Republican Senator Says Trump Isn’t Smart Enough To Have Colluded With Russia

  • Added:  6 days ago
  • According to Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, Donald Trump isn’t smart enough to have committed the alleged crimes that he’s being investigated for.  As Graham points out, he’s not even competent enough to collude with his own government, so how could he have worked with the Russians? Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this. 
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Comments: 273

  • xxxRadarxxx
    xxxRadarxxx 3 days ago

    Go back to destroying your phone Lindsey.

  • John Jordan
    John Jordan 4 days ago

    fact trump is just a rich boy not a man

  • Patricia Leary
    Patricia Leary 4 days ago

    Demonizing Russia by Democrats, a tactic first spear-headed by Truman after WW2, is equivalent to Republicans demonizing blacks, browns and Muslims. Brother - don't you see it's the same damn call to violence and scapegoating and distraction?

    Forget about colluding with Russia. Let's talk about our elected officials colluding with Wall St. and rich multi-national corporations and the military-industrial complex, and big OIL. If you think Russia is the enemy, a country doing absolutely nothing against us, why is it impossible to look at the real enemies? Criminals with U.S. citizenship who are selling off our common wealth to the highest bidder, stealing our land and our wealth, destroying our democracy and rigging OUR elections? And ...spoiler alert..that ain't Russia!!

    North Carolina's water is now undrinkable and causing cancer and other murderous illnesses. They're being poisoned. We are all being poisoned! Putin didn't poison the Cape Fear River. Putin didn't poison Flint's water system!! Policies signed off on by our so-called elected officials, Dem and Repub have done that! Stop buying into their "Putin!" or "Muslims!" propaganda before it's too late!!

  • Bob Leroy
    Bob Leroy 4 days ago

    Where are the tax returns. The IRS can't still be doing the audit. Someone is lying again

  • Brimar7
    Brimar7 5 days ago

    So...what you're saying is that he's smart enough to separate himself from the crime?

  • JLouise Gamble
    JLouise Gamble 5 days ago

    trump was in business with the Russians long before he even thought about running for president. Once he was talked into doing it, Putin locked onto his ass ...

  • Jasmine Johnson
    Jasmine Johnson 5 days ago

    Cheeto Von Tweeto muy estupido pendejo chingado! 😝

  • The Diesel
    The Diesel 5 days ago

    So if Trump is not competent enough to collude with Russia then how is he your party leader? Bunch of sheep.

  • James Kidd
    James Kidd 5 days ago

    I "almost" agree. I suggest that Trump is not smart enough NOT to collude with the Russians.

  • Gargamel Smurff
    Gargamel Smurff 5 days ago

    more like best dumb to understand what he did and why people don't like bahahaha

  • jcice131949
    jcice131949 5 days ago

    isn't it better for the russians to have a moron in their pocket????

  • angela bluebird60
    angela bluebird60 5 days ago

    Sen. Graham may want to consider that Trump doesn't have to be smart to THINK he can do as he pleases. That is more than obvious. Who says criminals are smart to begin with? Moreover, Graham and the GOP may want to consider that they had best smarten up about their anti Healthcare secrets, needless harms to our elderly, veterans, disabled, children and infants and their ridiculous tax breaks for the wealthy, etc. Civilized, civic action from the People is what is smart.

  • oscar fierro
    oscar fierro 6 days ago


  • Jaime Fernandez
    Jaime Fernandez 6 days ago

    so there is a 50/50 chance that Trump will answer to this by showing proof of how he did do it,to show this baby loser how smart he is!

  • Reg McCormack
    Reg McCormack 6 days ago

    of course Sen Greame knows all about how intelligent you need to be to pull something like that off what an idiot man I cannot believe how stupid you have to be when your in government who elected these imbeciles,unbelievable

  • darkashtar
    darkashtar 6 days ago

    I just wonder if Graham is using the Bugs Bunny tactic. By saying Trump is too stupid to collude with the Russians, he responds with "oh yeah, well we worked together on this and that". I know Trump is an idiot but he's not Daffy Duck, way more people like Daffy than Trump.

  • Hey Now
    Hey Now 6 days ago

    I like it. Have the media claiming he's not competent enough to collude so that he'll start Tweeting just how he did it to prove his competency. Clever.....

