Co-Workers Play Two Truths and a Lie, DRUNK pt. II

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  • Jade Bolden
    Jade Bolden 7 days ago

    the guy in the pink shirt is a character

  • Brad Brody
    Brad Brody 12 days ago

    sam looks like the ginger james franco

  • Sheron Mason
    Sheron Mason 15 days ago

    Sam is one of my favorite SourceFed characters

  • yvinosiopp
    yvinosiopp 1 month ago

    sam is so innocent lol

  • ChelseaMayday
    ChelseaMayday 1 month ago

    When ur name is Chelsea and you have brown hair and ur shook

  • Charlie Keable
    Charlie Keable 2 months ago

    It's not surprising source fed got shut when getting drunk at work was part of their job :P

  • reaiota
    reaiota 2 months ago


  • The Fab Yt
    The Fab Yt 2 months ago


  • Cameron Steiner
    Cameron Steiner 2 months ago

    i ship this so hard

  • Sylvia K.
    Sylvia K. 2 months ago

    I wanna be friends with them they seem like so much fun ☝

  • Arizvi23
    Arizvi23 3 months ago

    i love how no one is questioning their truths

  • Luben Lambov
    Luben Lambov 3 months ago

    9:14 -" When you say 'have you', what exactly do you mean..."

  • deepy_is_creepy
    deepy_is_creepy 3 months ago

    11:13 if sam had yelled "THAT'S MY POINT, I WANT TO BE IN THE GIRL BODY", i would have lost my shit.

  • heaven Laya
    heaven Laya 3 months ago

    Awe sam you're so innocent. Haha 😂

  • William Kleven
    William Kleven 3 months ago

    find the ap teachers from his high school!

  • Makayla Hall
    Makayla Hall 3 months ago

    Oh gosh the Omaha one is true 😂

  • Erika loves alot
    Erika loves alot 4 months ago

    Hilarious *+*********

  • Dy Lan
    Dy Lan 4 months ago

    We've all (only Dudes sorry Girls) done a job in Hebrew School

  • Anthony Hill
    Anthony Hill 5 months ago

    they need some marines doing this challenge

  • a390652
    a390652 5 months ago

    matt looks so hurt when sam lies "you give me anxiety when you yell"😞

  • Iris B.
    Iris B. 5 months ago

    And here I was thinking Lieberman was a professional and doesn't do kinky shit, now I find out he's the hottest and sexiest of them all.

  • Alex Odinson
    Alex Odinson 5 months ago

    This was my favorite hahaha

  • Alex Odinson
    Alex Odinson 5 months ago

    Mhm Santa

  • Sheron Mason
    Sheron Mason 5 months ago

    Sam looks cute with blonde hair

  • Lilly Ruth
    Lilly Ruth 6 months ago

    I literally know two siblings with the last name of johnson

  • Jase king Black
    Jase king Black 6 months ago

    i have that skull from terminator

  • Allison R
    Allison R 6 months ago

    They should do more of these. These are so cute.

  • Jackson Eddy
    Jackson Eddy 6 months ago

    The corner of sam's mouth keep turning up and it's so cute

  • crazycatgirl18
    crazycatgirl18 6 months ago

    I love Matt's voice. and I love the way he says Sam.

  • Lil Em
    Lil Em 6 months ago

    This one is the BEST!!!!!!!

  • Jaycob Kinder
    Jaycob Kinder 7 months ago

    Tyler where you at???

  • Denk Memes
    Denk Memes 7 months ago

    Killing spree cuz hes a white boi

  • guavacado
    guavacado 7 months ago

    i ship them so badly it hurts

  • Krisy Love
    Krisy Love 8 months ago

    where is part one for these guys? O.o

  • Maggie Sorrell
    Maggie Sorrell 8 months ago

    I would have never guessed Matt was this kinky

  • Cindy Young
    Cindy Young 8 months ago

    It doesn't surprise me that Tyler Oakley checked you out. xD

  • taco supreme
    taco supreme 8 months ago

    Sam is the kinda guy you want to drink with

  • gretchenishere
    gretchenishere 8 months ago

    So that is what Brothar and Calven do in their free time!

  • Mikayla Kruger
    Mikayla Kruger 8 months ago

    Sam reminds me of Connor Franta

  • Espi camacho
    Espi camacho 8 months ago

    theres a teacher at my school her name id ms.johnsen (idk hiw to spell her name)

  • Danen Paynin
    Danen Paynin 9 months ago

    WE WANT MORE!!! (thumbs up for agreement)

  • Kimo Kimo
    Kimo Kimo 9 months ago


  • Anthony Howse
    Anthony Howse 9 months ago

    Sam is so innocent!

  • Ashleigh marriott
    Ashleigh marriott 9 months ago

    I thought I was the only one who had a crush on Sam, then I read though the comments 🙉

  • CheetahGirl 0520
    CheetahGirl 0520 9 months ago

    Did anyone else scream when they mentioned ty???

  • HeyItsSunshyne
    HeyItsSunshyne 9 months ago

    Can we bring this back?!? I loved playing along now I just watch them again for giggles.

  • BryanGN
    BryanGN 9 months ago

    the body swapping question is a rather complicated way to say would you go fuck yourself xD

  • pulpo ochopiernas
    pulpo ochopiernas 9 months ago

    Sam 😍😍😍

  • Lia Jones
    Lia Jones 10 months ago

    I have the HUGEST crush on Sam oops

  • Jelke H
    Jelke H 10 months ago

    Sams face going mental X'D

  • Angie Castro
    Angie Castro 10 months ago


  • webkinzgirle12
    webkinzgirle12 10 months ago

    OMG I love this episode

  • Dog Tank
    Dog Tank 10 months ago

    Sam is such a baby boy.

