karate vs kung fu

drunken fist kung-fu vs. kyokushinkai karate

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Author Dawson Hunnicutt (1 month)
They both suck. Asian martial arts dont workmin real life. A good boxer,
streetfighter, or any one could take themmout with ease.

Author Simo Ne (1 month)
is IMPOSSIBLE to take the SAME fucking high kick in the face for six times
in a row ...... if you're a real martial artist!!!!!!!!!!!! the drunken
fist wushu student clearly thought the scenography more than the
applications, the second "kung fu fighter" is ridiculously scared by
hitting for real his opponent....and karate is much more direct in
applications: in the beginning, for the same years of training, there is no
competition between these styles...... but only for the basic!!. Wushu Kung
Fu is a higher level martial art, in fact for use it in a REAL FIGHT you
must be a REAL MASTER! therefore, KARATE is better for a short time
training (because simple and direct), KUNG FU is worse, but only if you do
NOT know how to use it!! (Chinese martial arts are the most complete and
difficult, but the best if you apply for a lifetime). Ah, let me know to
you another thing... WUSHU means MARTIAL ART in chinese, KUNG FU means WORK
SOURCES: I started to practice KARATE SHOTOKAN in 2000, and now I practice
Wushu NanQuan & Shaolin for two years, after passing through Judo ,
Capoeira and Mae Muay Thai.

Believe me Karate fans, there is not a stronger martial style, there are
strongest athletes you know....but for the techniques.... Wushu is another
dimension :D 

Author CervantesPR1 (4 months)
-_- stupid "kung fu" fighters

Author El Puma Loco (4 months)
The kung fu guy fights like a gay, drunken version of goku.

Author Daniel De Villa (2 months)
The Karateka throws a lot of kicks. Is it normal to throw so many kicks? I
thought Karate is more into punches and that stuff and that there are fewer

Author Camilo Vega (1 month)
In a fight, i think that at the end, it's more a thing of 'person vs
person' than 'style vs style'. Doesn't matter what style you practice, if
you are not smarter, faster, more agile and precise than your opponent,
you're gonna get your ass kicked.
This kung fu fighters are bad 'fighters' themselves, maybe their master is
a bad teacher, but i know many other kung fu fighters, myself included,
that would beat them in an eyeblink.

Author z AZNFANTASTIC (15 hours)
that's not karate,that's taekwondo,they're speak korean =,=

Author Kim Mony (1 day)
It become taekwondo competition

Author Anthony Hale (1 day)
That second guy looks high af

Author ec97531 (2 days)
drunken fist kung fu? apparently that guy didn't get drunk. LOL
I see two Japanese fooling around here.

Author Eddie Vazquez (2 days)
The problem here is that while the karate practitioners are intent on
fighting while the kung fu practitioners appear to just be displaying their
style. This would be a whole lot different if they were shaolin monks. It
is very hard to become good at kung fu when you take three two hour lessons
a week at your local health center versus when it is your life as in the
case of monks. Check out a few videos of Yi Long. He's basically a warrior
monk from China.

Author PoetLG (3 days)
worst display of drunken boxing i've ever seen!

Author M4akaTaraN (4 days)
Запарили своим пьяным кунг-фу стилем, нет такого в природе.

Author Simon0 (6 days)
i am good at drunken fist. I cant punch or kick but i stumble around
pretty well.

Author Bruce Lee YouTube Videos (8 days)
ah martial art has its magic

Author john qteimporta (9 days)
que wea mas fome, el estilo borracho no existe fue un invento de jackie
chan para una de sus peliculas .

Author kane kure (12 days)
This kungfu fighter is just Japanese Jackie Chan movie freak, isn't it?

Author dipayan dey (13 days)
drunken kung fu a.k.a getting beat up like a drunk looking for a fight in a
ring,in the street, or anywhere in between 

Author count peach (17 days)
This isn't karate vs kung fu its just two different styles of kung fu,
drunken man style is the one in the black but I'm not sure about the other

Author Francesco Curea (18 days)
Kung fu is stronger but he doesnt know how to fight!

Author Wojciech Nickel (18 days)
they suck but do kung fu vs taekwondo

Author 이현진 (19 days)
약속대련은 좃같은 쇼일 뿐..
시범영상과 약속대련으로는 누구든 무술창조가가능.

Author Tatsumi Mais (19 days)
Isso só comprova uma coisa: Não é estilo de luta que vence... é o lutador
em si. (This only proves one thing: There is no fighting style that wins...
is the fighter itself.).

