karate vs kung fu

drunken fist kung-fu vs. kyokushinkai karate

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Author CervantesPR1 (3 months)
-_- stupid "kung fu" fighters

Author Dan Iacobescu (7 months)
I have a question here. Is the guy in an orange jacket, the one who looks
so worried every time his stupid face appears on camera, a fucking faggot?
He pisses me off. Also, that idiot who tries to imitate Jackie Chan with
that bullshit "drunken style", (which he clearly doesn't even
understand...), is even more annoying. He's the perfect example of the
moron who believes style is what brings you victory, not your qualities as
a fighter... It's amazing how many stupid people are in this world...

Author El Puma Loco (3 months)
The kung fu guy fights like a gay, drunken version of goku.

Author Jeff Claiborne (4 months)
This is drunken monkey kung fu. I knew a drunken monkey master that could
not be touched, Dr John Wing lok Ng. Dr Ng combined various kung fu styles
and was one of the most amazing fighters I have ever met. However, it is
unfortunate that too many kung fu practitioners today dance too much and
fight too little and yet they still gain the health benefits of Kung Fu.
The karate practitioners in this video were better fighters. Yet, too say
that all karate is better than all Kung Fu and vice versa cannot be
concluded from this video. 

Author Archon33 (5 months)
Karate fighter was very good. Kung Fu drunken fighter was using wrong
technique. He should use kicks to get close and then punch. Only way to
defeat a Karate kick fighter. Also so many chances to get him when he does
those kicks, when he kicks don't run away find a move to counter his move
like a counter kick or round house on the floor kick.

Author Daniel De Villa (1 month)
The Karateka throws a lot of kicks. Is it normal to throw so many kicks? I
thought Karate is more into punches and that stuff and that there are fewer

Author RonnieDobbz1978 (6 months)
Karate is just a better form.

Author chris derbedrossian (21 day)
I do kung fu (tai lu ) and this kung fu fighter doesn't know how to fight
and shouldn't represent kung fu at all

Author Zachary Thomas (27 days)
thats some gay ass kung fu, holy shit .-.

Author ashleelmb (2 months)
Drunken fist kung-fu? Wtf?

Author Harriscandoit (1 month)
I know the title is karate vs Kung fu but it's really just one fighter vs
another. The Karate fighter used an excellent hit selection (I especially
loved the scissor kick). The Kung Fu fighter was waiting too long to make
that big move but damn can he take a hit. I thought for sure the Kung Fu
guy was going to grab the guys leg the way he was leaving it out there. I
don't know if it was stage fright or not recovering from the initial hit to
the head but he was not thinking things through. 

Author Shu Zuen (1 month)
This is part Tae Kwon Do part Karate and part Hapkido.....

Author Ghostbustr7 (1 month)
Theyre both Japanese, the "kung fu" fighter is just making a mockery of the
martial art to make Karate look superior. 

Author Serbischen Stolz (1 month)
hahahaah what this hahaha drunk kung fu? hahahaha

Author Paulo Monteiro (8 months)

Author TheSteinbitt (3 months)
lol kung fu is such bullshit

Author Fernando Ramoa (3 months)
no kung-fuing after a bowl

Author Barry Amis (4 months)
Good choreography.

Author Yin StyIe (6 months)
A method such as Drunken Kung Fu is based upon the opponent's perception of
the user. Not spamming movements. It's based upon either 1. your opponent
expecting you to fuck up and trip over by SEEMING weak 2. your opponent
expecting you to purposely apply statement 1 and, thus react predictably.
Both statements cause an opponent to react logically, because the opponent
can either over or under ESTIMATE the user, which is what made Drunken Kung
Fu to what it is. Acting weaker like drunken kung fu limits the opponent's
reactions to either the 1. or 2. and can hence be predicted much easier.

Kyokushinkai is a sports form karate. It is easy to learn, easy to master.
It's strictly based on collective experience through sparring. Drunken Kung
Fu requires a lot of collective experience and strict strategic reasoning
to apply it. It's far more complex, while kyokushinkai's juice lies within
the confines of training.

