Sculpture Techniques - How to Sculpt a Humanoid Maquette with Jordu Schell - PREVIEW

Character Maquette Sculpting with FX Master Jordu Schell

Sculpting a realistic, yet unique, humanoid character requires a basic knowledge of anatomical structure combined with your own individual artistic technique. Let renowned artist Jordu Schell show you how he uses both in the webcourse, How to Sculpt a Maquette.

Watch as Jordu takes you through the process of maquette creation from start to finish as he puts his specific techniques in action by sculpting a maquette of Travis Bickle from Taxi Driver.

-- Jordu's methods for constructing and posing an armature
-- Using anatomy to rough in the basic forms
-- How to correctly use photographic reference
-- Correct head and body proportions
-- Notes of finer details such as hands and facial features

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Author Comicguy ( ago)
Hello Stan,I have watch some and search process of smoothing out the piece,
but I can't achieve that perfect point yet.What may I be doing wrong, or
not doing it... I have used lighter fluid, alcohol and tupertine with rough
then soft brush... but without sucess.Do you have any video where it shows
the process of it? I would really appreciate it, thanks.

Author Bending Steel Wisdom & Life Coaching ( ago)
Great video!

Author Nicole La Berge ( ago)
Wow breathtaking... the detail is gorgeous, you are remarkable.

Author dotdotdot ( ago)
Why sculpt in regular clay though? It looks kinda awesome, but if all you
use it for is a reference, wouldn't it be a lot easier to just do this in

Author Red Burtley ( ago)
I'm getting the course. What a bargain.

Author noah bailey ( ago)
what did he use as the scelleton

wow! Spectacular!

Author Vinod Edgar Shanker ( ago)
I sculpted a really good looking head in just one try for the first time.

Author Martin Ramirez ( ago)
you are the master

Author Jesse Thao ( ago)
Where could I get those metal things from???

Author Ivan Figueroa ( ago)
question ... What materials do you use?

Author Jesus Monteagudo ( ago)
where do u get ur clay from

Author John Mac ( ago)
what kind of clay/brand did you use?

Author lepsulet (824 years ago)
thank you ! :)

Author mrfoltz (631 year ago)
Very interesting! But I'd by a video but NOT a web-course that you have to
pay and pay and pay to watch!!!!

Author Jami Lynn ( ago)
Whoa - no finger armature?

Author Seany Worny (The Gifted One) ( ago)
Do you think some of these type sculptures can be created with air dry

Author jared dupras` ( ago)
This came out awesome. I got into clay modeling also but I didnt know if
there was a different way go harden it verses the air dry clay and oven
bake clay.

Author John Lee ( ago)
Are there any universities for sculpting or animatronics?

Author Aidan D. ( ago)
What is the sculpture from, I know it's from something, I just can't

Author Conner Irvin ( ago)
What clay is used for these?

Author Angel Torres ( ago)
Wow such a great channel on the art of sculpting love the video! I have a
few questions hope to get answered I was wondering, one of my favorite
action figure company's such as the four horse men do sculpting such as
this and I was wondering would you guys happen to know what kind of
sculpting clay they would most likely be using like brand wise? Or perhaps
recommended brands? 

Author Black Cobra ( ago)
Jordu is a sculpting god!

Author EncikWhiskies ( ago)
Guys, who knows what is the kind of wire that he use to create the inner
structure? Anyone?

Author duy vo ( ago)
what clay do you use for maquette?

Author Stan Winston School ( ago)
+Abraham Lizaola Jordu is using Chavant NSP Medium clay. It comes in a
variety of colors, a lot of teachers and schools use the terra cotta color,
so it looks different from the gray that Jordu is using in the lesson.
Jordu cuts it into pieces, but it comes in thick blocks. He also warms it
before he sculpts with it. Hope that helps! -Maggie

Author abraham Lizaola ( ago)
This might sound stupid, but what type of clay is this and where can u get
it looks nothing like the type at my school ours is light brown and thick

Author Dhruv Gokani ( ago)
this clay does not dry right?...or is it air dry?

Author Vicious Lab ( ago)

Author Jhon Ryan Batulanon ( ago)

Author Lymee Mee ( ago)
What clay is that?

