Wonder Woman - Extended Featurette (2017)

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  • paula cook
    paula cook 7 hours ago

    Yes she's is a good. Confidence determined .

  • Jennie Bui
    Jennie Bui 8 hours ago

    Ughhhh gal is so beautifulllllllll. She is the perfect role for Wonder Woman

  • Adriana La Torre González

    Oh my god I love this.

  • Tiger Lark
    Tiger Lark 11 hours ago

    FINALLY a movie with a female director that isn't a pile of crap! Thank you, Patty Jenkins!

  • mark schildwachter
    mark schildwachter 13 hours ago

    OMG I love this Movie SO much!!!!!! I saw it in the movie theater yesterday!! (:

  • Jordi Crivillés
    Jordi Crivillés 1 day ago

    amazing movieee

  • Kelsey Wright
    Kelsey Wright 1 day ago

    Can Chris and Gal plz get married thx

  • Timogen Viente
    Timogen Viente 1 day ago

    if both critics and users highly scored this movie, I'm on for it.

  • Flower Child
    Flower Child 1 day ago

    I saw this movie yesterday and it was the best dc movie ever she was such a badass.

  • Angie Wan
    Angie Wan 1 day ago

    I've already seen the movie but watching this I still get CHILLLSSS

  • Mr Mr
    Mr Mr 2 days ago

    WTF? fairy tales bullshit, grow up, grown up idiots

  • Christi Schmidt
    Christi Schmidt 2 days ago

    Wonder Woman

  • Night Fury Httyd
    Night Fury Httyd 2 days ago

    4:56 the Eh Bee family

  • Liz Ramirez
    Liz Ramirez 2 days ago

    Awesome film. Loved it

  • Emoji Gal
    Emoji Gal 2 days ago

    I have watched this move 2 times!

  • TJens
    TJens 2 days ago

    You can feel their commitment in this movie!

  • Hani chan
    Hani chan 2 days ago

    this movie is making me so proud❤ we are strong woman

  • Samantha Romero
    Samantha Romero 2 days ago

    What did the Germans do to deserve the wrath if Wonder Woman? I know about the war and all but what made her side so quickly with the Americans and decide that the Germans were these monsters?

  • ed wyn
    ed wyn 2 days ago

    i see The Wonder Woman Movie was Filmed in 3 Countries and 38 Locations, That's how They Wasted a lot of money, Nobody cares about stuff like that, They should've Built a Nice Studio in Hawaii and Film everything there and the rest They could've done it using CGI, Why waste so much $ Filming in 3 Countries and 38 Locations, WB has a lot to learn on how to NOT Waste money on things Audiences DON'T Care about, Also why Film in COLD WEATHER when you know Wonder Woman is basically Filming in a Swimsuit...

  • ed wyn
    ed wyn 2 days ago

    Gal Gadot is a Good Actress but WB should've Hired Her to play Catwoman ............. i wanted WB to Hire an Actress with Blue Eyes who speaks English as Her First Language to play Wonder Woman, Now is too late i guess

  • Huong Do
    Huong Do 3 days ago

    I thought it would be the story about protecting a mother with her baby... haven't read this story before

  • Ray Ray
    Ray Ray 3 days ago

    Just saw it and it was AWESOME 💪

  • 김명일
    김명일 3 days ago

    I think seen cinema best of best motion picture! really  beautiful movie.

  • zotpot
    zotpot 3 days ago

    The ending sucked ass, so now she's a super hero fighting normal crime like spiderman and batman but in london? fkin ruined for me, she supposed to be special only showing up at worlds endings etc...

  • piscesman74
    piscesman74 3 days ago

    This movie is shit

  • Irsyad Olney
    Irsyad Olney 3 days ago

    its cute how they just bought clothes for diana and she just went outside using shield and sword and act innocent :3

  • aedivian
    aedivian 4 days ago

    Women have no business directing a movie or even have the leading role. This is going to flop hard

  • Rieza Prilicya
    Rieza Prilicya 4 days ago

    i still cant believe gal was 5 months pregnant while shooting this with all the action, martial art ohmygod

  • Diego Luna Orozco
    Diego Luna Orozco 4 days ago

    I watched this movie with my sisters it's Hella lit🔥

  • Kinanti Prameswari
    Kinanti Prameswari 4 days ago


    SHEZZIIEEE 4 days ago

    this movie was the best 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000/10 GIRL POWER 💪🏻💁 (wonder woman is now my fav superhero)

  • clusternest
    clusternest 4 days ago

    the phoenix rises from the ashes..just about time. actress and director seem to be great! have not watched it yet

  • eliott A
    eliott A 4 days ago

    I really enjoy wonder woman, it was a great movie and she actually had a story and also it was not just based on her. it was a really good movie to watch.

  • Madison Wilson
    Madison Wilson 4 days ago

    I'm seeing this movie tomorrow 😃😃😃😃 can't wait 😊

  • Çhrîstîné Méndøzâ


  • Analia Gomez Abrahamer_4ever Gomez


  • boskydoor
    boskydoor 5 days ago

    Fantastic film, but also a really, really White film. We need to include Women of Color in our feminism.

