Napoleon Total War - ZULU ATTACK

A short cinematic video with the zulu mod, and the best part.... No Lag!!!

Clips taken from the movie "Zulu" and "Zulu Dawn".

I know their was no Gatling gun at any of the Zulu battles. Not my best video but certainly not my worse. :)

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Author Taco_Kid_420 (1500 years ago)
rise of the planet of the apes

Author Nerd Channel ( ago)
Nvidia GeForce Potato ti
Intel I Core potato -5 gigahertz
10 MB memory

Author Naj Kraemer ( ago)
and the 'Gladiator' Germanic screaming at the start........

Author ChannelRandom ( ago)
Love the touch of Michael Caine in there. 'Independent! Fire at will!'

Author ChannelRandom ( ago)
Love the touch of Michael Caine! 'Independant! Fire at will!'

Author czzted99 ( ago)
epic african far cry 2 audio

Author Riley Larcombe ( ago)
and audio taken from gladiator

Author freetolook3727 ( ago)
It's like Custer's last stand.

Author Andrés Felipe Cárdenas Moreno ( ago)
What music do you use for the video?

Author Said Ahmad ( ago)
Youre resist to africans

Author RyanBrooksby ( ago)
Actually it was used as a tribute TO Zulu. Besides everything besides the
Usuthu was Germanic/Frankish.

Author bluenose4344 ( ago)
haha yes for that to be used in gladiator was a blatant piece of plagirism!

Author mamushi72sai5575 ( ago)
Thanks soo much. I've been looking for that tune for months.

Author KingsofSparta ( ago)
British Grenadiers

Author mamushi72sai5575 ( ago)
anyone have the source for the song that plays at 0:28?

Author KingsofSparta ( ago)
That is SPAM, now PISS OFF!

Author the Creative Assembly machinimas ( ago)
/watch?v=fLfLCkEy53s& THIS IS NOT SPAM!

Author KingsofSparta ( ago)
No, I get views by being patient and posting videos that may have other
peoples interests... I'll say it again do not spam on my videos, If you
want views you need talent and patience....

Author the Creative Assembly machinimas ( ago)
you can spam on my videos you are allowed. I did a big effort so i was a
bit upset that i had less than 50 views...i hoped this could help me
getting views, man, try to understand

Author KingsofSparta ( ago)
Do NOT Spam on my videos!!! I don't do it to anyone so I don't expect you
or anyone else to!!

Author Daniel P. ( ago)
haha far cry 2-theme ;D (P.S. very nice video )

Author Hun Grrr ( ago)
there was gatling guns used at the battle of ulundi

Author Erik Lundholm Ericson ( ago)
Haha fail. This is Napoleon total war mate..

Author rasmus pedersen ( ago)
is their a single player to the mod?? just want to know

Author J CoffeyCup ( ago)
Well I feel stupid. I had been watching other vids from the Anglo Zulu mod
for Mount and Blade and thought this was it too! I guess I never dreamed
there'd be more than one Zulu mod. Now I have to buy Total War:Nappy.

Author George West ( ago)
errm this is on napoleon total war not mount and blade .........

Author J CoffeyCup ( ago)
Great job on the video. I love "Zulu" and "Zulu Dawn" too. Bought Mount &
Blade after seeing this just to try this mod.

Author tom roberts ( ago)
That guy;s a dick. There are some problems with lag with even high end
computers at this zoom level on both this and empire tw anyway! Cool video
by the way, I subscribed :D

Author Adhmar Of Le Puy ( ago)
5:14, when the grass is brown, you will not live in peace. charles brown.

Author Sun Jetzu ( ago)
hey how do you put a link to your channel on the video?

Author RyanBrooksby ( ago)
Before the Usuthu is Germanian...although it sounds Frankish. The
ir...however he spells it "Hunde" at the end. That part is Germanian, but
the small "USUTHU!" is Zulu.

Author Alex Shields ( ago)
Seriously?!! And all this time I've been thinking it was a dead Germanic
tribal language!

