How To Make Angry feminist/SJW Not Scary 😱 CRINGE COMPILATION 2017 (SJW vs LOGIC)

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    REKT MEDIA 9 days ago



    • Teleputer
      Teleputer 1 day ago

      2 Minds think alike
      I was Watching at 2:25 and I was making the bender (laugh ow wait let me laugh even harder) and then it showed up

    • sans
      sans 3 days ago

      the moment I joined your discord I roasted some guy

    • Goose 609
      Goose 609 5 days ago

      Nige Johnson it tells me that your cool

    • Nige Johnson
      Nige Johnson 5 days ago

      What does that tell you?

    • Savage Master Mc Flex
      Savage Master Mc Flex 7 days ago

      REKT MEDIA - how come all the idiots in this video are American, could you not find any idiots from other country's

  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf 2 minutes ago

    Gender equality is dead.

  • Dark Shift Music
    Dark Shift Music 4 hours ago

    If I'm payin', we're fuckin'. :\ end of.

  • AEO 2609
    AEO 2609 6 hours ago

    We want to be treat equal, but you, as a man have to pay on the first date.

    Feminism is f***ing cancer

  • Mangu Gaming
    Mangu Gaming 8 hours ago

    How to make angry feminist not scary, easy there not

  • onryou74
    onryou74 10 hours ago

    "I will fuck you for a meal."
    So petty.

  • onryou74
    onryou74 10 hours ago

    What these snails don't understand is that by the time the check comes, if he's letting your pull out your loot, he's already decided that fucking you is of little significance.
    Just imagine them taking a poop and you will dispel that witch's Black Magick.

  • syxodude91
    syxodude91 13 hours ago

    We're not only still expected to pay for dinner, We're still expected to be the one to ask the woman out.

  • Fionna_ Cool_Girl
    Fionna_ Cool_Girl 13 hours ago

    I think if a woman wants to pay for the date or split the check then the guy should let her. But the guys shouldn't have to always pay for the date. I mean it is the gentleman thing to do but they shouldn't be forced to always. That's just not fair for men.

  • Master Zenyatta
    Master Zenyatta 14 hours ago

    That girl has ruined samurai champloo

  • Connor Force
    Connor Force 15 hours ago

    Don't pay for pussy, it's all the same.

  • Neutralised YT
    Neutralised YT 15 hours ago

    Am I the only one who thinks that the guy at 6:25 looks like mr bean?

  • Nikolić Pavle
    Nikolić Pavle 20 hours ago

    "...and someone showed me fidget spinner porn..."
    *Presses the sub button*

  • ClanDNApples
    ClanDNApples 21 hour ago

    Men should pay for the Lady I agree only problem is if you want to be treated like a Lady you need to act like a Lady.

  • White Chapel
    White Chapel 1 day ago

    "courting the lady" ... "LADY"..?? i think these women are confusing the word "lady" with "whore" because most "ladies" these days have had more dicks than a Richard convention and then they all seem to have the audacity to say men should have to pay top dollar for soiled second hand goods? lol fuck off sluts, enjoy equality. A mans value only increases with age, while women's diminishes, who are they to demand off us when they are the ones of lesser value in a relationship.

  • Sean Promotions
    Sean Promotions 1 day ago

    fun fact: I've been with my gf for about 9 months now. When we first got together, I had just gotten fired from my job (I was 17) so I had no money. the first month of us dating she probably spent pretty close to $200 on me. She still pays for dates till this day even though I have a well paying job.

    • Sean Promotions
      Sean Promotions 1 day ago

      So basically she paid for the first date without complaints.

  • Matthew Siguenza
    Matthew Siguenza 1 day ago

    FACT-Men get raped more then women (

  • Robert Stanturf
    Robert Stanturf 1 day ago

    MY wallet is like your legs. Closed tight for the right bitch, or  a tasty Arby's sandwich.

