Big Sean - Bounce Back

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  • Isai Delgado
    Isai Delgado 15 minutes ago


  • Nyla Romiza
    Nyla Romiza 36 minutes ago

    im apart ofcthe romiza and haxzlton familys

  • Nyla Romiza
    Nyla Romiza 36 minutes ago

    im apart ofcthe romiza and haxzlton familys

  • Levent çiftalan
    Levent çiftalan 3 hours ago

    this song ... fucking good

  • KanadonMuhedad
    KanadonMuhedad 5 hours ago

    0:47 my favourite linessssss

  • Archer dabest Martinez

    The voice of an angel

    LINDA ROMERO 8 hours ago

    I love this song

  • Abubaker Noori
    Abubaker Noori 11 hours ago

    Ya bro

  • Cj Cruz
    Cj Cruz 11 hours ago

    best song

  • Dat Boi
    Dat Boi 12 hours ago

    Jesus is black.

    here comes the hate

  • Malik Gray
    Malik Gray 12 hours ago

    just came to dislike

  • InfamousWolfzz
    InfamousWolfzz 12 hours ago

    Never sold my soul, never will never have I respect that

  • Toronto Empire
    Toronto Empire 12 hours ago

    lol this is osm

  • Bebe Elle
    Bebe Elle 14 hours ago

    Lol so me when I get A+ For An Exam I Didn't Even Know About Yet Still Passed it 😂

  • Ecce Nopo
    Ecce Nopo 14 hours ago


  • mathias olsen
    mathias olsen 15 hours ago


  • heat seeker
    heat seeker 16 hours ago

    i'm a fuckin tennis ball I always bounce back!

  • Davontae Scoot
    Davontae Scoot 16 hours ago

    good song to sing

  • Fuck U
    Fuck U 16 hours ago

    Last year i got all A's except one B but I bounced back to get all A's

  • Janiyah Smith
    Janiyah Smith 18 hours ago

    I Wake In Beast Mode All Day Every Day

  • Shoshon whitetiger king

    i turned into a baby
    but tonight i bounce back
    i got a pound of goldfish
    so i need to count snacks
    i knew that diaper real
    when i hit it bounce back

  • Jonah Ruiz
    Jonah Ruiz 19 hours ago

    She ate the apple. You did sell your soul. Those pants burning yet? Cause they will be.

  • Cookie
    Cookie 20 hours ago

    This year I'll bounce back, thnx Sean

  • BakishaEzara
    BakishaEzara 22 hours ago

    Last Grade i had all F"S But this year i bounce back
    Got all C,A'S

  • Kristian Jensen
    Kristian Jensen 23 hours ago

    Whos Watcing in 2017 if you are like this comment

  • SystemDelete
    SystemDelete 1 day ago

    Can I use this in a YouTube video and not get copyrighted?

  • Omari Riley-Israel

    Keep join

  • Omari Riley-Israel

    You're bad

  • ItzOmar
    ItzOmar 1 day ago


  • Rudy Cresswell
    Rudy Cresswell 1 day ago

    where do babies come from?

  • Shiffy Shaffer
    Shiffy Shaffer 1 day ago

    love this song

  • Leonardo Morales
    Leonardo Morales 1 day ago

    Haha i know those projects on Imperial in Watts lol

  • King Jay 23
    King Jay 23 1 day ago

    thank you god  god bless you thank you so much

  • elliptical boi
    elliptical boi 1 day ago

    can I get 10 likes for no reason

  • hilokia gamer
    hilokia gamer 1 day ago

    Virginia Martinez's

  • Joe Stick
    Joe Stick 1 day ago

    I will bounce back when I see something

  • tenup
    tenup 1 day ago

    big Sean is a bad rapper like he doesn't know how to rap

  • Krystal Liszewski

    life is good

  • Ozzie Smith
    Ozzie Smith 1 day ago

    bounce back all day long

  • Tommy Spooner
    Tommy Spooner 1 day ago

    When you get a bad grade then the next one is good

  • Charlie Bell
    Charlie Bell 1 day ago

    Me copping yeezys

  • ProBear Ty
    ProBear Ty 1 day ago

    When u get high for the first time u BOUNCE BACK👐💰💵

  • gift geezy
    gift geezy 1 day ago

    last year I failed but this year i will pass

  • Basicore
    Basicore 2 days ago

    wots a L

  • Creeper4005_
    Creeper4005_ 2 days ago


  • Kimmi Lomuto
    Kimmi Lomuto 2 days ago


  • wild golden_horse
    wild golden_horse 2 days ago

    he fine as hell

  • • •
    • • 2 days ago

    If I jerk off on an airplane, am I highjacking?

  • Easy
    Easy 2 days ago

    my nigga said god bless you to god I'm dead

  • Richard 20 Productions

    i bounced back when that beat dropped

  • Muhammad Ali Alidina

    omg you found GALIFREY

  • Lottes Gaming
    Lottes Gaming 2 days ago


  • Seth Matete
    Seth Matete 2 days ago

    Sean's whack af...the only time he goes hard is when he on the same song as Kendrick.

