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Author suzette morrow (5 months)
ria, Any paper that has a little stiffness to it will work as a pop up.

Author Dorothy Atchison (27 days)
First time I've seen one of your videos ... that was super and tfs

Author BettsyDoodle (3 months)
Brilliant! TFS. Hugs, Dee x

Author Megan Scrivener (2 months)
Can someone tell me how to make the actual EYE? Much appreciated :) x

Author adrian aquino (4 months)
ok here we go

Author Carol Hawkins (3 months)
Lovely, BUT, the music blasted my eardrums out. Please make the sound
either the SAME or SOFTER than your voice. Thank you.

Author Mitchell Brum (5 months)
thank you so so much. this tutorial has helped me so much. i have to make a
pop up book and i am using both of your shown pop ups, im so glad i can
find you on the internet. well you now have a new sub, this isnt the kinda
stuff i am into but im so thankful!! 

Author Engelchen19 (9 months)
Awesome! Thank you

Author ria camarista (5 months)
what kind of paper will be pop up??

Author Sam Son (1 year)
WOW!!!! WONDERFUL!!! Thank you soooo much :D :D :D

Author Lynne Hughes (1 year)
Love, love, love the eyeball. I will have to do this. Cute process. TFS

Author Mariana Bortoletti (1 year)
Wow, thanks to you now I can make my own pop-up!
Yey o/ I was looking for a tutorial like your for ages hehe

Author Monique Deconinck k (1 year)


Author MisaMisa (2 years)
hi, great video. It's giving me wonderful new ideas for my project! It
would be good however if you could adjust the volume to go louder. Even
with headphones turned up, still hard to hear.

Author lOwlEyesl (2 years)
Exactly what I was looking for! Thnx! :)

Author Renee C (1 year)
Thank you for this wonderful tutorial, it has given me some great ideas!
You are so original! Kudos!

Author suzette morrow (2 years)
Thanks for the suggestion. I'm just traveler on the same road.

Author suzette morrow (2 years)
Thanks back at ya!

Author Annie Claxton (1 year)
Wow! thanks Suzette - such a simple technique and you explain it really
well - I'm inspired! :o)

Author feedYOURchildrenKORN (1 year)
Thanks so much, this is perfect for an art project I'm doing :)

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