BUSTERS POOL PARTY | Private Mansion | Miami | Busters Private Pool Party! A pool party is a celebration that includes activitites in a swimming pool for guests.The party can be a wet and wild time if children are invited to the party, it also canbe a fun gathering for friends to enjoy during the hot summer months.Keep the party simple so that everyone involved can relax and enjoy the fun, sun andcompany.A childrens or teen pool party is often filled with beach toys and aquatic games, butat an adult party there arent any rousing games of Marco Polo, squirt gun fights, ormelting popsicles. At the same time, however, a pool party can be just as much funfor adults who want to keep cool during a hot summer and are looking for a fun wayto celebrate a summer holiday or special occasion during the summer months.

2. InvitationThe invitations to a pool party should clearly indicate that the pool is the focal point of theevent. In addition to the regular details of party invitations - date, time, etc. - a pool partyindication should note whether guests should bring their own towels or other poolaccessories. To ensure the party is limited to adults, the invitation wording "adults only" or"no children please" should be clearly visible.

3. Suggestions• Keep the party simple so that everyone involved can relax and enjoy the fun, sun and company.• A childrens or teen pool party is often filled with beach toys and aquatic games, but at an adult party there arent any rousing games of Marco Polo, squirt gun fights, or melting popsicles. At the same time, however, a pool party can be just as much fun for adults who want to keep cool during a hot summer and are looking for a fun way to celebrate a summer holiday or special occasion during the summer months

4. Be safe!Don’t let a drowning incident spoil your pool party. Follow the water safety tips below:• Thoroughly discuss each child’s swimming abilities with their parents or caretaker.• Provide or have children bring their personal flotation devices.• Have rescue equipment and a working phone poolside.• Use alarms, latches, fences to keep children from wandering into pool unsupervised.• Be fully trained in CPR.• Before swimming, review pool rules with children including no rough play.• Assign an adult to be a “Water Watcher.” You can rotate by shifts. But make sure one person is totally focused on watching the water, not socializing, texting, drinking, reading, etc.• Consider hiring a Lifeguard for large parties. Contact your local Y for recommendation

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Author IntimateGamer ( ago)
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Author KandieShowTV ( ago)
That's a hell of a party, Buster!!!

Author Ashely Tomberson ( ago)
skip to 2:22

Author Marcos Robles ( ago)
Vice city, tommy's mansion!!

Author Ronan Pena ( ago)
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Author DynamicUnreal ( ago)
Someone named Dick brought me here.

Author J.A.S. the Future ( ago)

Author Dustin Sidorenko ( ago)

Author Scott Blackburn ( ago)
Who is Buster and how can I be his friend?

Author Joel Bonilla ( ago)
Que colas wow

Author TwTIIs ( ago)
yeah right its still only youtube. i found this site a few weeks ago with
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Author iris bentacourt ( ago)
Come on what happens next

Author Slavonic Patriot (1869 years ago)
some punk ass bitch with moms money

Author mikefin ( ago)
Stop the vid and watch closely at 1:45 and 1:52 What you see is basically
no bras under the t-shirt. So, it's good time for some nipple action.
Remember to use full screen viewing and max quality settings to see all the
goodies! I love this video, BTW. My favourite girl being the one in
yellow/white bikini e.g. starting at 3:13

Author mikefin ( ago)
Who the Fck is Buster? It's an inside joke. We all know Buster is a
character of a children's book. In one of the books he gets a lot of
presents and lives a good life. In a way, Dr. Lenny seems to be living a
good life as well. Only it's not in a book but in South Beach, Miami.

Author mikefin ( ago)
Are you sure you know the difference between a "plastic sergeant" and a
plastic surgeon? LOL But seriously, if you're a cosmetic/plastic surgeon,
and you work long hours, it's easy to make USD 1+ million a year. And FYI,
this is not Lenny's only resident in Miami... Now think about that.

Author David Walker (1087 years ago)
Thoes people are all FUCKING POSERS!! some hot asses but what a bunch of

Author Captain Peroxide ( ago)
what about the food servers?

Author ( ago)

Author alig1356 ( ago)
i didn't know plastic sergeants were making enough money to buy a house
like that

Author Josh15GC ( ago)
whats up with the dude at 2:20? lolol

Author TheXcessiv ( ago)
@blazinwater Had the same thing in my mind :)

Author otronixx ( ago)
@blazinwater - hes a damn lucky man ;)

Author party4gamer ( ago)
I'm in the good part of youtube again :D

Author Drag0nBallZzZ ( ago)
2:23 my dick becomes harder, harder abd harder!