  • Lander Bellemans
    Lander Bellemans 1 day ago

    the man isn't supposed to pay there is no law its just some women trying to suck money out of men and some other women are just to priviliged with things like "you need to be a gentlemen and pay hold the door" and the worst thing is that feminists say that men are to priviliged
    that is a perfect example of BULLSHIT

  • Lander Bellemans
    Lander Bellemans 1 day ago

    aren't feminists "strong' independent women"

  • Eclipse
    Eclipse 1 day ago

    9:19 I bet if it was 2 women, she wouldn't have an answer. She'd probably tell the man across behind them, who looks rich, to pay for it. I guess men are expected to save up for the first date cause every girl wants the best restaurant, the most expensive food, and for the man to almost bankrupt himself if he truly loves her. To me, that's not right. He already has to buy her a diamond ring to even propose to her which can cost in the thousands of dollars and she gets it free. If you truly want gender equality, you split the bill so it's not the job of either party to pay for the meal. I think that feminists are becoming a sub-species of humans. They should be given a place to call their own where they can enact whatever laws they want. Maybe give them part of Canada or Russia. That way, we can watch as they spiral out of control as they fight over the last bit of sanity they have left between them.

  • Soupurb _
    Soupurb _ 1 day ago

    he gained like 50k subs in like 2 weeks

  • Thomas The Dank Engine

    Nahnahnah bitch if you ask me out to go to dinner I ain't payin fuck off

  • The No Life Gamer
    The No Life Gamer 2 days ago

    The teenager looked like a young ben shapiro

  • Finnley Ellis
    Finnley Ellis 2 days ago

    Feminists: "We want equal pay as men, so give us more money for us to spend."
    Also feminists: "We don't want to split the bill when we go on a date with men. The man should be paying for it."

    Sorry, but life isn't like your romance films and novels, where your date is rich and will do literally anything for you. Everyone has problems, unlike your fantasy worlds, so just deal with it.

    Seriously, wasn't feminism originally supposed to be about equality? They're saying:
    If a man says they'll pay, the woman lets them pay.
    If a woman says they'll pay, the man still pays and the woman lets them pay.

  • Ghost livictor
    Ghost livictor 3 days ago

    Dick is free pussy is expensive sense when dumbass pussy is not expensive where I live

  • Mr Man
    Mr Man 3 days ago

    Yo your voice sounds like that dude Dave from Gamma Radio, a fallout 4 mod of a Radio Station. Funny ass shit! Is that you really you my guy??

  • I'm Dazed
    I'm Dazed 3 days ago

    Watched about 5 of theses videos, you got yourself a follow lad.

  • skipper17
    skipper17 3 days ago

    6.30. Looks like Ben Shapiro

  • Celestial Tear
    Celestial Tear 3 days ago

    I believe the first few dates, the person who asks the other person out should pay. After you get in a serious relationship, just whoever opts for paying pays or split if it's more expensive than you can afford. Shouldn't be a struggle to pay for something.. The important part is the time you spent together.

  • lui m is a faggot
    lui m is a faggot 3 days ago

    I Cried XD 0:49

  • Ben Buytendorp
    Ben Buytendorp 3 days ago

    Stop w/ the game play!!! It sucks. but keep talking u have a good ass voice for this

  • Lynn O'Shea
    Lynn O'Shea 3 days ago

    They kept talking about how the men should pay for the first date but what about gays and lesbians

  • dha1223
    dha1223 3 days ago

    rekt media = bootleg pyro

  • RageOfAThousandSuns

    Splitting the bill happened when women started to earn their own money.

  • Jessika Vun
    Jessika Vun 3 days ago

    Having a lot of money is bad so just fuck wealthy people take their money

  • Matthew Thomas
    Matthew Thomas 3 days ago

    5:33 Not no more.. Pussy is free and up for grabs!

  • Tink
    Tink 3 days ago

    "We want to be equal to men, but we don't wanna pay for half the check!"

    Jesus Christ.

  • dicer31
    dicer31 3 days ago

    Vile Bitches

  • The Gaming Ritz
    The Gaming Ritz 3 days ago

    I threw my card down because its the polite thing to do... Then Damn you will pay.

  • The Gaming Ritz
    The Gaming Ritz 3 days ago

    Your friends with a penis... genitalia doesnt identify gender...wait... what?

  • Duerst The Wuerst
    Duerst The Wuerst 3 days ago

    The fact that you used my footage, without citing me, and without my consent is rape.

  • Thug Nation
    Thug Nation 3 days ago

    a searched cancer and this pop up.👏👏

  • Madi Surim
    Madi Surim 4 days ago

    "we want equal rights!" "but men have to pay for our dates!" yeah, *equal rights* stupid bitches. As a female, I prefer to spilt the tab; or if my partner doesn't have enough money I pay for his, and vice versa.

