Couples Dress Each Other For A Week - Safiya and Tyler

I just want him to wear pants.

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Author Amanda Yee ( ago)
Tyler has good eyebrows

Author Zoe Honnor ( ago)
Where can I get her dress

Author Kate & Bullet :D ( ago)
I love how they aren't like "this is so bad" they are like "if they like it then I like it too!" They were totally accepting of what the other one picked even if it wasn't their favorite. How sweet

Author Too Many ( ago)
If I did this, I would have been contorting robes into dresses, pajama bottoms in to tiny jackets with hanging sleeves, and button fronts into wierd only buttoned at the top madterpieces..... basically what I wear at home but I'm not bold enough to wear in public.

Author Lexi Turner ( ago)
Fav couples

Author Lulu ( ago)
Saf: 'I wear a lot of dark colors'. Saf you wear black everyday no matter what.😂

Author Naruto Uchiha ( ago)

Author Dharma Watson ( ago)
im tired

Author Joannah Calipusan ( ago)
I'm watching every video Safiya's in because she left Buzzfeed.☹️

Author Chit Chat Cath ( ago)
Tyler's goals in life: wear Hawaiian shirts everyday acceptingly aka my dad

Author Magic 21O4 ( ago)
is it COSCO or COSTCO?????

Author Elizabeth Bentley ( ago)
They are my favorite couple!

Author Ashlynn Mcconnell ( ago)
my av color is black to and is a color not a shade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Kylie Renee ( ago)
Black is actually every color... there is a whole scientific thing about how the colors reflect off whatever is black giving it that color... To lazy to actually give details

Author Ivyana Kennedy ( ago)
those pants thow

Author Madison Bolland ( ago)
I love their relationship <3

Author Taradis Havoc ( ago)
Let's be real Saf is my fashion queen. I know that this sounds stupid but I am actually really thankful that I found someone who has really similar fashion sense to me in the media, because you wouldn't believe how few lovers of black (who aren't goths) there really are. Sometimes I feel like I should change my style just because of the comments people make like: "oh you should wear colour for a change" or "who died?" and its just nice to see someone so unapologetic about loving to wear all black. So just if you ever happen to read this Saf... Thanks

Author Rainbow Kitty ( ago)
White is not a color and black is all the colors..

Author Samantheh ( ago)
i want safs shark shirt!!!!

Author Cayenne Pepper ( ago)
Safyia's makeup was soooooooo pretty!!

Author Leilah Hui ( ago)
"My goal is to be able to wear a Hawaiian shirt and it's acceptable"

Basically become Tyler Joseph.

Author wong sau wang ( ago)
I would make my boyfriend wear onesies everyday lmao wait i dont have a boyfriend

Author SammietheAverageGirl ( ago)
I wish more guys understood the power of a well-fitting pair of jeans.

Author NoReasonWhatsoever 12 ( ago)

Author Jaden Lopez ( ago)
My favorite color is black too. Also, a lot of people ad also myself call me weird, and I would love that "stay weird" shirt. Where did Saf get it? 😁

Author Gwynneth Cox ( ago)
i would have made them dress SOOOOO weird

Author Andrea Prochowski ( ago)
He is the one the dress code warns us about!

Author Kaitlynn King ( ago)
Love this channel

Author Acasia Bella ( ago)
y'all heard truffle butter right?😂

Author Moroccan Tms ( ago)
I love her but omg her eyeliner are all horrible

Author howshur ( ago)
Does anyone else think that Safiya is like Danaerys, except instead of being called the mother of dragons, she's the mother of buzzfeed

Author Kawaii Gaming ( ago)
-OML- This couple is the -best- one -EVER-

Author Anamica Khadgi ( ago)
tyler is like Poseidon loll

Author Sophi DIY ( ago)
She has the exact same Birkenstocks as my mum!😬😂

Author Isabella Algar ( ago)
When I read this I thought the title said couples depress each other for a week

Author Nicole Kitchen ( ago)
Omygosh I looooove her shark shirt

Author diego pina ( ago)
Safiya looks like Natalie's outlet

Author Alyah Pettit ( ago)
Tyler's cute asf

Author Adéla Hofmanová ( ago)
That dress 👑💖🦄

Author Christmas Miracle ( ago)

Author omar trabelsi ( ago)
how old is tyler ? he looks 21 to me

Author Chubby Chub ( ago)
I love how I just watched a video of them with their old hair cut, then I watch the haircut video. And now I watch a video with their hair cuts. Oml they are GOALSSS

Author sophandjul ( ago)

Author Jacklene Taylor ( ago)
I love Sophia style. Black is a color

Author I need some A4 and some bb ( ago)

Author Paris xoxo ( ago)
I'm gonna change guys
My New Years resolution is to try eat more since I've had problems with my weight my weight dropped rapidly so I need to try eat more food and get my weight back on track😊

Author bleach rat ( ago)
i love saf and ty 😛❤

Author missannieb ( ago)
"I like to wear a lot of trendy pieces"

Girl, where...?