  • Sheri French
    Sheri French 6 days ago

    The Midterm Elections 2018, It's The Beginning Of The End For Trump & The Republicans Party!! Trump is The Linchpin For The End Of The Republican Party!! This is Long Overdue, The 99.8% Need To Get Out The Vote For Blue, I'm Hoping The Shit Show Ends Soon, We Need To Call For New Elections Now, Bring On Bernie!!

  • Cyrus Wu
    Cyrus Wu 6 days ago

    more like too dumb to realize he's colluding when he's colluding.

  • Barry Guyer
    Barry Guyer 6 days ago

    Lindsey Graham did not say that Trump was not smart enough to conclude with the Russians.
    I just fact check it and it's a lie

  • Pomfromoz
    Pomfromoz 6 days ago

    the Donald defence...

    GRAND HIT GAMING 6 days ago

    I covfefed all over this!

  • Barry Kaine
    Barry Kaine 6 days ago

    So let me follow his logic here, if donny isn't smart enough to have colluded with the Russians, then he must be assuming that had he colluded with them, that would have been "smart".
    Is the whole republican't party now a treasonous cabal?
    Make America, America again!
    Investigate, indict, IMPEACH, incarcerate
    dosvedanya donny.

  • Michael Heath
    Michael Heath 6 days ago

    He might not be smart enough, but he'd definitely be STUPID enough. And I wouldn't look around and see what's going on as "getting away with it"...

  • Terncote
    Terncote 6 days ago

    NIXON: "I am not a crook!"

    TRUMP: "I am too stupid to be a crook! Ask anyone."

  • Al Somethin
    Al Somethin 6 days ago

    Yes Trump is stupid thats obvious so, its likely that when Putin called showing some support he let Putin do all the planning .

    Putin obviously promised Trumps greedy ass lots of good stuff including a cut on the big oil deal and also further reinforced things by mentioning all the dirt he had on him.
    He was instructed to pick Tillerson as Secretary of state and get him to work at once on getting the deal put together and getting the sanctions lifted so the deal would work.

    Its likely then Trump agreed whole heartedly while greedily thinking about his promised cut in the big oil deal Tillerson is working out for Exxon and Putin. He then lovingly showed the Russians around the oval office like they were old pals and fed them some intel.

    All along Trump delegated so, now we need to see to whom did he delegate tasks to in order to deconstruct this conspiracy and bring them down with Drumpfo the clown.

    Most likely everyone could agree that Flynn, Kushner, Bannon, and Pence were the persons at work carring out Putins plan using Trump as the front man. Maybe even Paul Ryan was involved at some junctures. Trump probably has dirt on Ryan and quite a few people supplied by Putin just in case he needed cooperation.

    Linsey Gayham is correct Trump has no idea how to put things together himself he is too stupid but he is a good front man. He has admitted he is a delegator but the real mastermind is Putin.

  • Thomas Jefferson
    Thomas Jefferson 6 days ago

    Poor baldy fag, still pushing nothing but leftist talking points and innuendo. Eleven months and four committees later with nothing in the way of proof except Comey testifying that there is literally no there there. The only crimes committed thus far have been the leaking of information by leftist cuck, deep state operatives. Have an ice cold Trump 45 to wash down the feathers from that crow you're still choking down after the historic defeat of Kuntlary K Klitoon aka Klittery K Kuntoon. But, but, but the Lame stream media and​ polls said we were going to win! Perhaps the DNC tripod agenda of sexual dysfunction, Illegal aliens, and shitslam holding up their crown jewels of infanticide is the problem. That and pieces of shit like baldy here and the scumbag cultural and literal Marxist followers of retards like Berntme Slanders. Duh meeyuhnayus an duh beeyunayuhs ahh unffayuh doo my unduhwayuhz! So Berners, how fiscally illiterate does one have to be to bankrupt a college into non existence? Meanwhile the heebocrat senator from Vermont takes his honeymoon in the Soviet Union and never quite returned.

    Funniest of all is that the Dimms never saw a Russian they didn't love until the fall of the Berlin wall. Except perhaps listening to both the denial AND justification of the Secreter of Stains Slittery Spittoon signing off on the Uranium One deal that surrendered 20% of US uranium to Mr. Putin's country in exchange for increased speaking fees for billybob the rapist and huge donations to the Klitoon Global Bullshit Slush Fund. Of course there is always John Pederesta and his confirmed dealings with Russians to mull over at another time. If you'd like to talk about Sen. Lindsey Graham, perhaps we could start with his continuing to hide in the closet and whether his buddy Shit McStain is the pitcher or catcher.
    Libtards, you can lead them to knowledge, but you can't make them think.

