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  • See Gunfire Games' new protagonist Fury in action in this awesome, action packed 12 minute chunk of gameplay you won't find anywhere else.

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    Darksiders 3 Official Reveal Trailer – IGN First

    The First 17 Minutes of Darksiders Warmastered Edition (1080p 60fps):

    Darksiders: Warmastered Edition Official PS4 Pro Trailer:

    Darksiders 2: Deathinitive Edition Review:

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  • Runtime: 12:19
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  • Umair Aziz
    Umair Aziz 18 hours ago

    this whip seems to week, Every new darksiders is reducing the size of weapons, In 1, it was bigger, in 2 got smaller, in 3, just a whip? freakishly annoying gameplay i sense.....

  • Resul Abdurrahman Karabıyık

    Şükür la Harbiden özlemiştim çok güzel oyun bu offfff beee

  • henrik söderholm

    The whip looks boring..

  • Skal Ka
    Skal Ka 1 day ago

    Anyone else has a problem with darksiders 2? It shuts down my ps4 and i cant play this game..

  • Sidney Steele
    Sidney Steele 1 day ago

    u can tell this game needs polishing in many aspects,but they still have time.gonna buy it no mather what tho cuz of the first 2 games and i want a 4th one to finish up this epic story.

  • Anti Alles
    Anti Alles 1 day ago


  • awesome gaming
    awesome gaming 1 day ago

    Not even a small cutscene-ish thing after killing a boss? Wow.

  • Gaming World PS4
    Gaming World PS4 1 day ago

    Are they making darksiders 4 just because of this game?

  • Charles Williams
    Charles Williams 1 day ago

    I noticed in the latest Game informer that she has a curved double bladed weapon plus her whip upgrades. so don't sell her short. give them a chance to see what the character does

  • Dahom yasser
    Dahom yasser 2 days ago

    Remember guys,

  • Raximus3000
    Raximus3000 2 days ago

    Caslevania anyone?

  • chuck norris
    chuck norris 2 days ago

    Lol sloth is the fly version of the asylum demon

  • Sammy Sosa
    Sammy Sosa 3 days ago

    Should I play darksiders 1 and 2 before I play 3 or are they different story lines?

  • Colby Vanquished
    Colby Vanquished 3 days ago

    That whip feels uninspired; it looks weak and bland to use.

  • Nikita Savage
    Nikita Savage 3 days ago

    darksiders one the best

    SOULRAK DEUZ 3 days ago

    muy bonito y bien hecho gráficamente perooo puedes hacer algo aparte de corre y brincar en el mundo? no hay loot o armaduras armas dinero que se yo algo para enriquecer ese mundo si no va a ser muy pobre

  • akbaradiwijaya
    akbaradiwijaya 3 days ago

    i was hoping the main character is strife tho.

  • Blood Born
    Blood Born 4 days ago

    the whip is just NOT VERY SATISFYING just sayin :) feel like its way too boring compare to the older versions, maybe make the chain on the whip bigger and slow down the game abit and add more effect to the attack should be good
    its ma opinion yall can just ignore it and that sound effect from the whip just ruins it more XD

  • cuhlioo5
    cuhlioo5 4 days ago

    so happy im crying

  • Shawn Kennedy
    Shawn Kennedy 4 days ago

    As someone who played the first two games i hope the combat speeds up a lot more than it does in this trailer, a lot of stuff needs to be polished, and just by looking at it the combat system seems to go at a much slower pace than the last game. I wish we could have gotten a look at her special form like the Reaper form or Wars form whatever it was called, it would have been much more interesting than what we saw here, i can see why its coming out in 2018 but i don't know if i would call that enough time to make this a great game since it looks rather early in development.

  • Michael McDonald
    Michael McDonald 4 days ago

    That elevator was action packed af.

  • jacob gomez
    jacob gomez 4 days ago

    this looks boring whip is boring

  • Link Triforce
    Link Triforce 4 days ago

    For all who are wandering she will keep her whip because she never lost it

  • carlito madrid
    carlito madrid 4 days ago

    Why she beating up those monster with her belt? She is a dem dominatrix lol it looks like it's going to take forever to pass the game with the whip.

    Give a her some beast claws or something.

  • OurLordAndSaviorSatan

    I think the game looks good, but the guy playing it is absolutely terrible. How can someone be that bad.