Author balisong trainer ( ago)

Author Rox B. ( ago)
Tyler honey iron that shirt

Author Xyziah Areja ( ago)
Safiya+Tyler= SAPHIRE

Author Alexa Krznaric ( ago)
I read the title as, "Couples wear each other" 100%

Author Mezli Gonzalez ( ago)

Author Emma Lieberman ( ago)
What is safs snapcode

Author Isabel H ( ago)
Does anyone know where I can get Saf's dress at 3:24?

Author rekha mishra ( ago)
and i love love love love safiya the most in ladylike

Author rekha mishra ( ago)
tyler is sooooooooo cuuuuuuttttteeeeeeee!!!!!

Author Project Eve ( ago)

Author Mar. WorldPeace ( ago)
Unless I'm doing fitness, I never wear gym shorts, yeah it's comfortable, but girls get tired of seeing that.

Author Madi Rau ( ago)
Syler is so cute!!

Author Elisabeth K ( ago)
Those two are amazing together! Truly relationship goals!!

Author Cass ( ago)
does Tyler work at buzzfeed?

Author Pandora Sea ( ago)

Author annasparkles ( ago)
They're such a cute couple. U should do a couples go to the gym video

Author Angel Face ( ago)
Saf should dress like Audrey hepburn, she is very classic..and would like gorg in 40's type clothes too-

Author Blamekpop101 ( ago)
They r so cute together!

Author Angel Face ( ago)
Sweet couple so funny lol

Author Aliya Dance Moms Fan ( ago)
If my BF dressed me it would be CROP Crop tops and Booty Booty shorts like that's just not my style.

Author Freedom Howl ( ago)

Author itzjustkaela ( ago)
their my fav buzzfeed couple

Author lilyruston ( ago)
Day 5 was my fave <3

Author Sj Louise ( ago)
i have the same dress saf was wearing day five <3

Author Rosie Kim ( ago)
I love Ned comes out every time they do a couple video. :)

Author Logan Elizabeth ( ago)

Author Nick Gurrs ( ago)
shes way too hot for him

Author ChellyWelly ( ago)
I like number 2 and 3 outfits for saf

Author Weirdstufff 9001 ( ago)
Saf and Tyler are like Aaron and aphmau

Author //XxMissUnicornTDMXx// ( ago)

Author I Love Drawing ( ago)
What's their ship name?

Author Maya G ( ago)
Saf and Tyler are relationship goals. What a lovely couple!

Author PlainlyMe _ ( ago)

Author Weird Person ( ago)

Author Katherine Fanderson ( ago)
Does Tyler also work in Buzzfeed?

Author addy camp ( ago)
saf is my fav buzzfeed employee! i love her!

Author Kayelyne Mason ( ago)
Day 2 pink and turquoise 🤣 guys 🖤💜

Author HeyIt'sNatalya ( ago)
Safiya looks good in anything so this challenge won't work. Like she could wear a bowl of oatmeal and she'd still look hot

Author Kitten Coolness ( ago)
My fav couple is either Saf and Tyler or Ned and Ariel

Author Daniya Siddiqui ( ago)

Author Kathryn Malone ( ago)
Does anyone know were Safiya's shirt is from

Author Sophia D ( ago)
Wait is her named pronounced like Sophia?

Author Mutya Tapere Tapere ( ago)
buzzfeed pink,neds the host,coupl stuff a.k.a saf and Taylor only, THE WORLD SUBSCRIBES AND ZERO DISLIKES

Author Sarah De Martin ( ago)

Author Hannah Schmidt ( ago)
People like Tyler are the reason for the dress code against showing shoulders 😂😂

Author Arely Franco ( ago)
They are my fav couple!👌🏽🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ STAY FOREVER TOGETHER

Author sasw111 ( ago)
I love Sofia and tyler

Author Meg H ( ago)
Tyler is the reason we have to cover our sholders in school

Author nuttynat122 ( ago)
2:17 when the Coca Cola van is behind her and she doesn't even care!!

Author Aurelia Widjaja ( ago)
Theyre the cutest 😍

Author Gabriella Aquino ( ago)
Couples? Ok, sooo where are the other couples?

Author ezz.eventing x ( ago)
Tyler needs to be on buzzfeed more with saf. And I actually rly liked the top with the stripy leggings on safia

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