Guy Lombardo's Final New Year's Eve. Appearance - New Year's Eve. 1976-1977

Guy Lombardo And His Royal Canadians From Guy Lombardo's Final New Year's Eve. Appearance. The Band Performs: "Babyface," "I Write The Songs," "Charley, My Boy," "Feelings," "Silver Dollar," And "Give My Regards To Broadway." With Vocals By Ty Lemley And Kenny Gardner.

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Author begs54 (3 months)
Remembering my parents was watching this every New Years in the 50's & 60's
on t.v..... Waiting for the ball to drop, holding up a glass of bubbly
,holding hands and dancing to Auld Lang Syne in our den. The crap that
that is on today on New Year's Eve is all flash. There is no warmth to
it, and reflection of the last year..... Something is just missing.. 

Author hisroyalness2 (29 days)
Guy Lombardo And His Royal Canadians From Guy Lombardo's Final New Year's
Eve. Appearance. The Band Performs: "Babyface," "I Write The Songs,"
"Charley, My Boy," "Feelings," "Silver Dollar," And "Give My Regards To
Broadway." With Vocals By Ty Lemley And Kenny Gardner.

Author MooPotPie (29 days)
This is great . . . but that rendition of the song "Feelings" was just
insufferable . . . as is any rendition of "Feelings".

Author Carl Triangolo (2 days)
although he was never a regular member of this band,Al Conti lead the so
called relief trio at the Roosevelt Hotel for Guy during the 50's.By the
way, if you have a chance to get to the Roosevelt,there are a number of
pictures of Guy.My personal favorite is Guy leading the band placed at the
door of the Roosevelt Grill.You'll have to search around for this as it's
on the lowest level of the hotel where the Grill was located.

Author Raymond Julien (10 days)
5:46 on this video is Al Conti playing the piano. I had the great honor of
shaking hands
with this man when he played a grand piano at the Warwick Mall in RI. He
passed on
several years ago.

Author Carl Triangolo (5 days)
i enjoyed Al Conti's piano at a number of clubs in R.I. about 40 years
ago.It's should be noted that he played at the Waldorf's Peacock Alley
during the late 60's.He was discovered by Guy and Carmen at the Providence
R.I. Biltmore Hotel in the late 40's.

Author sjtom57 (29 days)
With all the garbage in the world today I had to find some Guy Lombardo
vids. Happy New Year.

Author Don Holdaway (29 days)
blind robbins or dried herring, herrings in wine sauce, egg nog and Auld
Langs Syne by Guy Lombardo. A new Years tradition started in the 1920's by
my grandfather! Haven't miss a year to the best of my knowledge. Here's to
64 years and many more!

Author Nansbbgrand (28 days)
Always loved Guy Lombardo's New Year's Eve show. . . Still miss it!

Author Tim Nolan (29 days)
Guy Lombardo And His Royal Canadians From Guy Lombardo's Final New Year's
Eve. Appearance. The Band Performs: "Babyface," "I Write The Songs,"
"Charley, My Boy," "Feelings," "Silver Dollar," And "Give My Regards To
Broadway." With Vocals By Ty Lemley And Kenny Gardner.

Author Carl Triangolo (5 days)
Sorry about the use of it's instead of it.I always had difficulty typing.

Author 79pretzel (1 month)
True that the band did not have depth as in earlier years, but still such a
memorable event!

Author mark harding (2 months)
US TV today is absolute garbage packed with mindless commercials. The old
media is dying out and it deserves to.
We have to go on the internet to get the greatest music and entertainment.
The New York Times, Time Magazine,
Chicago Tribune, ABC, CBS, CNN, CNBC are YESTERDAY'S MEDIA. It is old and
dying.....look at the junk on TV
today...viewership is less than half of what it used to be. Young people
have left the old media. This place, the internet, is where everyone is

Author gmmix (3 months)
New Year's Eve without Guy Lombardo is like having Laurel without Hardy!

Author Charlie IRVIN (1 month)
My Biggest Gift My Daughter was born New Years 12:00am Happy birthday to my
Lovely Daughter Tamara Nicole Irvin 1979 you are the biggest gift from god
love mommy and daddy i love you little Girl.

Author debbybolen (29 days)
Happy New Year!!!

Author Mike Warfield (1 year)
Guy Lombardo was a staple in my house on New Year's Eve growing up - and he
was so much better than the shock value they now strive for. Happy New

Author george miller (1 month)

Author Edwin Harvey (1 month)
I was 13 years old then Dec 31st, 1976 and I probably watched this with my
mom and dad then!! I kind of remember this!! I turned 14 years old on May
21, 1977. The next year Guy Lombardo's brother took over!