  • itchyex
    itchyex 4 days ago

    This just made me laugh. Bayonetta had a better whip...and moves. Seems like there's no real feel or power in that whip. Its just annoying as hell. Weapons are supposed to make you feel all powerful. The developers should play Bayonetta with Kulshedra and fix this shite lol

  • Azertg Dssch
    Azertg Dssch 4 days ago

    i have to go alone....

  • 557deadpool
    557deadpool 5 days ago

    I would smash

  • Drakk Wilson
    Drakk Wilson 5 days ago

    I'm disappointed.
    Why, when she climbs with her whip, her whip looks like a weapon of war like Ivy of soulcalibur with many blades
    And, when she fights it looks like a simple, ridiculous whip with boring sound... It's Darksiders guys, it's a ballsy game with charismatic weapons, change sound for more metallic, change size, change skin, change all the whip...Put a whip with several arms....where are not in Indiana Jones
    Ooooh ! she hits beetle with a leather whip, ohoh guys, there is a problem!!! where is the darksiders dimension?????????
    Put giant squirrels and bees while you're there.... it s not FF14

  • Riolande
    Riolande 6 days ago

    so corruption is now purple?

  • Justin Debruce
    Justin Debruce 6 days ago

    seriously a women there called the four horsemen noth the three horsemen and a lady if youre going to do something stupid and change genders you should give the option to choose the gender of the character ...also the next character being fury the whip is stupid looked stupid seriously lacking power devestation which you would think you would have with a name like fury I would rather use battle axes or a spear or the you people need to come up with better weapons and seriously think about adding the option to choose gender .....please don't mess this up been waiting for this game for a long time need to go back to the drawing board and come up with a better weapon ..that's feels like youre going to go ham on something and that whip hell no ....I hope you read these comment5s serously

  • Brian Abongan
    Brian Abongan 6 days ago

    hhmm her playstyle remins me of Gabrie from Castlevania.

  • Aymen Labidi
    Aymen Labidi 6 days ago

    Not sure if darksiders or Dark Souls -_-

  • Gökay Emin EVREŞE

    That whip is annoying, Hope we can equip secondary weapons as well. Or this game gonna turn in to some S&M sh*t.

  • Kirsten-Jörg Mai
    Kirsten-Jörg Mai 6 days ago

    Hope it will be more a roleplay like darksiders 2 . I like those item and skill system.

  • Loratio Osa
    Loratio Osa 6 days ago

    this does not look too interesting at the moment, they need more whip noises, her movements seems a bit stiff and slow, the pace, movement of enemies, and her recovery from hits seem really slow. and her dodge distance seems a bit short. I'm hoping there is more to the whip than what I just saw.

  • Farmiluc
    Farmiluc 6 days ago

    I really hope they'll change the annoying whip sound effect

  • Jackson Bowns
    Jackson Bowns 7 days ago

    I feel like the camera's a little close, which makes it harder to see around you. Anyone else feel the same or differently?

  • Jackson Bowns
    Jackson Bowns 7 days ago

    If they make a Darksiders 4, it will be about how Strife slowly lost all of his guns, and his attempts to get them back.

  • rabid rabbit
    rabid rabbit 7 days ago

    better NOT BE a disappointment

  • Chris Tinker
    Chris Tinker 7 days ago

    Y is it always for the new systems like wtf

  • Кот Бутерброд

    Сan she WHIP me?

  • Elmer Barrera
    Elmer Barrera 7 days ago

    Graficos y jugabilidad paresen para ps2 perdida de tiempo... 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

  • Zed Harith
    Zed Harith 7 days ago

    Can I have Death back?

  • azhok 147
    azhok 147 7 days ago

    i wonder what her transformation looks like

  • BlackSoul
    BlackSoul 8 days ago

    Boss fight starts at 07:50

  • Anti Virus
    Anti Virus 8 days ago

    dear thq nordic i hope you have fun testing ds3 and plz do not fail us like no mans sky did let it take even 2 more years for you to make it i dont care im a big fan of the game i completed the second game multiple times but please dont fail us like no mans sky did

    love, biggest darksiders fan Luke

  • dreyzen metik
    dreyzen metik 8 days ago

    Such a pity. Same camera problems that have plagued the previous game exist in this installment too. In group combat, and during enemy lockup, there is no way to tell if someone is about to attack you from behind or from the side. During boss fight, camera is so closely focused on the crab that you can barely see boss attack animation.

  • Shooter Gaming
    Shooter Gaming 8 days ago

    Пиздато шакарно извеняюсь за мат но это ШЕЕЕЕЕЕДДДЕЕЕВВРРРРР уже жду 4 часть ))))

  • Legendary Spycrab
    Legendary Spycrab 8 days ago

    If this game will be as cool and hard as darksiders 1 and 2 then i will guaruante buy it.