  • Nathan D'Eon
    Nathan D'Eon 4 days ago

    What is this a bad pyrocinical

  • boonster666
    boonster666 4 days ago

    Fuck chivalry,,,,women want equality so be it gold diggers

  • VEJN
    VEJN 4 days ago

    Who likes feminists? The mainstream media. Why? They're just as retarded

  • Cinema 6R
    Cinema 6R 4 days ago

    feminists lol

  • Bronte Wann
    Bronte Wann 4 days ago

    Feminists want equality yet they want the men to pay for the date. Split the bill it's not that hard.

  • XLMsilentgrim
    XLMsilentgrim 4 days ago

    if a man is going to waste money an a woman to not pay a bit of the check. men need woman not daddys girls.the "customs" and "unspoken rules" are disgusting and ignorant. its woman feeling entirely because their weak and have wet slits between their leggs.

  • King Lizard_
    King Lizard_ 4 days ago

    Feminist is a breed? i thought it was a tumor

    • X- HELIUS
      X- HELIUS 3 days ago

      King Lizard_ i thought it was god stage cancer

  • Luke DeLeon
    Luke DeLeon 4 days ago

    Eeeeh, I'm a man, but I do think men should pay on the first date. It's not "old fashioned", it's moral. I mean, why shouldn't a man pay on the first date?

  • Miss Quinn
    Miss Quinn 4 days ago

    I think the best part is, women say 'he can't expect anything on the first date' k then you really shouldn't expect him to pay for your meal.

  • FaZe CrAzY626
    FaZe CrAzY626 4 days ago

    they want equality but then they also want to keep their benefits?...makin it unequal

  • smiley 1
    smiley 1 4 days ago

    If you offer to pay and then get triggered when i let you pay, your dumb.

  • misteur axe
    misteur axe 4 days ago

    at least i appreciate their honesty.

  • fasignal
    fasignal 4 days ago

    Genisis chapter 3 tells you all you need to know about what a woman is ,


    the same goes for Butch dykes. pay

  • Spooky Dooky
    Spooky Dooky 4 days ago

    Is this pyrocynicals brother

  • Reece Norwood
    Reece Norwood 4 days ago

    If I don't see you, you can't see me (Trump shirts and quote)

  • Ryan Flood
    Ryan Flood 4 days ago

    you had me at fidgit spinner porn

  • Sean Bristow-Baohm
    Sean Bristow-Baohm 4 days ago

    I thought feminists wanted equality? Guess not.

  • Adam Fox
    Adam Fox 5 days ago

    funny,the ONE thing none of these cunts day is EQUALITY

  • ThrustFrom Behind
    ThrustFrom Behind 5 days ago

    Jump off from something and say something gay. XD

  • Zachary Norris
    Zachary Norris 5 days ago

    Rule 34 ... "if it exists" *puts on shades slowly* "there's PORN of it!" *explosion goes off I the background to epic background music*

  • Nik Demiln
    Nik Demiln 5 days ago

    Lmfao! Sure. These cunts are "old school" when it comes to getting benefits at mens expense but when being "old school" means doing even something basic like cooking for your man all of a sudden its backwards and we need to move on from those barbaric sexist customs. Lol. Fucking parasites. That's what i think of when i hear these females. Just parasites. When it benefits them no matter who it hurts its good but if it doesnt then its bad and must be stopped. Lol.

  • Robin Schuit
    Robin Schuit 5 days ago

    i find it very offensive that its being called "going dutch"

  • cobaltpanda
    cobaltpanda 5 days ago

    this isnt funny feminism is real the wage gap is real and men a FUCKING pigs...... so come at me entitled pigs

  • Immortal Caution
    Immortal Caution 5 days ago

    no even If women were making 2 dollars on every 75cents men make they would still expect men to pay for multiple dates and than cheat on them or break up with them for richer men.

    • Immortal Caution
      Immortal Caution 5 days ago

      and men are over it if you want independence than stop acting like children

  • David R
    David R 5 days ago

    Women are always "old-fashioned" when it suits them.