  • Rachel Garber
    Rachel Garber 6 days ago

    Competent or smart enough? Actually his IQ is claimed to be 156, not sure if that is accurate or not.

  • etee7114
    etee7114 6 days ago

    You HAVE to be stupid enough to collude with the Russians.

  • mac churl
    mac churl 6 days ago

    We all know he wasn't smart enough . They're investigating him to determine if he was stupid enough .

  • Nathan Embry
    Nathan Embry 6 days ago

    6 months and still no evidence or charges but the fake Russian narrative continues lol

  • Jay Jay
    Jay Jay 6 days ago

    Bullshit he's been colluding with Putin for years.

  • tumbacan
    tumbacan 6 days ago

    Oh no, this asshole is to stupid to recognize that he was being used by the Russians.  Money talks bullshit walks. Follow the money trail.

  • Alligator Ed
    Alligator Ed 6 days ago

    I am not a Trump lover but he is smarter than you. He has outmaneuvered the Clinton-Deep State for more than a year.

  • Septimus - Prime
    Septimus - Prime 6 days ago

    Trump = Piasoloco

  • marusak72
    marusak72 6 days ago

    This would be phenomenal. Wait for Tweet's like I'm the smartest kid in the sandbox.

  • goodgulf13
    goodgulf13 6 days ago

    Graham and McCain portray themselves as the principled grownups in the room. But in reality. They vote the straight party line vote every time.

  • Leo Yohansen
    Leo Yohansen 6 days ago

    Of course he's not competent enough...THAT'S WHY HE'S NOW UNDER INVESTIGATION! Lock Him Up!

  • Trumptard Terrorizer

    I would argue that's precisely why he has gotten caught. He hasn't pulled off anything yet Senator graham.. so your dog whistle humor is lame as Fuck

  • Sarah Sulwey
    Sarah Sulwey 6 days ago

    The man who said Obama is not smart is actually the one not smart lol

  • Hatlou Hotmess Jackson

    Just let everything come out in the wash.....everyone has a right to know.

  • Indra
    Indra 6 days ago

    bad news because that means he isn't smart enough to not have colluded with them unknown to him.

  • Ariel Wood
    Ariel Wood 6 days ago

    Well, no, he probably DIDN'T mastermind the whole Russian scheme. I'm betting PUTIN masterminded that, and either fooled or blackmailed Trump into going along with him. Trump's just the stooge here, but that does NOT make him innocent in all this.

  • The USA is dead
    The USA is dead 6 days ago

    I am sick of hearing the excuse 45 is new, 45 is dumb, 45 didn't know....its bullshit, the only dumb thing about 45 is his voters. 45 is a criminal he knows what he is doing.

  • Pamela Homeyer
    Pamela Homeyer 6 days ago

    Putin's people came up with it

  • Kj Mj
    Kj Mj 6 days ago

    Dont be so stupid as to buy into the fake alibi story that Trump is too stupid to commit crimes. If he were that stupid, he would not become President. He openly said that Russia should release Hillary's email.

  • Chris Reiser
    Chris Reiser 6 days ago

    No, 45 knows exactly what he has done and every next step, why else would he keep this all in the family.

  • Jermaine Wilkerson
    Jermaine Wilkerson 6 days ago

    Ahh, I see what the senator is attempting to pull. If happens to be true mind you, a brilliant attempt.

  • mike deck
    mike deck 6 days ago

    Graham wasn't smart enough to collude with Trump. You aren't smart enough to drop this whole stupid story. Even Maddow is backing off of it at this point. There is no evidence but plenty of smoke, what the hell does that even mean? Some partisan democrats or republicans who don't like Trump, there are a lot, doesn't equal smoke it equals pathetic.

  • Americans Against Narcissists

    The Russians are playing Dumb Donald. He's helped them without his full knowledge. DOESN'T MAKE HIM ANY LESS GUILTY, THOUGH. LOCK HIM UP, LOCK HIM UP, LOCK HIM UP!
    TRUMP 4 PRISON '17

  • Frank08046
    Frank08046 6 days ago

    The old " he's too dumb"defense the oldest trick in the book,

  • DK Dempcey Knight DK

    Well thank you senator, incompetence is grounds for impeachment / firing from any employment.

  • sailormanariel
    sailormanariel 6 days ago

    So Lindsey Graham said something sensible? Well, even a blind pig with a cold can find a truffle by accident.
    P.S. Every time I hear Lindsey Graham's name, I can't help but see him in a frilly apron that Mrs. Cleaver wore. (The Beaver's mom.)

