TRY NOT to LAUGH or GRIN - Funny Vines Pranks Compilation

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  • Moonlight Bae456
    Moonlight Bae456 2 days ago

    you know the cat on the whiteboard turning into the penis yeah well my brother did that vine he drew the cat and the penis and waited for the teacher to come in

  • Ben Calhoun
    Ben Calhoun 3 days ago

    Amazing dude

  • George Bryson
    George Bryson 5 days ago

    7:03 Is that Rachel Dolezal? If not, she clearly has the same illness...

  • Maplexz Gaming
    Maplexz Gaming 6 days ago

    This isn't funny Its all mean Duh Heartless Person

  • mason mcpheron
    mason mcpheron 8 days ago

    why are people so mean

  • Noah Mikkelsen
    Noah Mikkelsen 12 days ago

    Hi buddies ! there truly looks like strongly bizarreanswer :)

  • SophIs Amazing
    SophIs Amazing 12 days ago

    3:33 Bruh ur glasses are amazing man

  • Duitz AhlamandKristen

    10:00 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Gaming with Gg N' More!

    thats not funny its cruel people get hurt if I were the target I you would've been in the hospital

  • Anaru Moerua
    Anaru Moerua 13 days ago

    on 10:24 that was not funny that was mean

  • shayla jones
    shayla jones 13 days ago

    I lost 💀😂

  • flip Flop
    flip Flop 13 days ago

    I would just faint

  • Bonjunc IL
    Bonjunc IL 13 days ago

    11:11 They are Romanian.So cool 😂

  • By Shadow
    By Shadow 13 days ago

    12:00 😂😂😂😂

  • Ella Klowe
    Ella Klowe 13 days ago

    what happened at 13.34?? I'm rly confused

    BERNADETTE LEYNES 13 days ago


  • JoãoPedro Danello
    JoãoPedro Danello 14 days ago

    good good

  • Natty Oz
    Natty Oz 14 days ago

    02:33 was either in the video they edited or a prank.

  • I am A mouse
    I am A mouse 14 days ago

    1:13 I did that prank in middle school once it was hilarious

  • Dab Life 2
    Dab Life 2 14 days ago

    This is so funny

  • Anonima 123
    Anonima 123 14 days ago

    isso é uns amigos bom né

  • Dusty Boss
    Dusty Boss 14 days ago


  • sAnz Ariq
    sAnz Ariq 14 days ago

    1:36 now that just mean you girl have no idea how painful it is for the balls

  • Stella breidenskog
    Stella breidenskog 14 days ago

    Gilla denna kommentar om ni såg jocke o jonna

  • Sophia Mst
    Sophia Mst 14 days ago

    These are not even funny!!!

  • suzi suzim
    suzi suzim 14 days ago

    Non of them are funny. Thanks god vine is not exist anymore

  • warlox
    warlox 14 days ago

    OK, this one was sooooo funny XD

    BERNADETTE LEYNES 14 days ago

    oops down water and boxing angry boy

    BERNADETTE LEYNES 14 days ago

    my boy fire born?!

    BERNADETTE LEYNES 14 days ago

    oh no my boy fire!

  • Nathan Bishop
    Nathan Bishop 15 days ago

    God damn it nutella next video nutella

  • Addison Tappin
    Addison Tappin 15 days ago

    why would someone laugh about that baby you people are aboustly aufull mabye EVERYONE should be a better person

  • Sup Dood
    Sup Dood 15 days ago


  • Randmark Tv
    Randmark Tv 15 days ago

    Pls subscribe to my channel pls

  • Paula Carvalho
    Paula Carvalho 15 days ago


  • Jean Silva
    Jean Silva 15 days ago

    Sertanejo de confiança tem nome

  • Cc_lea 1213
    Cc_lea 1213 15 days ago

    Is the pink thing at 1:39 a blurred out dildo?xD

  • Matthew Aldridge
    Matthew Aldridge 15 days ago

    some of these r just really cruel

  • The Gymast Kacey
    The Gymast Kacey 15 days ago

    The thumbnail 😭

  • Maria Teresa Acevedo


  • vera browne
    vera browne 15 days ago

    1:37 not funny :/

  • super kings
    super kings 16 days ago

    i failed so hard

  • Zaldini Granadeiro
    Zaldini Granadeiro 16 days ago

    in 14:17 he is so fat

  • Merry Nightmare
    Merry Nightmare 16 days ago




  • edi elcanah
    edi elcanah 16 days ago

    1422 LLOL

  • MikeRokuro
    MikeRokuro 16 days ago

    what do you hear?