  • Nancy I AM
    Nancy I AM 5 days ago

    Want a BETTER ending to the Wonder Woman movie? Why didn't Diana become like an Innocent Loving Child 'as an adult' to conquer evil?? 'Wonder Women' was EXCELLENT and it had ONE BIG Boo-Boo at the end when she killed 'the bad guy' with that special sword. (Sadly, so typical humanity and Hollywood) Why didn't Diana re-remember her innocent pure vulnerable loving sweet child personality and, as an adult, instantly develop a 'childlike innocent pure vulnerable assertive powerful eye-to-eye adult look' of 'powerful light streaming out of her eyes to his' communicating the words "I Love You, because I can't hate you or anyone as it's just NOT in my nature or design" (as she laid down her weapon) and have HIM 'realize and re-remember his evil non-goodness ways' and then 'bow down at her feet'... OR... have HIM 'self-destruct himself' as 'good (finally) conquers evil' and he self-implodes in upon himself and then disappears 'off into the Universe' FOREVER! Isn't THIS 'The Real' answer to Divine Femininity finally conquering the robotic patriarchal ca-ca attitude in order for THE True Gentle-Man and Gentle-Women to emerge and evolve again? Let's return to ONE Human Race with two genders and/or 'mixed or blended' and 7 billion unique 'shades of brown' melanin skin tones creating a NEW 'Golden Brown' civilization! So be it! Amen!

  • Rai Hiruisa
    Rai Hiruisa 6 days ago

    Bless Patty Jenkins for bringing Wonder Woman to life

  • Skyler
    Skyler 6 days ago

    this looks more then pronominal! it is amazing that women get a chance to show their power and elegance at the same time, this is amazing!

  • christy simeonidoy
    christy simeonidoy 6 days ago

    wonder woman remembers me Spencer's mother , from oil

  • Marnie Claywell
    Marnie Claywell 6 days ago

    Best super hero movie ever!  Wonder Woman - she is a kick ass warrior and full of heart!

  • Paola Isabel Montalvo Torres

    i loveeeee Gal Gadot

  • 黄水永
    黄水永 6 days ago


    LPS CASEY TV 7 days ago


  • Matthew Starr
    Matthew Starr 7 days ago

    Lynda Carter was always Wonder Woman to me. After seeing this......I'm sorry Lynda...Gal brought it!! With a vengeance!!!

  • Vianney Salinas
    Vianney Salinas 7 days ago

    in 4:56 i saw the eh bee family 😃

  • roee twito
    roee twito 7 days ago

    6:30 dab

  • purple strahberry
    purple strahberry 7 days ago

    I went into the movie not knowing much about Wonder Woman but I came out of the theatre wanting to know EVERYTHING about Wonder Woman and gal ❤️

  • Irby Bocksnick
    Irby Bocksnick 7 days ago

    She only had one job to do, and she "Nailed it!"

  • Tatalocasa28
    Tatalocasa28 7 days ago

    So far 2017 best film!!

  • Colleen Casey
    Colleen Casey 7 days ago

    what's Jacky boy doing here... -Elsa *smirk*

  • Sunyajai2010 สัญญาใจ

    THE BEST "WOMAN" SUPERHERO EVER!!!!!!!...........batman vs. superman was a joke....without Wonder Woman in it...it would be totally failure......

  • _Wesvenom_
    _Wesvenom_ 7 days ago

    Patty is in love with wonder woman, well Im in love with Gal Gadot :D

    CNN FAKE NEWS 7 days ago

    Gal Gadot is so hot. I watched this movie twice. Very well made. <3

  • ZY • 宗缘
    ZY • 宗缘 7 days ago

    the director know kungfu lol

  • maria fernandez
    maria fernandez 7 days ago

    Que hermosa mujer judía .Que bueno es verla actuar. Cuantos racistas se deben estar muriendo de envidia.

  • John Haser
    John Haser 8 days ago

    Id like to add WTF Wonder woman isn’t even an Americans she’s an Israeli She has NO CLASS on Jimmy Falon she’s says FUCK etc So when you watch this over representation about women US Libs INSULTS USA DC Comics

  • John Haser
    John Haser 8 days ago

    What PISSs me of is cant the DAM women liberals STOP with OVER the TOP I am women hear me roar and she says to his secretary that slavery from where I come from so WTF are the Amazon MEN!!!

    • brighid
      brighid 7 days ago

      John Haser god you're so triggered

  • OSG _
    OSG _ 8 days ago

    DC never disappoints.

  • Wonder Woman2856
    Wonder Woman2856 8 days ago

    the way that she said badass it was so cute

  • PlayFlox.com | Watch Wonder Woman Online

    GIRL POWER! such a great movie and message.

  • johnnieace45
    johnnieace45 8 days ago

    I need to watch this movie AGAIN while it is still on the big screen!

