Guy Lombardo's Final New Year's Eve. Appearance - New Year's Eve. 1976-1977

Guy Lombardo And His Royal Canadians From Guy Lombardo's Final New Year's Eve. Appearance. The Band Performs: "Babyface," "I Write The Songs," "Charley, My Boy," "Feelings," "Silver Dollar," And "Give My Regards To Broadway." With Vocals By Ty Lemley And Kenny Gardner.

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Author Mike Warfield (3 months)
Guy Lombardo was a staple in my house on New Year's Eve growing up - and he
was so much better than the shock value they now strive for. Happy New

Author Mark Raiden (3 months)
i still have his record. but no record player. now i have downloaded the
Auld Lang Syne with Bell chimes on iTunes and i love it. i will always
forever play it every year very loud at 12 over and over. 

Author TAnglesmith (9 days)
Great tuba playing!!!

Author Joe Tages (3 months)
Man, do I miss the 70's. Scenes from the end of an era...

Author Erick Gaines Sanders (1 month)
When the Flagship Holiday had class.

Author soulierinvestments (3 months)
I still don't get the lyrics to "I Write the Songs." Hard to sing with a
straight face.

Author Joe Code stud (3 months)
I wish those folks still ran this country. Current Americans stink.

Author Brenda Lane (3 months)
Forever Mr. New Year's Eve...both Guy and Dick Clark.

Author steve kulick (4 months)
Great job from the Poconos in East Stroudsburg Pa! Brings back young
memories. I video taped 1983 - 84 (the whole show with the ball) but
nothing replaces good old Guy L...Mr New Years Eve. The crap today?? Just

Author FrancisJoseph76 (3 months)
Would love to purchase a DVD collection of these old Guy Lombardo New
Year's broadcasts if only they'd make one available.....

Author dddavids Ghost Cams (3 months)
I remember as kids we use to stay up and watch this. Most of the time we
did not make it to midnight.

Author Sabrina Messenger (3 months)
I remember watching Guy Lombardo on TV when I was in my teens. I'd switch
channels between him and Dick Clark. Now both are gone. RIP

Author Sal Morreale (4 months)
He was Mr. New Years Eve before Dick Clark. Music was basic but that but
he kept a lot of musicians working for a real long time. RIP Guy and thanks
for the memories! Remember watching with my grandparents and was
a musician and always working on New Years Eve.

Author Mark Fischer (3 months)
I wish PBS or some channel would run these again...even a rerun from 1960
is better than that New Year's Eve crap that is on now. 

Author DAVID BONDZIO (3 months)
Thank you. The Lombardo performance videos brought me to recall [those]
good old days of entertainment when it wasn't [female] singers screaming
out cookie cutter melodies and when everything [nowadays] in video
performances is all about the WOW factor: which in essence is - going to
the limit of what the producers can get away with without being shut
down...what we might call lewd, lascivious and vile.
Happy New Year to all.

Author wallofvideo (2 months)
i like how "i write the songs" and "feelings" were arranged and performed
as slow two-steps.

Author FrancisJoseph76 (3 months)
Please upload the whole video if you can someday

Author John Sapp (3 months)
Sound familiah? 

Author lilmike55912 (1 year)
kenny makes the voice for sure thanks for this!

Author chickiepieone (7 months)
@guylombardo1...I wrote you a private message on your page regarding Ty

Author Christopher Hagee (9 months)
Again, I'd like to have the December 31, 1975 (Wed.) telecast of the CBS-TV
Network's annual "New Year's Eve With Guy Lombardo" special be posted on
YouTube. Again I'd like to see the Times Square ball drop to mark the
dawning of that historic Bi-Centennial yr. of 1976. Again that was the late
G.A. ("Guy") Lombardo, Jr.'s next-to-last New Year's Eve special on CBS
Radio and TV, combined. I'd like to have the 1st half-hr. of that 1975/1976
New Year's special posted on YouTube plus the ball drop.