Observation of the fight:
Either blame the teacher, or the students. I'd go for both. Kyokushinkai is
systematic, consistent and reliable. Drunken Kung Fu is based upon the
opponent's perception of the user. The opponent either over or
underestimates the practitioner and the practitioner must be able to judge
and distinguish between these two. The drunken kung fu students had the
typical 'style, looks and cheesy kung fu movie' perspectives. Their sifu is
to blame, obviously because he's not much different from them in terms of
perspective. Drunken Kung fu has purposefully seemingly irrational
movements, which is why you cannot apply them in the same context as
classic karate. Spamming option 1. is what the drunken kung fu students did
that was a plain NO-NO. Pretty much dumb, cliche students like these cause
them to be looked down upon in the MA world. Rarely will you see
traditional martial arts be used correctly(which is only in street fights),
because nobody understands the dirtier reason they were made for. People
watch Jackie Chan and Master sohai and think that this is all there is to
it, but what they don't see is that people using such a martial art acted
weak on purpose to cough out mistakes so that they can put their opponents
in situations where they could apply their techniques.

The drunken kung fu students had no utter understanding of the bread and
butter of their methods, thus they got shat on. Kyokushin karate in
general(sports aside) is what it is. No more, no less. Thus, there's not
much requirement to use it. You can use it now, yesterday or tomorrow.
Skill and experience build immediately. You grow good very fast, because of
the competition. But, with drunken kung fu's unnecessary complexity, make
one mistake and you're done. It's just people trying to be original who
pick it. People who learned or practiced it in the past, did so to kill or
be killed. Not for stylish purposes.

Author Mat Smith (6 months)
I knew from the first head kick that the Kung Fu dude reppin drunken fist
was gunna get his ass beat. Drunken style is awesome, but only when the
person is highly skilled in it.

Author SkAnD1NaV1An (6 months)
no fair, it's karate black belt vs kung fu white sash... it's like a
begginner versus a champion....

Author SMS570X (7 months)
its karate vs Drunk lung fu

Author Camilo Vega (17 days)
In a fight, i think that at the end, it's more a thing of 'person vs
person' than 'style vs style'. Doesn't matter what style you practice, if
you are not smarter, faster, more agile and precise than your opponent,
you're gonna get your ass kicked.
This kung fu fighters are bad 'fighters' themselves, maybe their master is
a bad teacher, but i know many other kung fu fighters, myself included,
that would beat them in an eyeblink.

Author InsanityInc100 (6 months)
I went into this video thinking that it would just be another unfair fight
where a barely trained karate student would be forced to fend off against a
highly trained kung fu master. Everybody seems to want to insult the skill
it takes to be a karate master. I feel proud to have a black belt in karate
and it pains me to watch obviously biased videos, but this one pleasantly
surprised me. Now, i don't claim to have skill equal to the martial artists
in this video, but I really feel proud to be able to call myself a karate

Author x0x0kanna (7 months)
He's drunk

Author Simo Ne (12 days)
is IMPOSSIBLE to take the SAME fucking high kick in the face for six times
in a row ...... if you're a real martial artist!!!!!!!!!!!! the drunken
fist wushu student clearly thought the scenography more than the
applications, the second "kung fu fighter" is ridiculously scared by
hitting for real his opponent....and karate is much more direct in
applications: in the beginning, for the same years of training, there is no
competition between these styles...... but only for the basic!!. Wushu Kung
Fu is a higher level martial art, in fact for use it in a REAL FIGHT you
must be a REAL MASTER! therefore, KARATE is better for a short time
training (because simple and direct), KUNG FU is worse, but only if you do
NOT know how to use it!! (Chinese martial arts are the most complete and
difficult, but the best if you apply for a lifetime). Ah, let me know to
you another thing... WUSHU means MARTIAL ART in chinese, KUNG FU means WORK
SOURCES: I started to practice KARATE SHOTOKAN in 2000, and now I practice
Wushu NanQuan & Shaolin for two years, after passing through Judo ,
Capoeira and Mae Muay Thai.

