Can You Pass One Of The Hardest South Korean Tests?

Imagine taking this test in your second language.

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Author Mopar Milan ( ago)
I can't process question 28 so I'm out

Author Trexiya Simelle ( ago)
If my friends take this, they would take the longest sentence as the answer. and believe it or not, they get it most of the times. especially on tests. But I doubt that they're gonna get these questions right.

Author Anonymous Anonymous ( ago)
happy to be Japanese

Author Emily Carroll ( ago)
I mean I get an average of less than five a night because of my 4 APs and i'm still alive...

Author HS L ( ago)
Proud of myself for getting them right! My English isn't as awful as I thought it was. However feel awful for people that have to do this in a test environment. Having to do this in a room of people, under a lot of pressure and time constraints I'm sure I would have gotten them wrong

Author Depresso Expresso ( ago)
**watches 10 seconds**


**looks at creator**

**aggressively clicks off**

Author Kamyren Bailey ( ago)
wait, Ned went to Yale

Author xian1027 ( ago)
That whole para for Question 26 was actually from a book titled "The Limits to Purpose and other essays" (1932) by John Leofric Stocks (a British Philosopher).

Not sure if that is a recommended read for the South Koreans though. (> < )

Author Maria Shtefan ( ago)
oh my god those questions are EASYYYYYY af wtf

Author Josh LZK ( ago)
I understood both passages - not to toot my own horn here - but only after rereading them a few times. I agree that these questions are utterly ridiculous; you will never need to read and comprehend passages like those in your day to day life. If any south korean students are reading this and are despairing over your lack of English "mastery", don't. Seriously.

Author cyndie26 ( ago)
In America, we have foreign language AP tests.

Author Cameron Simpson ( ago)
Ned went to yale and he is working at BuzzFeed.............................................................................His mom must be proud.

Author Milen Baykov ( ago)
North korea is best korea.

Author Chantelle Aguilar ( ago)

Author Stuffy Shark ( ago)
학교는 한국에서 매우 힘듭니다. 이런 질문은 고등학교에서 대학까지 사용됩니까?

Author Stuffy Shark ( ago)
Koreans are actually affected by the questions. When they talk they use big words not like tiny but minuscule or mini.

Author Amelia Kim ( ago)
Im half Korean and i still don't get it! Im only 11 and i live in America

Author iJeena ( ago)
If you rephrase the question as you read it's not too hard, but you have to know what all the words mean. For a foreign language student to be taking that... it's unnecessarily difficult.

Author dreamon cosplay ( ago)
Meanwhile in a country in South East Asia. These are some of the questions in the national exam for high school students (not English exam though)...
1. "If you have to prepare a dining table for a western couple and it is their anniversary night, what colour of the tablecloth should you use?". I mean....WTF? they didn't give us any more information, and that was for HIGHSCHOOL students not students who are specialised in hospitality.
2. "If you have a bf/gf, which of these is the acceptable action?
A.Putting an arm around his/her shoulder when you go shopping together.
B.Invite him/her to have dinner.
C.Sleeping on his/her lap in public.
D.Going to sea and staying over together.
E.Feed your bf/gf in a restaurant." They are real questions, approved by the ministry of education. I'm not joking.

Author 정빈박 ( ago)
Yeah guys I am Korean... Well I study both TOEFL and the Korean SAT, called soo-neung, I feel TOEFL questions and passages make even more sence for me. I noticed those words will be never used but I also know that I need that in my SAT :( What freaks me out is that twelve-year-old kids are studying TOEFL too... It is akward

Author Marie Cox ( ago)
Imagine students who are suicidal over academic performance. Think about that for a moment. In the US there's a growing attitude of apathy toward education. We used to have an attitude of respect for education but more and more people attack it. How sad.

Author ashcharya de silva ( ago)
Rachel's tongue is yellow 😲

Author Mark Smith ( ago)
You do not read the questions like that rather you go straight to key sentence and then look at the options then determine if you need any of the rest to solve it. If all their questions are like this then Pearson is totally flawed in its analysis- the Korean test is ridiculous reductionist and a very poor test of actual analytical analysis- you don't need most of the sentences to answer.

