THE most undeniable proof of the Flat Earth SUN! Mindblowing Clip!


Remember how they taught us that the sun RISE and FALL on the "curved" horizon?
Well I just managed to illustrate what we see on our sky when we look at a "sunset" and "sunrise"
by moving a coin and a ledlamp BACK and FORTH on a plane surface, our kitchen table.

Awesome song:

Beautiful videos I borrowed for this video:

Once again this prooves the earth is flat and the sun circle towards and away from us. and once again on a much much much larger scale this is even easier to proove!

You need to take into the equation that you as an observer seem to be WAY under the horizon, even on a perfectly flat plan and can NEVER look above the horizon no matter how high up you are.

How ever if you do go higher up you will see more of the objects that you wouldnt be able to see on ground level. So if the sun would "set" or "rise" you would still see MORE of it beyond the horizon if YOU were higher up.

On a small scale I have to be below the table just slightly in order to catch the illusion we see out in the real world that the horizon ALWAYS SEEM to be higher up than YOU are.

Todays cameras are way better than our eyes are and the lense is so much bigger than our eyes so it takes in MORE of the view. This is why I cant have the camera on 75.1cm as the table's edge because the camera see way above that mark and with OUR OWN EYES out in the nature this is NOT POSSIBLE. We don't EVER see ABOVE the horizon (table edge) as the camera does when standing on the same height. Therefore you CANT use your pseudo-science explainations because it doesnt add up with reality of what WE SEE.

In other words: On a HUGE scale like outdoors we get the ILLUSION of being way below the horizon so in order to create this illusion in this test one actually HAS to be below the horizon otherwise it wouldn't be like in the real world because on a small scale we don't get this illusion. simple as that.

Open your eyes. Open your mind!
I am done!

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Author Gigsro Uiy ( ago)
the earth rotates and it is for this reason sharp shooters compensate for Earth ration/corealus effect when for example ,shooting west 1000yrds and then turning to shoot east 1000yrds. check out out you tube videos ' compensating for Earth ration when shooting a rifle at long ranges to the east or west, with no effect firing north or are welcome everyone....

Author DevilsDesign ( ago)
is this what all this amazing technology has done to us?? turned us into complete retards that revert to the science of 1558. we KNOW it's round! we have sent people to space for fuck sakes! we have satellites that ORBIT us! we know the science of an orbit! we have a fuckin space station that circles the planet!

Author John Saunders ( ago)
If I had a nickel for every flat earther that want's to use this video as their proof of earth being flat then I would be a filthy rich man by now. Flat earther's Here's your sign. >.<

Author BigFishChannel ( ago)
How about setting your bloody camera actually level with the table for starters not lower. Or are you suggesting the earth is slightly curved

Author Derbi Calderon ( ago)
I don't think this person knows calculus.

Author George Dolley ( ago)
As the effect can be seen even from a mountain, it's only fair to repeat this with the camera positioned above table flat level, since we don't have to have our faces pressed on/ below ground in order to see this effect with the sun. Even if that wasn't an issue, that would only explain the sun as appearing to rise from the horizon as a matter of perspective due to angles, which would mean there would be a certain position from which you can record the sun literally just moving flatly without rising from the horizon, which of course you won't be able to find.

Author Joel Harris ( ago)
Oh, and today the beginning of spring, the sun sets in the exactly west almost the entire globe. No flat model explains that.

Author uoitofsogroj ( ago)
If the Earth is flat and the Sun is thousands of miles above it, how the f*ck I see every morning the sun rising from the see?

Author Frank Gonzales ( ago)
I was just having this argument with a co worker. IF and this is a BIG IF, If the sun hovered above us in a circular pattern, over the "flat earth" then the sun would never touch the horizon at all.

Author Frank Gonzales ( ago)
faking a video making the sun looks as though it grows bigger as it comes toward us, that is just silly. All you need to do is stand outside, watch the sun as it rises from the east and see that the sun does not get bigger as it flies overhead. If the sun was hovering over us, flying in a circle, then at the end of the day we would see it turning right in the sky until it got smaller and smaller, being that flat earthers assume the sun is only 300 miles high and 30 MIles wide?

Author FLAT EARTH PUNK ( ago)

Author Iseekoutthetruth ( ago)
great video.

Author iTzYoMaster ( ago)
Paco Ramirez is too scared!

The horizon and the table are at eye level!It's the same thing!That's how your eyes work.If you were laying on the ground,the horizon would change.It would be closer.When you stand up,the horizon moves further away.How come the horizon looks further away when you stand up genius?Does the horizon/curvature move?According to you the horizon is the curvature of the earth.So explain why the curvature(horizon) moves when you stand up?It's your line of sight genius!

