Finding a Taxi | Stand-Up Comedy by Kunal Kamra

Kunal Kamra on Finding a Taxi. Subscribe to the channel for more videos.

Venue: - Tuning Fork, Mumbai.

Shot by: - Nishant Tharwani (Tuning Fork Studios)

Edited by: - Suraj Jagtap (After Studios)

Sound recording mixing mastering: - Sohaill Gandhi (Tuning Fork Studios)

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Runtime: 5:13
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Author himanshu gupta ( ago)
all the KFC restraunts in India have a notice on display saying they serve only Halal meat.

Author Himanshu Kumar ( ago)
awesome plz upload more of your videos kunal sir

Author Piyush Garg ( ago)
Just a trivia: In US many of the restaurants put Halal sign boards.

Author Rahul Agrawal ( ago)
You are legend Sir👏👏👏
Just watched both of your videos
I was like is bande ko subscribe karna padega and then I was like, I need to watch more videos but there isn't more Videos!
Sir I request you to upload some more videos of yours
And hoping to see you soon in Bengaluru :)

Author ali kool ( ago)
@kunal karma actually kfc only serves halal in india

Author Anwar Rashid ( ago)
App pe baith ke chale jao

Author Suchit Singh Nagpal ( ago)
Dude, I'm a guy who doesn't usually laugh (laugh in actual terms) watching stand up on YouTube... But today, you really tore me apart bro

Author rohit nikale ( ago)
Man crowds a nursery all early teenagers I guess..

Author palash nimodia ( ago)
dekho gandu ko, bc macdonalds hi kha bhosadike tu, unti hi "goodness" mangti hai tereko

Author Revansiddappa Kalshetty ( ago)
faltu, useless

Author Kalpesh Nirgun ( ago)
aap pe baith ke jaa 😂😂😂

Author prashant maheshwari ( ago)
👎just adding bad words doesn't make it funny...

Author Mohan Sharma ( ago)
Them jabs at UP and Bihar. Not in good spirit man.
disliked !

Author Adil Ahmed ( ago)
😂😂😂 the closing lines... siachen me jawan ladre hai ..

Author light saber ( ago)
Watching it for the 3rd time in 3 days.

Author VDiaries ( ago)
4:17 Nitish kumar khud hilata hai roj subah :D

Author Suniye Saathi ( ago)
What's up with the stupid Bihari jokes, 'freethinker' dude? Are we still in the 90s? Why not use Raj Thackeray speech in the intro then.

Author Kshitij Anand ( ago)
you're too good for India man! 😂 awesome

Author Rahul Deshpande ( ago)
Man this is the first vid i saw urs !!

It made me SUBSCRIBE to ur chann !!!!

Cool sense of humour man !!

So unique and freshhh !!

Author Zed_n ( ago)
ithni Masti yeh laata kahan se hay bhai ?? Amazing....

Author Rhea Sharma ( ago)
How high were you on stage? #justasking 😂😝

Author Ashmer Shams ( ago)
good going bro loved your stuff!!!

Author sai kumar pasam ( ago)
great content bro. keep continuing

Author ramario cruz ( ago)
please upload more of your videos
you are really good

Author Thomas The Bergkamp fan ( ago)
Really impressive stuff

Author Mahesh Patil ( ago)
abusive comedy..huh..grow up..disliked

Author Loy Thomas ( ago)
Ye steering kya gand main ghusane ke liye diya hai ?

Author saharsh jhunjhunwala ( ago)
Amazing man. Loved your content :D

Also, I'm gay

Author sachin singh ( ago)
Kamayenge India khayenge India burai b India ki karenge,,,up walo ne Kya gaand maarli h Tumari

Author sachin singh ( ago)
chutiya bc...

Author General Malhar ( ago)
this was the best

Author Mayur Panghaal ( ago)
Too good.

Author Pujita M ( ago)
Too funny XD

Author Ashwin Gohil ( ago)
stupid sick comedy at which indians laugh

Author Sameer Gauba ( ago)
bhai aur videos daal na!

Author SANTOSH PATEL ( ago)
Dude... Epic!!

Author rockingpops ( ago)
Great show man!
just one feedback regarding the video.. the audio needs to be louder.

Author Jadhav N ( ago)
ek number bhai ek number :-)

Author Harsh Gandhi ( ago)
One of the most fucking amazing Stand Up... 😂 Hats off bro.. 👌👍

Author vishwanath kantale ( ago)

Author Debojit Moran ( ago)

Author mahboobali Khan ( ago)

Author Sourabh Bakshi ( ago)
becoming a fan of Kunal ...

Author surbhit mathur ( ago)
this is first video of urs that I saw and it's hilarious...I'm the one who always look for good comedy and watch almost all comedians and you are too good for it. keep it u

Author AnuRag ( ago)
video mai starting ki speech kiski hai?