  • Julian Lewis
    Julian Lewis 9 days ago

    Games are looking pretty darn sexy now!

  • Sh4ark
    Sh4ark 9 days ago

    nah..nah.. where are the combos, the chain atacks, the feeling of impact and damage that the first and especially the second game did so well? this needs to be improved.. a LOT!

  • deadlyvenom354
    deadlyvenom354 9 days ago

    Would of preferred her to have a whip sword and it looks like the story will be about the 7 deadly sins which will be neat looking forward to this hope they make 5 games I. Total and the fifth one being coop

  • Ignis King
    Ignis King 9 days ago

    I don't know about whip. I'd have just put strife and fury together in one game because their kinda side characters to the big horsemen death and war with their epic fighting styles and what not. This way shared story gets us to a fourth game with all of them together.

    MS GAMER 9 days ago

    I think the darksiders 2 is better at combat than this one

  • Joshua Moose
    Joshua Moose 9 days ago


  • Rickbotic
    Rickbotic 9 days ago

    love this series. but that whip combo is boring as hell. So far fury isn't furious enough for me. hopefully they add some flair or make it so we can use other weapons.

  • spike gamers
    spike gamers 9 days ago

    preferia o cavaleiro da guerra o personagems prinçipal ou ate
    mesmo o mortednv

  • Metroid Database
    Metroid Database 9 days ago

    If Zero Suit Samus had her own game...

  • 박박재영
    박박재영 9 days ago

    망작 스멜

  • Creepolv9000
    Creepolv9000 10 days ago

    Game feels REAL different, and I'm more into playing as a dude then a female(so I was hoping for strife instead of fury ;( )...but who tf cares I been waitin years for this!

  • B C
    B C 10 days ago

    no damage counters? the only things I hope they kept from darksider2 is the possessed weapons. or something like it. I hope they just have the npcs health display turned off because if they got rid of damage splats and combo counters, crits and hp bars on this rpg GEM I'd be seriously butthurt.. that's like making a skateboarding game without telling you the tricks.

  • Yassin Alkouatli
    Yassin Alkouatli 10 days ago

    soooooooooooooooo bad

  • Sean nguyen
    Sean nguyen 10 days ago


    NECRIS 10 days ago

    Yay, Ulthane again ^^

  • AlanSariGm
    AlanSariGm 11 days ago

    Sieht toll aus ich freue mich darauf.

  • ConmanWolf
    ConmanWolf 11 days ago

    If I had one complaint, it's that the whip, while cool, doesn't look like it does much impact. It mostly seems like she's smacking her enemy's with a licorice whip. War and Death both looked like they where doing real damage with each attack, knocking foes back and what not. I know it's Pre-Alpha, but I hope they fix the whip a bit. Since while cool, it needs to feel more powerful.

  • Jdacunto1
    Jdacunto1 11 days ago

    I miss Death

  • Sci-Fi Savage
    Sci-Fi Savage 11 days ago

    You know what the problem with this game is? She's not Death! Not to mention they seem to return to the original formula of Darksiders 1, which can't hold a candle to the ARPG open world expirience that Darksiders 2 provides.

  • Abriiged Yugii
    Abriiged Yugii 11 days ago

    There has to be four darksider games because they each follow the 4 legendary horseman. Like first War, then Death then the other 2 horseman

  • Syed Murad Ali Shah
    Syed Murad Ali Shah 11 days ago

    I hope they have option for more characters, WAR was the best

  • jon king
    jon king 11 days ago

    that demo was so weak

  • Filip Fry
    Filip Fry 12 days ago

    дайте ей в руки еще один хлыст! Она с одним пол дня того лоха мочила!

  • Edem Kudjodji
    Edem Kudjodji 12 days ago

    Need to work on the way she runs, her upper body looks like it's detached from her legs. I've heard they don't use motion picture but they could have a better final result. (P.S. no useless criticism as I'm a fan of Joe Madureira's art work)

  • Khaos Yin
    Khaos Yin 12 days ago

    Hope we got more fighting animations come out, this combat feels abit odd -_-|||。。。。War's combat feels awesome, Death's combat feels brilliant, Fury........just a little boring..........

