how to make brian o'conners nissan skyline on NFS: underground 2 (PS2 VERSION)

yes i know that the vinyls are not perfect but unfortunately its quite difficult to mod a ps2 game without chips. anyway here is the setup
NOTE: i have only put in parts that need changing if u want to knoow how i got the trunk layout and all i will send u the details

All level 3 extreme performance products are reeccomended
front bumper: wolfpack
rear bumper: wolfpack
sided skirts: type v
spoiler: tandem
exhaust tip: rocket (or thunderbolt)
rims: enkei RT6
base paint: metallic silver, bottom row, 5th from the left
spoiler: peaarl blue, bottom row, 2nd from the left
caliper paint: dark blue, bottom row, 8th from the left
engine accent: dark blue, bottom row, 8th from thee left
vinyls: stripe set 3000 colour: all parts (1,2,3) dark blue, 9th from the left
hood vinyl: modern 3 colour: dark blue 9th from the left

well hopee that helps will be making more cars sub if u want and enjoy.

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Author josh daigle (3 years)
Looks nothing like it

Author SUPERFORMIAN (1 year)
How did you get the Skyline? I used the cheat for it and it didn't work AT

Author mattrulzyo1000 (4 years)
@abcdefghijklopoiuyyt yes PS2 oh btw to all those copying this example :
dont add the engine upgrades, if u want ur car to sound like brians dont
upgrade the engine (there are some parts u can use without changing sound
just havent been bothered to try all the combo's)

Author austin simmons (2 years)
umm wrong vinyls dude go to stripes and its the 4th or 5th one

Author Rena Crespo (4 years)
thanks man

Author nerdyproductions991 (3 years)
how do you get matallic paint please tell me!!!!!!

Author mattrulzyo1000 (3 years)
@rambostylez yeah rito mate settle down

Author adrian garcia (1 year)
Thats wing

Author mattrulzyo1000 (4 years)
@mafp43 this was on PS2 ? did u use any modz?

Author Adolf Hitler (2 years)
@mbopm the game is from 2004 but still being a great game. in my opinion it
is one of the best NFS games ever. the car in the video doesn't realy look
like the real skyline but we can't forget this is in PS2 and don't have
mods :s srry for any mistakes. i'm portuguese so sometimes i write some
mistakes :$

Author HellOwnerz (3 years)
This is not real look .... bumpers are SNYPER not wolfpack... u have no
idea, ur video sucks.

Author kevawesome123456 (4 years)
Not so bad it was good.but I still did not have level 3

Author abcdefghijklopoiuyyt (4 years)
is this on ps2?

Author mafp43 (4 years)
you used the wrong vinals. you can get the race flag ones but not the hood
stripes. i made one too

Author chge2512 (3 years)
looks nothing like brians car

Author kitt silva (2 years)
hey yo i'm portuguese too if u want brian's car sound i have one
answer.when you are tuning the car put the turbo i don't put more.but i
have the car settings for drift bye.please answer

Author MrDk350z (3 years)
um lixo

Author BRIAN HESTER (1 year)
bro dont listen to these jealous fools you have a very nice ride man just
take your time with building it and you will get better in time i tghink
you done excelent with what EA GAMES gave us to work with nice video
bro......peace!! :D

Author Dave23788 (3 years)
wrong bumpers

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