  • Jackyboy335
    Jackyboy335 6 days ago

    Flush them all !

  • Joe Dodge
    Joe Dodge 6 days ago

    Donald is too stupid for this, but his crooked cronies know exactly how to maximize profits from it!

  • DM Tea
    DM Tea 6 days ago

    You're honor, my client is to stupid to have robbed the bank. If he were smart he would not have been caught. Lindsey logic.

  • Dana Carson
    Dana Carson 6 days ago

    wasting money witch hunting stupid democrats.

  • Dana Carson
    Dana Carson 6 days ago

    democrats are the stupid ones.

  • OpenlyTranshumanist

    okay mr bigot... i didnt know ypur hatred for russians was this intense jesus

  • bright93
    bright93 6 days ago

    But he said he WAS smart, had ALL the BEST WORDS! Smoke rising from ears....

  • R. McBride
    R. McBride 6 days ago

    Oh, Trump is smart enough to collude because he has "cheating" down, particularly concerning money and money laundering. He does see the advantages - to him - where he fails is he's just not smart enough to commit a crime and pull it off without a hitch. They're going to get him...

  • bdf2718
    bdf2718 6 days ago

    Trump is for damned sure too stupid to have cooked it up.

    But he's plenty stupid enough to have been manipulated into going along with it without even realizing what was happening.

    My bet is that he *did* know what was happening and willingly went along with it, but it could be he's just an innocent dupe.

  • Larry Phischman
    Larry Phischman 6 days ago

    So Trump clearly had help from the leaders of the republican party and their donors.

  • jack johnson
    jack johnson 6 days ago

    WOW....the Penis with ears is getting DESPERATE for stories....Graham said that WAY BACK at the start of Trump`s about OLD and STALE. Come up with something NEW and FRESH...don`t bullshit us with old re tread stories.

  • Jacob Richards
    Jacob Richards 6 days ago

    I will agree with Republicans on that one.

  • nya
    nya 6 days ago

    or... he was so dumb the Russians led him down this dark path without him even realising it.

  • Jacob Richards
    Jacob Richards 6 days ago

    If donald is not compatment then he is unfit for holiding office.

  • Dana Lee
    Dana Lee 6 days ago

    Perhaps not, but he is sure dumb enough to get compromised and be played in order to cover up whatever Russia has on him!

  • Greaseball Jones
    Greaseball Jones 6 days ago

    I'm fucking sick of the whole narrative that trump is too stupid to do anything nefarious. Hitler was a fucking drugged up idiot and look at what he did.

  • SparksAt Nite
    SparksAt Nite 6 days ago

    Putin must of smiled and laughed to himself at the thought of how easy it was to put him in his hip pocket, a few bucks and some nasty hookers, a guy who thinks money and pretty women are everything, will do anything...

  • miapdx Portland
    miapdx Portland 6 days ago

    Someone needs to go to Trump, tell him the show's been cancelled, and maybe he'll go away.

  • Mr. Precedent
    Mr. Precedent 6 days ago

    It's a funny quip, especially from a senator, and even more hilarious from a republican senator.

    But Trump is not stupid. He's just unable to focus his intelligence on anything but himself.

  • Pat Pezzi
    Pat Pezzi 6 days ago

    Yet he is smart enough to swindle people (see Trump University and all the investors who got burnt in his failed businesses). I mean, WE know he's not smart enough to pull it off, but HE thinks he is the smartest person he knows and can do anything.

  • Adam Smith
    Adam Smith 6 days ago

    is hilary still now..

  • xadam2dudex
    xadam2dudex 6 days ago

    maybe the Russians are smart enough to offer Trump a deal...the Donald didn't have to plan the deals himself he has a number of crooks working for him that could come up with these plans....big business is worse than the mob for corruption and criminal activity

  • jshewman
    jshewman 6 days ago

    "Lindsey Graham and John McCain never met a war they didn't want to go to." Not quite right...more like, they never met a war they didn't want to send other peoples kids to.

  • David G
    David G 6 days ago

    I can see that. Trumps IQ is no match to Putins.

  • Eduardo Disoto
    Eduardo Disoto 6 days ago

    He might not be smart enough but he is greedy enough to have do it 💰💰💰

  • Elizabeth Pinter
    Elizabeth Pinter 6 days ago

    You are a bunch of idiots who are so full of yourselves that leaves no room for intelligence for other people. You are idiots and President Trump and his supporters will come out smelling like roses. You lying, idiotic loosers

  • The angry teamster
    The angry teamster 6 days ago

    The most accurate thing a Republican has said in a very long time.