Author David Lemon ( ago)
I totally agree with what you say....I've been sculpting for nearly 40
years.. still learn with each new piece.

Author S Paulin ( ago)
I think this is awesome. I really want to start modeling characters I've
drawn. Can you tell me what type of wire did you use for the armature?

Author Phaidon Nicola ( ago)
Jordu Schell is a master! I love this lesson, i've bought it a couple of
years ago and i've watched it a bunch of times.

Author Kevin Lunt ( ago)
What material are you sculpting with? It kind of looks like sculpey to me
but not completely.

Author Mako Kumagai ( ago)
I dont know but i have this feeling that i can actually do art in sculpture
after viewing some videos related to the topic for a couple of hours. I got
the technique down and its similar to drawing i guess. I just need help
with the tools and materials, can anyone tell me what they are cause i am
not familiar with the tool or material? 

Author Scot Douglas Campbell ( ago)
I love that "be patient with yourself and the medium"

Author Scot Douglas Campbell ( ago)
So inspiring!

Author Michał Sulej ( ago)
Of which it is done ?

Author Gourav Sheode ( ago)
Amazing :-) Thank you for sharing 

Author Rodolfo Silva ( ago)
where do I get that kind of clay? what is the technical name for that?
sorry for the noob question but I am kind of new to traditional sculpting

Author De Jo ( ago)
Amazing artists on this channel, but they DO NOT show what the titles claim
to. This is nothing more than advertising for them. Very disheartening for
aspiring artists. 

Author Jean-Luc Scholtissen ( ago)
Hello, you used which matter please

Author Fer Merchán ( ago)

Author Nicholas Smith ( ago)
Turely amazing sculpture thanks for the video very helpful

Author zombiesrpussies ( ago)
Gunna be a bit needy here anybody know where i can get wire? aside from
untwisting all my hangers?

Author fastwalker2 ( ago)
Stan Winston School is just awesome!!! great stuff!!! each piece is a

Author Victor Bruno ( ago)
what clay is that

Author John nobato ( ago)
best style among all sculptors

Author Sydney Sculpture School ( ago)
Nice work :-)

Author Charlee Leung ( ago)
I have a pack of super sculpey firm, would this work for this tutorial?

Author Джейкоб Старлинский ( ago)
классно осозновать что умеешь так же

Author masterofhens ( ago)
Does this clay material harden? or does it stay in a mouldable state?

Author TheSneezingMonkey ( ago)
This is a lovely model! I highly admire the skill that's needed to create
something like that!

Author Martin Turner ( ago)
I have actually contacted these people a number of times. And they have
never bothered to reply to me......Strange way to run a business. Shame...I
wanted to subscribe...But wabted some questions answered first. As the
answers were not available on their FAQ's

Author Rosa González ( ago)

Author Armando Garcia ( ago)

Author S.C. ( ago)
NSP Chavant. Find it online

Author XxShadowvalkyriexX ( ago)
god in heaven you make this look so simple!!

Author Jami Lynn ( ago)
I have one of Jordu's DVDs and he's an excellent instructor - I'd highly
recommend learning from him, if you're willing to put in the time and

Author Stan Winston School ( ago)
0SixHundred, Of course we're biased, but Jordu Schell is one of the most
brilliant character sculptors alive. To spend a few hours learning from him
will be money well spent. If you disagree, we'll give you a full refund.

Author Stan Winston School ( ago)
Kevin, you can get sculpey and other polymer clays in Italy at Ferrario,
S.P.A. in Bologna. Check their website. - David

Author kevin basta ( ago)
how much you were able to give dynamism in this small sculpture seems
almost real .. I live in Italy and here the material "silicone Clay" that
you use is practically impossible to find .. I'd love to be as good as you
.. I would spend my life to do it ..

Author Screw The Net ( ago)
Well I must say, as the first video that I have seen you do, I am most
impressed by your knowledge!

Author keiby Goncalvez ( ago)

Author Stan Winston School ( ago)
You can get sculpey at almost any hobby store, or online from the sculpey
website, polymer clay superstore, blick art supplies or even amazon - David

Author Prometheus ( ago)
Where can I get this clay? :)

Author Shqiponja Aquila Ea ( ago)

Author Phaidon Nicola ( ago)
Yeah just type, "How to make an armature". There are a lot of videos.