Author shubham biddua ( ago)
Too good bro

Author Shivam Sharma ( ago)

Author Tarun Nathani ( ago)
Too good man too good. Very hard to find good comics these days. Your modulation and jokes are next level epic hahahahaha all the best

Author Anish Malik ( ago)
Guess kar bhosidike....😂😂😂

Author Arka Roy Chowdhury ( ago)
Nice Show :-)

Author Charles Isaiah ( ago)
Hey Kunal
post more videos bro, your hilarious!!!

Author kb B ( ago)
nothing great if u assume it without abuses.. disliked it

Author Suvendu Parida ( ago)
awesome man

this was one of your best SO far bro awesome 😀👏👏👏

Author saurabh tatar ( ago)
Awsm bro!

Author Vinymilano ( ago)
Haha...this stand up is too good for India..hope you keep making more fun videos and not become like the others who were too good for India.. :P

Author Me Mygod ( ago)
Can someone please share more details on music at the beginning of this video??

Author Rajat Saraswat ( ago)
ghar me shauchalay banwa le na to., andar hi hagne jaya kar.,

Author Jeet Karani ( ago)
Kunal Bhai apology letter waala upload karona

Author Vipul Deshmukh ( ago)
"Guess kar bhosadike.."
Best Punch 😂😂😂

Author soccerlover247 ( ago)
the way he spoke of his granddad was distasteful

Author Superstition Production Trust ( ago)
Boleto ek number bantai......

Author Ritu Raj ( ago)
its not funny .. if u are stereotyping every thing ... 😁 though i laughed

Author Siva Indira Das ( ago)

Author anmol bisaria ( ago)
you are the best.... my favourite was 'guess Kar bhosd**' 😂😂

Author Hasnain Ashraf ( ago)
Hahahaha.. Amazing stand up comedy.. Looking for more videos bro.. Upload soon

Author southpawlibra9 ( ago)
Indian accent has to be the most irritating in the world.

Author Zeeshan M. Raje ( ago)
I think ranking is
1. Zakir Khan
2. Abhishek upamanyu
3. Kunal Kamra

Author sanjaycomedy ( ago)
very funny yaar

Author Amrit B. ( ago)
Hats off 😂😂😂😂 too good.

Author Dhruv Patel ( ago)

Author Dhruv Patel ( ago)
munh se mungfali toot nahi rahi hai gand se akhrot todega kya ?

Author Siddhesh Joshi ( ago)
It seems you have problem with everything.

Author Anirudh Singh ( ago)
thums up buddy just for that moogfali n akhrott line that was hilarious

Author Avinash Kaushik ( ago)
Bro you're fabulous man! rofl

Author Junaid Aslam Hakeem ( ago)
Kunal, you're too good man! Only two videos and you're a superstar. You've an awesome way of telling jokes man. Watched your videos like 10 times each. Keep going👍👍👍

Author dikshant waghmare ( ago)
good one✌️

Author Raj Harsh ( ago)
Only a few Indian Stand-Up Comedians are good. And you are one of them.

Author syed habeeb ( ago)
hamare jawan ladd rahe hai.....

Author Ap G ( ago)
You are damn good 😊

Author amit singh ( ago)
great, superb...thanku

Author rockymm ( ago)
starting me jnu ke hamid ki speech ni line thi

Author Harmandeep Singh ( ago)
2:55 😂😂😂

Author rinkal sahu ( ago)
1 million pakka karle uber x

Author Abhay Singh ( ago)
The last dialog of cab driver that is hilarious. waiting for more videos.

Author fuegokedgoan ( ago)
What's that opening dialogue

Author tarushi kelkar ( ago)
KFC isn't too good. KFC is so good :)))

Author Ritwik Bhattacharya ( ago)
fadu he boss,chalo Kahi to logic sukhi trump aur Modi ke bich me

Author Abhishek Chandra ( ago)
best line "Guess kar bh***dike, tu bata" Hilarious, Absolutely

Author Anurag Kumar ( ago)
that epic line "muhh se moongfali tut na
e RI h gand se akhrot todeyga Kya"😂😂

Author prakash tiwari ( ago)
great fresh content!!!!!!!.....akhrot thing was a killer.....keep it up pal

Author Modern बाबा ( ago)
Agar log standup se bore ho gaye honge, like me toh mere channel pe aao aur kuch naya informational video dekho jisme entertainment free hai

Author Shan j ( ago)
sala maal marke ata hai ye hamesha show me..

Author Devanshu Arya ( ago)
There is a vegetarian KFC in Chennai. No kidding

Author Vaishak ization ( ago)
You sound dope as fuck.

Author Nehal Sahu ( ago)
bro u r savage....

Author AnishKumar Kar ( ago)
Awesome bro!!

Author bibin philips ( ago)
Dude! Both your videos are just awesome! Friggin hilarious. Looking forward to more.

Author Jolly John ( ago)
your shit is crazy bro!

Author divyanshu dembi ( ago)
This guy looks as if he's always stoned!

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