Migos Goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex

Migos go sneaker shopping at Flight Club in Los Angeles with Joe La Puma and talk about their least favorite Jordans, getting into fights over sneakers and Adidas' current run.

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Author I Hate Myself ( ago)
Migos don't go sneaker shopping... Sneakers go Migos shopping.

Sorry for my bad joke.

Author murumuna chaste ( ago)
Back to the future ???, they like get tha fuck out here

Author Seth Logan ( ago)
Do lil yachty

Author SikNasty ( ago)
one of the freshest complex sneaker shopping episode even though i didnt understand a damn thing they said haha jk #MIGO!

Author Lani ( ago)
i cant be the only one who watches this everyday...

Author Ashton Cortes ( ago)
Who's offset and who's takeoff

Author Sam Jackson ( ago)
not a huge fan of rap but dudes shirt End Violence is legit. I'll buy that

Author Petros Breezy ( ago)
Migos are so cool man

Author Precision ( ago)
Why is offset wearing a dress?

Author HERO Flame ( ago)
What does cop mean when he said they will cop some sneakers

Author LaKayla Lewis ( ago)
How many migos are there :my sister:NIGGA BITCH

Author grancrackers 428 ( ago)
Hating on J's then goes and buys J's....

Author Louis Champagnon ( ago)
Niggas jangling every time they move got so much jewellery

Author churcheschickin ( ago)
migis make good music and they seem humbke but they dress like shit as most young niggas do thanks wayne

Author Gilberto Villanueva ( ago)
Pause at 3:20 ur welcome

Author SuperTrando ( ago)
that's y I fuck with offset that boy picked up nothing but retros real nigga

Author the goodlookingjoker ( ago)
ya Dat way every other word- Migos

Author NSTYL3R ( ago)
sneakershopping with Kendrick pls.

Author Dominic Calla ( ago)
who the fuck are these dudes? coming in with convoys and shit?

Author WAH Ron ( ago)
These guys in the sneaker shop thinking about their next hit! What will they name the song?

Author Thomas Manini Jr. ( ago)
who r these fucking clowns?!

Author Shreyas Jindal ( ago)
Ginger Jordan's are awfull

Author Kemisha Smith ( ago)
"If you wear fake M's in high school they might jump on the table.Quavo:They gonna say wut are those

Author Gabe Onu ( ago)
These are cool 😎

Author Kouve Jr ( ago)
Most of the time I listen to *rap* Kendrick, Joey etc. but when it's time for trap Migos are the realest they can speak, and they crazy as fuck.

Author Kouve Jr ( ago)
I wish I had that kind of relationship with my brother lol

Author Kouve Jr ( ago)
It's so fucking funny when these 3 motherfuckers speak it's like one person is speaking they share the words in a 3 word phrase

Author Hervé Maliki ( ago)
TakeOff's dreads are Majestic

Author MagicPixel ( ago)
"retro air jordan deadstock"

They so chillen!

Author Pop Jose ( ago)
Dat way, Right way, Sub way Migos favourite lines

Author Daniel Soriano ( ago)
Do Pharrell

Author Erik Davis-Voss ( ago)
hey you have them on
takoff: oh yea dat way

Author Lukozade ( ago)
Do one with dr dre

Author Erik Davis-Voss ( ago)
its so funny when they say a line from there song

Author Jacob Prater ( ago)
What's that song playing in the beginning of the video

Author Griffin Kelley ( ago)
Make a quick buck sharing your feedback with big brands at coolopps. com

Author STATUS604 ( ago)
ohh i get it.. triplet rhythm rapping... 3 amigos... shit, didnt even know migos was 3 people.

Author tash ( ago)
this niggah really said ...with full conviction.... mismatch cabbage patch criss cross applesauce 😂😂😂

Author StraZe ( ago)
Do logic

Author NimbleBarrage ( ago)
Why the person who says rain drop drop top

Author Nyelle Baylor ( ago)
who wants to know Quavo's full name

Author Arjun Dhingra ( ago)
Where can I get the beat at the beginning ?

Author Pudge ( ago)
the man with the bag on look like durant 😂

Author Tolga Yagiz ( ago)
So dope they been friends since forever

Author Clauditha Achiaa-Kankam ( ago)
Offset is always eating with his cute ass

Author Anonymous 935 ( ago)

Author yayayummy04 ( ago)
Takeoff bae!!!! 😍😍😍

Author x Mozayik ( ago)
Offset looks ready for a god damn hiking trip wit dat backpack xD.

