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Author Ram Singh Pal (6 months)

Author daulton gordon (1 year)

Author Amro Abbass (4 months)

Author SUB91K (3 years)
dzzzamn nice

Author masterkill27 (2 years)

Author Rishinder Dev Singh (2 years)
Who d Fck is Buster ?

Author qkk20 (3 years)
hahahah i'm sorry to say it but america is a great country best states
ca,ny, and fl the truth is that we the foreiners prefer any foreners from
any country rather than americans , cuz you know, they know what we know
like is hard to explain but easy to understand , we where not born and
raized in a bouble so we know how to live in it and take advantage of it i

Author germanokuerten (4 years)
@germanokuerten "My name is donky... and i am a plastic surgeon" Lets kill
some animals...

Author otronixx (2 years)
@blazinwater - hes a damn lucky man ;)

Author Purplus (2 years)
0:39 - 0:41 best ass in that video ;D

Author Drag0nBallZzZ (2 years)
2:23 my dick becomes harder, harder abd harder!

Author hormon art (3 years)
Szału nie ma na tej bibie, niby fajnie, super i w ogóle ale jakoś pusto,
mało ludzi i w sumie zero fantazji. Gruuuba biba to to nie jest.

Author tooosweeet (2 years)
this mansion belongs to a plastic surgeon.. the world is fucked up...

Author zerkar007 (4 years)
so hot hmmm ass

Author IAmJerkingOff (2 years)

Author paralamo (3 years)
gostoooooooooooooooooooooooooooosaaassss Brasiiiiiiiiiil

Author mikefin (2 years)
Who the Fck is Buster? It's an inside joke. We all know Buster is a
character of a children's book. In one of the books he gets a lot of
presents and lives a good life. In a way, Dr. Lenny seems to be living a
good life as well. Only it's not in a book but in South Beach, Miami.

Author shabcio1 (2 years)
@SuperUniwersal ale dupy zajebiste ;D

Author Marcos Robles (1 year)
Vice city, tommy's mansion!!

Author mikefin (2 years)
Are you sure you know the difference between a "plastic sergeant" and a
plastic surgeon? LOL But seriously, if you're a cosmetic/plastic surgeon,
and you work long hours, it's easy to make USD 1+ million a year. And FYI,
this is not Lenny's only resident in Miami... Now think about that.

Author Slavonic Patriot (1 year)
some punk ass bitch with moms money

Author Bennyboyone2 (2 years)
I really need to get out've Sydney :p

Author Joe Calder (4 years)
@Leandrofluxxo you mother fucking loser suck my dick and your moms dick you
peice of shit your probly like 500lbs and sit here jacking off to the stuff
perv go get a girl

Author andcalber (2 years)
@mindfuckerification she farted after that.

Author Parth Dave (10 months)
there is tons of webpages where girls are on their webcam that are way
better than youtube, i understand you all too lazy to hunt for them so ill
tell you what i always use copy paste this GIRLCM.COM The tears of the
world are a constant quantity. For each one who begins to weep somewhere
else another stops. The same is true of the laugh

Author MAJORJANNA (3 years)
@germanokuerten truly supreme comment

Author Dustin Sidorenko (1 year)

Author Josh15GC (2 years)
whats up with the dude at 2:20? lolol

Author Krystal Castillo (1 year)
Come on what happens next

Author trouble demon (2 years)
Buster is one lucky mofo

Author blumomat (2 years)
@germanokuerten yes, and we pay and support their materialism with every
click ;-) 'cause we are a bunch of wankers... we're the 99percent, sedated
by moving pictures of some fleeting flesh.

Author party4gamer (2 years)
I'm in the good part of youtube again :D

Author william wallace (2 years)
go figure the plastic surgeons wife...normal boobs and lips? i dont think so

Author Joel Bonilla (1 year)
Que colas wow

Author geektar03 (3 years)
No ass at :54

Author mindfuckerification (3 years)
looked like he was gonna interview her ass lol

Author David Walker (2 years)
Thoes people are all FUCKING POSERS!! some hot asses but what a bunch of

Author ToyotaPantou (2 years)
poor america

Author pancakezombie13 (3 years)
@taul121 lol seriously? no cursing? its a regular part of life, everyone
says it at some point in time.. soo.. thats SHIT :3

Author drsnowmon (4 years)
These fat slobs must have ton of money to be partying with so many whores.

Author taul121 (3 years)
@pancakezombie13 why do you get offended man that guy should learn some
manner but your comment is irrelevant about my point point of view.If you
want to curse "some point in time" than curse whatever..

Author ptlofts (2 years)
@germanokuerten Including fake boobs! :D

Author ZR1Terror (4 years)
Fucking rich bastards, they get all the hot women!!

Author dramallama87 (3 years)
just in case anyone missed it => buster @ 0:48 glasses dude on the left. oh
and nice party btw :)

Author mikefin (2 years)
Stop the vid and watch closely at 1:45 and 1:52 What you see is basically
no bras under the t-shirt. So, it's good time for some nipple action.
Remember to use full screen viewing and max quality settings to see all the
goodies! I love this video, BTW. My favourite girl being the one in
yellow/white bikini e.g. starting at 3:13

Author deejayGeorge88 (2 years)
Serbian girls ! We know why... XDDD

Author Franky Faze (3 years)

Author ponty36 (3 years)
Awesome vid. Beautiful ppl. But who the fuck is Buster. And can I be his
friend at his next birthday.

Author taifhamid1 (2 years)
dam i wanna go to that party LOL

Author Jose Iglesias (3 years)
That boat is looking mad creepy 10 girls 1 50 year old ripped guy

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