Author 2550marshall ( ago)
A Flatard just sent me here for proof..................................................sigh...................................................I bet you could make a lot of money off these flatards.

Author 123abcbruce ( ago)
You put the camera below the table level.

The coin disappeared behind the edge of the table, NOT because of distance!


Author Shiru ( ago)
Have you ever been on a fucking plane?

Author Sven Wagner ( ago)
This should an "undeniable" of a flat earth???

LOOK at the sun! Everybody can see, that it doesn't get just smaller, it disapears behind the horizon!

Bad try for a flat earth, because you show that the sun disappears behind the horizon!

Author Art Vandelay ( ago)
Seriously need to start public shaming these flat earth faggots.

Author Wesley Jenkins ( ago)
and if the sun came towards you you would be able to stand under the path is tracked and it would be able to pass over you. why are all vids like this showing the sun coming and going again? I'm sure that would only be able to happen at flat earth "poles"

Author Wesley Jenkins ( ago)
and the camera is clearly below the height of the table. wtf

Author Wesley Jenkins ( ago)
so nobody knows what glare is? it's when a source of light runs at an angle to a lens. creating a big refraction of light. and that creates the illusion of the sun getting bigger when you keep the camera static. if it was following the sun the size wouldn't change.

Author MR Jack ( ago)
If the world is flat then how is one side in night while the other is in day? If all the continents were in one flat plain, then the sun would shine on the whole world at once then somehow disappear for a period of time or be destroyed, then rise again above a flat plain again. How can be people be so clueless? Do they really think we live in a Truman Show type dome built by aliens? Was this dome around when the Greeks figured out the circumference of the Earth over 2000 years ago?

Author Jessey Leonard ( ago)
nobody's walked off the edge yet I guess eh? 😂 morons

Author George Luz ( ago)
Why do you want to prove it anyway if it were real? Which is not, just for the sake of proving it?

Author Randy Cooper ( ago)
well you're a special sort of stupid, aren't ya boy?

Author Wake up sheeple! ( ago)
Your coin on the table actually helps the globe theory. The camera in below the height and then angled up a bit to get the horizon in the center of the shot which represents a slope by perspective and a globe earth is basically a rounded slope.

Author JamesWatchman ( ago)
why don't you actually use footage from a clear day instead of footage where the sun's being influenced by atmospheric conditions. no proof here

Author Diski Domain ( ago)
When space travel becomes a norm, NASA need to send all the skeptics out there for free rides.
When they can actually see the earth is not flat from space will they turn around and say 'It's a hologram" or some bull.

Author Zachary K Hubbard ( ago)
Your camera is below the table top. Your experiment proves the earth is a sphere.

Author uoitofsogroj ( ago)
That is the proof that the earth is a sphere

Author Dejan Haskovic ( ago)
Who are you trying to fool? Even the dumbest idiot can see that the camera is below the table!

Author David Kite ( ago)
You sir should not procreate.

Author Flat Earther ( ago)
People believing that the earth is a rotating, flying ball also believes that there is a magical force pulling everything down, black holes, dark matter, multiverse, time travel, wormholes, warp speed, em drive engine, that we live in a simulation, aliens...

Author swapnil roy ( ago)
fukc these flat erthers i just enjoyed the song😀

Author Matthew J ( ago)
What a surprise! Those who believe in a flat earth also believe in an invisible guy in the sky keeping score 🤗

Author Joshua Hoy ( ago)
The proof is 0, disappointing.

Author redstarpiru1 ( ago)
great job

Author Shnarkle VonBarkle ( ago)
Did anyone else notice that the sun rise from above the clouds shows a progressively larger sun as it gets higher?  There's no way that can be right from 93 million miles away.  How would an object that is 93 million miles away get larger when it  travels less than 10,000 miles?  The circumference of the sun is supposed to be almost 3 million miles!

Author STEFAN_0509 ( ago)
if you believe there's a flat earth then you're unaware of the fact that you're severely autistic

Author Diane Jennings ( ago)
who cares we live on it so be happy it just is still here thank god

Author wenzor ( ago)
What did I just watch?? Before I came here I believed in a round earth. Now? Not so much...welcome me to your stupidity flat earthers...

Author Jack Poontaint ( ago)
I searched seeing the sunset through a telescope and got this garbage? The question/answer I wanted evidence regarding is if the sun has just set, unseen with the naked eye, twilight sky, can you see the sun with a telescope. No video on this. I have tried it and cannot, so that basically proves there is some sort of curve to the Earth, and no astrophysicist calls it a globe to begin with.