  • DustLessGaming
    DustLessGaming 10 months ago

    i heard lifeguard

  • Hugh Janus
    Hugh Janus 10 months ago

    Sam kinda looks like white Obama lmao

  • Mariam Assaf
    Mariam Assaf 11 months ago

    Sam is so cute.

  • Michael Domeier
    Michael Domeier 11 months ago

    You can see the regret in sam's eyes before taking a shot. So depressing.

  • Haley Burkhalter
    Haley Burkhalter 11 months ago

    our school counselors name is mrs. Johnson 😂😂😂

  • Trista May
    Trista May 11 months ago

    as he said, "Johnson is the least real name"
    I was like, " Ummmmm..... EXCUSE ME, but my fifth grade math teachers name was Mrs. Johnson!!!

  • Captain Hook
    Captain Hook 11 months ago

    1:28 I think Sam got a bit uncomfortable there haha xD

  • FushrFriendzNotFood
    FushrFriendzNotFood 11 months ago

    Sam has absolutely no poker face lol

  • RyanEdge
    RyanEdge 11 months ago

    Knew the Tolkien one was the lie. Anyone who's a big enough fan to read that dictionary-length trilogy SEVEN times would not be able to shut up about it

  • Robert Pound
    Robert Pound 11 months ago

    I love this.

  • Elizabeth Gibson
    Elizabeth Gibson 11 months ago

    matt lieberman, too pure too good for this world

  • Gavin Morgan
    Gavin Morgan 11 months ago

    I would fuck myself

  • Ben Rosa
    Ben Rosa 11 months ago

    3:00 - 3:05 <333 Sam

  • Malia Monk
    Malia Monk 11 months ago

    I have a crush on Sam

  • WalkerFilms
    WalkerFilms 11 months ago

    "Isn't this the only job you've ever had?" "No, I was a life guard." I almost choked that was so funny!!

  • Matt Sheppard
    Matt Sheppard 1 year ago

    " i didn't take a full dump in my pants" like Joe Bereta

  • shatteredknuckles
    shatteredknuckles 1 year ago

    not gonna lie I want to start a family with Sam

    • Bree Halverson
      Bree Halverson 5 months ago

      shatteredknuckles I'm with you on that one haha 😜💜

    • Delaney Toler
      Delaney Toler 5 months ago

      shatteredknuckles oh same

  • Hailey Toole
    Hailey Toole 1 year ago

    i have a new crush on sam - hes so cute

  • Thoth
    Thoth 1 year ago

    I want Sam to have my gay babies

  • ProudlyHetalian
    ProudlyHetalian 1 year ago

    I love this series 😂😂

  • AuthorUnknown
    AuthorUnknown 1 year ago

    I find both of these people so adorable

  • Asif
    Asif 1 year ago

    Sam would technically fuck himself.

  • Connor Sullivan
    Connor Sullivan 1 year ago

    7:27 was the greatest moment of my life

  • Kaylie Heltzel
    Kaylie Heltzel 1 year ago

    Sam looks like OMGChad

  • Doctor Infallible
    Doctor Infallible 1 year ago

    Lieberman is a fucking player

  • Ryan McFaddin
    Ryan McFaddin 1 year ago

    Sam was too drunk for that last question!!

    JIMBO SLICE 1 year ago

    everyone on these videos seem gay??

  • punk_hippie75
    punk_hippie75 1 year ago

    I jizz hard for Sam... Too much? Probably..

  • Hello Universe
    Hello Universe 1 year ago

    Sam's such a little sweet pie.

  • Audrey Hull
    Audrey Hull 1 year ago

    Sam is so awkward.

  • Cute Little Kirby
    Cute Little Kirby 1 year ago

    omg he looks like tfdtw when he drinks ( timmyfelldownthewell)

  • Haley Whitmore
    Haley Whitmore 1 year ago

    Sam is hella hot

  • Matches_Malone
    Matches_Malone 1 year ago

    Have you ever had a sexual fantasy about someone you know? The hell is that question? Who hasn't?

  • Serena vanderwoodson

    Ayeeee The Beatles!! Hahaha

  • Bae Unnie
    Bae Unnie 1 year ago

    Sam is so fucking adorable I want to cry lmfao

  • Itsjustthatonegirl
    Itsjustthatonegirl 1 year ago

    HA! My teacher's name is Mrs. Johnson! Get DUNKT!

  • Grace S
    Grace S 1 year ago

    Well I'm gonn just put my drink down because I almost spit it all over my iPad😂😂

  • MKRocker94
    MKRocker94 1 year ago

    I feel like I would have fun with this because if there's one thing I'm shit at it's telling when people are lying and/or telling the truth and there's one thing I'm good at it's holding my liqour

  • Jackie
    Jackie 1 year ago


  • yangusis
    yangusis 1 year ago

    God damn, Lieberman, you are a man among boys.

  • Drudley
    Drudley 1 year ago


  • Sam
    Sam 1 year ago

    3:00 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅

  • DamnEmoKids
    DamnEmoKids 1 year ago

    This is such a creepy guy on the left. omg....

  • Mafaman
    Mafaman 1 year ago

    How to be a wizard?
    Stay a virgin till 30. You'll become a level 99 mage!

  • Zach Andreason
    Zach Andreason 1 year ago

    Sam got way to drunk lol

  • paulforeverify
    paulforeverify 1 year ago

    Sam is a fuckboy

  • mauvexkitteh
    mauvexkitteh 1 year ago

    matt is nasty af

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