    COOLGUY48 6 days ago

    Donald trump probably ain't smart enough because he punched his 2nd grade music teacher in the face and gave him a black eye say he doesn't know anything about music.

  • don dfactor
    don dfactor 6 days ago

    Maybe the "golden video" was used to blackmail him?

  • Robb G
    Robb G 6 days ago

    ignorance of the law is no excuse.

  • Libertina Grimm
    Libertina Grimm 6 days ago

    I don't think it's fair to say Donald isn't smart. we all have different types of intelligences. Donald's type is just... less obvious to the rest of us. 😉

  • OrionPax09
    OrionPax09 6 days ago

    Wow. A Republican actually said something that I agree wholeheartedly with. The part about Trump not being smart enough to pull off a scheme like this, that is.

    But that doesn't mean that the Deranged Cheeto isn't capable of seeing money being shoved in his direction and jumping into Putin's pocket it in order to get it.

  • sparkplug T
    sparkplug T 6 days ago

    hahahahahahaha he would never agree to that. it would be all 'wrong wrong wrong, I am smart so smart like the smartest person ever' frankly if he was innocent he wouldn't delay or even stop the investigation well that's if he was smart enough

  • Joe B
    Joe B 6 days ago

    This sociopath POTUS.- never had the brains from the get go. Just look at the tweety bird in the White House.

  • Toni Hill
    Toni Hill 6 days ago

    As an American citizen I cant go to court and say to the judge I didnt know that was against the law because ignorance is not a defence so why is it a defence for the highest office in America.Don the Con may not be smart he just though that he was above the law. He thought he could have people give a loyalty pledge and fill the white house with conspiracy theorist and hope that the American people would not remember what he says and that the recordings and tweets would suddenly disappear. Or he hope to make the media the enemy but he was sadly mistaken and now he will go down in history as the Republican president who was the most corrupt in American history.

  • BIGWORLD0074
    BIGWORLD0074 6 days ago

    LOCK HIM UP!!!

  • Traci M
    Traci M 6 days ago

    I don't think Russia would trust Trump with actually be in on a plan. I think they just picked him because he is easily manipulated and a walking stereotype of everything other countries hate in Americans. Greedy uneducated and hateful. Not that that's what America actually stands for just say that the impression a lot of people have is that Americas don't even care about there own people. Probably because you keep shooting your citizens or throwing them in jail or refusing them basic needs like health care. Also when you read textbooks from the states a lot of them are full of misinformation. All that's a little off point but basically Trump a pawn in some else plan because he couldn't have planned anything.

  • Kenneth R Schnear
    Kenneth R Schnear 6 days ago

    Putin is Trumps brain.

  • Philippe Perreault
    Philippe Perreault 6 days ago

    At least not consciously lolll

  • Nocturnalux
    Nocturnalux 6 days ago

    The irony is, even if Trump did not collude with Russia, he may still be booted for trying to kill the investigation into Russia. At this point, he may be even dumber if he *didn't* collude with Russia...and still did his best to obstruct justice regarding Russia. Who knows, maybe he is so used to making bad things 'go away', regardless of whether he is guilty of not, that he figured he'd do the same in this instance.

  • Lemeres
    Lemeres 6 days ago

    ...damn, he is right. If Trump actually colluded, he would have bragged about it on twitter. He was just a useful puppet for people like flynn, stone, and manafort. .
    Luckily, trump is still as guilty as shit for collusion. He might have actually thought he was just clearing up a troublesome story... but that still obstructed a federal investigation.

  • Pepe Rin
    Pepe Rin 6 days ago

    trump is a coarse person. who taught him social skills? Obviously raised as a spoiled brat who was handed everything. so this contributes to his incompetence. how he'll dumb enough to be lured in by the Russians who masterminded everything.

  • Bob Leroy
    Bob Leroy 6 days ago

    Jared and Ivanka are the main ones in control

  • Mr Jones
    Mr Jones 6 days ago

    Trump doesn't have to be smart, or mentally competent...which he obviously isn' have colluded with the Russians...just greedy.

  • Adasha Stewart
    Adasha Stewart 6 days ago

    What the Russians are doing with trump is equivalent to stashing drugs on a disabled ♿ child

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