Diablo 2 - A Mega Noob

I Made a game o bk4 n 2 hrs
So come he in and will offer this

He is a big noob
Blizzard plz ban him from Diablo 2 :)

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Author boubito (3 months)
You is filmed! hahahahaha XD

Author Tolis Norris (3 months)
you is filmed to youtube? really dude? 

Author redstonegeekman (7 months)
You is filmed to youtube... priceless! btw me no not learned englandish
from skoula too me learned speaking ogre from englischky he me teached. i
bet thats how he speaks...

Author Karlostoven (8 months)
hahaahh "" You is filmed?? "" LOL I never heard such thing in English, and
is so low making fun of someone who doesn't have anything. This video is

Author Vergil Gamerpro (7 months)
which song is that

Author MaDArMy911 (1 year)
lets see here, hoto, shako, lidless, goldwrap, chancies, treks/ww's, and i
gaurantee none of them are perfect. and ur saying this kid is a noob. he is
a noob yes, but ur right next to him.

Author André Sundström (2 years)
Learn too stop when showing stuff... Just like show and tell in school,
where your supposed too learn stuff. Obviously you did not

Author Tiedmann1 (2 years)
Sup' Mr Mutko ?!

Author shaun harlow (2 years)
ur an idiot.

Author javi sta (2 years)
aprende ingles pelotudo

Author Warlock (2 years)
you are a noob that cannot write in english too

Author GetYaBoom (2 years)
he a extreme noob you is filmed to youtube

Author YOLO O (2 years)
you are the definition of no life

Author S4nGoKu (2 years)
@vadont Essence, used to make Tokens

Author CrysisFear (2 years)
Your english sucks ,maybe you would first learn it before accusing others

Author Blessman Fred (11 months)
sum 41, lidless, bad english, talking shit.... SOUNDS LIKE DIABLO 2 TO ME

Author wannabe23232323 (2 years)
You, sir, fail big time. =)

Author navaro54 (2 years)
great grammar

Author TheRightToSpeak (2 years)
Wow, what an attention whore!

Author ExZaMM (1 year)
BK4 is akara food, so you're a noob too.

Author UkRedTiger (1 year)
Sorry i don't feed trolls, have a nice day : )

Author Robin Hansen (2 years)
@airmatt86 why do shity ppl always complain about other "shity" ppl.

Author Rippin (2 years)
I used to be a noob....but now i help out new players.

Author Xerfusin (2 years)
because fat people are usually fat because they're ill in a way, and
homossexual people are still people, and I have nothing against them. Now,
jerks like you, are ill as well, but this is an illness wich can only be
cured by some punches in your face, and humility lessons of life. Try to
help people instead of humiliating them.

Author doctorletsplay (10 months)
oh i get it now ! :D he give him 50000 ULTRA RARE ITEMS for 1 stupid ring

Author tmnelo524 (1 year)
Your gear sucks too dude, you're both noobs. Nobody with a half decent char
uses a Lidless... Learn how to speak proper english too, you stupid ass
hat. Blizz should have banned YOU from Diablo 2 :)

Author Xerfusin (2 years)
dude, if there's someone who should be banned, it's you! I mean, noob = new
on a game or ladder or wathever... I feel bad when I think there are such
jerks in the world as you... and I feel bad for him as well... If I shall
see him one day, I'll give him a couple of good stuff... I hate arrogant
people who make fun of noobs, because usually you're all fat goddamn fags
who never go out, and are nothing in the life except the fact of having a
couple of good stuff in a video game!

Author llollercoaster (1 year)
I'm assuming the reason all of your characters have down in their names is
because you have down syndrome...

Author SpychowoMost (2 years)
nice english :D:D:D

Author Shadowfire74 (2 years)
wtf is with people online calling each other noobs on games!? 1. its just a
game, nobody cares. 2. everyone starts off as a noob until they get good.
you the idiots who call people noobs, jokes on you.

Author MrAsaroV (2 years)
You call some1 noob who's beginner :/ So low

Author TraceurMikado (2 years)
nice english there rofl

Author iaroslav4ik (2 years)
fagish music

Author olwe666 (2 years)
haha noob is the one using lidless

Author VVhiteBoyChase (2 years)
you have some bad grammer kid

Author Denny Nguyen (2 years)
LOL bk is crap I wouldnt even trade bolts of arrows for it

Author 666scav (1 year)
do all diablo players have this bad taste in music?

Author FenolNTLNSoldier (2 years)
@norco1606 true, maybe when i used to play i had alot "cash" so when i made
my character i used perfect match of items.

Author 8XSandyX8 (2 years)
wow you are such an idiot by making fun of him

Author l3akedPotater (2 years)
Hes a noob? you're using lidless?

Author LuizDonardo Mendonça (1 year)

Author King Faisal (1 year)
You ARE the fool!

Author FrozenRainXx (1 year)
^ i was wondering if I was only person to notice that, can't afford HoZ or
spirit I suppose?

Author Jared Fernandez (2 years)
haha i bet his dumbass waz gettin made fun of wen he startin

Author quantumpanic (2 years)
can't believe this is bumped by 9gaggers

Author Greger Svensson (2 years)
Dude, who is the noob? You can't even spell -.- this is just stupid

Author Cihat Doner (1 year)
Your stupidity gave me cancer. (Not sure if I spelled that correct)

Author UkRedTiger (2 years)
I know right, that's the problem with gaming to many people are quick to
laugh and mock new or inexperienced players (We were all "noobs" one time
or another). Seems i am one of very few that take players like this
seriously and just talk them through a few things rarther than just laugh
and call them "noob" i hate that word

Author Wo Mi (2 years)
@1235Loveit noob isnt the same as newbie, retard learn the difference you

Author hptrg404086 (2 years)

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