Author Seederman ( ago)
So why not just take a video of the actual edge of the flat earth? Why dance around it? If it is flat, there is an edge.

Author lordSeaworth ( ago)
lol idiots will be idiots

Author Dj Cann ( ago)
Could have done without the fucking music...its distracting if anything...smh...dont be like the system,make your points without fucking sound effects...Thanks!!

Author Seong-Jae Jeon ( ago)
Thank you for your detailed obsevation as well as clever experiment. I am also one of the planoterrestrialist :) I wish this video awaken the people who needs to realize what really this WORLD is. The video describes the TRUE reason that occurred so called sunset and sunshine. The answer is simple; 'PERSPECTIVE'. I'd like to mention about the additional information that proves the SUN should be placed (~5000 km) near the ground. 1. SIZE OF SUN MUST BE SAME REGARDLESS OF ROTATION AND REVOLUTION.  - You have to pay attention on this video.2. BRIGHTNESS OF SUN LIGHT REFLECTED BY SEA WATER SHOULD BE EQUAL WHEN THE DENSITY OF CLOUD IS ALMOST SAME. - You can image parellel sunlight according to the distance (~150 million km) between earth and sun. But you can observe difference of intensity on water surface.I appreciate uploader to share the evidence of TRUTH.GOD BLESS YOU!!

Author vision ( ago)
love this!

Author eamoman651 ( ago)
Its mind-blowing that in 2017 people like this still exist.

Author Adam Eves ( ago)
sorry i have to UNsubsribe... Your Music should NOT be in this or any other video. Music and no speech is so fkin hatefull, sorry but dont make a decent vid then put music over the top of it, fk it drives me bastard mental !!! GRRRRRRRR

Author specialmag7 ( ago)
Could someone try to make this video of a sunset : First without zoom and then, once the sun isn't visible anymore, use a powerful zoom to see the sunset a 2nd time. Has it been tried already? That would be a very very strong argument for the flat earth.

Author 2580dj ( ago)
Where do the clouds go if Earth is flat?.... Around the Universe?

Author OJB42 ( ago)
This is a joke, right?

Author Pierre de Jager ( ago)

Author steve coley ( ago)
ok well your table was about the level of your camera. that can't happen over the ocean.

Author Anders P ( ago)
the only thing that's mind blowing is how incredibly dumb you are

Author Ric ar do ( ago)
La cámara debería estar a la misma altura que la mesa, no por debajo como se ve en este estúpido vídeo.

Author Kristopher Prevo ( ago)
lmfao too bad the sun isn't rolling on the ground haha

Author NERD SAUCE ( ago)

Seriously. You have zero idea how perspective works. This isn't even worth my time to debate.

Author maya q ( ago)
I'm not sure that all flat earthers believes in this theory, I mean the guy behind this video must know he is lying by having the camera set below the tables surface. So he's probably a liar rather than stupid. Question is, why is he doing it.

Author mishala ( ago)
In all for flat earth but I'm trying to find a good video to show the sunrise. I do not like how the table is in the way. it literally blocks the sun. I don't see this being a good explanation.

Author MrDisclosure ( ago)
this video only proves that earth is rotating and we can see the sun coming and going. the experement was completely innacurate and false

Author Tracey Matthews ( ago)
Seriously? You pushed the coin across the table top (flat earth) and the sun rise and sunsets are not skimming across the flat earth in the videos; the sun is rising above the earth into the clouds.

Author tankapples ( ago)
man you managed to still get skeptics

do these skeptics think that the sun is on the earth? do they not understand the correlation between the sun, and land masses and them?

Author FoxyThePiгате ( ago)
How nice was Allah creation.

Author FastLegacy Admin ( ago)
This is the biggest deception trick with the coin because in order for that explanation to work is to take a camera and align it with the sun eye level but that would mean the sun would also need to be laying in the line of the horizon or ocean level which would be ludicrous plus according to FE they believe the sun is about 3000 miles up in the sky if I'm not mistaken. So that coin trick is invalid.

And if we were really on a flat earth and if there is no curvature type sunset because it would mean there is no earth rotation then I should be able to take a telescope and zoom in to it since they claim the world is flat and I should be able to see it appear again because of the so called line of perspective which also fails here when you try that because that's exactly what I tried to test and it went under the curvature of the earth.

Look at night when there is light far away in the distance like from a city or even a lightning bolt over a 100 miles away then I should at least be able to see even some illumination like that if the earth were truly flat and if the sun were local 3000 feet up and 35 thousand miles across in length as FE's estimate I think they said but not even that you can see when using a telescope even if you go up to the top of a high rise area looking at the sunset because that's what I actually did on a super clear night with no clouds in Guam from the top of "Two Lovers Point" which by the way is way, way, way above the height of sea level!

