Syikes, Crash freestyle - Westwood Crib Session

Crash Crib Session! Syikes, Looch Gwalla & V.I. goin in with a hot freestyle at the Crib Session!

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Author Gass ( ago)
Syikes improved he used to be mad shit

Author VAN PELT ( ago)
looch needs his own session
make it happen tim !

Author eggs n ham ( ago)

Author Scorpion44 ( ago)
Mozzy type beat - my life 1st instrumental

Author Baby Antz ( ago)
Anyone know wat the brand hat vi is wearing and skengdo

Author Ki Ghb ( ago)
whats the first instrumental😩

Author Hamz Tv ( ago)
1st instrumental?

Author Simple Safe ( ago)
syikes get onto me, I will backlink and promote this shit for free, Vid channel

Author Dre ( ago)
There's too many syikes

Author Dee MCR ( ago)
What's the first instrumental called ??

Author Lee Howard ( ago)
1st part is waveyyy

Author A Sho ( ago)
1st instrumental?

Author Scoring Points ( ago)
This is hardddd💯

Author Fizzy BBK ( ago)

Author Josh Anastasio ( ago)
what is the first beat?

Author joali ali ( ago)
Sykes goes in jeeeeeeez

Author Farouk Aziz ( ago)

Author The Realist' ( ago)
Syikes realist nigga about

Author Jav 1Arda ( ago)
mac10 spraying like a loaded febreeze. BT RENDO ALL DISGUSTED BY THAT  jheezeeeeee

Author Fox Stephenson ( ago)
what was the first beat instrumental

Author Darg Hart ( ago)
Start him againnnn plzzzzzzz

Author Monson Version ( ago)
is he cool with 28s

Author RenegadeSound ( ago)
first beat hard asf

Author Neji ( ago)
"Cuh they wanna talk about Ku" 🤔🤔

Author Finlay Callanan ( ago)
name of first beat?

Author ImFromLDN1 ( ago)
Whats this syikes relationship with the 28s one cah everyones from brikky lol who copied who or are they in the same family tree

Author ImFromLDN1 ( ago)
NoLay probably watching this shit like "Boyy if this nigga mentions my name again😤"

Author ExclusiveKicks LDN ( ago)
Syikes, Looch, Peak and Kerz are the hardest in the Brix, if not the Brix then 100% fields since oldskool days. Looch is defo one of the coldest spitters if u know, u know hes tooooo underrated

Author Dex B5 ( ago)
my iggg

Author Chillah ( ago)
Reminds me of political peak days 👌🏽

Author Yooo What You Sayin ( ago)
410 older alie?

Author mickormouse ! ( ago)
Syikes back 💥 been a G since day

Author watch your mouth ( ago)
name of the first beat?

Author Certi ( ago)
VI spittin fire as always

Author M ( ago)
Niggas know Fields been running Brixton truss the rest are fakes

Author Tony H ( ago)
Westwood has heard so many different rappers and rhymes, he must really love this hip hop.

Author real lifeshit ( ago)
whats the firstt best jheeez man killed dat shit

Author Patrick trueman is a nitty ( ago)
410 crib session out at 6, cmon 💥🤘🏽💯

Author YR ( ago)
This is 410 not sykes

Author richard gwap ( ago)
AxeMan Da G you know everything like your gang! Stop the comments before I find your ip adress and fly kick your mum

Author Real Then ( ago)
he fucked up incy in jail dirty

Author Ghost Of Erk Russell ( ago)
Is he still cool wid DVS?

Author Abdi Issr ( ago)
Do they still h8 y.troopz

Author T1_Splash 25/8 ( ago)
syikes mashed some proper work in jail if ukno ukno 😅

Author Chilling Kid ( ago)
So fucking cold fucking hell mate ❄️❄️❄️

Author Ozzy NLDN ( ago)
calm but didn't skengdo am bt and rendo have their parts too

Author Caleb [atum1s] ( ago)
"fried like frozen chips" almost threw up

Author richard gwap ( ago)
Looch needs to release stuff he been hard from day one! would of blown up by now! Best trap rapper

Author Young Maks ( ago)
Letting every1 kno dat 410 westwood out at 6pm ♻️ watch out for that💥

Author Grindz Splash ( ago)

Author JMoneyStar2k9 ( ago)
all went in!

Author MrBOSSMONEYG ( ago)
yeah i had love for the raq, but since fizzy gone them niggas move booky!

Author LAY201092 ( ago)
The real brix!

Author Thee Boss ( ago)
Cant lie he got Incy down dirty on visitation

Author Frog Boss ( ago)
These Myatts field ones?

Author The Tinman ( ago)
Man said eyes like Jackie Chan lol

Author Royalty Rai ( ago)
Man like sykies yanna

Author bandsoffaaliyah ( ago)
this was cold but swer mandem were dere might as well have done some big session rather than split it in 2

Author PZINO ( ago)
What's the first instrumental ????

Author Zi Got 22shots ( ago)
original 410 oc .. niggas kno free tiny syikes free s9 free da rest of the dads

Author Denzel Trevon Johnson ( ago)
syikes is too frosty❄❄

Author Sosa Oj ( ago)
thought this was the 28's Sykes when I pressed it smh

Author Road Toad unruly ( ago)
Rah his still alive ? I clean forget Syike's existed

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