Author Liahona Denice Dumdum ( ago)
These questions are made to fail students. Ridiculous.

Author CocaineWayne ( ago)
"i went to an ivy league school"

"i graduated from stanford"

ended up working at buzzfeed

Author Emily Ash ( ago)
People are acting like anyone can get accepted into buzzfeed. You can't. And there are so many aspects of buzzfeed, despite the content, that is noteworthy. So I don't understand why all of these people are like they came from Ivy League or top tier schools and work at buzzfeed, but, I know several people who went to top tier schools and can't even find a job. That's the situation we are in now.

Author WKL N ( ago)
Native English speakers would get those questions incorrectly, let alone nonnatives. WTH South Korea??!!

Author jxckyorozco ( ago)

Author Mya Darji ( ago)
This hurt my heart

Author Tina ir ( ago)
the asian has failed

Author Neha S ( ago)
I never knew Ned graduated from yale

Author Duriana ( ago)
I dont even understand what the question is asking

Author Acrimonious Oxide ( ago)
I would burn those tests at sight

Author RYU ASMR ( ago)
nope, and nope.

Author Ryan Cross ( ago)
:24 - :32 so same as the U.S then.

Author abdul altamimi ( ago)
thats samsung s8 made, ya skills . i guess? lol

Author Dolpine Stuff ( ago)
*Quietly celebrating the fact he got them right*

Author Tess Slime cake ( ago)
I am in primary school and I only sleep 4 hours each night , most is 5

Author miNekraft LET`s plays ( ago)
That wasn't so hard. I'm a 14-year-old from the Netherlands and I got them both correct.

Author Tess Crelli ( ago)
Wow you guys are amazing!

Author beenabiju70 ( ago)
Koreans are not eloquent (even the best English speaker I know in Korea) can't read or simply understand basic English ,

Today I got to Know why


Author Zachary Lee ( ago)
As a former high school student who experienced practice tests of these exams, I can tell you that for the fill in the blank questions, most students are focused more on the meaning of each vocabulary and the grammatical sentence structure than the meaning of the paragraph itself. It's almost like solving an equation, seeing where the adverbs, pronouns, or prepositions are and figuring out which grammatical word would be suitable for a particular sentence.

Author Yanaisha Moos ( ago)

Author May Rose ( ago)
Does anyone else see the satanic verses book in the background?

Author LaziBread ( ago)
These poor people. They went to those nice schools and look where they are: BuzzFeed.

Author milamonstr cheesecake ( ago)
Im thirteen and I got both of these questions right.

Author Yeonjae Chung ( ago)
I remember when I was 7 in Korea. I would go to school at 7am, get out at 2-4pm (depending on the day of the week), then go to Cram School, get out at 8pm just to go straight to another academy right after and go home finally around 2am. It was definitely a struggle, one of the harshest memory I have of Korea.

Author Marcos Pomales ( ago)
doesn't even compare to an organic chemistry test.

Author xavier wilson ( ago)
Notice how they tried dumping out negative opinions and false stats before congradulating them on being the most educated in the world. Just like America for you!

Author Caleb Mall ( ago)
I'm wondering whether I'm Korean because i swear I got both of the questions right.

Author zoz ( ago)
Anyone else answer both Qs right?!
I had worst questions in interviews b4! 🇧🇭

Author Julian Abreu ( ago)
The guys proved that even going to ivy schools doesn't get you a great job.

Author vane4jc ( ago)
Got the same answers as Rachel from UC Berkeley ... mostly because I was too lazy to read the last multiple choice answer (which happened to be right) ...

Author 문다연 ( ago)
Are test around the world multiple choice? I'm in college and I've never had one and I mean this looks hard af I much rather stick to my 6 page essay like tests but I just wonder if is this kind of testing the most common.

Author spicymaio ( ago)
My head exploded trying to understand those weird sentences.
Like I can read it but do not understand it at all?