  • Kyla Sofia Base
    Kyla Sofia Base 9 days ago

    May 31 in cinemas wonder woman 3D Max

  • SereneC
    SereneC 9 days ago

    4:56 Omg that's the eh bee family!!!

  • katerina kostaki
    katerina kostaki 9 days ago

    the film was okay... I have seen better films

  • Lily BEAN
    Lily BEAN 9 days ago

    I saw this yesterday it was awesome !!!!!!!!

  • Cali Nightingale
    Cali Nightingale 9 days ago

    Watch this movie!

  • Nazrill Shah
    Nazrill Shah 9 days ago

    I just hate it when Steve must die in this movie...

  • Camille Colpoys
    Camille Colpoys 9 days ago

    just saw this last night and I'm still hyped up and sad about the ending

  • shontelle chapelle
    shontelle chapelle 9 days ago

    Own it girl. Own it.

  • Alejandro Reyes
    Alejandro Reyes 9 days ago

    This was the best action film I've seen in a while.


    This was amazing

  • Jean C Alicea
    Jean C Alicea 9 days ago

    This Featurette was great... untill I saw Zack Snider's Face!!!

  • David Keenan
    David Keenan 9 days ago

    3:46 They enter the trenches as a group ...... Steve says we have to go ....... this is not what "we" came here to do. At that moment Diana transforms into Wonder Woman. She turns her head, her hair is flowing, & she's wearing the WW headband! When the cloak comes off, she's in the full WW costume. This for me is a nod to Lynda Carter's WW.

  • suspects2097
    suspects2097 9 days ago

    Wasn't that good as people Hype it up

  • Lily Snijders
    Lily Snijders 10 days ago

    0:03 Lupos is it you??????????

    SALI ANJIANG 10 days ago

    just coming back from the cinema. I have to say this is GREAT!  Best superheroes film I have ever seen

  • dehallmo's Thunderhaus

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  • lovelylouro
    lovelylouro 10 days ago

    I love that Gal isn't anyone we know. She seems to have so much passion about this movie! Sometimes big box office stars bring baggage and taint the films, you don't focus on the story line cause your too busy figuring out if they had plastic surgery since their last big film, or how's their dating life, or how much they made, yadda, yadda, yadda. A fresh face allows us to just enjoy the story. I'm excited!

  • Ryan Noy
    Ryan Noy 10 days ago

    women empowerment... thank you

  • Standard Equestrian
    Standard Equestrian 10 days ago

    2 hours 20 minutes. I just saw the film tonight and I'm still in awe! LOVED IT! I grew up watching Linda Carter portray Wonder Woman and also watching the cartoon. This version is incredible! I love seeing a film portraying strong, brilliant, good and gorgeous women as the Hero! 2 thumbs up, 5+ stars! A definite MUST SEE AGAIN!!!

  • hrwatchinpuff
    hrwatchinpuff 10 days ago

    Good movie!...glad to see super powerful women on the big screen.

  • will promise
    will promise 10 days ago

    "may never return" is different than "can never return"

  • Jennifer Suter
    Jennifer Suter 10 days ago

    Couldn't stop smiling :D LOVE hearing/seeing all those amazing women (and men supporting women) in film. I hope I get the privilege to work with them some day :)

  • Lulu Ho
    Lulu Ho 10 days ago

    I watched this movie last night. I still got the chills and excitements from the movie today. Please go watch this film if you haven't done so already.

  • Preston Swooper
    Preston Swooper 10 days ago

    This video is has faulty encoding or something like that. There are lines like a frame rate problem. Thanks anyway.

  • Indu Anand
    Indu Anand 10 days ago

    a good movie

  • Emily Meredith
    Emily Meredith 10 days ago

    my hero wonder woman

  • Luke Black
    Luke Black 10 days ago

    so when did claire underwood become a fairy

  • Vlql Vlql
    Vlql Vlql 10 days ago

    Encore une petite fille qui peut battre les hommes.. mdr

  • MDGEIST 66
    MDGEIST 66 10 days ago

    They chose well . Great movie. And in 1 or 2 parts you see her actual war face and it's scary as hell . perfect

  • Nic Le
    Nic Le 11 days ago

    when i first saw her, i said she's just a pretty woman. Now watching the trailers and i must admit that Gal is "Wonder Woman", her acting, figure and her pretty face are on point. Eventually we got a super woman on film!

  • Angela Herine
    Angela Herine 11 days ago

    this video it's only THE ENTIRE FILM

  • Film TIFTA
    Film TIFTA 11 days ago

    like stunt training part, it was quite intense

  • Sarath Chandran
    Sarath Chandran 11 days ago

    finally I saw a woman superhero who is leading from the front.
    patty & gal done a great jop.

  • Albert Tan
    Albert Tan 11 days ago

    Gal Gadot the next Angelina Jolie. :)

  • Marco Flores
    Marco Flores 11 days ago

    I want to See her against faora from man of Steel

  • mu klay
    mu klay 11 days ago

    did anyone else see the ehbee family ?

  • Wardell Stephen Curry

    Any boys started thinking about Gal Gadot like everyday after watching the movie?

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