  • LpsHarmony Mimicry
    LpsHarmony Mimicry 17 days ago

    Not funny at all😑😑😑😑

  • Gymnast Videos
    Gymnast Videos 17 days ago

    I like the zombie pranks

  • Lauren Dillon
    Lauren Dillon 17 days ago

    I love when she just hits the guy with the chair at 1:53😜😜😜😂😂😂😂

  • Skixx
    Skixx 17 days ago

    the thumbnail is disgusting, im talking about the girl not the baby

  • Little Livi
    Little Livi 17 days ago


  • Axel Nyman
    Axel Nyman 17 days ago

    Är någon här från Sverige

  • Amaya Gonzalez
    Amaya Gonzalez 17 days ago

    R.I.P headphones at 0:50

  • CrazyGoodCuber
    CrazyGoodCuber 17 days ago

    1:46 Is what I'll do to my friends

  • N Dolan
    N Dolan 17 days ago

    the teacher who erased the board was just laughing lmao. I would love to go to that college

  • Kitty Angel
    Kitty Angel 17 days ago

    bruh it curses

  • Barbara Carbone
    Barbara Carbone 17 days ago

    What wrong w some of these people

  • Dallas Wise
    Dallas Wise 17 days ago


  • PuMa
    PuMa 17 days ago

    11:00 romania forever :DDD

  • The Phenomal One lul

    11:11 Romanian LOL :))))

  • Alan boy Blox FIGHT
    Alan boy Blox FIGHT 17 days ago


  • Emre Pehlivan
    Emre Pehlivan 17 days ago

    Pizzaya Yazık Orospu çocukları

  • Alva Snell
    Alva Snell 17 days ago

    God morgon bay by =godmorning bay by

  • Emily McLarnon
    Emily McLarnon 17 days ago

    That...wasn't that funny....

  • Ashlynn And Wengie
    Ashlynn And Wengie 17 days ago

    On the hooked ad shes wisspering plague plague

  • Gabriel Marquez
    Gabriel Marquez 17 days ago

    if that kid suffers from insomnia due to the fear of being slapped every time he sleeps yall better fix it

  • The Derpinator
    The Derpinator 17 days ago

    2:31 u can see he's just stolen another full complilation

  • Damian Haineault
    Damian Haineault 18 days ago

    10:56 I would...just saying

  • MariammySalClarky
    MariammySalClarky 18 days ago

    I failed at 1:23 LMAO

  • Shayna Kasdan
    Shayna Kasdan 18 days ago

    Those two brothers at the end...I can just imagine them setting several fires in the past so now they have a system down.

  • Dogeaman G
    Dogeaman G 18 days ago

    Lol when you prank the wrong guy at 4:16

  • KJ MilGrau
    KJ MilGrau 18 days ago

    8:26 Covarde Fdp

  • Suzu and Misty LOLOLOLOLOLOL

    Lance:Tell me what you hear
    Bark: Dogs
    Meow: Cat
    Air Horn: MATHER FACKER!!!

    Dead xD

  • bazook Rodriguez
    bazook Rodriguez 18 days ago

    3:30 I can't take him seriously with those glasses

  • Jie De Guzman
    Jie De Guzman 18 days ago

    the same boy being slapped 3 times ain't funny 😤 how meannn 😬

  • Hala Ghannam
    Hala Ghannam 18 days ago

    11:20 I CANT EVEN OMGG

  • kotki lubiom psotki i smakołyki


  • Jack Shadow
    Jack Shadow 19 days ago

    Most of these are mean

  • Patrick's Pet Rock
    Patrick's Pet Rock 19 days ago

    is this supposed to be funny?

  • Lil Drummer Boy
    Lil Drummer Boy 19 days ago

    Sub to me and I'll sub to you

  • Miranda Ann Betts
    Miranda Ann Betts 19 days ago

    exactly @peridotic table ecpessially when that mouse trap went off on his private.

  • HPlover 07
    HPlover 07 19 days ago


  • Luz Dana Galarza Ovalle


  • mary keogh
    mary keogh 19 days ago

    these people have no life

  • FaZe myth
    FaZe myth 20 days ago

    4:21 LMFAO!!! thank u so much for this video u just made my day better i wanted to kill myself but i wanted to go out doing my favorite thing which is watching youtube and i saw this vid so i watched it and u changed my mind! thanx

  • Turbo 777
    Turbo 777 20 days ago

    is very funny in 11:20

  • Maribell Sanchez
    Maribell Sanchez 20 days ago

    Yo 12:14 bro

  • Maribell Sanchez
    Maribell Sanchez 20 days ago

    Yo check out 11:24

  • Nika Špehar
    Nika Špehar 20 days ago


  • Stefan_RO
    Stefan_RO 20 days ago

    11:00 omg este in romana TAREE!!!

  • Miranda gustafsson
    Miranda gustafsson 20 days ago

    Did someone see Jocke and Jonna? (The dinausor thing)
    Srry for bad spelling...

  • Luz Gonzalez
    Luz Gonzalez 21 day ago

    Y ish terh a dik onh mah stomaq?!

  • J Campbell
    J Campbell 21 day ago

    You dont light people on FIRE

  • WhitenyWaffles
    WhitenyWaffles 21 day ago

    this is the first time i lost in a minute

  • Katerina Skorvankova

    there was one person who spoke czech and thats my language

  • Mohit Punia
    Mohit Punia 21 day ago

    10:27 that was clearly an attempt to murder or just a failed attempt

  • Megumi Kaede
    Megumi Kaede 21 day ago

    there was one in Romanian,who is from Romania please comment😂😂😆

  • GuavaJOHN Wassabi
    GuavaJOHN Wassabi 22 days ago

    Some Of These are Rude

  • Keonna Foster
    Keonna Foster 22 days ago

    9:00 we got a 3219 3219 get em get em

  • Tim Summers
    Tim Summers 22 days ago

    Omg...that lady stinging the guy in the nuts while he was sleeping...I'd a straight up punched her teeth out

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