8 Kitchen Gadgets Put to the Test

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  • Sheryl Bautista
    Sheryl Bautista 3 hours ago

    its much easier without the bread slicer

  • Ruby Horseling
    Ruby Horseling 5 hours ago

    Russian: " i got an kiwi cutter! "

    Me: " where are you my bird 😈 "

  • Xx_MAD_ MAXIS_xX
    Xx_MAD_ MAXIS_xX 6 hours ago

    Let me get a plate,got a bowl

  • Cuddlymrunic0rn
    Cuddlymrunic0rn 12 hours ago

    Let's get a plate
    Gets a bowl

  • Neon Helix
    Neon Helix 13 hours ago

    Let me get a plate
    Gets a bowl

    ROMEYYOUROCK 14 hours ago

    Why would one want diced hotdog?

  • Cameron Nguyen
    Cameron Nguyen 16 hours ago

    did he say avecado

  • Cameron Nguyen
    Cameron Nguyen 16 hours ago

    did he say kevy cotto

  • Joseph funny moments

    he eats the raw hotdog 5:19

  • Blake Robertson
    Blake Robertson 1 day ago

    My Hotdog is indestructible too 😂😂😂😂

  • Jet Gaming
    Jet Gaming 1 day ago

    CRH lemme grab a plate (grabs a bowl)

    Me (dies a little inside)

  • Smash Mash
    Smash Mash 1 day ago

    5:02 hymn ow

  • Mazin King
    Mazin King 2 days ago

    the surgery one

  • Silver Pixel
    Silver Pixel 2 days ago

    let me get a plate *grabs the bowl* 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Toxic Omega25
    Toxic Omega25 2 days ago

    The dog tho! XD

  • Jelp Playz
    Jelp Playz 2 days ago

    4:55 i think i cut my shelfe*back to 0:00* savety is numberone ruinned

  • Aysha Ghafori
    Aysha Ghafori 2 days ago

    why does he say `GAGICS´!

  • Funneh Djanice
    Funneh Djanice 2 days ago

    Sad hotdog 😪

  • The Alpha Tiger
    The Alpha Tiger 3 days ago

    "Let me get a plate" *grabs a bowl*

  • clubasquirrel
    clubasquirrel 3 days ago

    That hot dog thing didn't work cause of the cheap materials of was made from

  • zarrar khan
    zarrar khan 3 days ago

    good job

  • Davatron 42
    Davatron 42 3 days ago

    Let me get a plate
    Grabs a bowl

  • McMatasLTU
    McMatasLTU 3 days ago

    2:59. real russian hot dogs..

  • Ityqer Plays
    Ityqer Plays 4 days ago

    4:04 "let me get a plate" gets a bowl..

  • Gucci Monkey
    Gucci Monkey 4 days ago

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I came for 3:42
    And so did you

  • erum Hasan
    erum Hasan 4 days ago

    Wanna see a suprise? turn on ur captions on 10:02

  • Yusef Gonzalez
    Yusef Gonzalez 4 days ago

    8:36 what did he said ?

  • Carter The bomb
    Carter The bomb 5 days ago

    Let me get a plate :gets bowl

  • Jason White
    Jason White 5 days ago

    Keep up the good 😊 work 👍🏻💖😊😎🎂🎂🤑🤠

  • Khaliha Adger
    Khaliha Adger 5 days ago

    I like the video and my favorite was the dishwash 😘😘

  • Cyber Slayer444
    Cyber Slayer444 5 days ago


  • lupe b
    lupe b 5 days ago

    That is alot

  • Sierra Faith
    Sierra Faith 5 days ago

    "let me get a plate"...grabs a bowl

  • Shadow Gaming
    Shadow Gaming 5 days ago

    *jumps around* mmmmm ow

  • Shadow Gaming
    Shadow Gaming 5 days ago

    immortal hotdog

  • Chris Simon
    Chris Simon 6 days ago


  • 2Drop gt
    2Drop gt 6 days ago


  • RoyalYT
    RoyalYT 6 days ago

    You know what let me get a plate
    Gets Bowl

  • GracieGamez For life

    what about cooking the hot dog first

  • Kennes Jansen
    Kennes Jansen 6 days ago

    this is a satisfiying video

  • scott bushby
    scott bushby 6 days ago

    Let me get a plate, gets a bowl

  • M͟a͟n͟d͟i͟n͟i͟

    6:09 the dog was walking behind him...

  • M͟a͟n͟d͟i͟n͟i͟

    this is what I call an monster sausage

  • Nelly Hamer
    Nelly Hamer 6 days ago

    Diced hot dog! More like shredded 🌭

  • M H
    M H 7 days ago

    4:04 "let me get a plate" its actually a bowl..

  • Filip Bartoš
    Filip Bartoš 7 days ago


  • Fyodor Dostoyevsky
    Fyodor Dostoyevsky 7 days ago

    that kiwi cutter is a weebs

  • Wiktor Dykas
    Wiktor Dykas 7 days ago

    you can just squeeze the bottle of soap dish

  • me means Me
    me means Me 7 days ago

    guys u can eat a whole straberry but no leaves

  • Savage gamerz
    Savage gamerz 7 days ago

    Let me get a plate..... gets a bowl😂😂

  • SickGames HD
    SickGames HD 7 days ago

    So your kitchens your laboratory?