Author Micelli1947 (8 months)
Remember seeing this on TV as a youngster.

Author Mark Raiden (1 year)
i still have his record. but no record player. now i have downloaded the
Auld Lang Syne with Bell chimes on iTunes and i love it. i will always
forever play it every year very loud at 12 over and over. 

Author Joe Code stud (1 year)
I wish those folks still ran this country. Current Americans stink.

Author Charlie IRVIN (1 month)
Happy New years Royal Canadians Happy New to one and all 2015.

Author Paul Schedler (8 months)
Please post the full show :D

Author Sal Morreale (1 year)
He was Mr. New Years Eve before Dick Clark. Music was basic but that but
he kept a lot of musicians working for a real long time. RIP Guy and thanks
for the memories! Remember watching with my grandparents and was
a musician and always working on New Years Eve.

Author Remo Williams (5 months)
I dont believe i've taken interest nor seen a New Years eve special since.

Author TAnglesmith (9 months)
Great tuba playing!!!

Author Joe Castro (1 year)
Man, do I miss the 70's. Scenes from the end of an era...

Author Brenda Lane (1 year)
Forever Mr. New Year's Eve...both Guy and Dick Clark.

Author Sabrina Messenger (1 year)
I remember watching Guy Lombardo on TV when I was in my teens. I'd switch
channels between him and Dick Clark. Now both are gone. RIP

Author Erick Gaines Sanders (11 months)
When the Flagship Holiday had class.

Author Bill Lytle (8 months)
This is really great. There is a great pan showing my father in-law,
trombonist, Donald "Coop" Cooper. Are there any more videos of from this
era, showing Don?. Don played with the Royal Canadians from 1966 until Guy
Lombardo's death.

Author Carl Triangolo (2 months)
What a great band! However,it's too bad that Guy was using only three
saxophones during the 70's almost immediately after Carmen's death.Also ,
Kenny was no longer the wonderful singer he had been in the three previous
decades. What do you think?

Author Bryan Smith (3 months)
Is it possible to see the whole show? 

Author Carl Triangolo (2 months)
Do you recall when Kenny did not perform on New Years Eve? That was the
69-70 show.His replacement was a young man by the name of Tony Cointreau.He
was also the principal vocalist on Guy's 1969 Tropicana hotel album.What
happened to Kenny during this period?Did he retire?If anyone knows,please
fill me in.Thanks.

Author Paul Joseph (1 year)
Please upload the whole video if you can someday

Author dddavids Ghost Cams (1 year)
I remember as kids we use to stay up and watch this. Most of the time we
did not make it to midnight.

Author Paul Joseph (1 year)
Would love to purchase a DVD collection of these old Guy Lombardo New
Year's broadcasts if only they'd make one available.....

Author steve kulick (1 year)
Great job from the Poconos in East Stroudsburg Pa! Brings back young
memories. I video taped 1983 - 84 (the whole show with the ball) but
nothing replaces good old Guy L...Mr New Years Eve. The crap today?? Just

Author wallofvideo (1 year)
i like how "i write the songs" and "feelings" were arranged and performed
as slow two-steps.

Author soulierinvestments (1 year)
I still don't get the lyrics to "I Write the Songs." Hard to sing with a
straight face.

Author Peter Stofleth (1 year)

Author Mark Fischer (1 year)
I wish PBS or some channel would run these again...even a rerun from 1960
is better than that New Year's Eve crap that is on now. 

Author Bruce Alter (29 days)
Happy New Year!

Author John Sapp (1 year)
Sound familiah? 

Author lilmike55912 (2 years)
kenny makes the voice for sure thanks for this!

Author chickiepieone (1 year)
@guylombardo1...I wrote you a private message on your page regarding Ty

Author Christopher Hagee (1 year)
Again, I'd like to have the December 31, 1975 (Wed.) telecast of the CBS-TV
Network's annual "New Year's Eve With Guy Lombardo" special be posted on
YouTube. Again I'd like to see the Times Square ball drop to mark the
dawning of that historic Bi-Centennial yr. of 1976. Again that was the late
G.A. ("Guy") Lombardo, Jr.'s next-to-last New Year's Eve special on CBS
Radio and TV, combined. I'd like to have the 1st half-hr. of that 1975/1976
New Year's special posted on YouTube plus the ball drop.

Author Charles Waters (2 years)
It dosen't get any better than this. The Roosevelt Hotel. WOW

Author Pro Deo Et Patria Foundation (2 years)
Amen..there will never be another like him, whose name was synonymous with
a wholesome, fun way to celebrate New Year's Eve! God Bless you, Guy..we
miss you.

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