Flip Cup with Gisele Bundchen and Matthew McConaughey (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon)

  • Added:  3 years ago
  • Jimmy and Gisele Bundchen team up to face Matthew McConaughey and Higgins in a game of flip cup.

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    Flip Cup with Gisele Bundchen and Matthew McConaughey (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon)
  • Video CategoriesComedy
  • Runtime: 2:28
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Comments: 359

  • orlybabe
    orlybabe 2 days ago

    Matt's chicken dance never gets old!

  • Nathan Babiuk
    Nathan Babiuk 9 days ago

    higgens is the flip cup master

  • Richard Barla
    Richard Barla 29 days ago

    Higgins just killed it. He's a pro

  • Candy Miller
    Candy Miller 1 month ago

    Finally a game where Jimmy can't cheat lol. Probably why he doesn't get it played more often

  • Michele Clark
    Michele Clark 1 month ago

    She even flips cups well...!

  • Cla_Disney
    Cla_Disney 1 month ago

    I love how Higgins always says Booom! when getting it right! Whether it's pictionary, catchphrase or whatever game! So funny!

  • Claudio Castro
    Claudio Castro 1 month ago

    My two fav Brazilians, Gisele and Matthew lol.

  • Ba85797rman
    Ba85797rman 1 month ago

    jimmy sucks at this game

  • girls fun
    girls fun 1 month ago

    higgins is so calm under pressure the man can get away with a murderer easily lmaoooooo

  • A EL
    A EL 2 months ago

    Matthew was like : alright, im new to this, alright im learning, alright im gooood (and then he whistles)

  • gideoniskemp
    gideoniskemp 3 months ago

    ok so now higgins is cool but any other time in the comment section he's annoying FOH. #fakelove

  • lauren jauregay
    lauren jauregay 3 months ago

    Gisele is stunning

  • kirikou306
    kirikou306 3 months ago

    I despise that girl. She always plays cool and natural and nice in the media but in fact she is a fake hypocrite liar. What has disgusted me more about her was that she pretends she is natural and doesn't do plastic surgery but has been caught several times going to a Parisian plastic surgeon in France with her sis using the black Muslim burka to hide and go there incognito. This is a lack of honesty but mostly, a huge mockery of all the women in the Middle East who are forced to wear that outfit and are deprived from most of occidental women rights. And she used that terrible symbol of women oppression to do her plastic surgery! What a shame.

  • RockGirl92
    RockGirl92 4 months ago

    I'm so competitive I almost had a heart attack watching this

  • Timmy Turner's Burner
    Timmy Turner's Burner 5 months ago

    Higgins is a pro at every freaking game they play. But here he just murders the competition. Dude can be on my side and we'll never lose since I'm pretty good myself.

  • Fair S
    Fair S 5 months ago

    I think one on one would have been better. This version was little confusing.

  • Notimeforthis
    Notimeforthis 6 months ago

    when you realize Jimmy was in a movie with Gisele

  • Pois ér poser
    Pois ér poser 6 months ago

    gisele gritando dxando uma marquinha br

  • stonymountains
    stonymountains 6 months ago

    Higgins wins every game! He should take over the show from Fallon

  • Kapil Joshi
    Kapil Joshi 7 months ago

    Higgin's a PRO!

  • Izabela Gomez
    Izabela Gomez 7 months ago

    Gisele is STUNNING.

  • Amanda Lopes
    Amanda Lopes 7 months ago

    Gisele is brazilian, and McConaughey wife is brazilian too <3

  • Leticia Inacio
    Leticia Inacio 7 months ago

    Gisele deixando um "ai" brasileiro escapar kkk

    • Pati Irônica
      Pati Irônica 6 months ago

      Leticia Inacio iria comentar isto. kkkkkkk

  • Dianne Frances Penuela

    I love her outfit.

  • Turquoise Macaron
    Turquoise Macaron 8 months ago

    Gisele is so cute
    "I was practicing!" LOL

  • Mahmoud Refaat
    Mahmoud Refaat 8 months ago

    higgins is amazing

  • Highlander
    Highlander 9 months ago

    McConaughey cheated when flipping his cups! look closely and you will see him using his left hand on it!

    • Highlander
      Highlander 9 months ago

      just kidding! he did it clean!

  • HotRod
    HotRod 10 months ago

    what was that dance McConaughey did at the end?

  • sheikh shahrukh
    sheikh shahrukh 11 months ago

    *i want higgins vs kate upton*

  • Earl Vito
    Earl Vito 1 year ago

    No one brought up how both Gisele and Jimmy were both on the set of the movie Taxi

  • Barbal
    Barbal 1 year ago


  • Karine
    Karine 1 year ago

    Gisele just had a baby here? Damn she looks good

  • Cole Younger
    Cole Younger 1 year ago

    Why is Higgins such a monster at Flip Cup?

