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Author Tyler Cook (1 month)
I like the song bodies by drowning pool

Author MairoHD2000 (4 months)
thx dude

Author Nick Harsh (9 months)
What is the name of the song

Author brain koch (9 months)
type in this cheat code WE NEED GUNS JOHN!

Author Yohundra Frederick (1 year)
Have you did it in caps

Author Streak Games-BR (10 months)
thanks man nao sei se escrevi certo sou brasileiro

Author Xkiller1168 (1 year)

Author Xkiller1168 (1 year)

Author Omar Wageh (4 years)
if u turn off the cheat can u save the game

Author Caryn Anderson (3 years)
i cep on tiping in the infinite ammo one and it sase sorry to me!!!!

Author CrazyCOD7vids (4 years)
if I make an outfit cheat, does the outfit after I turned off the cheat and

Author Donald Stanford (2 years)
how or where do type in these codes,I mean I don't know of anywhere on the
game to put cheats codes

Author KILLSAGAINHavokz (3 years)
it will be awsome if u can get gold guns cheat

Author Naruto Uzumaki (3 years)
epic song

Author TheGerba (2 years)
@theeren2001 auto save won't work you can still save it tho

Author ♣ConnerOwnsU♣ (2 years)
thx, dude. they actually worked!!

Author gian luca (3 years)

Author zoobihan (3 years)
Cheats have to be on capitals"

Author Ham Jam (2 years)
whats diplomatic imumity

Author Klezzy (2 years)
The invincibility cheat helped me on undead nightmare

Author Hunter Thorne (2 years)
I HaTe ThIs MuSiC!!!!!

Author Frosty Legion (2 years)
how do you type in cheats wtf

Author Mudcat Gaming (3 years)
but can u save gave without turning them on the cheats(i need a to KNOW

Author ♣ConnerOwnsU♣ (2 years)
and that is to everyone who didnt get the cheats to work. if anyone hates
the game, screw you.

Author jimmy jim (2 years)
love the music!!!

Author deadlack1 (3 years)
i hate this song

Author madalchabot (4 years)
Thanks man! Awsome song. I beat the game with the cheats... Some of the

Author Greg Braley (2 years)
yes u can i enterd a cheat and i got 10 trophies after and i can save your
game to

Author Jecute 15 (2 years)

Author Gunnar Hyttinen (2 years)
a few dont work

Author JOKERDKable (2 years)
i can not unlock all gang outfits

Author सौरव (4 years)
wtf i dnt get it?

Author Yeah, I'm Mad (1 year)

Author Cole Chanapan (2 years)
I looooooooooooooooooove red dead redemption sooooooooo

Author Carmen Endlich (3 years)

Author Chris Cortez (2 years)
Dead eye doesn't work. Fakeeeeeee

Author CODLover54321 (2 years)
do these cheats work on multiplayer because some people had infinity
health. i would shot them like 40 times and they didint die.

Author Badmanz1982 (2 years)
Wot subscribe

Author robert sanchez (3 years)

Author Strangesoldier9 (2 years)

Author GamezJudger (4 years)
thats not fair! i have PS3, and my friend has PS3 SLIM and when he puts
cheats on he still can SAVE the game!

Author dregiss (3 years)

Author ♣ConnerOwnsU♣ (2 years)
1st of all, your not cool when you talk like that. 2nd of all, that is not
even a real name to call someone. 3rd of all, your weird.

Author JdS161 (4 years)
every time i enter i love a man in uniform it says i cant use during any
activity :( help plz!

Author Dos Trollers (2 years)
What is the sepia filter?

Author Terrence Tinggal (2 years)
can some one help me????? i put the cheat codes in the game, but 5 cheats
is on `OFF` and the other one is `ON` and if i set them all ON then i wanna
play but they don`t work and if i look back all cheats are OFF help me??????

Author EpochRhino (4 years)
@JdS161 if u beat the game it works

Author GamezJudger (4 years)
@GlitchedGear but how man.. i cant

Author KENNYOUT3 (2 years)

Author laura hartley (2 years)
Fuck you

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