Author ImVloggin! ( ago)
call up lil yatchy

Author Jeff Morrow ( ago)
Can Y'all go follow my new twitter page. Trying to get something started. Anything helps!

Author Katherina Faucet ( ago)
what Instremental Beat Is This ? [HELP] 😓😫😫😫

Author Aj'slk Nirmalan ( ago)
What shoes was Takeoff wearing ? ?

Author Zay _- ( ago)
Anybody else saw when he said you dig then joe look at him and thought he said dick 4:35

Author BROgaming ( ago)
anyone else notice that takeoff is the youngest but has the deepest voice

Author Robert's Shirt ( ago)
He Seems Nervous

Author Jonathan Martinez ( ago)
Air Jordan 6 Infered is my personal favorite

Author GCU ht ( ago)
How all these niggas rapping about living poor and coming from nothing when they mom's been copping them Jordan's from day. Makes you think what else they didn't go through unlike so many of us who really struggling out there ha

Author kj kicks ( ago)
the fans Peaking through the window. LOL

Author ajani the kid ( ago)
4:36 fake 7s

Author danny c ( ago)
did anyone notice Lil yachty at the end

Author Amir The Crazy Tuberzz ( ago)
Who else is here to see how much they pay lol

Author Lori B ( ago)
Offset looks like he skipped leg day

Author Matt Denmark ( ago)
am i the only one that feels like migos should have their own reality show

Author Armontae Gonzaga ( ago)
the person who owned a store Got Bandz

Author DarNeysia Jackson ( ago)
Takeoff Cute Ass Fuck tho

Author donkor thomas ( ago)
"the deep meaning of the J's"

Author Yustice Joung ( ago)
Migos go sneaker shopping*

Author Alivia Harris ( ago)
When they said "culture in stores now" & takeoff wasn't ready

Author Rasputia Latimore ( ago)

Author CMG Beats ( ago)
4:00 mic mac cabbage patch...????

Author Parker Barandon ( ago)
It's funny because these guys each make as many noises as desiigner yet he gets all the shit... still love migos tho

Author Michael Giustizia ( ago)
you can't say were trendsetters ya dumbass offset, trendsetters are lowkey about it

Author kimzy21 23 ( ago)

Author Too much Sauce ( ago)
Either his sis or bro had a baby at like 15

Author Too much Sauce ( ago)
Still trying understand how takeoff is quack nephew

Author hazey pig ( ago)
8:03 what beat is that... sounds so familiar

Author Elijuah Penn ( ago)
hem niggas cant dress

Author El ZOIDBERG ( ago)
this nigga punched somebody just because he stepped on FUCKING NIGGERS

Author Julik Zadah ( ago)
takeoff awkward af

Author thechinqisin ( ago)
wait did they see lil yachts boolin it at the end??? Or is that mother video

Author Elijah Diallo ( ago)
Xxxtentacion free

Author Quetzal Tha God ( ago)
Remember when they were just seen as mumble rappers?!?!? They rose up so quickly

Author James Manly ( ago)
Shop with lil yatchy

Author Jonathan Vargas ( ago)
what is the song in the intro

Author YRN Dexter ( ago)
Offset the type of nigga to buy some gumballs for his kid and put a 100$ bill in there

Author Jadon ( ago)

Author Jarin Downing ( ago)
If they made a song about shoe shopping it be fire 🔥🔥

Author pinstripes4life11 ( ago)
That said db 6's for 190? 😨😨

Author Swag Official YouTube Page ( ago)
Love It! Come to my Channel! I have vids you will definitely Enjoy!

Author Way Way ( ago), duds....plural.....duds....

Author Flyingsandwiches1999 ( ago)
Dead😂😂😂 Quavo said he got into his first fight wearing his red and white 14'. It was rainin and someone stepped on his shoe😂😂😂. I wonder did he start rapping when they hit him.

Author Declined Call ( ago)
Quavo lit

Author Frankie Underwood ( ago)
These 3 look like idiots

Author ZachHD ( ago)
takeoff said some get in er get in er 😂

Author kraziekidonly ( ago)
Did anyone see Lil boat at the end...maybe it was offset with red hair

Author Kade Allen ( ago)
Boy them "ginger 16's" bout ugly af

Author shy silent ( ago)
why is lil yatchy at the end of the video

Author Tekkerz kid ( ago)

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