karate vs kung fu

drunken fist kung-fu vs. kyokushinkai karate

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Author Eryan724 (2 months)
he is really acting drunk!!! in a real fight LOOLOLOL not a movie, but a
real fight loooool im dieing lol

Author HonestlyHonesty (18 days)
What in the blue hell are those 2 weak jokers doing? Dancing around getting
kicked in the head. A weak body translates to weak skills. To practice
martial arts ur body must first be strong. Look how fucking weak the 2
nerds are.

Author vagner braz (2 months)
parece que os caras do kung fu estavam bêbados se auguem souber que estilo
de kung fu é esse eu ficaria agradecido 

Author BoXeoeXtremo BKN (1 month)
El peleador de kung fu esta borracho o que?

Author The Guitar Whisperer (1 month)
So I guess if you act drunk while doing king fu, you get your ass kicked as
if you actually were drunk?

Author Daniel De Villa (4 months)
The Karateka throws a lot of kicks. Is it normal to throw so many kicks? I
thought Karate is more into punches and that stuff and that there are fewer

Author ankokugaiBOSS (6 days)
to the credit of the kung fu practitioners had they utilized their more
deceptive means to execute real facial strikes, which i believe were not
permissible in these type bouts, the outcomes might have been slightly
different (disclaimer: before i get hassled, I'm not taking anything away
from the skills and expertise of karate combatants neither in real life nor
in these particular matches).

Author James Cook (13 days)
The lesson from this vid...don't let jackie Chan fool you

Author Ricardo Marín Araluce (18 days)
Definitivamente el del Kung Fu no es Bruce Lee

Author dawei sun (21 day)

Author Matias Alvarez (29 days)
jajajaja que le aflojen al tequila esos flacos del kung fu

Author checkitoutdewd (29 days)
Kyokushin is not the best stand-up style but it is way more legit than
Kung-Fu. Kung-Fu is absolute garbage. 

Author El Puma Loco (6 months)
The kung fu guy fights like a gay, drunken version of goku.

Author The Danneskjold (1 month)
I think *actually* being drunk might be better for this style.

Author Natsu Dragoneel (1 month)
Wannabe Drunken Master...

Author Leonardo Ribas (1 month)
esses cara nao lutam merda nenhuma de kung fu

Author Dim4ik2012 (1 month)
це клоун а не боєць "кунг фу"

Author CervantesPR1 (6 months)
-_- stupid "kung fu" fighters

Author jeferson salamanca (1 month)
melo mamaaa elll karatte

Author Anthony Hale (2 months)
That second guy looks high af

Author PoetLG (2 months)
worst display of drunken boxing i've ever seen!

Author Dawson Hunnicutt (3 months)
They both suck. Asian martial arts dont workmin real life. A good boxer,
streetfighter, or any one could take themmout with ease.

Author scott marlow (16 hours)
Kung Fu guy just sucked.

Author shahruddin toha (12 hours)
drunken master

Author Dark Soul (7 days)
This is how kung fu works in a real fight. It's totally useless

Author 6948664603 (5 days)
Sadly they are bad. The kung fu guy is dancing too much and attacking too
little. The karateka is using only half of his body. I've seen better
street fights.

Author kamov12345 (4 days)
hi guys please watch this video under full contact rules
\Its Karate defeating M Thai under full contact rules

Author Jeff Claiborne (7 months)
This is drunken monkey kung fu. I knew a drunken monkey master that could
not be touched, Dr John Wing lok Ng. Dr Ng combined various kung fu styles
and was one of the most amazing fighters I have ever met. However, it is
unfortunate that too many kung fu practitioners today dance too much and
fight too little and yet they still gain the health benefits of Kung Fu.
The karate practitioners in this video were better fighters. Yet, too say
that all karate is better than all Kung Fu and vice versa cannot be
concluded from this video. 

Author Evan frank (5 days)
Luta é pontapes e socos com força e inteligencia e tecnica, nao é da uma d
bebado OSU!!!!

Author cedric lee (2 months)
that kung fu fighter is not really Chinese guy. Japanese want to annoy
Chinese kung fu fighter, that kung fu is nothing compare to karate.

Author justaman6972 (7 days)
way to block those kicks with your face guys...smh

Author Brent lee (6 days)
this don't mean karate is better than kung fu just that the karate guy is a
better fighter and the fung fu guy learned from sponge bob

Author 雪女神 (13 days)
A Red Sash will have no chance. Put someone with higher skill against a Dan
fighter. This is just showboating.

Author az09983 (10 days)
Has he ever heard of the word defense
Jeez he stood there and took every kick 

Author Simo Ne (3 months)
is IMPOSSIBLE to take the SAME fucking high kick in the face for six times
in a row ...... if you're a real martial artist!!!!!!!!!!!! the drunken
fist wushu student clearly thought the scenography more than the
applications, the second "kung fu fighter" is ridiculously scared by
hitting for real his opponent....and karate is much more direct in
applications: in the beginning, for the same years of training, there is no
competition between these styles...... but only for the basic!!. Wushu Kung
Fu is a higher level martial art, in fact for use it in a REAL FIGHT you
must be a REAL MASTER! therefore, KARATE is better for a short time
training (because simple and direct), KUNG FU is worse, but only if you do
NOT know how to use it!! (Chinese martial arts are the most complete and
difficult, but the best if you apply for a lifetime). Ah, let me know to
you another thing... WUSHU means MARTIAL ART in chinese, KUNG FU means WORK
SOURCES: I started to practice KARATE SHOTOKAN in 2000, and now I practice
Wushu NanQuan & Shaolin for two years, after passing through Judo ,
Capoeira and Mae Muay Thai.

Believe me Karate fans, there is not a stronger martial style, there are
strongest athletes you know....but for the techniques.... Wushu is another
dimension :D 

Author 5winder (7 days)
The drunk monkey bitch slap doesn't seem like a very good fighting style.

Author Michaelangelo Chiang (18 days)

Author Michael Deschenes (10 days)
OK, this video is obviously satirical to kung fu. Every one should calm

Author don yao (11 days)
Fuk japanese shown,so fake

Author Juan Sabastian (15 days)
kungfu seperti orang gila...ahahhaa

Author Данил Моргуновский (20 days)
Это не ушу, это дебилоиды какие то! Если в базовых комплексах дается такие
формы, это не значит что нужно строить из себя пьяного прям в поединке.

Author CHENG Him (12 days)
What the Fk is this.

Author Emilio Nhacumbe (14 days)
porke ele nao defende

Author chromerhodium (15 days)
2:13 The Girl. She is kinda pretty.

Author мудрый боксер (24 days)
I don know what to say...
Looks stupit and embarrassing

Author Shoot1ngStar (16 days)
Drunken Fist is the biggest disgrace to martial arts when it comes to real
life. Shit just looks flat out retarded. Unless you're in a Jackie Chan or
Jet Li movie, don't do this idiotic fighting style lol...

Author Alberto Alejandro (19 days)
Jajajajajaj, qué callampero el kung fu, muy malo por Dios!!!!!!!! El
Karate, el Muay Thai, lejos mil veces mejor que el Kung Fu para defenderse
en una pelea real... Y no metan a Bruce Lee, porque está por sobre
cualquier arte marcial...

Author abod prince (23 days)
that shitt ain't kung foo

Author cj choo (21 day)
wat a stupid monkey

Author Camry Snyder (1 month)
drunken fist

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