Katy Perry beats out Lady Gaga's Vajay Crushing outfit.

For those wondering the music at the end of my video is always by my buddy

Closeup of Lady Gaga's V Crusher:
BAMF of the DAY!:
Hilarious Cat Video:
Katy Perry Gallery:
Inmates Can't Play D &D Anymore!:

Sophie Turner all dressed up:

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Author AlduinWorldEater (3 years)
lol I like how the cat is not giving a shit at the beginning xD

Author MegaXavier06 (3 years)
Wow there are a lot of things to talk about enjoy the information and the
show thanks keep it going.

Author hellomynameistomdens (3 years)
@anobvioustroll69 im not calling you gay your calling yourself gay "will
cum in your mouth and make you take it like a champ that I am motherfucker"
are your words also I dont want to "fuck" on you just like every girl
you've ever talked to cause we all know your a virgin.

Author princess23690 (3 years)
How come all of these comments are like messaged back to someone else?

Author Marieke Bisschoff (2 years)
I say screw them! Games are for us nerdy people that only kill people IN

Author Jesse Jones (1 year)
why am I watching old pds vids?

Author anobvioustroll69 (3 years)
@hellomynameistomdens Nope, I fucked your mom last night, didn't you read
my post before? Besides I'm not the homophope lololol

Author Jay Jayy (1 year)
OH my Gosh! Famous Lady Gaga Gets Laid with Her GF's tight pussy as hell at You SH0ULD see it right now!

Author 0099132646 (3 years)
that cat was fat but looked fluffy

Author Backcornerboys (1 year)
00:31 that cat doesn't give a f*ck!

Author anobvioustroll69 (3 years)
@hellomynameistomdens lol I freely admit I have no life! hahaha otherwise I
wouldn't be doing this lmao! Yet you still bite and comment back! lmao your
the idiot. In the end your trying trying to prove me wrong with something
that I admit freely, so my friend you fail ;)

Author hellomynameistomdens (3 years)
i just mind fucked you i traced your ip

Author kh2752 (3 years)
damn cats

Author GlissininMayer (3 years)
dungeons ald be banned, because they are in freaking jail! to be
punished... does anybody remember they are criminals? and they shouldnt be
having fun?

Author phsycoblah (3 years)
When I was 15

Author CapitainThunder (2 years)
Screw em cause they're in prison get it??

Author Skyla Sauer (3 years)

Author anobvioustroll69 (3 years)
@hellomynameistomdens You know what man, touche bro. Well fought.

Author oleg perevertaylo (3 years)
Correct way to say 2010, twenty ten. Not two thousand ten.

Author James Dodds (2 years)
My daddy makes me put glass in my vagina

Author hellomynameistomdens (3 years)
@anobvioustroll69 ya cause you keep commenting back im trying to prove the
fact you have no life i love how try to turn this on me and really is about
your sad little life I bet you've been raped by your pastier and you need
to take your frustration out on youtube

Author hellomynameistomdens (3 years)
@anobvioustroll69 No im a white agnostic from port rowan Ontario

Author Wayland C (3 years)
Sweet jam at the end.

Author Angela Gilleland (2 years)
Like your glasses here

Author theslothfulone (3 years)
What's an internet meme?

Author dihydrogen--monoxide (3 years)
@olay1790 ummm.... thats a joke right?

Author hellomynameistomdens (3 years)
@anobvioustroll69 im from canada ontario

Author Alex Jacket (1 year)
My G0SH! It's Unreal! Lady Gaga's Gets hot SEX with Her crazy GF now at Must See! Check this link out!

Author Z N Y V A ™ (2 years)
why am i here in 2012? lol

Author anobvioustroll69 (3 years)
@hellomynameistomdens OH! ME TO! EH ;) Sooo your an indian?

Author daves45678 (3 years)
check out (prank call gay guy calls pet store) funny as hell

Author Th3Sensei808 (3 years)
I'm pro death penalty so I guess they can or can't play there games where
ever they go after this life

Author Kadazik (3 years)
prison doesent work... thats just fact but u gotta put all the bad apples
somewhere might aswell rot them all together.. then make alchahol and kill
even moar peoplez might aswell throw in some ciggarete mafia or somthin and
some teen moms and we will have the whole convention of idiots and rotten
people who are thirsty for blood and babies.... wow that ended up random

Author hellomynameistomdens (3 years)
@anobvioustroll69 No any vids or channels to check it out

Author leifeday (2 years)
still my favorite philly d theme song

Author Careline77 (3 years)
FAT Ass Pussy!!!!

Author GOD LOVE (3 years)
and then he got hit by the guitar!!!! 0:34

Author Weser2k9 (3 years)
init tho tho tho ateee

Author Zeelob Jarral (3 years)
hi ryan reynolds

Author Flying Dutchman (3 years)

Author sk8erboy101319981 (3 years)
Nah take away their games, that way they will have more spare time to plot
their escape......

Author Jay Cuttler (1 year)
My G0D, I can't belive it! Gaga Puts his vagina in Her GF now at Go and see what she's got!

Author SpenceNation (2 years)
I really miss the old intro! :(

Author Debashish Chakravarty (3 years)
what song plays at the end of the video?

Author WillOwnForFood (3 years)
Never thought'd I hear Ric Flair and Lady Gaga in the same sentence. lmao

Author wisocerJV (3 years)
hi check out my new song on you tube ASHLEY VRANA RAIN ON ME, I will be
pefroming with JAy godz at York College Relay for Life in May. hope you
like it. hope to see you on May 6th at York College Relay for life

Author gamlingendelux (3 years)
you know, in norway. DnD players actually do have girlfriends/fiances/wives
and they do in america. We are geeks yes but the good kind, so by any and
all means. Let them play, keeps their mind of other things and promotes
creativity, teamwork and you can actually learn some history with it

Author ECR J-N-B-M (3 years)
@DRHELIE ur a fucking fag

Author anobvioustroll69 (3 years)
@hellomynameistomdens Well, your probably just another sand nigger. NIGGER

Author greenraptor333 (3 years)
they should be allowed to play it

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