Author Charles Waters (1 year)
It dosen't get any better than this. The Roosevelt Hotel. WOW

Author Pro Deo Et Patria Foundation (1 year)
Amen..there will never be another like him, whose name was synonymous with
a wholesome, fun way to celebrate New Year's Eve! God Bless you, Guy..we
miss you.

Author guylombardo1 (8 months)
Hello Everyone: At some future point, I will be able to post the rest of
the video that I have in my collection. But for technical reasons, I am an
unable to do it at this time. I am so glad you all are enjoying the music.
Musical Regards, Joe

Author TheTomato Man (11 months)
Like to see entire video, this is a classic, please post the rest if you
can, thanks

Author NoelGuyALfan (1 year)
Well done JE,this is BIG in Lombardo Loversland all over the world,wish the
Lombardo Family would get active in Youtube,and post some of their
priceless treasures to music maybe.... I d-r-e-a-m.... Cheers to ALL for
2013 :-) Warm Regards Noel from Aus

Author eduardo govea arreguin (7 months)
Agradeceria subieras el tema ANASTASIA con Guy Lombardo. GRACIAS.

Author Richard Clifford (1 year)
And I'd like to see Al Pierson bring the Royal Canadians back on TV again.

Author Christopher Hagee (7 months)
Lee Jordan was the announcer for this (1976/1977) edition of the CBS-TV
Network's annual New Year's Eve airing of "New Year's Eve With "Guy"
Lombardo". The next 2 New Year's Eves (1977/1978 and 1978/1979) he would be
the Times Square reporter from the "Big Apple", N.Y. City, N.Y. on the New
Year's Eve festivities at the "Crossroads Of The World" on the "Great White
Way". Lee Jordan left CBS sometime in the 1990s.

Author Richard Clifford (1 year)
It was at the Waldorf Astoria hotel. The Roosevelt closed decades ago.

Author Robert Grant (1 year)
God do I miss these days,New Years Eve is never the same without GUY, This
New Years Rockin Eve is GARBAGE.

Author TheTomato Man (1 year)
Can the entire show be posted

Author guylombardo1 (1 year)
At some future point, I will post all of this show that I have. I do not
have ANY of the guest artist segments (Carol Lawrence or Billy Eckstine).
And I do not have any of Ben Grauer from Times Square. All I have is the
band performing their songs, and the countdown to midnight.

Author Richard Clifford (1 year)
And can you post the 1977 show with Victor and Lebert?

Author monteleone1010 (1 year)
Good to see Kenny Gardner again, Cliff Grass, who used to play clarinet and
sax, and also made vocals, retired a couple of years before this show was
taped, if I'm not mistaken.

Author Blah asst (10 months)
Wonderful show, wonderful memories. Had tickets to see Guy in 1977 in
Little Rock, Arkansas, but he died before the show. Show still went on, had
a chance to talk to Guy's brother on the trumpet and Kenny Gardner.
Greatest band of them all.

Author missuma2 (1 year)
Miss these days, no disrespect to the late Dick Clark, but I grew up on the
New Year's Eve by Guy a young teen, he was the Ace of The New
York, Times Square New Year's Eve Celebration ! Brings back fond memories
of auld lang syne...

Author TheTomato Man (1 year)
I am so Happy you are going to post the rest of the Guy Lombardo New Years
Special, New Years Eve is not the Same without Guy, Again thank you for
posting this video

Author guylombardo1 (1 year)
Guy stopped playing at the Roosevelt Grill in 1962. That was his final NYE
appearance there (or so he thought). The following year, his TV show was
broadcast live from Grand Central Station. The next year it was broadcast
live from the new Americana Hotel in New York. In 1966, they returned to
the Grill Room for NYE as part of the "Les Crane Show." Finally, they moved
to the Waldorf where they remained until Bill Lombardo did his last
broadcast in 1978-1979.

Author Christopher Hagee (1 year)
I'd like to see the 1975/1976 "New Year's Eve With Guy Lombardo" CBS
original live telecast from December 31, 1975 (Wed.) which would be Guy's
next-to-last as we were usherin' in the dawnin' of that historic
Bi-Centennial yr. of 1976 be posted feat. the Times Square Midnight ball

Author Peter Stofleth (3 months)

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