  • Мистик Мак

    my theme song

  • mygirlomg my bae
    mygirlomg my bae 2 days ago

    this is my fav song i cant stop lisening to it

  • mygirlomg my bae
    mygirlomg my bae 2 days ago

    back up from me they to close

  • Optiqal
    Optiqal 2 days ago

    What is an L?

  • ramon andrade
    ramon andrade 2 days ago

    I don't fuck wit you!

  • Joseph Elias
    Joseph Elias 2 days ago

    west side niga

  • Ontor Hussain
    Ontor Hussain 3 days ago

    who's watching this while breathing at the same time?

  • SmeshFul
    SmeshFul 3 days ago

    The rap is hard BUT WHERE IS THE DROP?

  • Alex Babb
    Alex Babb 3 days ago

    Now THIS guy... is woke. 💡

  • *CM Punk*
    *CM Punk* 3 days ago

    Nyggas 90%
    Asses 19%
    Talent 1%

  • Austin Lund
    Austin Lund 3 days ago

    0:11 when Your the worst team in the nba then come back to win the finals

  • jordin gilby
    jordin gilby 3 days ago

    pretty good song

  • jordin gilby
    jordin gilby 3 days ago

    so relaxing song man

  • jordin gilby
    jordin gilby 3 days ago

    so relaxing

  • riley larade
    riley larade 3 days ago

    this song is fucking cancer

  • Kimmi Lomuto
    Kimmi Lomuto 3 days ago

    1:37 I WOKE UP IN BEAST MODE!!!!!!!!!

  • Xx Illuminate XX
    Xx Illuminate XX 3 days ago

    2016 nba finals last time they took a L but tonight the cavs bounce back (2017 nba finals = rigged )

  • Rudy Blackbull
    Rudy Blackbull 3 days ago

    Big Sean can't rap for shit

  • Raygamingyt
    Raygamingyt 3 days ago

    Bounce back guys XD

  • SonOfEdge
    SonOfEdge 3 days ago

    when you go from a D- to a B

    Really happened btw

  • Constipated Snake
    Constipated Snake 3 days ago

    This man said "Thank you god, God bless you"


  • Skinny Wenis
    Skinny Wenis 3 days ago

    Who's watching in 2018

  • Corey Mitchell
    Corey Mitchell 3 days ago

    last night I took an A

  • Diana Contreras
    Diana Contreras 3 days ago

    last week started a diet but now I bounce back.

    Why does chocolate exist.

    • Shamya Blue
      Shamya Blue 14 hours ago

      Diana Contreras dfrg hi jg I j g vlnhokiioihjhjojk in hiijiiiiiiixxxxxxxzzzzz

  • Hilary Houp
    Hilary Houp 3 days ago

    i caught my 8 year old sister listining to this song and i was like "maddy what would u like to-MADDY WHY ARE U LISTING TO THIS SONG" idc if my spelling sucks

  • Jack Creswell
    Jack Creswell 3 days ago


  • Juan Inga
    Juan Inga 3 days ago


  • Nano Silvad
    Nano Silvad 3 days ago

    this song is trash

  • Corrosion37
    Corrosion37 3 days ago

    Useless nigger

  • Kane 2002-2003
    Kane 2002-2003 3 days ago

    this song is about....

  • Tudor-Gheorghe Munteanu

    This nyg said " Thank you God, God bless you" that's too deep for me

  • Elizabeth Gallo
    Elizabeth Gallo 3 days ago

    hehehe lit:)

  • Sexy Boogalo Man
    Sexy Boogalo Man 3 days ago

    Did Big Sean just say God Bless you to God

  • Pic Terex
    Pic Terex 3 days ago

    I like how he always does that "bbbrrrr" thing in all his songs

  • O2 Soundz
    O2 Soundz 4 days ago

    With his voice… HIT!!!!

  • Michael DeWitt
    Michael DeWitt 4 days ago


  • Michael DeWitt
    Michael DeWitt 4 days ago

    u were gonna punish not just Zeus but but lee

  • Michael DeWitt
    Michael DeWitt 4 days ago

    I no bicht angle king prince of Jesus Lee be I Bruce Lee no chain s

  • Michael DeWitt
    Michael DeWitt 4 days ago

    daughter reth guad

  • Michael DeWitt
    Michael DeWitt 4 days ago

    she makes I in her image. birth me. and she well raise i. as well as them tittys feed us

  • Michael DeWitt
    Michael DeWitt 4 days ago

    here week minds

  • Dejan Edwards
    Dejan Edwards 4 days ago


  • CrazyMadeNub
    CrazyMadeNub 4 days ago

    Dem shots tho

  • Barrett Johnson
    Barrett Johnson 4 days ago

    this song is Fire

  • Patient Nation
    Patient Nation 4 days ago

    This shit is legit art. Always bounce back 💯

  • Mogel Spaz
    Mogel Spaz 4 days ago

    wassup with Jesus throwing the baphomet hand signs at 13-14 seconds homie? though u said u didn't sell ur soul, that's pretty sus

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