  • 你妈妈
    你妈妈 8 days ago

    The hotdog suppose to be cooked LOL

  • Carmen Topete
    Carmen Topete 8 days ago

    safety is the #1 priority. At 5:06 he cut himself.😅😰 and crazy Russian hacker be like🤔what did I do wrong😡

  • Downtown Gamerz
    Downtown Gamerz 8 days ago

    Just eat the kiwi skin!!

  • sabeen ahmed
    sabeen ahmed 8 days ago

    you drink your blood are you a vampire?😈😈😨😨

    C&R COMEDY CHANNEL 8 days ago

    Turn on captions on 10:02 so weird lol it said ugh u know what see for urslefes

    C&R COMEDY CHANNEL 8 days ago

    For the sausage before I'm like THEN COOK IT BRUH I mean like it will get softer •~•

      C&R COMEDY CHANNEL 8 days ago

      But rlly that was a really powerful cut dang😵😵🤢🤢😣😣😣😳😳😳😖😖😖

    CLASH AND POKEMON 8 days ago

    he loves the strawberry one with pushing and pulling

  • kenneth and Arath
    kenneth and Arath 8 days ago

    I think I cut my self

  • YoBoy Hamburger
    YoBoy Hamburger 8 days ago

    "Soap detergener stand cup".....his accent is funny but badass

  • Kiara Rodriguez
    Kiara Rodriguez 8 days ago

    who saw the huskys if you did put huskysquad

  • Ava Peters
    Ava Peters 9 days ago

    did you cook the hot dog

  • Darren Wijaya
    Darren Wijaya 9 days ago

    You're using the kiwi cutter wrongly!
    You forget to put the little knife that the gadget gave in the middle of the kiwi cutter

  • Easani 05
    Easani 05 9 days ago

    3:15 to 3:26 😂😂😂😂😂

  • James Lyson
    James Lyson 9 days ago

    Turn on captions at 10:02 and read what it says LOL 😂

  • Ahmad Jaafil
    Ahmad Jaafil 9 days ago

    Where do you get all these gadgeks

    "Hey ebrebody welcum buck to muy keechin/malabalatoy"

    Why do you where sun glasses indoors?

  • Adrian Fowler
    Adrian Fowler 9 days ago

    What does crazy Russian hacker say when he blows up his house


  • I'm a crazy MULLEADY

    you cook the hot dogs first.

  • beverly banuelos
    beverly banuelos 10 days ago

    What is he saying

  • beverly banuelos
    beverly banuelos 10 days ago

    Is he saying bird or bread

  • Divyana Lahan
    Divyana Lahan 10 days ago

    6:22 I can do this all day! this is fun!! wait a minute..i can!!

    2 days later
    Crazy Russian Strawberries

  • Micahia Patterson
    Micahia Patterson 10 days ago

    you were suppose to cook the hoy dog first

  • Diamondsiege
    Diamondsiege 10 days ago

    *decides to cut cherry tomatoes*


    indestructible hotdog

    -Taras Kul

    y do u need a plaster for dat cut just wash it then done

  • Waaruum Daaruum
    Waaruum Daaruum 10 days ago

    "Thumbs bleed for me"

  • Waaruum Daaruum
    Waaruum Daaruum 10 days ago

    "Let me get a plate"
    **Gets bowl**

  • Typical Teenager101
    Typical Teenager101 10 days ago

    "Let me get a plate "

    Gets a bowl....

  • Cameronthefox1122
    Cameronthefox1122 10 days ago

    4:54 hmm hmm hmm ouhhh

  • Sørbet Was Hier
    Sørbet Was Hier 10 days ago


  • Jami Langstom
    Jami Langstom 11 days ago

    red tomato slicerr

  • Cameron Hasby
    Cameron Hasby 11 days ago

    8:36 wut?

  • Galina Miller
    Galina Miller 11 days ago

    барахло , а попочки в помидорах клубничной штучкой вынимать ? в бутылки для моющей жидкости , шампуни и тд. использую памп , класс . не надо ничего переворачивать ....... спасибо энивэй . класс за видео !!!

    BUI TAN TAI 11 days ago

    My name isngha

  • Fiona He
    Fiona He 11 days ago

    for the kiwifruit cutter maybe u should use golden kiwifruits

  • Hussain Mehdi
    Hussain Mehdi 11 days ago


  • Trish Haley
    Trish Haley 11 days ago

    You are the best and I love what you're doing

  • Meghan Royal
    Meghan Royal 11 days ago

    5:06 made me cry 😂😂 "I think I cut myself"

  • Kdenyc Clay
    Kdenyc Clay 11 days ago

    What u have to cook the hot dog first like what

  • kawaiiartic Fox15
    kawaiiartic Fox15 11 days ago

    I think you where meant to cook it the sousage

  • Kavya Goel
    Kavya Goel 11 days ago

    wasting kiwi and money

  • David Ortiz
    David Ortiz 11 days ago

    caul es tu idioma

  • Mason Quinn
    Mason Quinn 12 days ago

    ''let me get a plate'' gets bowl

  • Jhoel Baking
    Jhoel Baking 12 days ago

    Let me get a plate ohhw why U got a bowl 😏😂✌

  • Zulma Perez
    Zulma Perez 12 days ago

    The tomato slicer and the strawberry one😂😅🐶

    ELIT3 GAMES 12 days ago


  • Cat -
    Cat - 12 days ago

    he reminds me of a small child

  • Pyro Technic
    Pyro Technic 12 days ago

    just use a egg slicer.

  • Abdul Mannan
    Abdul Mannan 12 days ago

    he is mad who is doing this

  • Kevin Adrian
    Kevin Adrian 12 days ago

    sosis mu keras gila

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