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Author Aymen Alshi (1 year)

Author Ghulam Yaseen (11 months)

Author Bnt1972 (3 years)
Enhorabuena, muy buen video, muy buenas fotos. Los 3 videos me gustan
mucho. ¿Cuando el proximo? Por favor. Thanks.

Author Mike Stevens (3 years)
2:27 THE CHICAGO CRUSHER!!!! love this man!

Author vicente banchon (2 years)
quisiera contactarme con cualquiera de ellos estan buenotes

Author tran van tuyen (2 years)
3:20 Santa Claus

Author MYThoTG (3 years)
0:01 photo of website ? thanks everybody.

Author ondee ahsee (2 years)
Never, Never!

Author lookatolder (2 years)
acho engracado estares a escrever em portugues?... curioso?

Author MrPauloRobertoSilva (2 years)
Ok, I accept your denial. I was too rude, so you have plenty of reasons not
to forgive me at all.

Author Iguain Arebalo (1 year)
que guapo esos maduros quisira saber de donde son o como contactasrme

Author ondee ahsee (2 years)
Who is kidding who? I am confused........are you for real or a pocaluz? I
forgive you Mr. Dumas!

Author MrPauloRobertoSilva (2 years)
I feel terribly sorry to have expressed the way I did. In fact this is a
very beautiful video. The men herein showed are handsome, and the song is
one of my favourites through all times. I didn't mean to be rude. Forgive

Author papaosoganoso (3 years)

Author ondee ahsee (2 years)
poop on you!

Author Rakesh Lugun (2 years)
you have showed me my weakness. Now how will i sleep?

Author MrPauloRobertoSilva (3 years)
Some of them seem to be gay, indeed. No offense to who appreciate male
beauty, specially in older age. But there's something sad about all that...
can't tell why.

Author selva kumar (3 years)
beautiful................... wwwwwwwwwwwwwooooooooooooowwwwwwwwww

Author lookatolder (2 years)
cada um melhor que o outro ... e bem meu favorito 2:36

Author tran van tuyen (2 years)
2:25 smile

Author Rafeeque Reeba (3 years)
daddy body

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