  • vent tale
    vent tale 5 days ago

    Redistribution of wealth is communism feminists=communist

  • joseph montague
    joseph montague 5 days ago

    The blowing whistle part is gotta be the most childish thing I have ever seen

  • the real bill cosby

    Memeulous anyone?

  • Boys_4_Jesus
    Boys_4_Jesus 5 days ago

    I started subscribe because the intro on your videos

  • Peyton Phandom
    Peyton Phandom 5 days ago

    With dates I feel like if it was my idea then I'll pay if it's your idea then you pay but if it's mutual you can pay half the time then I'll pay half the time. It's pretty easy

  • Raj Sankla
    Raj Sankla 5 days ago

    why does wyatt look like ben shapiro

  • Marguerite the flower

    how can someone fight for equality but refuse to split a freakin bill?!?!

  • Comunist Poland Ball

    Hey Women want equal rights?
    Send them to Iraq or Iran on the first front
    If even one survives...i will honestly let them Bitch about them being live incubators

  • Piotr Krawczyk
    Piotr Krawczyk 5 days ago

    2:20, What. The. Actual. FUCK? If you wanna be praised for just being a woman and are playing such games with a man you are with on a date, then... your knowledge-retardant brain just doesn't seem to comperhend that - EQUALITY (which by the way feminism SHOULD represent) means that you should both decide how to pay. If you seemingly declared to pay for the fucking food and then withdraw it just to play with the guy you dated, then you fully deserved his reaction you EGOCENTRIC, SELFISH FUCKING BITCH!

  • Jason's purple anal stimulator Not gay

    Big surprise that last dumb twat is openly contradicting herself. I love woman but not the moronic I'm independent but only when it sounds good type

  • 64humans
    64humans 5 days ago

    dont ever call feminist feminazi

    You are insulting nazis...

  • Nocturnal Howlings
    Nocturnal Howlings 5 days ago

    Don't know why but for the first time I kinda "KINDA" agree with the women here lol I'd feel abit shitty getting a women to pay half the bill on the first date... but after that... this gal is paying 70% of that bitch!

  • stg
    stg 5 days ago

    autism is a choice

  • Wolfgang Sturm
    Wolfgang Sturm 5 days ago

    I don't like Trump but freedom of speech is important and I don't really like feminism either lol

  • TurnTheVALIUMup
    TurnTheVALIUMup 5 days ago

    Modded zombies @!!!

  • Gunzerker111
    Gunzerker111 6 days ago

    All These Women Saying Men Have To Open Doors For Them, Men Pay For The Date, Etc. What Kind Of Movies Are They Watching?

  • AtomicMudkipz
    AtomicMudkipz 6 days ago

    Gay Marriage = Sacred... never heard of it

    im not homophobic plz dont flame me 0_o

  • Noah Kemmerer
    Noah Kemmerer 6 days ago

    Chivalry doesn't, and never did exist. Pay for yourself.

  • sightinsight
    sightinsight 6 days ago

    they're scary only to cucks like you

  • Awab Al-Rawe
    Awab Al-Rawe 6 days ago

    If you were a Trump shirt, you are violating the decency of the human brain.

  • Lorenzo Benito
    Lorenzo Benito 6 days ago

    5:45 There's petty, there's pathetic, and then there's this.

  • coolkid1118200 roblox

    Man if only I had the balls yo go to a feminist rally and alluhosnackbar that shit ugggggg man but for now I'll just stick to laughing my ass off on how stupid feminists are

  • Aiden Rendon
    Aiden Rendon 6 days ago

    Feminist good video lol

  • ReEditHQ
    ReEditHQ 6 days ago

    After watching this video I'm so wearing a Donald Trump shirt to my school for picture day

  • ReEditHQ
    ReEditHQ 6 days ago

    You just got a new subscriber :)

  • Andrew Patterson
    Andrew Patterson 6 days ago

    We want equal rights!!! Oh wait nooo but when it comes to picking up the check treat us like the weak woman we are.

  • Kelton Harris
    Kelton Harris 6 days ago

    So I'd like to know how to debate a feminazi. like I'd like to know how to remember key details and be able to make good points. any advice?

  • Griz Bear
    Griz Bear 6 days ago

    what have I ran into?

  • Joshua Mercer
    Joshua Mercer 6 days ago

    Feminists are the devil!!!!

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