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Author Stan Winston School (7 months)
+Abraham Lizaola Jordu is using Chavant NSP Medium clay. It comes in a
variety of colors, a lot of teachers and schools use the terra cotta color,
so it looks different from the gray that Jordu is using in the lesson.
Jordu cuts it into pieces, but it comes in thick blocks. He also warms it
before he sculpts with it. Hope that helps! -Maggie

Author Kevin Lunt (1 year)
What material are you sculpting with? It kind of looks like sculpey to me
but not completely.

Author John Lee (14 days)
Are there any universities for sculpting or animatronics?

Author Angel Torres (3 months)
Wow such a great channel on the art of sculpting love the video! I have a
few questions hope to get answered I was wondering, one of my favorite
action figure company's such as the four horse men do sculpting such as
this and I was wondering would you guys happen to know what kind of
sculpting clay they would most likely be using like brand wise? Or perhaps
recommended brands? 

Author Conner Irvin (2 months)
What clay is used for these?

Author Aidan D. (19 days)
What is the sculpture from, I know it's from something, I just can't

Author Vicious Lab (9 months)

Author David Lemon (10 months)
I totally agree with what you say....I've been sculpting for nearly 40
years.. still learn with each new piece.

Author Dhruv Gokani (9 months)
this clay does not dry right?...or is it air dry?

Author Black Cobra (3 months)
Jordu is a sculpting god!

Author duy vo (5 months)
what clay do you use for maquette?

Author Phaidon Nicola (1 year)
Jordu Schell is a master! I love this lesson, i've bought it a couple of
years ago and i've watched it a bunch of times.

Author Lymee Mee (10 months)
What clay is that?

Author EncikWhiskies (4 months)
Guys, who knows what is the kind of wire that he use to create the inner
structure? Anyone?

Author S Paulin (11 months)
I think this is awesome. I really want to start modeling characters I've
drawn. Can you tell me what type of wire did you use for the armature?

Author abraham Lizaola (7 months)
This might sound stupid, but what type of clay is this and where can u get
it looks nothing like the type at my school ours is light brown and thick

Author Jhon Ryan Batulanon (9 months)

Author VANTASTICUS (1 year)
I love that "be patient with yourself and the medium"

Author Rodolfo Silva (1 year)
where do I get that kind of clay? what is the technical name for that?
sorry for the noob question but I am kind of new to traditional sculpting

Author Gourav Sheode (1 year)
Amazing :-) Thank you for sharing 

Author zombiesrpussies (1 year)
Gunna be a bit needy here anybody know where i can get wire? aside from
untwisting all my hangers?

Author VANTASTICUS (1 year)
So inspiring!

Author Jean-Luc Scholtissen (1 year)
Hello, you used which matter please

Author Nicholas Smith (1 year)
Turely amazing sculpture thanks for the video very helpful

Author Fer Merchán (1 year)

Author John nobato (1 year)
best style among all sculptors

Author Michał Sulej (1 year)
Of which it is done ?

Author Rosa González (1 year)

Author Derick Jones (1 year)
Amazing artists on this channel, but they DO NOT show what the titles claim
to. This is nothing more than advertising for them. Very disheartening for
aspiring artists. 

Author Sydney Sculpture School (1 year)
Nice work :-)

Author Victor Bruno (1 year)
what clay is that

Author fastwalker2 (1 year)
Stan Winston School is just awesome!!! great stuff!!! each piece is a

Author Charlee Leung (1 year)
I have a pack of super sculpey firm, would this work for this tutorial?

Author masterofhens (1 year)
Does this clay material harden? or does it stay in a mouldable state?

Author Mako Kumagai (1 year)
I dont know but i have this feeling that i can actually do art in sculpture
after viewing some videos related to the topic for a couple of hours. I got
the technique down and its similar to drawing i guess. I just need help
with the tools and materials, can anyone tell me what they are cause i am
not familiar with the tool or material? 

Author TheSneezingMonkey (1 year)
This is a lovely model! I highly admire the skill that's needed to create
something like that!

Author Джейкоб Старлинский (1 year)
классно осозновать что умеешь так же

Author PrideTico (2 years)
Can you make it hard as block after made it??

Author DaNiHESO ozli (1 year)
Whats the tool at 1:05 ?

Author Murilo Magalhães (2 years)
Você é o CARA!!!

Author Ming .Han (2 years)
I am not sure if this question had been asked before but what clay did you
use ?

Author GlennMorganFan (2 years)
It's called Plasteline. It's an oil based clay so it will never dry out and
can't be fired. You use it for sculptures that you want to keep for a long
time. (Either as a reference or a model that will be used by others)

Author xxxLEGO16xxx (2 years)
which is the material?

Author Stan Winston School (2 years)
Sure Manni, our video tutorials are all online. Go to our website and check
them out! - David

Author ArteOnez (2 years)
so cooool

Author Stan Winston School (2 years)
kenpocobrakai, Agreed. Jordu is in a league all his own. We've got another
incredible lesson with him coming out in the next few weeks. Watch for it!

Author Stan Winston School (1 year)
You can get sculpey at almost any hobby store, or online from the sculpey
website, polymer clay superstore, blick art supplies or even amazon - David

Author Stan Winston School (1 year)
Kevin, you can get sculpey and other polymer clays in Italy at Ferrario,
S.P.A. in Bologna. Check their website. - David

Author Dr. Otto Octavius (2 years)
this is really awesome and i don't even know anything about esculpture,
maybe this is my genesis as an esculptor.

Author GlennMorganFan (2 years)
Put yourself out there. It's all about making connections and meeting
people. Go to conventions and talk to people. Maybe make one of these
videos yourself.

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