Author Chris Do ( ago)
Education leads to success. The Degree means everything, Asians and Math >>>>><<<<<

Author gooogooo22 ( ago)
I got them right :O) I think that they should structure some of our questions in the US like these.......because there are too many educated "textbook Idiots" running around.......these questions cause you to draw and apply knowledge instead of just studying these standardize crappy butt test in the US

Author Rose Thorns ( ago)
I passed and I'm 12

Author Firetrucky ( ago)
Lol maybe the test is designed to fail and they want to test you on how good you can gather information by cheating 😂😂

Author Ivy Yang ( ago)

Author VirgiLight ( ago)
I don't even know what it's asking

Author Shaye Farrance ( ago)
I'm very surprised I got both right

Author Brian Cai ( ago)
do China's Math test!

Author Banana Simpson ( ago)
They weren't that hard I got both right

Author Kitty Cat ^ᴥ^ ( ago)
Oh yeah got it

Author CurryPowder ( ago)
I don't get why those questions are hard. I'm Asian as well and I got both. Am I missing something here?

Author yunsun joo ( ago)
I'm South Korean

Author Skydive Entertainment ( ago)
Jesus, and I thought Japanese and Taiwanese education is a drag to hell.

Author Lucy Neko ( ago)
I got both questions right!! I'm so happy XD

Author Daisy May ( ago)
when you have good qualifications but you end up working at buzzfeed

Author klaudia adi ( ago)
I am 11 years old and I got both questions correct

Author Coreyplay'sMC ( ago)
my school has 14 hours of studying

Author Charlie Yellove ( ago)
When it all comes down to it, Ned is a really smart guy

Author ktgbw ( ago)
As someone who has received 2 collegiate degrees and a collegiate honor society induction, I do have to agree with how extremely ridiculous these questions are.

Author JUDDJAM 21 ( ago)

Author Air Raider 56 ( ago)
Please sub to me I will sub back to you

Author sarah beauty ( ago)
DAMN..... Korea doesn't play around

Author sherryl ng ( ago)
I'm a Singaporean and honestly these questions aren't that difficult, but I understand the difficulties that come into play under exam conditions.

Author Mihindu S. ( ago)
This is why u should never underestimate the English knowledge of a foreigner

Author Riona Chen ( ago)
Ned went to Yale?!?!?!?!

Author JDM Nation ( ago)
And this is why Koreans leave or hate their own country....

Author Winston The Market Trader ( ago)
So, how come the Rachel has a yellow tongue? Do Asians have yellow tongues too?

Author Luke Benes ( ago)
would get them both right 😄

Author Harreh Pottah ( ago)
How is learning that even helpful? No one talks like that

Author AnnexPlay's ( ago)
damn i feel bad for them. honestly who words it like this? i was able to understand these questions only because i have been speaking english for a long time.

Author Aliato ( ago)
These questions are good actually. They put the focus on critical thinking.

Author Swagata Roy ( ago)
Nobody knows about the Indian education system i suppose.....

Author CherryM Park ( ago)
미국에서도 공부못하는 나는 뭘까.

Author hannah 1 ( ago)
that girl looks like nelly yuki from gossip gorl

Author Miiinyoongi ( ago)
I would probably find the meaning of life before I found the answers to those questions.

Author Osay queen ( ago)
Hi beautiful person scrolling through the comments

Author Game Slayer ( ago)
I got both of them correct and I'm 13. it was moderately easy. I just had to reread the texts and apply their meanings to a literal sense and apply the latter sentences to the previous ones and I as able to make sense of them.

Author Eve Casey ( ago)
Who made these questions? Satan?

Author Anime Lover ( ago)
I'm 12 yrs old and got the questions correct

Author boys over flowers ( ago)
my idol country is SOUTH KOREA but fuckin donald had to distroy it for me

Author TheOptimusprime246 ( ago)
uni life so depressing

Author Zela Morre ( ago)
The irony of those questions is that they'd be considered poorly constructed in the US. Too many adverbs, wordiness that obscures the meaning of the paragraphs, etc.

Author Chloe Jackson ( ago)
Jesus this makes my stress from school seem like a walk in the park compared to this

Author AtOutoftheBlue ( ago)
I feel like they should've just screwed with them and given them the questions in Korean

Author Martin Hunn ( ago)
I'm not american, so i dont even understand the questions🍺🍺

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