Can You Pass One Of The Hardest South Korean Tests?

Imagine taking this test in your second language.

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Author Greg Samarin ( ago)
It wasn't really that hard... it is just intimidating because of the size of the question and answers with there being more than 4.

Author Courtney G. ( ago)
i watched this and didn't blink once

Author Master Chief ( ago)
Am I the only one who got both correct?

Author Kyuhyun Suju ( ago)
If you have the time to think about the question it is okay but korean exams are actually timed. I'm pretty sure a korean student would have to answer that question at least twice as fast as they did. The level required is extremely high for high school level.

Author Rakayah Mcneely ( ago)
I was hoping all the try guys would do it to make it into a funny competition

Author The-AdvancerPS4 ( ago)
Who here gets high grades yet don't study for tests? If I'm the only one, well... kinda weird eh.

Author drainoman35 ( ago)
Meh, it's two different trains of thought. But I will say, a lot of my fob friends got accepted in to major universities in Korea, and came to the states afterwards to breeze through our graduate programs. I saw a few comments about teaching to tests and crap, but if you ever get a chance to go to a university in Korea, China, or Japan, you won't need a translator. I found semi-fluent to fluent literally everywhere I went. Jesus, especially in China. Different jobs in China require you to have a certain rank in multi lingual fluency. Particularly English, Korean, and Japanese. If you take a flight in China, and speak multiple languages, through out all of them. They'll absolutely love you for the practice.

Author Jaeger ( ago)
I got a 50 on this test

Author iAyee Robot ( ago)
I'm 10, I got all of this correct, are you all idiots?

Author Sterre828 ( ago)
so... I'm a seventeen year old student from the Netherlands and I got both questions right. The questions are hard, but not extremely....

Author allu50 ( ago)
thats weird because all those options can fit the paragraph and its more of an opinion based thing, atleast how i see it

Author Seb Gui ( ago)

Author Namjoon's expensive girl ( ago)
I feel like I can finally understand Rap Monsters perspective.. This is deeply fucked up

Author Maikalani Dlc ( ago)
I did get the correct answers but my brain was absolutely fried after thinking so hard about it. This is only TWO questions from the entire test? Ridiculous!

Author Fahmida Islam ( ago)
I am studying 3 languages in my school and none of them are my mother tongue...

Author Lilitha11 ( ago)
Seemed fairly easy to me. The annoying part is they probably time you, and if you rush through it of course you are going to get it wrong. If you have a moment to read through and think about it however, it isn't that difficult.

Author 최성제 ( ago)
Yep..pretty fucked here in Korea as a student is stressful..hate life

Author Dont Click My Profile Pic ( ago)
Can't wait to be 30
So I can look back on life
And realize school is just a day care...

Author Grace Marie42 ( ago)
You lost me at midwives......

Author William Yang ( ago)
These are easy.

Author someone2929 ( ago)
A'sed it baby!!!

Author Jad Micheal ( ago)
Naw naw don't mess with those tests that's just presssure no naw

Author T-ink ( ago)
(if I get this right I'm dropping out tbh) alright I paused it. so i say its either 3 or 5.. and I'm going on a limb and saying.. 3.

Author 진용 윤 ( ago)
As a Korean, I want to tell you that there is a kind of distortion in the video. Those passages are the most ambiguous? and difficult questions of the test. This video shows just a little about Korean SAT English section test.

Author Spviinxx ( ago)
No you cannot ;))
Our tests are too hard :33

Author Dip Ply ( ago)
But like... 2+2 still equals 4, right?

Author ShyGuy ( ago)
I see how these can be extremely difficult but somehow I didn't find them hard.

Author Lawrence Wong ( ago)
It's funny that an asian was the only one to miss one. FYI I tried both questions and missed same one and I am asian :P.

Author Andy Jones ( ago)
I got them both right XD

Author deeloveatl ( ago)
Got them both right!

Author Necaella Lim ( ago)
I'm no I don't need tests in my life I'm a girl that watches YouTube not tests

Author Savage Prince ( ago)
I'm south korean lol

Author Jeremy Highland ( ago)
Why not?