  • Сергей Щерба

    Нуууу.. Чет нет тех эффектных ударов что в предыдущих частях. Я надеюсь этот бос потом станет обычным мобом

  • hai dang
    hai dang 12 days ago

    Darksider 2 is better

  • Captain Ubershmitz
    Captain Ubershmitz 12 days ago

    Why did they go with a name that wasn't one of the four horseman? I can't help but feel like they missed a great opportunity to make pestilence/conquest or famine, since they are obviously are trying to make a strong female lead. :/

  • Daniel Junior
    Daniel Junior 12 days ago

    Is Fury one of the hourseman?

  • gugu alex
    gugu alex 12 days ago

    the weapon is kind of boring and no spells or forms were shown think the game has far more work to be done

  • Lich King
    Lich King 12 days ago

    Where is Death?

  • war weeny
    war weeny 13 days ago

    There is nol impact on weapons and when you get hit, i hope to god this will be fixed when they finish the game, it is "x-blades" all over again, it feels like you are hitting butter.

  • Father_ofWolves
    Father_ofWolves 13 days ago

    I know this is a very very early make of the game. But Fury just feels so....weak. Comparing her to her brothers she is like a runt. War uses a giant Claymore, Death uses duel scythes that can make a larger one together. With an assortment of other weapons that they can use to take on dozens of enemies at a time. Then there is Fury with a whip that comes across as painfully underpowered and has trouble taking on basic demons and bugs the other horsemen would take down in an instant.

  • princertihon
    princertihon 13 days ago


  • Sense Locke
    Sense Locke 13 days ago

    What is with the whip-crack sound? Her weapon is linked blades. There's no popper on the end to be breaking the sound barrier, and it wouldn't do damage swinging it that way anyway. The chain-like sounds, the whistling sounds, and sounds of blades impacting works, but I hope they nix that "whip-crack on every button press" B.S. before release.

  • BullBaine 023
    BullBaine 023 13 days ago

    well after this i can't wait for 4 with strife cause she is just boring

  • alligatorsarebetter
    alligatorsarebetter 13 days ago

    I already played cat woman in Batman dlc I don't need this .

  • MrKvittot
    MrKvittot 13 days ago

    stupid to play as a woman

    xXBLUESHARKZXx Tv 13 days ago

    The horsemen will ever be four

  • Cường Triệu
    Cường Triệu 13 days ago

    She borrowed Daggertail from Dastan (PoP)

  • Jonathan Lopez
    Jonathan Lopez 13 days ago

    so they are doing 4 games for each horseman?

  • wilkings cepeda
    wilkings cepeda 14 days ago

    looks fun to play, resembles God of war, but that whip sound gotta go! annoying AF

  • Virgil Barrios
    Virgil Barrios 14 days ago

    Are they ever going to explain what happened to Death?

  • Kar Nik
    Kar Nik 14 days ago

    как долго я ждал этого

  • claarkala
    claarkala 14 days ago

    Show me the way

  • Aleksa Janjatovic
    Aleksa Janjatovic 14 days ago

    Add more combat versatility, otherwise the game will get bland after 15 minutes

  • MegaGothmog
    MegaGothmog 14 days ago

    Hmm.... my thoughts so far:
    (I KNOW THIS IS PRE-ALPHA GAMEPLAY! Hold your Phantom Horses)

    -It feels a bit like Darksiders 1. A similar setting, even similar enemies ( 5:44 for instance). Not complaining.. just observing.
    -Not a lot of music so far, except with the Boss... and yet that one felt similar to boss-music from Darksiders 1.
    -The Whip sounds are not that powerful. With Darksiders 1 you had war with a lot of noise around his sword. Huge amount of clashing sounds and extra effects. Darksiders 2 had that even more everytime Death used a special move with a shade of his Reaper form doing tons of damage. A huge 'WHOOSH' came in.... but here it is only the slight slapping of the whip. No flashing lights... or powerful blows that make it sound like 'Fury unleashes her fury :)'.
    When comparing this to the other two.... it feels like she is hitting her enemies with a fly-swatter. I do hope they include more sound and effects with her weapons.
    -I saw no special moves so far. I do hope they will include more of those... otherwise it is going to be very repeditive.
    -When walking past (i think it was) Ulthane... i thought i heard the same voice-actor. Already love that, that they also brought those guys back.

    So far it looks promising.... and i gathered that they brought back the old team from Darksiders 1 and 2.... and so i am not worried....
    Looking foreward to it.

  • Adam Olejniczak
    Adam Olejniczak 15 days ago


  • andre anaya gonzales

    i hate the new cartoon graphics :/

  • Billy Causey
    Billy Causey 15 days ago

    Sad to see that even twenty years after

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