Author andcalber ( ago)
@mindfuckerification she farted after that.

Author ToyotaPantou ( ago)
poor america

Author Hristo Georgiev ( ago)
last track name ?

Author djstatik1 ( ago)
I don't know Buster BUTT I want to come to his party!

Author taifhamid1 ( ago)
dam i wanna go to that party LOL

Author mikefin ( ago)
@gigiflavor Where ever that is? It's Miami, FL. Most likely Miami Beach.
Pretty nice waterfront property there. You can smell the money, and the
ladies... Well, what can I say? This video did the talking for me, I guess.

Author trouble demon ( ago)
Buster is one lucky mofo

Author deejayGeorge88 ( ago)
Serbian girls ! We know why... XDDD

Author andrew smith ( ago)
Well thats the life of the successful.......and its frigging AWESOME!!!!! I
think I'll move to whereever that is and become a plastic surgeon.

Author Purplus ( ago)
0:39 - 0:41 best ass in that video ;D

Author william wallace ( ago)
go figure the plastic surgeons wife...normal boobs and lips? i dont think so

Author tooosweeet ( ago)
this mansion belongs to a plastic surgeon.. the world is fucked up...

Author tooosweeet ( ago)
everyone there exclusively shops in the duty free airport shops.

Author thechosen9278 ( ago)
Yeah this is plastic shit, i hate USA...but I want to fuck anyway!!!

Author Cristi Giambasu ( ago)

Author kingyabish ( ago)
@germanokuerten wow so true never theought of it bro

Author masterkill27 ( ago)

Author ptlofts ( ago)
@germanokuerten Including fake boobs! :D

Author Rishinder Dev Singh ( ago)
Who d Fck is Buster ?

Author Bennyboyone2 ( ago)
I really need to get out've Sydney :p

Author hormon art (236 years ago)
Szału nie ma na tej bibie, niby fajnie, super i w ogóle ale jakoś pusto,
mało ludzi i w sumie zero fantazji. Gruuuba biba to to nie jest.

Author victoreixon90 ( ago)
I write this comment with one hand.

Author MrRyinoyea ( ago)
@germanokuerten says the guy watching

Author 02IS300MD ( ago)
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Author Jose Iglesias ( ago)
That boat is looking mad creepy 10 girls 1 50 year old ripped guy

Author cokebaronacn ( ago)
2:03 Ok who invited the black guy? Oh, wait. Maybe he's a bouncer

Author Germano Kuerten ( ago)
@mex90000 well then u havent seen real fun... thats more like u have money
and ur fake and fuck me cuz i got power...

Author pancakezombie13 ( ago)
@taul121 lol seriously? no cursing? its a regular part of life, everyone
says it at some point in time.. soo.. thats SHIT :3

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Author Franky Faze ( ago)

Author SUB91K ( ago)
dzzzamn nice

Author arki tek ( ago)
i am so sorry about the waiter and cookers..

Author pussybreaker305 ( ago)
1:32 so delicioussssss .i'd eat her assss

Author zebranoze ( ago)
a lot of breasts,huh??

Author geektar03 ( ago)
No ass at :54

Author Juubs ( ago)
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Author dramallama87 ( ago)
just in case anyone missed it => buster @ 0:48 glasses dude on the left. oh
and nice party btw :)

Author Raymond Williamson ( ago)
@ZR1Terror agreed mi jo

Author qkk20 ( ago)
hahahah i'm sorry to say it but america is a great country best states
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Author René Michael Strassmair ( ago)

Author MAJORJANNA ( ago)
look at 2:39 damn

Author MAJORJANNA ( ago)
@germanokuerten truly supreme comment

Author ZR1Terror ( ago)
@KH132 maybe in another life : )

Author Minimal ( ago)
@ZR1Terror lol do your job good at school be intelligent, and maybe one day
you will become rich and be on that party

Author jonasldg ( ago)
lol i searched for spybusters and foudn this >_>

Author ZR1Terror ( ago)
Fucking rich bastards, they get all the hot women!!

Author Joe Calder ( ago)
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Author drsnowmon ( ago)
These fat slobs must have ton of money to be partying with so many whores.

Author Leandro Lana ( ago)
American ones are very ugly, I'm more Brazilian women are much more

Author Germano Kuerten ( ago)
@germanokuerten "My name is donky... and i am a plastic surgeon" Lets kill
some animals...

Author Germano Kuerten ( ago)
a bunch of people lost in the illusions of materialism...

Author Igor Devjatkin ( ago)
very nice girls.can i to have a rest with you girls???

Author Ql1M4x ( ago)
1:40 - what that girl ? Whats her name... give me her number...

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