My Sweet Barbie Sand Car--Hayaybusa Powered Sand Rail-Slideshow-Still Pics

I may not be a "Barbie Girl", but I sure have one sweet rail.

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Author mrbigbigred ( ago)
you got that right I usually make it couple times year maby we will meet up

Author atvfever ( ago)
We are out of Montana. Sandfevercom We travel through Salmon to get to the
St. Anthony dunes quite often. Best dunes ever!

Author mrbigbigred ( ago)
where u from I see ya going thru salmon a lot of times?

Author viggoM35 ( ago)
My future wife. Hell yea ☺

Author atvfever ( ago)
@cmoney697969 LOL!

Author craig mclaughlin ( ago)
Is it weird I imagine being a blue rail humping the barbie car ?

Author khalidGNR ( ago)
its cool 

Author atvfever ( ago)
So question to all those guys out there......Who says men get to have all
the fun toys? LOL

Author atvfever ( ago)
@RRaiderR Yeah that was me! Always amazed at how many people are playing at
OLDS. Crazy, great time at Thanskgiving in Glamis. Thanks for saying hi.
Have a happy new year! 

Author RRaiderR ( ago)
I SAW THIS RAIL AT GLAMIS!!!! you were there right? for thanksgiving 2010?
I effing followed this rail or a duplicate for Comp hill till halfway till
OLDS.... that's one nice rail.... huge torque too huh?

Author Renato Silva ( ago)
WOWWWW, Its so beautifull and strong!!!!! Congratulations!!!!

Author atvfever ( ago)
@Drp632 nope...just the buggy

Author Raqan Sneed ( ago)
are you the chick who has the pink hummer 

Author Dylan Price ( ago)
catch me if you ken ahha

Author wordreet ( ago)
@atvfever Hahaha!

Author atvfever ( ago)
@wordreet Definitely!

Author wordreet ( ago)
Woooo! Now I know how to make a woman happy! Give her sand rails! :¬D

Author atvfever ( ago)
@chriserz94 We actually build these and it would cost about 25K. check us
out on wwwsandfevercom. 

Author E246ixer ( ago)
I'd cruise in that minus the butterfly :P How much did that cost you? 

Author Allterrain_Tim ( ago)
I'd look bad ass with my 8 inch pink mohawk driving that....

Author Dave Upton ( ago)
Wow! Sweet ass rail!

Author 1rottwieler ( ago)
ha besides the fact that its girly(i would still drive the hell ouuttaaa
it) its a effin sweet custom job

Author Crummy Jim ( ago)
hella girly yet still pretty beast

Author atvfever ( ago)
@ktm3004l1fe That's the spirit

Author atvfever ( ago)
@barbiesaremessedup12 Cute idea!

Author atvfever ( ago)
@IVlrGaMeOvEr Oh yeah....well I dare you to 'Catch Me If You "Ken". And
maybe IF you become a "man" you can own one too. At 15 you still have alot
to learn. No hard feelings...and next time don't mess with a woman who
could kick your butt in the dunes!

Author IVlrGaMeOvEr ( ago)
hai hai hai wait a sec buggy is for men only lady i am So mad to see that 

Author lucas heerdink ( ago)
who cares about the paint that is badass i would drive that

Author atvfever ( ago)
@240SSONLY those Rockstars sound like they will work out great for you. Not
aware of any others like that. 

Author NRATodd ( ago)
My kid would love one of these she said. 

Author CPRUCorp 12 ( ago)
who cares if that things pink because i would be hauling A** up those

Author atvfever ( ago)
Hey MrGeeMan88.....thanks for calling me a kid. I sure feel like a kid, but
I don't thing being 40 qualifies me for the role. LOL My car is alot of fun
and gets alot of looks from people of all ages, etc. Most of my demo rides
are usually guys. They love it. Have a super day!

Author atvfever ( ago)
The song is Barbie Girl by Aqua

Author atvfever ( ago)
Thank God I am a chick! I doubt I would be driving a bright pink car with
Barbie on it if I wasn't. LOL The main reason I am sporting such a girly
car is simply because I am a girl. Not to mention I love all the looks I
get. Happy Duning!

Author mooresalex ( ago)
I would so rock this

Author TheSSSAAA123 ( ago)
good good good

Author DRugfree1987 ( ago)
haha man love your bumper. haha great word play

Author tsohmas ( ago)
thank god your a chick

Author Thor237CWCF ( ago)
HEll i would still drive it haha

Author SirFrag32 ( ago)
Hell yea, i'd get that for my girl, haha

Author chriss834 ( ago)

Author mxerboy123 ( ago)
those pink beadlocks are badass

Author atvfever ( ago)
Not selling this one...but happy to build one for you! sandfeverdotcom

Author atvfever ( ago)
Hayabusa 1300. Top speed is 100. I've never done that. The fastest speeds
I've hit were 70-75. Plenty fast for me. Lots of fun!

Author atvfever ( ago)
Your comment rocks! The car weighs about 1100 give or take. Have a super

Author atvfever ( ago)
Of course--you name it we can make it. check out our site. sandfevercom

Author misiek564 ( ago)
catch me if you Ken lol . that's awesome machine !

Author Marco Ruga (1923 years ago)

Author atvfever ( ago)
I don't think I can part with my car, but we can certainly build you one
just like it or any colors or graphics. Check out our website at sandfever

Author atvfever ( ago)
Hey buggymom...Thanks for the awesome post. Girls Rule! Happy Duning!

Author atvfever ( ago)
Well anyone would have to be a little crazy to ride at Glamis. It's one
crazy place...I'd fit right in. Besides, every woman I meet wants to own
one and every man I meet wants a ride in it. So call me crazy...but
majority rules. Happy Duning!

Author anasasisxenophontis ( ago)
Ok that's insane. Whoever drives that thing is even more crazy. I couldn't
imagine a day at Glamis riding around in that. No way. lmao

Author atvfever ( ago)
Fun idea! My hubby is driving one of our demo cars right now. He is trying
to come up with a design for his own car...who knows.. maybe GI Joe.

Author atvfever ( ago)
My daughter loves it too...she was part of my inspiration to make it pink.
Maybe someday your daughter will have a pink car of her very own!

Author atvfever ( ago)
Thanks! I enjoy it. Happy Duning!

Author atvfever ( ago)
Thanks for the comment! I love my rail. Have a great day!

Author dirtastegood ( ago)
LOL 5 star. this is goin in my favorites. LOL that is so sweet.

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