  • Jewel Simbulan
    Jewel Simbulan 1 year ago

    higgins rocks! :)

  • Anon ymous
    Anon ymous 1 year ago

    Man, Higgins' a pro.. He should take on Kate Upton!

  • IMCorvenDallas
    IMCorvenDallas 1 year ago

    McConaughey gave Bundchen a ride home afterwards I'm sure

  • Sabrina
    Sabrina 1 year ago

    I find it interesting how Gisele's accent is still strong

  • Kjelleros
    Kjelleros 1 year ago

    Was bingewatching catchphrases and then this comes up. Time to play some computer games.

  • Girija
    Girija 1 year ago

    Higgins versus Kate Upton in Flip Cup!

  • Akarsh Gupta
    Akarsh Gupta 1 year ago

    Higgins be the best

  • Akarsh Gupta
    Akarsh Gupta 1 year ago

    Higgins be the best

  • Sandy Jauregui
    Sandy Jauregui 1 year ago


  • Sandy Jauregui
    Sandy Jauregui 1 year ago

    fico feliz de ver os brasileiros cada vez mais sendo mostrados ao mundo 😍

    LL COOL J 1 year ago

    Higbonez 4 President 2016

  • Asim Jafri
    Asim Jafri 1 year ago

    Higgins is so good at every game Omg!!

  • Dylan Olson
    Dylan Olson 1 year ago

    alright alright alright

  • Brian Miller
    Brian Miller 1 year ago

    April 2nd 2016

  • V3LOCI8
    V3LOCI8 1 year ago

    Higgins dominates at all the games

  • boomshizzIe
    boomshizzIe 1 year ago

    When I was 16 Matthew McConaughey came into the Mont Blanc store I was working in and started smoking a cigar inside the store. True story

  • MrSunshineBoy1758
    MrSunshineBoy1758 1 year ago

    higgins got game!

  • Sharon Zurcher
    Sharon Zurcher 1 year ago

    Higgins needs to play this game against Jimmy he ROCKS!!

  • Mr. Carron
    Mr. Carron 1 year ago

    i wanted to see gisele bundchen get wasted

  • hellomyfriend4427
    hellomyfriend4427 1 year ago

    Jimmy sucks!

  • MrSindreee
    MrSindreee 1 year ago

    Higgins should be the new world leader after what I just witnessed

  • Consuela Bananahammock

    Gisele + Higgins dream team.

  • Giih Petrocchi
    Giih Petrocchi 1 year ago

    Gisele é Brasil, PORRA!

  • Sean Leroy
    Sean Leroy 1 year ago

    jimmy didnt do college right

  • Chinmay Upadhye
    Chinmay Upadhye 1 year ago

    Before viewing video, I thought Matthew will surely beat this game.

  • Jeffri Ly
    Jeffri Ly 1 year ago

    Happy new years.

  • Anne Bradley
    Anne Bradley 1 year ago

    Flipping mad at team Higgins.

  • rm1133
    rm1133 1 year ago

    McConaughey's celebration dance is so money.  The chicken dance.

  • Ashlee Kaut
    Ashlee Kaut 1 year ago

    Higgins is awesome at flip cup!

  • HelmerSal14
    HelmerSal14 1 year ago

    Tom Brady is a lucky man

  • Rafael Chagas
    Rafael Chagas 1 year ago

    Gisele 🇧🇷

  • excuse me, cøuld yøu plz leave

    brasil!!!!! uhuul

  • Rob Morales
    Rob Morales 1 year ago

    Jimmy: "Maybe this is a precursor for the Golden Globes my friend"
    Matthew: "Alright, alright, alright"

    Precursor for the Golden Globes AND the Oscars :D

  • AndresKroto
    AndresKroto 1 year ago

    Is gisele pregnat or jimmy is an alcoholic?

    • Firstly Lasty
      Firstly Lasty 1 year ago

      +Patrick Gomes don't make shit up. it's because she had a baby.

    • Rodrigo Toledo
      Rodrigo Toledo 1 year ago

      +AndresKroto she just had a baby and couldn't drink

    • Patrick Gomes
      Patrick Gomes 1 year ago

      she doesn't drink since she starts a natural way of life.

  • EnzoTheBaker
    EnzoTheBaker 1 year ago

    Matthew seems to have a lot of trouble flipping the cups. Someone tell him that time is a flat circle.

  • Bianco Nero
    Bianco Nero 1 year ago

    No way that shit is real drank.

  • nickseacruz
    nickseacruz 1 year ago

    Gisele is so graceful flipping those cups

  • Delta Dawn
    Delta Dawn 1 year ago

    that was strangely intense!!