Believe me Karate fans, there is not a stronger martial style, there are
strongest athletes you know....but for the techniques.... Wushu is another
dimension :D 

Author gomergilligan (7 months)
don't be too hard on the kung fu guy - he had a few drinks before the fight
and figured no one would notice.

Author Luke Kido (8 months)
What is this guy doing? Drunken style is perfect against Muay Thai or
Silat, but this? What a stupid! He might be so confident of his techniques
to make this shameful thing >_> . Karate's moves follow hard patterns, with
dynamic moves, drunken style is like suicide as try to evade from a punch
in the belly will cost you a kick in the face. Crane would be fine for
submission (if allowed), tiger (being the father of the japanese karate)
would be good for quick blocking->breaking joints, bagua would be useful
just against the punches, redirecting the axis of the movements back to the
oponent. Anyway, there are lots of possibilites and ways to smartly enjoy a
good sparring fight against a karate fighter, but this one is just dumb
enough to keep trying something that he doesn't knows how to apply, because
he probably doesn't understand what he's doing.

Author russian power (7 months)
that most be the lamest kung fu fighter in all china

Author Mike Paramo (14 hours)
CLip make by japaneses? this guy is not a kung fu fighter, he is only a
sandbag! lol
Bad imitation of Jackie Chan...

Author VLADIVAN DOSMIL (2 days)
The drunken Kung Fu i'ts more powerful that the traditional Kung-Fu.
I don't can think why the Kung Fu Drunken Fighter no can defeat that the
Karate man, this kung fu fighter are a student? 

Author Cailinn. C. (3 days)
Is he high

Author james,nila Bell (9 days)
This is real kung fu he is just using it very wrong or he's been taught the
wrong way but karate is great as well but he kicked way to much and have
time to punch or other type of way to hit him

Author sfhriullsii euryibbsi (2 months)
Drunken fist utilizes elbows, knees, heabutts, and tackles. Basically close
range combat, including very slick faints. I think it does good in MMA,
especially grapplers but not really a good style for pure stand-up against
Kyokushin Karate or even Muay Thai or kickboxing for that matter.

Author Violetta a Nikitina (5 months)
it is baloney not fight this idiot who represents kungfu is fool 

Author din othman (2 months)
Too fight you got to be focus. To be focus you got to be sober, To be sober
you cannot be drunk. If you are drunk bad things will happen to you, Yes,
like get nasty kicks on your

Author HDAllGames (5 months)
Drunke fighter= kung fu haha

Author wanderer damion (22 days)
More like clown vs clowns. Karate looks way more effective tho.

Author jay cook (6 months)
what a discrace to all kung fu that is clearly not drunken boxing drunken
idiot for sure cant even block a kick to many people think they are masters
of kung fu until they get hit
good for them trying to think they can wiggle around and not get hit 

Author clebervic (5 months)
King fui

Author cristian moretti (2 months)
mamma mia......

Author thanh le (2 months)
kungfu lose hahahhahahaha

Author ali elzarif (3 months)
the karate man said you want to be drunk i will make you more drunk ,here
mother fuckr in ur face

Author Godzilla52 (3 months)
Those kicks are devastating. I noticed the kyokushin fighter didn't really
use punches during the fight, but I guess since the kicks were working so
well for him there wasn't really a point in changing the strategy. 

Author tea Andric (6 months)
Yes, but this is Kyokushin karate not regular karate. Its much harder and

Author Locpro Nguyen (5 months)
fuck you

Author alexsandro candido (4 months)
kung fu tomo no cu!! kkkk

Author Robbie Wayne (6 months)
The drunken KF style practitioner is a disgrace. He can't even connect his

Author karan shah (1 month)
I am blue belt in karate

Author Rodger Neal (3 months)
fucking insult to kung fu

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