Author Joshy121 ( ago)
Dude You are a hero!! YOU are 1 of the youtubers who have inspired me to
want to start making vids :) I was Ripped of by a computer shop they said
it was an amazing computer!! 1 of the best and so it seemed :) but it
wasn't :(

Author reynard johansen ( ago)
wow they are so many

Author Samuel Harris ( ago)
The start was from age of empires

Author sellack ( ago)
Thanks for taking the time to do this - it certainly gives one the
impression of what it would have been like for the ordinary soldier - the
Zulus are like a swarm of ants. Makes you think what you would have done in
that situation. Stand and fight, run or play dead, the latter of which no
doubt some did but did not reckon on the Zulus tradition of splitting open
the foes stomachs to release their souls. Incidentally there was in fact a
Gatling Gun present at the last Zulu Wars battle - Ulundi

Author thegameremarbe ( ago)
correction, the main voice is meant to be the gaul leader, the booswazzadee
is zulu :)

Author Nubias ( ago)
@Hobgoblin1975 It was more then enough Zulus falling to rifle fire. Besides
it looked better to seein the evil Euros fallin.

Author bill hash ( ago)
one officer looks like Ringo Starr

Author jamesrobtonyadams ( ago)
touche :)

Author KingsofSparta ( ago)
yes but that shout is used in Zulu, Ridley Scott said that his favourite
film was zulu and he used a zulu shout in Gladiator

Author CooKedAnDLoaDed ( ago)
No offence, but that would be "Argumentum ad hominem". Just ignore the
haters. Nice video btw.

Author jamesrobtonyadams ( ago)
0:43 That war shout is from the opening battle of Gladiator not any of the
Zulu films

Author Hobgoblin1975 ( ago)
not nearly enough zulus being killed by the rifle fire

Author ATW totalwar ( ago)
the gladiator

Author KingsofSparta ( ago)
I will not accept criticism from someone that doesn't have the right to.
For example am I really going to listen to someone with 0 subs, 0 views, 0
videos? No not really. Would you listen to a fat guy teaching you about
fitness? Would you listen to a poor guy teaching you to be rich? No didn't
think so...

Author Brunston ( ago)
it also appears you can't handle negative criticism ethier

Author KingsofSparta ( ago)

Author TheAgletMan ( ago)
Who would be against that badass intro!?

Author KingsofSparta ( ago)
If you put a ":)" smiley face then i might have guessed it was in good
favour. Im sorry i assumed you were against my intro, many people are...

Author TheAgletMan ( ago)
It was a complement :D

Author KingsofSparta ( ago)
no your just underpowered

Author gary skidmore ( ago)

Author TheAgletMan ( ago)
Overpowered intro....

Author mpark099 ( ago)
Good video with elite music appropriate

Author Ulysses ( ago)
lol I was worried there for a min

Author KingsofSparta ( ago)
playing an invisible drum

Author Ulysses ( ago)
2:24 what is the guy in the bottom left doing!!??

Author cokiemix ( ago)

Author Kage ToraUK ( ago)
Excellently done video. Cheers!

Author Johan Dale (1342 years ago)
it was pretty offencing, if you said something like this to someone in real
life he may got offended, it's like i come to your house and tell you "wow
this food tastes like shit seriously, i dont want to offend you but it
does..." say "i like your vids but i would prefere to see (this), (this)
and if you could do (this) better"

Author andy7666 ( ago)
What it was, the guy who made Gladiator liked Zulu so much he pinched the
Zulu chants for the German Barbarians, heard just at the start of the first
battle in the movie.. It really pisses me off every time I hear it now
though - why have Germanic tribes doing Zulu chants? So fricken dumb but
something most wouldn't even notice.

