Lindsey Stirling - Lost Girls

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  • Runtime: 4:50
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  • smurf urmom
    smurf urmom 1 hour ago

    Mrs. Stirling, I owe you an apology! A few yrs ago I bashed you for changing your music style. I Was Wrong! I'm older and your still awesome! keep up with what your doing your the greatest! I Love Your Music and Heart!

  • d jordy
    d jordy 1 hour ago

    Another entrancing video & score from Lindsey's vault

  • Joseph Hung
    Joseph Hung 2 hours ago

    Okay yea this is definitely the sequel to Shatter Me

    DJWONTONho 2 hours ago

    I like this, way more than shatter me. =) Wonderful

  • Deedee CL
    Deedee CL 3 hours ago

    Come to Guatemala... the violinist 😍

  • Miguel kun 13
    Miguel kun 13 4 hours ago

    Wow, so it's an album with a story? We already know why she was on the globe of Shatter Me, now, what was that engineer?
    That's why you're my favorite artist! The instrument, magnificent, the clips, even better, the story of now, wow !! And the songs...
    I love you!!!

  • Nesrin Kaya
    Nesrin Kaya 5 hours ago

    muhteşem 👏

  • Zayna Reid
    Zayna Reid 6 hours ago

    I know you probably wont read this but.... Ive loved your music since I was six and now I have been playing for 3 years all because you have inspired me. You are my role model. Also, I love dance (but i dont do it professionally.) Thank you for being amazing. I LOVE YOU!

  • Rose 94
    Rose 94 6 hours ago

    Amazing ! ❤️

  • jwace
    jwace 6 hours ago

    Lindsey is my kind of girl - graceful like a ballerina but not afraid to get dirty!

  • Mahder Garredew
    Mahder Garredew 7 hours ago

    what was she saying?

  • Majestic
    Majestic 8 hours ago

    algum br?

  • ugh
    ugh 8 hours ago

    fun fact: Lindsey announced that this is the sequel to shatter me in the behind the scenes video for this. It represents how in shatter me she broke from the glass dome, escaping her inner demons, but you don't just suddenly run away from them. It takes time to fully recover and get away from them, and into a new life/state of mind, which is what this represents. (wow I think that was the deepest thing I've ever written xD)



  • ben chu
    ben chu 9 hours ago

    Love and support from Hong Kong!!Probably the minority of fans of your music.

  • Sabrina Kousaian
    Sabrina Kousaian 10 hours ago

    I have a theory: So you know when Lindsey finds the 2 ballerinas, one of them is wearing white and the other is wearing pink like her. I was thinking the reason the one of them was white and the other was pink because the longer the ballerina has danced the darker the dress gets. What I mean is that the white ballerina was probably newer and the pink ballerina was older that's why her dress is pink. I also think that's why Lindsey was wearing pink, she was the oldest trapped ballerina of all.

  • Roxana Muela
    Roxana Muela 10 hours ago

    muy limpio. es un buen trabajo.

  • Salt Lake Pops Orchestra

    Amazing song and video. Love the symbolism Lindsey!

  • James Connors
    James Connors 12 hours ago

    that was the most beautiful thing I've ever heard keep up the great work

  • BHychoK l
    BHychoK l 12 hours ago

    2:32 i can't hold my self. XD

    P.S. Hi, my name is Petal, oh sorry you're recording now? Well PETAL IS ENTER THE BUILDING! XD

  • Pookiez
    Pookiez 13 hours ago

    Never trust people that have the longest nails ever.

  • Erika Lawson
    Erika Lawson 17 hours ago

    Beautiful. Thank you for this and for your testimony on addiction and recovery <3

  • Heero yuy
    Heero yuy 18 hours ago

    i almost fell compelled to subscribeto Lindsey, since my fav youtuber is dead.
    RIP: Christina

  • Wizard4169
    Wizard4169 19 hours ago

    Loving the beauty that Lindsey creates.

  • ItsJarredHere
    ItsJarredHere 23 hours ago

    This is like the only Lindsey Stirling video I can save offline.

  • stardusted art
    stardusted art 1 day ago

    I HAVE to buy your album when it comes out!

  • Jorge Marcelino
    Jorge Marcelino 1 day ago

    very nice !!love this song !!

