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Author AlduinWorldEater (4 years)
lol I like how the cat is not giving a shit at the beginning xD

Author InUyAsHaGlitchCity (4 years)
dude pokemon rules :D

Author princess23690 (4 years)
How come all of these comments are like messaged back to someone else?

Author Marieke Bisschoff (3 years)
I say screw them! Games are for us nerdy people that only kill people IN

Author Jesse Jones (2 years)
why am I watching old pds vids?

Author loko thompson (4 years)
nice song !

Author CambSpeaks (4 years)
I miss this intro!

Author Mack McVean (4 years)
love the outro music

Author Jay Jayy (2 years)
OH my Gosh! Famous Lady Gaga Gets Laid with Her GF's tight pussy as hell at You SH0ULD see it right now!

Author tkibz (4 years)
@shamaridd2 bahahaha this is like one of the funniest episodes ive seen!
with the cat and the prison inmate whos gonna "cut a bitch" for taking his
12 super mage or whatever he said, made me almost die!!

Author 0099132646 (4 years)
that cat was fat but looked fluffy

Author oki9955 (4 years)
@Jepsendr They're Elite-dislikers...

Author Chris .Veenstra (2 years)
00:31 that cat doesn't give a f*ck!

Author kh2752 (4 years)
damn cats

Author GlissininMayer (3 years)
dungeons ald be banned, because they are in freaking jail! to be
punished... does anybody remember they are criminals? and they shouldnt be
having fun?

Author scissorkicker778 (4 years)
ima firin mah laser! O O /¯¯/_o___o___o___o____o__

Author CapitainThunder (3 years)
Screw em cause they're in prison get it??

Author Skyla Sauer (3 years)

Author Matt201 (4 years)
Lawell, Phayil.

Author oleg perevertaylo (4 years)
Correct way to say 2010, twenty ten. Not two thousand ten.

Author James Dodds (2 years)
My daddy makes me put glass in my vagina

Author Colorified (4 years)
Monday wasn't the first.

Author Evan Mclean (4 years)
i would kill my cat if it did that!! And if i had a cat

Author Austin Scherr (4 years)
dungeons and dragons is just such an amazing game that i think it should be
mandatory for everyone to play it.

Author stuffedpants01 (4 years)
But I still love the show... it's my escape from... well... you know... ;__;

Author Wayland C (4 years)
Sweet jam at the end.

Author Angela Gilleland (2 years)
Like your glasses here

Author smtiche2m (4 years)
2:54 Is pretty epic

Author theslothfulone (4 years)
What's an internet meme?

Author Bassisnevertooloud (4 years)
o comeon dont bash pokemon it has a nice place in my childhood memories

Author dihydrogen--monoxide (4 years)
@olay1790 ummm.... thats a joke right?

Author Alex Jacket (2 years)
My G0SH! It's Unreal! Lady Gaga's Gets hot SEX with Her crazy GF now at Must See! Check this link out!

Author Valerie Macau (4 years)
Fuck you

Author Nicolas Benais-Thomson (4 years)
i actually went to check and see if there was a sail boat

Author vosamy (4 years)
Holy shit! you lost so much weight since then !

Author Z N Y V A ™ (2 years)
why am i here in 2012? lol

Author MathiasOliverGaming (4 years)
love the intro

Author daves45678 (4 years)
check out (prank call gay guy calls pet store) funny as hell

Author Th3Sensei808 (4 years)
I'm pro death penalty so I guess they can or can't play there games where
ever they go after this life

Author Kadazik (4 years)
prison doesent work... thats just fact but u gotta put all the bad apples
somewhere might aswell rot them all together.. then make alchahol and kill
even moar peoplez might aswell throw in some ciggarete mafia or somthin and
some teen moms and we will have the whole convention of idiots and rotten
people who are thirsty for blood and babies.... wow that ended up random

Author shamari brandy (4 years)
lol ... just another reason not to trust cats ...*guy tied up * *tv drops
on hs face* FUCK! lol!! lmao

Author leifeday (2 years)
still my favorite philly d theme song

Author Careline77 (4 years)
FAT Ass Pussy!!!!

Author GOD LOVE (4 years)
and then he got hit by the guitar!!!! 0:34

Author Weser2k9 (4 years)
init tho tho tho ateee

Author Zeelob Jarral (4 years)
hi ryan reynolds

Author Flying Dutchman (3 years)

Author stuffedpants01 (4 years)
My soul cried when he mentioned most of my recreational activities and then
proceeded to insinuate my lack of a love life... Thanks for bringing me
back to my reality you asshole... I'ma go edit my magic deck now, cuz I
believe one of my skills I've learned playing these games will indeed save
mankind when the chips are down and aliens challenge us to a do or die
Magic battle, like in Space Jam, except without all the athleticism... and
I will be cooler than a Paladin with black magic.

Author Igor Quintero (4 years)
Thank you for pwning noobs sir.

Author onelaststand1 (4 years)
why do i keep un subbing to you? wtf

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