Tanning Bed Hottie

gettin ready to tan?

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Author Holan Wolf (8 days)

Author littlemissoyashirou (4 months)
This could work as an anti-tanning PSA and a workplace safety video for
Spas at the same time! Brilliant! 

Author StarcadeSawyer (1 year)
Um...She's dead.

Author Kemonokami (1 year)
This seems more like a PSA against replacing your bones with balsa wood.

Author Keshav Fukuall (1 year)
sofa king hawt, you guise. 

Author Adam Djmayhem (4 years)

Author crazysoccerplayer3 (4 years)

Author DrawTheDevil (5 years)
haha she got smushed,,,, Kinda imature sorry... But its kind of a warning,
to not go tanning because it kills your skin....

Author Igentenos (5 years)
most of the beautiful women in the world arent tanning. angelina jolie,
nicole kidman, scarlette johansson & megan foxx, to name a few.

Author frijolero117 (5 years)
i would do horrible disgusting things to her body

Author mckinley94 (5 years)
this is the fakst shit ive ever seen.

Author Tek (5 years)
My bad. I didn't know you were 13. My apologies.

Author Naya Spivey (5 years)
wat da crap waz dat da stuff wuz freakin awsome

Author Tek (5 years)
Last week was my very first time tanning-- my very first time in a tanning
bed, period and I am 27 years old. I went tanning today, also. Anyway, last
week I was super paranoid... so paranoid I thought the tanning bed was
going to catch on fire (w/ me in it) . I didn't know what to do or what to
expect. I just felt very uneasy and uncomfortable. I was afraid that my
clothes would catch on fire since I kept my bra and panties on. I was so
damn paranoid that when the timer stopped, I jumped.

Author jettek87 (3 years)
This video SCARED ME :(

Author luckichic101 (4 years)

Author MissPeperoni (4 years)
oh my goddddd!

Author BoldCaster (4 years)
fuckin fake

Author Mitch WI (4 years)
@Nyla5567 No shit you dumb bitch. No one cares how long you've been
tanning. Everyone knows is a fucking joke. Except you obviously. Not so
bright, are you?

Author Tek (5 years)
I sooo didn't see that coming! BITCH GOT PWNED!

Author bballlvr93 (6 years)
HAHAHAHAHA!! that was great! :P

Author Igentenos (5 years)
Yes, using tanning beds before the age of 30 increases risk of skin cancer
75% and have you ever seen a 40 year old that was a sun worshiper? Skin
like leather.

Author shiningmidnight (6 years)
I saw this on another website and it was titled "Bear Trap" for some
reason. Not "Bare", but bear. Big fuzzy wuzzy wasn't fuzzy was he, picnic
eating, bear. I was expecting like a grizzly to come barreling out and eat
her and then that happened, I nearly did a backflip.

Author Payton jordana (2 years)
Omg ew that's gross but then again I kinda giggled hahahah lol

Author karin collado (4 years)
i felt like a perv watching this and wow i did NOT expect that lmaoo

Author godofwine2010 (5 years)
tanto va a ser jejejejje la cama solar asesina jujuju es una mierda de esos
mitos pendejos? como el otro de la cama solar q actua como microondas sobre
una mujer q qeria bronsearse lo mas posible en menos tiempo jejeje

Author justin2raw (5 years)
lol that shit bootlegg

Author Kiki Vodka Poptarts (3 years)
@jettek87, It scared me to =(

Author NightmareFuel1000 (2 years)
Just to add some context, this is a German ad about skin cancer, the
crushing thing is a metaphor for the risks of prolonged exposure to UV

Author famecheer122095 (5 years)

Author AreYouReady23 (5 years)
if it was fake how was that possible?

Author xXRageBabeXx (6 years)
theres a purpose to this video if you had watched the whole thing...

Author Ahehehe111 (6 years)

Author TILTxd (6 years)
Wow, jeg fik godt nok et chok. Spild af god Mascha Vang. ;O)

Author Eddie Boot (6 years)
LMAO, I was starting to wonder where this video was going and then that
came out of nowhere! Nice video!

Author omgsofierce17 (5 years)
omfg that scared me!!! haha pretty fucked up tho

Author bhskaters (4 years)
that scared the shit out of me

Author rsilvia420 (5 years)
exactly no one cares thats why they tan then people notice

Author fromwkfsmouth (4 years)
I thought that the tanning bed would turn into a coffin, or it will act as
a coffin with flowers and religious symbols surrounding her! I didn't
expect it to clamp down on her like a vise as she rubs on oil! That scared
the poo out of me!

Author Alison Chan (4 years)

Author StarsMarsRadio (6 years)
go to the beach pussie

Author shufflefreak456 (3 years)
Hahahahaha wtf funny and wait wat howd I get here

Author Jessica Rose (5 years)
ha flat ass

Author Treb Nicholas (2 years)
I laughed hysterically XD

Author Jonnewton46 (3 years)
At first i was so happy!! But then i was sad. :(

Author oMgeeURLuV (4 years)

Author kaitlyn shepard (1 year)
I yelled "IM A VENUS FLYTRAP, BIATCH" when the tanning bed ate the girl

Author ferdi1159 (4 years)

Author legendofdapwnage (4 years)
That was oddly hilarious(x

Author pelmeron (4 years)
holy shit i nearly ripped my dick off!

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