  • nukorial
    nukorial 1 day ago

    heavenly enchanting  gourgesness  in every 6 senses and more

  • KUMAMON Tu Puto Amo swang

    She will do a collaboration with BTS will be something big :v

  • David Fernando
    David Fernando 1 day ago

    Hey Lindsey if you could give millions of likes to each of your videos
    I love you

  • MagnoliaTheMeme
    MagnoliaTheMeme 1 day ago

    Me: I can play this! *grabs violin*
    5 minutes later

  • Voidolin Star
    Voidolin Star 1 day ago

    I love how this is like a sequel to shatter me it's amazing!!!

  • I.N.C
    I.N.C 1 day ago

    Lindsey Stirling (feat. Rammstein)

  • Dexi YT
    Dexi YT 1 day ago

    Much love from the aspiring violinist <3

  • Mary B
    Mary B 1 day ago

    I really want to know the 1k+ people that gave a thumbs down to this! You must really have issues

  • nightsabbess
    nightsabbess 1 day ago

    i unsubscribed from this channel and stopped listening to your music for awhile but decided to watch this video for nostalgia. seeing the ties to shatter me made me so happy and i knew i had to resubscribe. love you lindsey

  • ScreamformeBrasil

    Pretty good Lindsey!

  • devo8816
    devo8816 1 day ago

    Lynsay is like fire, i admire it, but it burns to touch............................................ at least thats what my partner says

  • my channel
    my channel 1 day ago

    😍😍😘 you are awesome

  • Дмитрий Амелин

    Amazing, perfect, wonderful, the best. I love you Lindsey and your music!

  • ThePetuna2
    ThePetuna2 1 day ago

    Lindsey Stirling creates the most captivating and inspiring music videos I've ever seen. Truly phenomenal and uplifting! And I love the costumes and music performances! The philosophical nature of her music just reaches deep within you.

  • PSkittylover - Poppy

    Every time I go on YouTube, I always end up listening to this song

  • Victor Botina Jojoa

    Me encanta, su música siempre me acompaña.. Saludos desde Colombia

  • Елизавета Вакуленко

    очень круто)))

  • Marissa Lonngren
    Marissa Lonngren 1 day ago

    Love it

  • Carrie Wright
    Carrie Wright 1 day ago

    So that's what it's like to dance with faeries....

  • Carola Rosas
    Carola Rosas 1 day ago

    Es ermoso tu video me encanta

  • Saraí López
    Saraí López 1 day ago

    my favorite violinist ...and my favorite dance (ballet)!!!

  • Ayron J. Pierce
    Ayron J. Pierce 1 day ago

    Cinematography was astonishing as usual, and this is one of my favourite music videos I've seen in a long time. Nice job

  • AJD Official
    AJD Official 1 day ago

    Again, such amazing high quality content that I thoroughly enjoy every single time! Great job Lindsey!✌🏽✌🏽✌🏽🙌🏽😁👏🏽😂👍🏽💯

  • chozen0018
    chozen0018 1 day ago


    • chozen0018
      chozen0018 1 day ago

      the art of music videos has dropped off to almost nothing,, im pleased to see u are still making video art

  • Rose Nodland
    Rose Nodland 2 days ago

    Who else is hardcore shipping lindsey and the ballerina she saved!?!??! Theory: It looks like she mouthes: "Mom" to the ballerina in the white . . . Although she does look young to be a mother, you never know . . .!

  • GoldenGlider
    GoldenGlider 2 days ago

    I love this to pieces~! <3

  • Mawa Croidon
    Mawa Croidon 2 days ago

    Ce clip est génial et la musique est vraiment planante... Un grand bravo j'aime beaucoup *o* ❤️

  • William Matney II
    William Matney II 2 days ago

    Do you believe in such beings as doppelgangers ?

  • Petr Novák
    Petr Novák 2 days ago

    Yeah, the vampire-elves at 1:36 stopped what they were doing way too soon... :D
    No, but seriously - amazing song and music video as always... could do away with the smurf voice, but thats just me.
    Great work.

  • Amber Kane
    Amber Kane 2 days ago

    My most favourite artist!! 😍😍 love from Scotland and Ireland

  • icefyer2
    icefyer2 2 days ago

    Hmm. Do you play Changeling: The Lost by any chance? This seems almost exactly like a changeling escaping their fae captor.

