ( ago)
I hate to say this because I love the project but I think its going to be
underpowered. All the video i seen and from what i read, I cant see this
going more than 10-15mph at best. I'm guessing that this project might
weigh 60 pounds or so when your done? I like the conleys but I think there
more show than go...

Author rcWizzard ( ago)
To - @alexisdabest1 It's not drivable yet.

Author MrTurnItUp24 ( ago)
dude when are you going to have this thing rolling, and how fast do you
think it will go

Author rcWizzard ( ago)
To - @crazydogg1313 You can find them on e-Bay, if you're lucky. Or, check
out the new Version at ConleyPrecision. com

Author rcWizzard ( ago)
To - @baptistedeschrevel Hope so.

Author Baptiste de Schrevel ( ago)
@rcWizzard when you do the new exhaust like u said will it have a better
sound ??

Author MrTeckman01 ( ago)
@rcWizzard lol

Author rcWizzard ( ago)
To - @ElijahWheeler In my pocket.

Author ElijahWheeler ( ago)
@rcWizzard Where Are the valve covers?

Author rcWizzard ( ago)
To - @MrNEVEX One cylinder rather than 8, nah, I'll stick with 8.

Author Andre Neves ( ago)
@rcWizzard i think a 50cc chainsaw engine will be better

Author TROJAN P ( ago)
all this work u might aswell slap on a supercharger :D p.s. love the work,,
ur a true engineer bruva

Author Andre Neves ( ago)
@rcWizzard thath sound scares me . this is gonna be nice

Author rcWizzard ( ago)
@Bubba9Gump I'd rather have the Super Charger. Never seen a 1/4 scale turbo.

Author rcWizzard ( ago)
@pelonchasf97 Yes used from e-Bay. Check out the new version at
ConleyPrecision. com

Author pelonchasf97 ( ago)
do u bought the engine or is homemade¿¿?

Author rcWizzard ( ago)
@Hogasofa 20% Nitro for 4-stroke engines.

Author rcWizzard ( ago)
@myrcrevo1 This one was $1600 used from e-Bay. Check out the new version at
ConleyPrecision. com

Author 57 Films ( ago)
what kind of fuel does this run on?

Author XxxGoofballXL ( ago)
how much for a engine and were do i find one

Author rcWizzard ( ago)
@wildkev1010 The length of the pipes will effect the sound, but I don't
want to make these any shorter.

Author K sweeney ( ago)
is there any way you can tune the sound of the conley exhaust ??

Author rcWizzard ( ago)
@mxfreedom155 4 or 5 HP.

Author rcWizzard ( ago)
@freestyleskier132 Won't know until I have it drivable.

Author mxfreedom155 ( ago)
nice video. do you know how much hp it puts out?

Author freestyleskier132 ( ago)
how fast does that go?

Author naturalyshocked ( ago)
omg, that must be really difficult not burning any holes or other melting :
) awesome job

Author rcWizzard ( ago)
@naturalyshocked Hollow. .035 wall.

Author rcWizzard ( ago)
@Rcslashchannle1 Even if we do strike up a deal, with the other things I
have on my to do list it would be 2 years before I could start it. FYI -
Custom one off items are expensive. Check out store.RC4WD. com .

Author naturalyshocked ( ago)
solid or hollow?

Author rcWizzard ( ago)
@naturalyshocked MIG welded. They're ugly, but strong. Mild Steel. Not
4130, to hard to bend.

Author Lucas goodmanCharlton ( ago)
I need front and rear axles/differentials like the ones on ur grave digger
that are 16 inches long give me a price an I'll see if we have a deal

Author naturalyshocked ( ago)
that's not vry expensive, considering my 0.28 CI isabout 200€ : ) did you
tig weld the chassis? what material did you use for the chassis?

Author rcWizzard ( ago)
@mach1stang310hp $1600. from e-Bay. Check out the new version at
ConleyPrecision. com

Author mach1stang310hp ( ago)
hey there again. im just wondering, but how mcuh does this motor cost to
buy? and where did you get it? thanks.

Author markdem ( ago)
the responsiveness of that thing is just sickkk!

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