Author Shqiponja Aquila Ea ( ago)
You mean I can find on youtube "how to make a sceleton"...? Right? Ok.

Author Phaidon Nicola ( ago)
He does in the full lesson. Its pretty standard , You can find a "how to"
on youtube

Author Stan Winston School ( ago)
It's all in the lesson. - David

Author Shqiponja Aquila Ea ( ago)
Is it possible to show how you did the skeleton?

Author Jason Erman ( ago)
cool sculpt

Author xxxLEGO16xxx ( ago)
and thank you very much

Author Stan Winston School ( ago)
Sounds great MY, please post it on our public FB wall. - David

Author marc yablon ( ago)
first thing thank you but i will be making a figure slightly smaller i
would 54mm (1/32nd scale) and it will be an elf - high elf -ex-lord .

Author vonsopas ( ago)
Simply amazing! Quite inspiring job indeed!

Author Stan Winston School ( ago)
Many who use sculpey build on armatures that can be removed from the base
and fired. But you can use clay if you want to put it in the oven with the
sculpey. - David

Author Gihoon Song ( ago)
What do you use for the base? I have super sculpey and an oven, I was
wondering what I can use for the base and bake it afterwords.

Author Stan Winston School ( ago)
That is a clay loop tool. Shannon Shea teaches a mini lesson at our website
on how to make your own. Look it up there. - David

Author DaNiHESO ozli ( ago)
Whats the tool at 1:05 ?

Author Stan Winston School ( ago)
Hi xxxLEGO16xxx, Jordu is using Chavant NSP Medium clay, a very popular
clay for smaller scale work (appliances, maquettes, busts) among Creature
FX artists. -Matt

Author Stan Winston School ( ago)
Hi tobias, Jordu is using Chavant NSP Medium clay. It's a non-sulphuric
clay that is a preferred choice for many creature creators, along with WED
clay, Monster Clay and Super Sculpey. -Matt

Author tobias trenn ( ago)
which clay he use?

Author claudio forte ( ago)
Una verdadera obra de arte Felicitaciones

Author Murilo Magalhães ( ago)
Você é o CARA!!!

Author xxxLEGO16xxx ( ago)
which is the material?

Author Stan Winston School ( ago)
Intriguing. - David

Author Stan Winston School ( ago)
Uh, I dunno, prammavenTV, do I want to know what you used for the wax
component? - David

Author Stan Winston School ( ago)
Not sure either myself. Once you get away from the true clays, like Chavant
and WED clay you're into chemical compounds that share some properties of
clay but not others, like Super Sclulpey which you have to fire to harden.
Another amazing clay-like compound to explore is Adam Beane's Cx5, a TRULY
amazing substance that you can both melt like chavant AND harden/tool like
magic-sculpt. It's extraordinary. - David

Author Stan Winston School ( ago)
With a nice little armature. See it all in the lesson. - David

Author NickChat227 ( ago)
How did he make it stand up

Author ForceCrystal ( ago)
this video is amazing

Author Stan Winston School ( ago)
hey ken322able1! No! You can't fire this puppy at all unless you plan to do
a CLAY POUR! Chavant will liquify. You need to mold this and cast it to get
a hard piece out of it. And you certainly CAN do that with the armature
wire inside... Keep sculpting! - John

Author Stan Winston School ( ago)
The website comments, here or our Facebook page are all good ways of
talking to us. - David

Author manni vasquez ( ago)
thx!! u are so kind, there is other way to talk to you? i have lots of
questions, but i will take a look of the website

Author Stan Winston School ( ago)
Hey Manni, We are an ONLINE Character Creation workshop featuring streaming
tutorials and DVD lessons by the Masters of Monster Making. All you need to
do to get started is go to our website! See the video description for the
link. -Matt

Author Stan Winston School ( ago)
kenpocobrakai, Agreed. Jordu is in a league all his own. We've got another
incredible lesson with him coming out in the next few weeks. Watch for it!

Author Stan Winston School ( ago)
Jordu uses Chavant NSP Medium for this sculpt. - David

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