Author András Kőrösi (19 days)
Ebből a videoból nem lehet levonni a a következtetést melyik a jobb vagy
rosszabb. Minden technikának van ellenszere és harc közben sok tényező meg
határozó. Függ a tanítvány fel készültségéről hogy mennyit gyakorolt,
illetve hogy utcán történik ahol szinte minden meg engedett és akár súlyos
sérülés vagy halál is lehet a következménye de egy baráti alapú
rendezvényen is történhet. Aztán függ az illető milyen állapotban van, ha
valaki túl agresszív vagy fél egy harcban sajnos alul marad. Én tanultam jó
darabig Lo Man Kam Wing Chunt és egyik ismerős meg ismertette picit a
karatéval is. Számomra a karate is egy nagyon csodálatos dolog. Én aki
régen kung fut csinált nem mondom azt, hogy csak a kung fu a jó. Szerintem
mintegy azt hogy az ember most kínai vagy japán esetleg magyar
harcművészetet ( Barantát tanul) El kell fogadni ezeket az isteni
ajándékokat és csinálni művelni. A harcművészet nem arra való hogy mi
legyünk a királyok vagy istenek nem hősködésre való. Ha egy kung fu harcos
elkezd hősködni és lenéz másokat és mondjuk széjjel csapja egy karatés vagy
muhai thai boxos akkor így járt. Nagyon fontos nem hősködünk nem nézünk le
másokat. Én láttam olyan videot ahol karatés kapot ki de olyant is ahol
wing chun nos annak ellenére hogy én ezt tanultam nem mondom azt hogy ez a
tökéletes. Bruce lee: A harcművészet végső soron önismeret egy rúgás vagy
ütés nem arra való hogy elpusztítsuk ellenfelünket hanem arra hogy belső
gátlásunkat és félelmünket győzzük le.

Author Feliniño Domingo (19 days)
Kyokushin! Osu!

Author Jeff Claiborne (5 months)
This is drunken monkey kung fu. I knew a drunken monkey master that could
not be touched, Dr John Wing lok Ng. Dr Ng combined various kung fu styles
and was one of the most amazing fighters I have ever met. However, it is
unfortunate that too many kung fu practitioners today dance too much and
fight too little and yet they still gain the health benefits of Kung Fu.
The karate practitioners in this video were better fighters. Yet, too say
that all karate is better than all Kung Fu and vice versa cannot be
concluded from this video. 

Author DarkShadow (21 day)
Lol i know wat they say and HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Author cedric lee (23 days)
that kung fu fighter is not really Chinese guy. Japanese want to annoy
Chinese kung fu fighter, that kung fu is nothing compare to karate.

Author k9m42 (26 days)
Drunken Jackass agains real Karate.

Author Atheist Power (26 days)
haha chinese so stupid

Author CenturionAlphaX (27 days)
the kung fu fighter act like he's drunk as fuck, what the hell?!

Author vagner braz (28 days)
parece que os caras do kung fu estavam bêbados se auguem souber que estilo
de kung fu é esse eu ficaria agradecido 

Author David Fern (28 days)
that's the worst kung fu I've ever seen

Author Nyckolas maicon (1 month)
deixa o rosto muito livre estilo bêbado! 

Author Mike Paramo (1 month)
CLip make by japaneses? this guy is not a kung fu fighter, he is only a
sandbag! lol
Bad imitation of Jackie Chan...

Author VLADIVAN DOSMIL (1 month)
The drunken Kung Fu i'ts more powerful that the traditional Kung-Fu.
I don't can think why the Kung Fu Drunken Fighter no can defeat that the
Karate man, this kung fu fighter are a student? 

Author Daniel Marques (1 month)
I think the guy should not kung fu fighting this guy because he knows
nothing he seems ta drunk that this should be a master against master

Author Gilmar Silvestre (1 month)
só no pé da lata kkkkk

Author Cailinn. C. (1 month)
Is he high

Author Valentino Zarate (1 month)
Deberian cambiarle el titulo... "Karate vs Pendejo"

Author moromorowindo (1 month)
samoan boxing is best

Author james,nila Bell (1 month)
This is real kung fu he is just using it very wrong or he's been taught the
wrong way but karate is great as well but he kicked way to much and have
time to punch or other type of way to hit him

Author Feliniño Domingo (19 days)
Kyokushin! Osu!

Author Orifiel Hviezda Smrti (1 month)
Que bostas de lutadores de Kung fu, querem usar o estilo bêbado e nem o
básico sabem fazer. Por isso apanharam!

Author modia kung (1 month)
this is drunken fist not actual kung fu so i see no king fu here

Author DarkShadow (21 day)
Oh Soooo Thats Why My Dad Is Drunk Kung fu fight -_-

Author galctichitler (1 month)
Both fighters styles looked beautiful, and both tried their best and that's
all that matters, I have no idea what type of gung fu that the gung fu
practitioner does, but it looks great and effective, and the karate ka was
lightning fast!!! Great job, to both of these guys! 

Author Wagg Style (1 month)
Mdr le karate ka il la niker 

Author esteban jimenez (11 months)
Drunken style is not "real" kung fu, the real kung fu is just practices by
those who learn the styles creates by the xiaolin monks

Author sylvano10 (10 months)
karate is more realist than kung fu. Drunks is for the kids ;)

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