Author MonkTheWorldTree ( ago)

you are never ever ever EVER going to use these kinds of English nor you'll actually be able to converse with people from English culture even if you pass these fcked up test. They spend 20+/- years in English yet they barely be able to speak English at all.

Same goes for American. who's using Calculus / Science in their every day life after college? (except science degree)

Author Ariana Villanueva ( ago)

Author Splodinate Kabloominate ( ago)
I barely got these two. They were nothing more than educated guesses.

Author Please, Kill me. ( ago)
Ew, BuzzFeed.

Author Nope ( ago)
I'm not a native speaker, 15 years old and got all of these right.They did not seem very hard to me.

Author Alicia D'souza ( ago)
north Korea: people suffer from dictatorship.
south Korea: people suffer from studying.
way to go Koreans!

Author Naomi Gary ( ago)
i just want to see the math portions

Author adorable fairy ( ago)
i'm korean and we must solve one question in 1minute...

Author Rina TJ ( ago)
"Journeys are the midwives of thought"
Me: yepp you lost me there

// I've never been more confused in my life hahahah

Author hold up ( ago)
i'm too lazy to read the question wtf it's so long

Author Julia Yang ( ago)
Omg I'm actually smart I got them correct and I'm a high school dropout damn!

Author Salty Neil ( ago)
I'm going back to McDonalds

Author Red Bred ( ago)
these are not questions about knowledge or whatever. you just need a lot of concentration

Author Rusty Shacklford ( ago)
Is it weird that I didn't find these questions that hard? I mean all you had to do was find the main idea of the passage and find the answer synonymous with that. The complex paragraph and understanding the meaning behind it was irrelevant, the test was about analyzing the text and stating that analysis in different terms, not philosophy. Though the passages themselves were confusing if you know what the question is and focus on answering it rather than understanding the passage as a whole, the problem is simple.

Author Jax Jxp ( ago)
The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell

Author Isaac Baik ( ago)
Why all these smart people in Buzzfeed tho

Author María Paz ( ago)
When english is your foreign language and you get them right

Author _.강혜림._ ( ago)
Lmao I'm glad I live in America and not Korea😂 I couldn't see my cousins and friends until night cuz they had school and an academy thing (하권)

Author MrFreddy61 ( ago)
was this the fucken Asian Confucius test?

Author Just Magic ( ago)
Honestly with questions these hard, you're better off studying the patterns in which the correct answers appear, and choosing them based on what you've learned

Author Devansh Mendiratta ( ago)
OMG I got both correct

Author Rachel Rogers ( ago)
I honestly would argue that this kind of testing would be beneficial. They aren't suicidal because the tests are too hard they're suicidal because they feel inadequate. That is a problem that we need to deal with separately, because after all this is the exact same reason why suicide is so prevalent amongst doctors, but no one is suggesting stop treating people because it's too hard.

Author Yakima ( ago)

Author Aminenur Toprak ( ago)
I passed all of them and I'm 12

Author Bunnyboo1117 ( ago)
I did them in my head and I actually got them both right. I'm pleasantly surprised. 😌

Author Louie Boyes ( ago)
For somebody who is studying 4 A-Levels, this didn't seem so difficult...

Author Isa is ARMY trash ( ago)
I'm sorta proud of myself for understanding that.

Author mikki ( ago)
The passage length alone makes me feels like throw up

Author AKKI JO ( ago)
What about the Indian students?

Author Rav Joie ( ago)
so long...

Author Julie Kirsten ( ago)
Just gonna comment before the vid that they won't pass considering how some Koreans take grades seriously to the point of suicide. This is supposedly the hardest test as well.
*edit* They did pass and they actually brought up the topic suicide😮

Author Mrs. 絵眉毛 ( ago)
日本の学校は体験入学でしか行ったことはないけど、結構ハードだったぜ( ; ; ) 英語の授業は簡単やったけどww アメリカに住んでると頭もなまるんだな

Author shay jefferson ( ago)
I failed...... I thought it was 5

Author Jon Lin ( ago)
Best video so far.

