Spontaneous Me -Lindsey Stirling (original song)

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    Music Produced By Marko G. He can be reached at:

    Film made by Devin Graham.
    He is an amazing film maker and a great friend.

    Make sure to subscribe to Devin's youtube channel at the link below. All of his work is incredible and he has new videos every week.

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  • Runtime: 2:40
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  • pedobear
    pedobear 8 hours ago

    chi è qui per Phanapton?


    Hello two weeks ago burned my house with all my instruments, I really want to continue studying music but I no longer have a violin, I dreamed yesterday that I received a box with a violin by lindsey stirling, that she had learned what happened to me and I sent it as a gift, .. I know it's a dream, but if somehow someone from you would let it know, maybe, maybe ... who says?

  • Весёлый Огородник

    Танцы со скрипкой

  • Весёлый Огородник

    Вот это рвет всех!

  • Luquet91
    Luquet91 4 days ago

    would love such vids again, devin made a great job filming them. sure, time goes on, but sometimes some oldschool is awesome

  • Guillermo Ballardo
    Guillermo Ballardo 4 days ago

    ¡Un encanto para los oídos!

  • Erdem Ozdemir
    Erdem Ozdemir 5 days ago

    o my got very very good mucik 😄

    FLAVIO FLAVINHO 7 days ago


  • Addison Clark
    Addison Clark 7 days ago

    I love this song Lindsey your so good you my idol

  • Shivkumar R
    Shivkumar R 8 days ago

    This girl is a blessing to humanity

  • Wombah 0070
    Wombah 0070 9 days ago

    Where it all started! "Hip Hop Violin!"

    RICHCARP 9 days ago

    Te real music

  • BooItz BriBri
    BooItz BriBri 11 days ago


  • Cachorro Bolado
    Cachorro Bolado 12 days ago

    Aquelas mulher perfeita :T

  • Home HaverT
    Home HaverT 12 days ago

    muito bom.

  • Patryk Glenc
    Patryk Glenc 13 days ago

    Love yiu

  • Kevin Mark Barnes
    Kevin Mark Barnes 17 days ago


  • Marlena Wójcik
    Marlena Wójcik 17 days ago


  • Gio Nick
    Gio Nick 24 days ago

    this is music

  • Art  War
    Art War 25 days ago

    i love this song

  • Сергей Корякин

    очень нравится.молодец!!!

  • piero nemesis
    piero nemesis 27 days ago

    the number one <3

  • Carrie Wright
    Carrie Wright 28 days ago

    bending reality with her music and dance moves

  • Peter Parker
    Peter Parker 29 days ago

    I miss the early 2010's YouTube.

    • Mr. Clean
      Mr. Clean 29 days ago

      the golden age is behind us

  • Aaron Varner
    Aaron Varner 1 month ago

    This is the song that inspired me to learn to play the violin, although it took several years for me to finally become confident enough to buy a violin and teach myself.

  • mike lints
    mike lints 1 month ago

    I love how she reminds me of Bayley

  • Serge Ganz
    Serge Ganz 1 month ago

    красноярск 👍👍👍👍👏👌

  • Emelia Mayani
    Emelia Mayani 1 month ago


  • Nidia Toapanta
    Nidia Toapanta 1 month ago

    que música de el tropical hermosa☺👍♋♍

  • Adams Katzen
    Adams Katzen 1 month ago

    Grande parte das músicas da Lindsey não possui letras, mas transbordam arte e emoção

  • Lps Tube44
    Lps Tube44 1 month ago

    Lindsey im 11 turning 12 and u give me SO much insperation when im upset beacsue i cant get a song right on my vioin, thanks so much for that. Keep being amazing.

  • Kevin Mark Barnes
    Kevin Mark Barnes 1 month ago

    the showdown comes so epic
    the timid one

  • Silver Drifter
    Silver Drifter 1 month ago

    can I use this music please

  • Gatto Npc
    Gatto Npc 1 month ago

    To much "Lindsey Stirling" for my taste!!!

    ARIGÓ GAMER 1 month ago

    She is AMAZING!!!

  • karla guadalupe villegas perez

    me gusta mucho como tocas el violin

  • MilkySkills
    MilkySkills 1 month ago

    Anyone else get here from T.V.? Still an extremely talented person.

  • The Legend
    The Legend 1 month ago


  • EniChe
    EniChe 1 month ago

    Can you come to sweden?
    I love your music, keep on doing what you are doing!

  • Robin Munstock
    Robin Munstock 1 month ago

    Loved her violin, but after seeing her videos, fell in love with the total package. Her violin, her dance and that wonderful smile.

  • misguidedsaint 3
    misguidedsaint 3 1 month ago

    1:23 Lindsey in a nutshell, crazy hair, crazy socks, and crazy flexibility.

  • Llew KaMiamos
    Llew KaMiamos 1 month ago

    My favorite dance move of hers is the little kick slide backward, errrmmm... rump bump she does.

  • Diana Orynbaeva
    Diana Orynbaeva 1 month ago

    You are the reason I keep playing the violin, even though I'm not the best at it.

  • abran delgado
    abran delgado 1 month ago

    me encanta

  • lukus black
    lukus black 1 month ago


  • WoodenYouKnowIt
    WoodenYouKnowIt 1 month ago

    Miss Lindsey, I have a silly question. Being from Tennessee, I've only ever passed through Utah while traveling to someplace farther west and even then, it has been at least 25 years. Thus, I am not familiar with any of the cities really. But I believe that you've shot parts of this video at the Bicentennial Park in Provo. Am I correct? I ask because I stumbled on some photos of this park on Google and they look amazingly similar. It is REALLY beautiful there and certainly rebutts my earlier impressions of Utah when I only had the Great Salt Lake and Bonneville to go by.