So try to explain that to me and I bet you can't explain any of that without defying the common basic law of science and you don't even have to be a physicist or scientist to figure that out one out.

I admit though at first I thought all this was all stupid but then it did get the best of me and rattled my belief and got me questioning everything I believed in about the earth being a sphere because I admit there are some very compelling FE arguments but when you truly do your due diligence on both sides of the coin and do your research properly you will see that at the end of the day the Flat Earth believers are wrong and some so called facts are not even facts but assumptions and false conclusions based on bad science and stories.

Yes we all know the government lies so lets not even go there because I also know that Armstrong never landed on the moon.

So anyways I can't wait for someone to prove me wrong on all of this and on the test I did because I am open minded to always support the concrete truth. So I welcome it.

I'm willing to accept the world is flat even as much I would hate to believe that but I will if it can be proven to me without any reasonable doubt and not just on his say, her say but real scientific evidence but so far every video I have seen posted by FE believers has been debunked 100% accept the "he say her say" which holds very little hard evidence so real scientific evidence please and why my test results on "Two Lovers Point" came out the way it did and if its incorrect in it's results then tell me where did the sun go in the ocean if there is no curvature? Keep in mind I waited for the sun to disappear from my normal 20/20 eye vision then I used the telescope and it was still gone and I was in a super elevated location way the hell up high. So explain that to me.

Author Simply Pete ( ago)
Your so stupid

Author PlainFlat ( ago)
Proves that the sun is local not 93,000,000 miles away . Great video

Author Daniel Mathia ( ago)
hmmm, so, if the earth is flat, what is on the end? tell someone, please..... are we just fall down? where? to the hell? or what?

Author OzzelTheComposer ( ago)
I can't believe it's 2017 and there are still some people who believe the earth is a spinning ball.

Author 876 pele ( ago)

Author æoncs ( ago)
what a pile of horse shit!!

Author Kaushal Pandya ( ago)
mind is blown.

Author Rene Avila Jr ( ago)
Flat earth???? Lol. So we are a disk in space. So there is an edge? If there was an edge to the earth. It would've been discovered. There would be proof. Picture proof. Video proof. Signs on the edge saying "don't jump off edge. You will fall into space" there is no such thing as a flat earth. Please quit your theories and let me live on my spherical earth in peace

Author dave jones ( ago)
Really? stop focusing on dramatic music and think about shit instead.

Author Ayoth ( ago)
Good proof that Earth is...round :)

Author Drai fly ( ago)
All theses butt hurt globetards will not accept what they see, I mean come on people it's 2017 and the tech we have to prove flat earth is flat and still so ignorant. Just look at the clips of the sun rising from different channels, they all tell you the sun and moon are way closer than we are told, do you really think the sun is 93 million miles away in those clips? Absolutely not, wake the fuck up you ignorant wankers. Feel free to nit pick at little things I've said instead of giving me an intelligent response. 👍🏻

Author Drai fly ( ago)
Fitting song 👏🏻

Author magnitude10 ( ago)
omg.. major education failure

Author YoMikeyxMike0889 ( ago)
are all the thumbs up because of the music? lol because i dont see how that many people believe this crazy theory.

hahah omg i just came up with a new theory, if water is two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen then you should be able to breathe in water! oh please do try this, it totally works!

Author Maelius Draezir ( ago)
Table top science expert checks out...

Author You_know_me _just_a_broken_girl ( ago)

Author Bill Cooper ( ago)
The camera looked below the table, and the sun doesn't travel upon the surface of the earth. The way it was set up makes it look convincing, but it just doesn't reflect reality.

Author Ryan wyrick ( ago)
thank you

Author elad peniel ( ago)
Believe it or not the earth is flat. Man never went to the moon your almighty NASA is made up of a bunch of liars. Your so called astronauts are all actors. They Taking billions of dollars of your tax money to feed u with lies . They fed you with a globe earth to backup their big bang theory and thus make you believe you are a mistake and have no creator but the real Christians know the devil rule this world and is succeeding in deceiving the masses. Truth hurts but must be spoken get over it.

Author Eco Rookies ( ago)

Author Sankofa Ma'at Ra Nysut ( ago)
lol 1table is higher than the surface that the camera is sitting on. This video is utterly absurd to demonstrate a flat earth.

Author ToomMcFly ( ago)
Please watch this video: I think you did a mistake in your table experiment. You should position the lense of your camera at the same level the table has. This way you could simulate the view you have if you look to the horizon at the beach or down a road. I think you positioned your camera under the table. That is not a faithful reproduction of reality.