  • Roberto Fiebre
    Roberto Fiebre 1 year ago


  • Dana Schönbächler

    Cute how they pronounce "Bündchen" in english... :)

    • Augusto Kist
      Augusto Kist 6 months ago

      Luca Rood In Brazil I think we speak a lot of languages too (unofficially). Here in Rio Grande do Sul state (where Gisele is from), for example, several languages are spoken, such as German, Italian and Spanish, you just have to go to the colonization spots, or the borders. In such locations, is very common to see people speaking these languages in the grocery store, the pharmacy, etc
      Correct me if I'm wrong

    • André L
      André L 1 year ago

      +Dana Schönbächler What about your last name? How can we pronounce?

    • Luca Rood
      Luca Rood 1 year ago

      +Dana Schönbächler Thanks. I find it really interesting to see multiple languages within one country as well. I did not know about the fourth language spoken in Switzerland, but after researching, I assume you are talking about Romansh, right?

      +Christian S Haha thanks, I just find phonetics extremely interesting.

      +Kanwalmeet Singh Danke :)

    • Kanwalmeet Singh
      Kanwalmeet Singh 1 year ago

      +Luca Rood sehr gut

    • Christian S
      Christian S 1 year ago

      +Luca Rood holy shit did you put effort in explaining this :D

  • gamingbros1803
    gamingbros1803 1 year ago

    Higgins is a beast haha

  • PattySpivotDoe
    PattySpivotDoe 1 year ago

    allllllll those times we cringe together at shitty high fives and for once at 2:18 im like damn that was SOLID

  • brandonblah
    brandonblah 1 year ago

    No surprise ol Stevie Higgins the flippin' machine

  • FrshChees91
    FrshChees91 1 year ago

    I wan a see Higgins beat Jimmy in all these games!

  • Lexi Love
    Lexi Love 1 year ago

    Jimmy still won cause he got to hug And touch Gisele Bundchen the most lol he always gets the hot girl as his teammate

    • Pedro Barcelos
      Pedro Barcelos 1 year ago

      +Lexi Love That what makes us strange people hahaha... :-P

    • Lexi Love
      Lexi Love 1 year ago

      Yeah its common here too.  Although handshakes and fistbumps are more popular with people we've just met, but people hug friends all the time

    • Pedro Barcelos
      Pedro Barcelos 1 year ago

      +Lexi Love hugging is something that's very normal and commom to us brazilians. We use to hug friends and even strangers when we get to know them.

  • millsb
    millsb 1 year ago

    Gente, a Gisele é um amorzinho <3

  • Nimrat Kaur
    Nimrat Kaur 1 year ago

    I literally come to this channel for higgins :D

  • funnygirl1011000
    funnygirl1011000 1 year ago

    5 words: Higgins is a fucking beast!

  • Nicole Nadeau
    Nicole Nadeau 1 year ago

    jimmy should have just let her flip the cups

  • Eta L
    Eta L 1 year ago

    Jimmy played so much, I'm surprised he's not good. Lol.

  • Justin Space
    Justin Space 1 year ago

    Gisele McConaughey?

  • Wassabi Girl
    Wassabi Girl 1 year ago

    Gosh can there be a taxi 2 please I mean everbody still alive I think 😂

  • ArmaniDiamonds
    ArmaniDiamonds 1 year ago

    Did anyone notice that Gisele did also quite well? Higgins and Gisele would win every game!

  • Massamba Ramos
    Massamba Ramos 1 year ago

    Gisele bundchen quote ... AAH !

  • Sophie K
    Sophie K 1 year ago

    Her outfit is on point! I want that jumpsuit.

  • Borat Erali Nazarbayev

    I am so stealing that little dance !!!

  • drseuss22
    drseuss22 2 years ago

    I love the dance when Matt won from EDtv!!

  • Daniel Valmont
    Daniel Valmont 2 years ago

    god damnit look at how good looking those ppl are.

  • Arthur M
    Arthur M 2 years ago

    Louco saber que ela foi nesse show já.

  • Victor Oliveira
    Victor Oliveira 2 years ago

    Gisele perfect as always!

  • Sando the Mando
    Sando the Mando 2 years ago

    McConaughey must be so chilled and a boss at the game since he is whistling while playing.

  • Giovanni Marzouca
    Giovanni Marzouca 2 years ago

    Flip cup would be so much more tense and suspenseful with the Roots playing in the background.

  • Camila Madrid
    Camila Madrid 2 years ago

    Higgins is a Pro

  • Nate M
    Nate M 2 years ago

    Poor Jimmy had to drink so much more xD No wonder he couldn't flip a cup

  • Shashi Chandra
    Shashi Chandra 2 years ago


  • DecapodianR
    DecapodianR 2 years ago

    Higgens is THA MAN.
    It seems unfair to let him compete, but please keep letting him compete, he's awesome.

    • DecapodianR
      DecapodianR 2 years ago

      (On the phone you can't edit your comments .-.)

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