  • ERror 95
    ERror 95 1 month ago

    Chi è qui per phanapton?

  • MrHeadnail
    MrHeadnail 1 month ago

    Still Awesome - Just Checking :D

  • MillsCraft com
    MillsCraft com 1 month ago

    Good editing matching synthesizer track to video. Good computerized tuning rounding with blending. Would be accurate notes in concerts if you get frets installed. Inspired me to contact violin mfg companies to make thin fretted violins... as they cannot be played accurately in tune without frets... so I view the violin an incomplete engineering project. It was easy.. I typed 144 characters on Twitter at Yamaha. @MillsCraft_com

  • GameGirls
    GameGirls 1 month ago

    Those amazing skills, WITH A VIOLIN!!!

  • MommaTWOMia
    MommaTWOMia 1 month ago

    My top 3 fave artists, no doubt :)

  • MommaTWOMia
    MommaTWOMia 1 month ago


  • Lung Kim Wan, Mark
    Lung Kim Wan, Mark 1 month ago

    0:21 i love her clothes :D

  • Elias F.
    Elias F. 1 month ago


  • Gavo 02
    Gavo 02 1 month ago

    Phanapton371 is real...

  • Mariachan
    Mariachan 1 month ago

    What is the name of the song of the end??

  • TheSkepticSkwerl
    TheSkepticSkwerl 1 month ago

    Am i watching a music video, or playing the witness?

  • Николай Мишин

    She was my favorite performer, until I found out that she is a sectant of mormons.

  • Alexis Hopkins
    Alexis Hopkins 1 month ago

    That park is literally 3minutes from my house.😂😂

  • Manuel Assunção
    Manuel Assunção 1 month ago

    I Love your music... ;-)

  • Makenzie Oneil
    Makenzie Oneil 1 month ago

    such a great song!!
    I used this song for my gymnastics talent show!! I got 1st place:)))

  • Norman Frasiak
    Norman Frasiak 1 month ago

    ... so süß ...

  • stjepan posavec
    stjepan posavec 1 month ago

    I love your energy, you give me strengh to live

  • ece kürt kızı
    ece kürt kızı 2 months ago


  • Un lezzino
    Un lezzino 2 months ago


  • Waleed Khan
    Waleed Khan 2 months ago

    beautiful your all songs are amazing ,i just love listening .....

  • cottenboots
    cottenboots 2 months ago


  • Bella Comparato
    Bella Comparato 2 months ago

    I agree with the title as you, Lindsey

  • partygamer11
    partygamer11 2 months ago

    lindsey, do you ever have to get a new violen?

  • aldo the apachi
    aldo the apachi 2 months ago

    I had a dream i was a professional tap dancer slash violinist next day I type professional violinist and this what I find..love you Lindsey.

  • fuhrer p
    fuhrer p 2 months ago

    I love your music, greetings from Veracruz, Mexico

  • Trublade MP
    Trublade MP 2 months ago

    Guess I'm missing out on both Mago and, you. 😿😿😿 Come to Houston.

  • Azimur Rashid Kanak
    Azimur Rashid Kanak 2 months ago

    Wanna say five words for ya...Fallen in love with you...

  • Alberto Duò
    Alberto Duò 2 months ago

    In this song and video i see the power of life

    HALIL AYDEMIR 2 months ago

    I'm Türkish

  • Nocturnal Fox
    Nocturnal Fox 2 months ago

    What is the name of the song at the very end?

  • Sally Bata
    Sally Bata 2 months ago


  • Z Blueberrynight
    Z Blueberrynight 2 months ago


  • Motorgamer 02
    Motorgamer 02 2 months ago

    sono qui grazie a phanapton lol

  • aivars tjapusins
    aivars tjapusins 2 months ago

    nice     bravo....

  • Hamza Naimi
    Hamza Naimi 2 months ago

    what is title of music at the last.

  • Mahmod Gulli
    Mahmod Gulli 2 months ago

    good music

    AWILD ASHE 2 months ago

    Still Amazing in 2017 <3

  • Jairo Blanco
    Jairo Blanco 2 months ago

    tu vestuario tu expresión corporal tu música los lugares y lo hermosa que eres uf increíble

  • Juan Pablo :D
    Juan Pablo :D 2 months ago

    what is the tempo of this song? pls

  • Carolyn Tellier
    Carolyn Tellier 2 months ago

    I know this was made six years ago, BUT I DONT CARE. I love this song

  • Rotaru Roman
    Rotaru Roman 2 months ago

    you are very nice girl like my sister

  • Laura Gómez
    Laura Gómez 2 months ago


  • Vanessa Norman
    Vanessa Norman 2 months ago

    she's so talented, she can dance and play at the same time plus she's a really good dancer

  • Dont read my profile picture

    what is ur natural hair colour?

  • Elizabeth Madden
    Elizabeth Madden 2 months ago

    this has so many likes on it i see why XD

  • Александр Доценко

    Лучшая композиция для моей души.

  • aleš polak
    aleš polak 2 months ago


    watch "crazy entrance" and "zakon stvar"

  • Cody Buchheit
    Cody Buchheit 2 months ago

    your awsome at violin​

  • Banana99
    Banana99 3 months ago

    like chi e italiano

  • Danielle Tommy
    Danielle Tommy 3 months ago

    love your

  • Jace Hill
    Jace Hill 3 months ago

    I cant. I keep trying to open another tab and do homework but NOPE. i keep watching video after video......

  • Sophie Luvs
    Sophie Luvs 3 months ago

    ahhh her beats are amazing

    RED--TRAIN 3 months ago

    I like her red half violin

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