Author Martin Borman ( ago)
If the earth is flat then why does not the water flow off the edges of the flat disc? If you are a flat earth believer, then why do you believe the earth is flat? I knew personally a chap who was adamant the earth was flat but could not answer the water question, except to say there was likely awall round the disc, yeah. Gravity isself explanatory, and, easily explained by Isaac Newtons equations.
I want you, paul allen, 'easysuburs', 'mike curius' and Easaw Shepymouse, to do the research, then, like you, they will discover just how you have been duped and how gullible you really are. I am appalled at the low quality of education Americans have that the schools do not explore why these myths come about, viz the flat and hollow earth fake moon landings, etc. If you feel you ought to believe these flat earth people, then
fine, live in a fantasy world of your own making. I suggest , however, that you grow up and begin to live in the real world, that us scientists are here for your benefit, using good science for the benefit of all mankind, and that includes the gullible such as yourself. We use empirical and proven observation and measurements as our evidence, not the word of some lunatic hell bent on making a name for him or her self by pulling the gullible to their stupid way of thinking. Your faith in God shows just how gullible you are. I pity you and your sad religious stupidity. I don't care if you believe in some mythical god, but please, don't try to persuade children or other gullible folk to your brain-dead way of thinking. Now you have the temerity to say that Einstein's theories have not been proven (Head in hands).Einstein's theories have been fully
proven by experiment. Your education, however, has let you down, leaving you open to religious brainwashing and your personal gullibility open to any outlandish hocus pocus that happens along that stimulates you.
I see the stars moving across the sky and then see them in the early morning coming round again. But, of course, you, being the world's most amazing genius know better than us sane scientists that do the experiments and do the mathematics and come up the correct and verifiable and repeatable answers. I am able to inform you that you are the meta-physicists. I do apologise, you are in no way connected to science, except to pseudo science. The idiot who refuses to see what is plainly obvious to a three year old none brainwashed child. I won't reply any more as you are, clearly, mentally ill just like Newton, Einstein, Tesla, Faraday, Galileo, Hawking, Copernicus, Halley, Hooke, Franklin, Goodall and many more such stupid idiots who are thick, dumb and stupid when compared to you, the universal genius of all time.

Author epayson85 noname ( ago)
Ok flat earth morons explain this... If the sun is 3,000 miles away why can I see it right on the edge of the horizon? Its in front of everything that should be there on your flat earth. The sun should not be in between other continents. If it is as you have said... it should be much higher on the horizon not directly where sky and the earth meet. Also at night I an see stars directly on the horizon. Those aren't "coming towards me" like the son is. Yet there they are. Right on the horizon between me and what should be another continent, buildings, mountains, and even your supposed ice wall. Are there starts in our atmosphere between us and the other continents? LOL

Author Donnie Green ( ago)
Note how the coin appears larger as it gets closer. The Sun would be huge when it was close to us when over head. Now look at the Sunset and Sunrise and you will see the Sun gets larger has it gets farther away from us. This happens because the earth is Round. The Atmosphere around the globe acts like a Magnify glass. Also he is not level with the table but slightly below it. Also proving a round earth as the coin disappears at that angle. If Camera was level with table the coin would appear smaller as it got farther away but would never disappear.

Author almarjyou ( ago)
mind blowing? it showed that it set. doesnt shrink. and some videos were just the sun getting covered. from full to half to quarter. the camera just can seem to see it because it had no filter. so it still looks like circle.

Author Guido Hafner ( ago)
Du vergißt, daß die Sonne, wenn sie für dich untergegangen ist, in anderen Zeitzonen hoch am himmel steht. Wenn sie für dich unter dem Tischrand ist, ist für andere Zeitzonen Mittag12:00 Uhr mittags, und die Sonne oben

Author Clorox Bleach ( ago)
Stop making people dumber they are already retards

Author reezlaw ( ago)
Hahaha you put your camera below the table you moron.

Author Fritzel Media ( ago)
Your camera was definitely below the surface of the table... Try again.

Author hughman 1818 ( ago)
Cancerous Community.

Author jimvandamme ( ago)
You proved that there is a horizon, so the earth must be round.

Author Paul Kellermann ( ago)
how can you have the camera on the same level with the table, ? clearly we are on Earth and the sun rises above us as we look up, so certainly i think this experiment makes sense as the sun is never on our eye level...

Author Lee Quessenberry ( ago)
Umm what did I just watch? Proof? LOL.

Author Kaden Hobbs ( ago)
lol... damn, the internet is great.

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