Author Shrine Night ( ago)
Let's be honest. even if you lived for eternally those kind of BS questions will never come to you until the Earth explodes in the next few hundred billion years so why put them in the test. why even learn those kinds of things?

Author Berkay Güngör ( ago)
When you are a "developing", satellite state; you do encounter such problems. It's the same with Turkey: People think of education as memorizing outdated; overly complicated concepts that would never be used in real life, yet when they look at the country's progress in any of the subjects, they realize they're far behind their goals. As humans, we learn what we need and what we'd use; not abstract concepts that have no connection to present.

Author Regina Lee ( ago)
2011 eng test was totally fucked, try 2016 and 2017 too.

Author Kirsten Jeon ( ago)
Now i feel what jungkook struggles....

Author Alicia Floyd ( ago)
Hold up...correct me if this was a joke that I didn't get..but how you gonna graduate for Yale or Stanford and work a buzzfeed...

Author JayfeatherForLyfe ( ago)
Is it weird that I'm only 10 and I study big words and like to use them...... and then and peggy the place

Author Andy S ( ago)
Those questions are disgraceful. I'm genuinely quite disgusted that people think that these questions are appropriate.

Author TekViper ( ago)
I'm on a higher lvl than 90% of the humans on this planet? No surprise there, half of you can't get my order at mcdonalds right.

Author Andro A ( ago)
At least they get a job when they finish school, in Croatia you do all this and end up cleaning toilets for the rest of your life.

Author Jazzy 3120 ( ago)

Author Jazzy 3120 ( ago)
No wonder Jungkook got a 3/100

Author いつもお疲れ様 ( ago)
i took something harder in japan and i had an hour of sleep and studied the whole day, i actually got most correct but some wrong,

Author quart 37 ( ago)
Well, I'm South Korean high school student now....I really agree that those tests are fucked up.....And I was surprised when I heard that those questions are about three times of length of questions on the American SAT

Author ?! ?! ( ago)
Where are those feminist anti- cis white male priviledge videos i subscribed for? Come on, I need them!

Author 현진 ( ago)
I AM KOREAN AND I HAVE TO TAKE THAT TEST IN A FEW YEARS!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Saurya Vikram Singh ( ago)
You think it is hard? come to India and give JEE advance in this country...

Author MrGoldInfinity ( ago)
I hate when hard, abstract subjects are forced upon teens like this. By the time you get to the blank, you're perception of the entire reading has changed 3 times

Author Ryan Low ( ago)
So what I gather from this is Korean schools educate their students on language and then proceed to test them on philosophy.

Author Lol Lol2 ( ago)
beat faker at lol=))))

Author PsychoticReaperD13 ( ago)
i love how there's a book behind them that says 'satanic verses'.

Author Jisso Chaeyoung ( ago)
I thought China was smarter than Korea... or maybe I misunderstood everything in this video.....

Author Alan W ( ago)
Test questions so hard that random guessing would get you a higher score =/

Author deadbutmoving ( ago)
These questions are easy as hell. Just use basic common sense reasoning.

I thought these questions would be harder.

Author 안성진 ( ago)
in fact, we don't read all of them. because of time. we have to solve it within 1minute 30seconds. limited time is biggest stuff for us.

Author Roszer Animations ( ago)
I'm a grade six, Canadian and I guessed these answers and got them right...

Author Currently Scowling ( ago)

Author Bob's Wrestling ( ago)
3.1415926535897932384626 Hmmmm... I was memorizing Pi then I can across this...

Author Kristina Schwarz ( ago)
whoa, I'm glad that I got those questions right, although English is not my mother language and that definitely proofs for me that you don't need as many lessons as those poor korean students. I learned to use English casually from the internet. It's wayyy better if you learn something with fun or something you're interested in by yourself...

Author Matt Villarreal ( ago)
I can't even fuckin pass the spelling B

Author Jamez Holong ( ago)
I think this is the part "Nature Selection" really begin. If you are smart but not smart enough for this question you will be fail. And not many of them seemed to be win.

Author Cookie Monster ( ago)
I was like "tf is going on" the whole time cuz I'm like 15😂😂😂

Author Big blue Button man ( ago)
This made me appreciate math a lot more, now.

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