  • Kader Gün
    Kader Gün 2 days ago

    klipleri bi bana mı bu kadar güzel geliyo 😍😍

  • Becca Lockedheart
    Becca Lockedheart 2 days ago

    beyond the veil + shatter me + lost girls

  • Adem Uyanık
    Adem Uyanık 2 days ago

    i think she's violin made in japan xd because sounds like japan

  • Anushka Patra
    Anushka Patra 2 days ago

    At first I didn't like this song. But then I realised that I kept singing it in my head. And I HAD to watch it again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joana Rodriguez
    Joana Rodriguez 2 days ago

    what does she say? "Lost Girls find a way"?

  • Дмитрий Пивоваров


  • kathinfj
    kathinfj 2 days ago


  • kare bear
    kare bear 2 days ago

    Subscribed! Love from Canada !

  • Виктор Шарыгин


  • Таида Егай


  • algassimou barry
    algassimou barry 2 days ago

    i love you so much your songs make me want to live :)

  • Greg Isaac
    Greg Isaac 2 days ago

    i think of the lost little girl at Manchester they have all turned into ballerinas.

  • Laura B
    Laura B 2 days ago

    I reaaaaalllyyyyy want to know these dances! Someone!!! Please make a video for the dances 😂

  • Arcade Kings
    Arcade Kings 2 days ago

    MEU SANTO DEUS AMADO,ESSA MOÇA E PERFEITA!,ela toca melodias lindas,enquanto vemos quao linda ela é....pena ser pobre e feio

  • yuuki konno
    yuuki konno 2 days ago

    I don't know but listening to this always makes me wanna cry.

  • andrea lazzeri
    andrea lazzeri 2 days ago

    Much love too

  • ItsJarredHere
    ItsJarredHere 2 days ago

    so this is how Lindsey was inside some sort of snowglobe-looking thing in Shattering Me.

  • John Estoy
    John Estoy 2 days ago

    This was supposed to happen after "Shatter Me".

  • Kippenoma
    Kippenoma 2 days ago

    I love the music but the fangirls/fanboys in these comments are killing me.

  • Dave Mark Chico
    Dave Mark Chico 2 days ago

    Lindsey Stirling is so creative, just stunning how she create a story, wonderful.

  • Kippenoma
    Kippenoma 2 days ago

    Could you make a GoT themed song? :DDDD

  • U Jing Yang
    U Jing Yang 2 days ago

    best video ever!!!!!!!!Like it

  • Mike Huffman
    Mike Huffman 2 days ago

    Absolutely awesome

  • githa zul ariefa
    githa zul ariefa 2 days ago

    she is a fairy indeed!

  • Danny R
    Danny R 2 days ago

    Simply magical. When the music and visual transports you to a different place you know it's 👌🏻👌🏻.

  • Holli
    Holli 2 days ago

    Sending love from Wyoming, so awesome

  • henrick866
    henrick866 2 days ago

    *Sees floating class shards* Wait, isnt that after Shatter me, Wow, that didnt end up well for her :/

  • otto12354
    otto12354 2 days ago

    Sending love from from oregon

  • Vladimir Mukabenov
    Vladimir Mukabenov 2 days ago

    ***it's excellent***

  • Lord Satomi Amv ́s

    And back again to 0:00

  • 77times7toforgive
    77times7toforgive 2 days ago

    Sending love from Arkansas! :)

  • Minerva Becerra
    Minerva Becerra 2 days ago

    Loved it, as always :)

  • Sra Panda
    Sra Panda 2 days ago

    amo muito

  • Phương Lại
    Phương Lại 2 days ago

    You always is a little strong girl <3. You look very
    young, you know that? ^^^ Love much \^0^/

  • laura  Luna
    laura Luna 2 days ago


  • Brandon Lopez Salazar

    hola me gustan tus casiones

  • Donna Losing
    Donna Losing 3 days ago

    Your music is ethereal...

  • Sofía Agreste Dunpain Cheng

    Lindsey You Are My Favorite *Love From México*

  • Paul C
    Paul C 3 days ago

    It's a long way from having your boyfriend make your music videos to now having Bryan Smaller color your video at Company 3.  Well done.

  • Gamer Kawaii 88
    Gamer Kawaii 88 3 days ago

    Didn't it look like the song Shatter Me???

  • Morgan Jewel
    Morgan Jewel 3 days ago

    Thank you for your music. You help meFocus and get work done. Discovered you under Pandora classical music for studying. XO

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