Dearly Beloved-Jamie Foxx

Dearly Beloved by Jamie Foxx

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Author Taevon Edwards (3 months)
Do anybody know the name of this episode??? 

Author blackstersherron (4 years)
@JamesMusic18 Yes but it was not selling if you look at the true singers
they are not making good money if your not putting on a show like Usher
your vocals mean nothing, cats like tyreas, avant cats who could sing did
not do to good. That is why they had to switch up to entertain most the
true talents don't get the money are the shine bcoz they are boring
performers, people want to be entertain, sad but true.

Author jibfli07 (5 years)

Author bk09forshow (3 years)
@cedneko u crazy lol!

Author hallaonyoboy (4 years)
wow this should be a single

Author TRaENigmatic0Bae09 (5 years)
tHis iS thE s0ng Ima Play on My weDding day (tear Tear)

Author jaazarelli (5 years)
I always said I love the old Jamie over this new pop cat.... He'z made hiz
moneu so he needz to make a Jamie album...

Author liljayjay260 (4 years)
@Machelle3200 Its because of the way the music industry is today. It is
unfortunate that he does'nt put out songs like these anymore.

Author bk09forshow (3 years)
@JamesMusic18 i got that i might need securtiy on dvd funny stuff lol, and
i hate that he got caught up into today he should stick to what he use to
do his songs know are just club songs ,they not showing his true talent lol!

Author Dragonlady (4 years)
wow great performance.... his voice is terribly wasted on the junk he puts

Author James Heij (4 years)
Man, Jamie should go back oldskool! All the songs he plays in The Jamie
Foxx Show, and all of his early life performances like, I might need
Security or Unleashed. Those were the days!!

Author dreherballer11 (5 years)
love this song jamie is so talented

Author JoycelynnTV2 (4 years)
no it wasnt

Author PoohBear4508 (5 years)
i love this song!

Author EvilZeroSc (1 year)
Love this song...Jamie can blow...

Author conyak16 (5 years)
i love this song....jamie is the man...i love his voice

Author MrDemooiste (5 years)
Nog steeds The one And only Foxx ;)

Author JoycelynnTV2 (4 years)
@PrincessLex415 Always Follow Your Heart: When Silas proposes, Jamie gets
jealous and he wants to tell Fancy how he feels but can't so when Fancy and
Silas try to geta away and go to a casino Jamie goes to tell Fancy how he
feels and Fancy tells him and they end up togeether.

Author Kahon Hall (5 years)
jamie foxx plays beautiful music. miss this type of music

Author godzchildz (4 years)
excuse me do u know where i can watch this episode?

Author cedneko (4 years)
in real life fancy got wet on the "cuz baby you got love part" watch her

Author Re'Ana Dixon (5 years)
this song makes me wanna cry

Author tobysoter (2 years)
Jamie brought out the good grease to sing that song.

Author hk hart (4 years)
@JoycelynnTV2 lol im shitty u told the whole episode tho tht must b yo shit

Author Isaiah Berryman (3 years)

Author latarre (2 years)
I love you honey Pooh my best friend, my soon to be husband God blessed

Author Shofie Richardson (3 years)

Author AyBayBay01 (4 years)
Dearly beloved we are gathered here today to show appreciation on your
wedding day. If you ever need someone to call on whenever times got rough
I'll drop what I'm doing cause baby you've got love. So dearly beloved with
extreme sincerety don't forget about your family and most of all dont
forget about me Oh Oh Oh....

Author ilyrasheed (3 years)
i effin love this song

Author mrbennett08 (5 years)
Jamie is the man!!!! Law Abiding Citizen is a must see!!!!

Author retrolove87 (1 year)
Anyone know which episode this is

Author Spudd Brown (5 years)
Bad quality, but thank you for this wonderful jam!

Author Mark Blazek (1 year)
Dis shit make anigga wanna shed a few tears :'(

Author nickg35353 (4 years)
is there any way i can get a good quality version of this in mp3 format?

Author JoycelynnTV2 (5 years)
Always Follow Your Heart: When Silas proposes, Jamie gets jealous and he
wants to tell Fancy how he feels but can't so when Fancy and Silas try to
geta away and go to a casino Jamie goes to tell Fancy how he feels and
Fancy tells him and they end up togeether.

Author Princess Lexy (4 years)
Can Anyone Tell Me What Episode This Is ?? <3 p r i n c e s s

Author MrDemooiste (5 years)
He killed it again hahhhaha Aiii

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