Author KingsofSparta ( ago)
I don't mind criticism if it actually helps me improve! I have had too many
trolls feed me negative comments and i wonder why the hell do i bother
making videos

Author matXCVII ( ago)
I "like" the machinima in low graphics

Author This name is fucking stupid ( ago)
Dude, I didn't say you got shitty videos, I say you've got a shitty PC,
your videos are quite good, and well done too. But, I see you can't take
criticism, I'll go then. Sorry for bothering you.

Author KingsofSparta ( ago)
"Yeah, this guy's got a seriously shitty PC." Listen to yourself, Not
everyone is rich and lives in a mansion! I have achieved a lot with this
"shitty" PC! I have a pretty big channel and subscribers with my "shitty"
videos. Your channel has nothing! End of story...

Author This name is fucking stupid ( ago)
Yeah, this guy's got a seriously shitty PC.

Author ScorcherFreaK ( ago)
Yes Mr Scott did take the crowd shouts from zulu but the single shout at
the start was in Germanic .. GERMAN BARBARIAN: Ihr seid verfluchte hunde!
(You are damned dogs!)

Author DeliCiousTZM ( ago)
It could have been great but the graphics are just horrible.

Author MrCagivaman ( ago)
Yes there were Gatling guns at the Battle of Ulundi, the final battle of
the campaign. They were manned by men of the Royal Navy even though it was
a land conflict.

Author Ethan Clarke ( ago)
The drum guy looks really gay you know that ? lol

Author apon91 ( ago)
no lag

Author KingsofSparta ( ago)
yes, ridley scott said that ZULU was his favourite film, so he used it in

Author wigster600 ( ago)
That was ripped from zulu.

Author seangrie8 ( ago)
2 tough sides.

Author seangrie8 ( ago)
Im afraid crushed in the end.

Author DatZortaw (1523 years ago)
1:00 get ready to be culturally enriched

Author KingsofSparta ( ago)
we know....

Author Bare foot Lorrie ( ago)
That shouting at the start is from Gladiator, the battle with the Germanic
tribe at the beginning.

Author MarsupioPS3 (273 years ago)

Author Jack Hawkins ( ago)
Watch zulu pt. Pat on YouTube!!!!!

Author KingsofSparta ( ago)

Author Scipio Africanus ( ago)
audios from the movie ZULU right?

Author Wildgeese73 ( ago)
Zulu's........thousands of em!!

Author matt89walker ( ago)
The first use of Gatling guns by the British Army was at the Battle of
Ulundi - the last battle of the Zulu War. 2 Gatling guns were placed in the
centre of the line held by the 80th (Staffordshire Volunteers) Regiment of

Author trackflash6 ( ago)
at the last battle of the war there was.

Author KingsofSparta ( ago)
like i said, you want to go to piratebay, then GO, i wont stop you

Author RyanBrooksby ( ago)
You're the one that started posting bullshit about Piratebay. I thought you
might need to know more than what the FBI tells you.

Author KingsofSparta ( ago)
what do you want? Thumbs up? Well no you wont get any from me

Author RyanBrooksby ( ago)
Sorry, when had Pirate's ever had viruses? They were probably cleaner than
most European armies.

Author KingsofSparta ( ago)
theres a reason why its called piratebay,

Author RyanBrooksby ( ago)
Oh please, Piratebay's never had viruses. Mod's however always have.

Author FatWang ( ago)
Thanks :)

Author KingsofSparta ( ago)
Windows 7 Home Premium AMD Athlon(tm) II P320 Dual-Core Processor 2.10 GHz
Installed Memory (RAM): 4.00 GB System Type: 64-Bit operating System ATI
Mobility Radeon HD 5145

Author FatWang ( ago)
What's yer specs mate

Author KingsofSparta ( ago)
WHOA! you been living under a rock for the past 2 weeks? Jeez man of course
it has. Check out my latest video or do some research!!!!

Author zeztro ( ago)
Has Rome 2 actually been announced?

Author KingsofSparta ( ago)
lol, say that when rome 2 comes out

Author zeztro ( ago)
Yes, total war isn't a very demanding game you know.

Author KingsofSparta ( ago)

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