CBR 600 RR 2008 Wheelies - 3rd Person View (GO PRO HD)

Some more stand ups!
Sitdown wheelie with some hard braking at the end...........


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Author W Viloche ( ago)
Hi brother, please the tire pressure in PSI ?

Author EJC ( ago)
You should be studying math

Author Anonymous Jay ( ago)
fucking awesome.

Author Jacob Gnarly ( ago)

Author marvin dollente ( ago)
love the sound's tho

Author Alonso Bros ( ago)
nothern portugal ? arcos de valdevez?

Author Kyle Comer ( ago)
looks like austin texas

Author ih8momjokes1 ( ago)
dont place your feet like that it causes bad weight distribution that
messes with the handling of the bike in a wheelie bro!!

Author jose neves ( ago)

Author KeYBuMp ( ago)
too raw

Author Chris Rey ( ago)
i wanna be able to do that so bad! i can only power wheelie i cant get the
clutch ups yet 

Author chanie123 ( ago)

Author Luis Valarino ( ago)
check my video cbr 600 2007 :)

Author gmastergrant ( ago)
Sick, you make it look easy bro

Author adam boeger ( ago)
respect the torque and hp on my 07 cbr 1k is a lil twitchy so i havent
grown the balls 2 do the stand up wheelies yet got the sitin clutch poppin
down tho 

Author Morcego538 ( ago)
eu acho que os motards sao muito mais felizes que todas as outras
pessoas!!eu seria se ja tivesse carta!!por enquanto vou me divertindo no
mato com a minha pit bike!!looool!!parabens pelos vossos videos sao todos
excelentes!!voces tambem passam a vida a pensar em motas e em andar de mota
ne?eu passo!! :)

Author RideitLike IStoleIt ( ago)
hahaha i saw mpfatias going the other way on his crf! :)

Author Tin Man ( ago)
seeing you on one wheel over the painted lines is sketchy, saw a video of a
guy who slipped out while doing a wheelie because of the paint, and laid on
his bike like a boogie board on its side while it skidded off the road

Author Julii HueHueHue ( ago)
I ♥ it:*

Author zakiyezdery ( ago)
I have a 09 Cbr jst wondering if u pull the bike up or jst use the power
when doing the wheelies and also when u pull the clutch in do u rev n den
pop the clutch or do u jst pop the clutch straight away?? Thanx and nice

Author Xport Rider (635 years ago)
Ok man, I can't seem to break away from your vids, i got a question in one
of your vids first person, on your forks the adjusters are red, where did
you get them? I'm doing some small upgrades to my '03 rr and was looking
into a dampener. Thanks, and love the videos

Author munchies4life ( ago)
I remember my first wheelie 

Author Clyde Ng ( ago)
what gears and at what rpm?

Author swaggerboy740 ( ago)
omg that sound when u are about to lift up is sooooo sexyyyyyy

Author lamoni1969 ( ago)
Hey Kailly000, Me again with another question. What is easier to do standup
or sit down wheelie? Thanks Joey

Author CornflakesArni ( ago)
why are your wind noise so low?? i checked out both backcovers of the go
pro to get this sound but the wind is to high :/

Author thoffarius ( ago)
thx! interesting to see bodyposition so close!

Author Filipe Morais ( ago)
será que uma cbr125 tambem levanta a roda em 2ª............

Author AndreCorner ( ago)
@Kailly000 thanks buddy ;)

Author AndreCorner ( ago)
00:30 such great roads! where are you from? do you pull all of them in 2nd
gear? i want to learn(same bike) but i'm too scared to drop the bike, i
really care about her since it's my first

Author Morpheen999 ( ago)
My season is over also i think im gunna have to go to Florida or something,
ill miss it too much

Author Brokx (462 years ago)
Isn't it like.. friggin hard to get that clutch jump just right? Won't it
over accelerate too much, causing the bike to flip over? 

Author spafro101 (752 years ago)
Fuck that! love the bike

Author cyclecrafttom ( ago)
is this a 07-08 CBR or 09-11 ?

Author ScSSwav ( ago)
impressive, got a little wobbly there at 1:22 ;)

Author Hugo Ferreira ( ago)
@Kailly000 Obrigado! ;)

Author Hugo Ferreira ( ago)
Ando a treinar os ´stand-ups´ mas fico com algum receio de, quando a mota
dá o "solavanco" por causa de apertar a embraiagem, eu vire a barca :P deve
ser por só estar apoiado nos punhos e nas peseiras (???). Alguma dica? Ou é
ir experimentando até que se ganhe confiança? Abraço

Author Richard M ( ago)

Author tony hanley ( ago)
good wheelies but your on the wrong side of the road, lucky for you that
every one else was also ?

Author mp1587 ( ago)
You make it look sooooo easy, im still learning 2nd gear clutch ups on my
gixxer 600. can only seem to get them up a few inches and i feel like im
giving it way more throttle than you seem to be. Any tips? whats your
technique? Are those all 2nd Gears?

Author John Irvine ( ago)
that was sick! you are good at riding! you have a beautiful country, thank
you for uploading this video, it was amazing

Author davewest1 ( ago)
@Kailly000 Sweet, good stuff. Nice vids you got on here. Keep it UP :)

Author anthony chucheong ( ago)
Amazing vid. Great sounding pipe as well.

Author natfx7 ( ago)

Author Nick The Stunter ( ago)
U still need to learn, how to control ur throttle ;) when ur almost at
balance point u start going up and down. Try to hold it at a preferred
height :-) Grtz!

Author davewest1 ( ago)
Good work. Standard sprockets ?

Author Alric Thomas-Piet ( ago)
Nice sound !! What is your exhaust ?

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