Syikes, Crash freestyle - Westwood Crib Session

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  • Herbie Hancock
    Herbie Hancock 12 days ago

    Just searched Syikes for fun after hearing about the prisoner. This guy is STILL out here making music

  • Gass
    Gass 1 month ago

    Syikes improved he used to be mad shit

    VAN PELT 1 month ago

    looch needs his own session
    make it happen tim !

  • eggs n ham
    eggs n ham 1 month ago


  • Scorpion44
    Scorpion44 1 month ago

    Mozzy type beat - my life 1st instrumental

  • Baby Antz
    Baby Antz 1 month ago

    Anyone know wat the brand hat vi is wearing and skengdo

  • Ki Ghb
    Ki Ghb 1 month ago

    whats the first instrumental😩

  • Hamz Tv
    Hamz Tv 1 month ago

    1st instrumental?

  • Simple Safe
    Simple Safe 1 month ago

    syikes get onto me, I will backlink and promote this shit for free, Vid channel

  • Dre
    Dre 1 month ago

    There's too many syikes

  • Dee MCR
    Dee MCR 1 month ago

    What's the first instrumental called ??

  • Lee Howard
    Lee Howard 2 months ago

    1st part is waveyyy

  • A Sho
    A Sho 2 months ago

    1st instrumental?

  • Scoring Points
    Scoring Points 2 months ago

    This is hardddd💯

  • Fizzy BBK
    Fizzy BBK 2 months ago


  • Griezmann
    Griezmann 2 months ago

    Thought this was the 28's, nevertheless I'm glad I clicked it.

  • Josh Anastasio
    Josh Anastasio 2 months ago

    what is the first beat?

  • joali ali
    joali ali 2 months ago

    Sykes goes in jeeeeeeez

  • Farouk Aziz
    Farouk Aziz 2 months ago


  • The Realist'
    The Realist' 2 months ago

    Syikes realist nigga about

  • Jav 1Arda
    Jav 1Arda 2 months ago

    mac10 spraying like a loaded febreeze. BT RENDO ALL DISGUSTED BY THAT  jheezeeeeee

  • Fox Stephenson
    Fox Stephenson 2 months ago

    what was the first beat instrumental

    • Scorpion44
      Scorpion44 1 month ago

      Fox Stephenson mozzy type beat - my life

    • Josh Anastasio
      Josh Anastasio 2 months ago

      Fox Stephenson need to know myself

  • Darg Hart
    Darg Hart 2 months ago

    Start him againnnn plzzzzzzz

  • Monson Version
    Monson Version 2 months ago

    is he cool with 28s

  • RenegadeSound
    RenegadeSound 2 months ago

    first beat hard asf

  • Neji
    Neji 2 months ago

    "Cuh they wanna talk about Ku" 🤔🤔

  • Finlay Callanan
    Finlay Callanan 2 months ago

    name of first beat?

  • ImFromLDN1
    ImFromLDN1 2 months ago

    Whats this syikes relationship with the 28s one cah everyones from brikky lol who copied who or are they in the same family tree

  • ImFromLDN1
    ImFromLDN1 2 months ago

    NoLay probably watching this shit like "Boyy if this nigga mentions my name again😤"

  • ExclusiveKicks LDN
    ExclusiveKicks LDN 2 months ago

    Syikes, Looch, Peak and Kerz are the hardest in the Brix, if not the Brix then 100% fields since oldskool days. Looch is defo one of the coldest spitters if u know, u know hes tooooo underrated

  • Dex B5
    Dex B5 2 months ago

    my iggg

  • Chillah
    Chillah 2 months ago

    Reminds me of political peak days 👌🏽

  • Yooo What You Sayin
    Yooo What You Sayin 2 months ago

    410 older alie?

    • W3 CLEARED
      W3 CLEARED 2 months ago

      Yeah, one of the most OJ ones left that ain't been locked yet.

    • Zi Got 22shots
      Zi Got 22shots 2 months ago

      Yooo What You Sayin yh oc niggas

  • mickormouse !
    mickormouse ! 2 months ago

    Syikes back 💥 been a G since day

  • watch your mouth
    watch your mouth 2 months ago

    name of the first beat?

    • Scorpion44
      Scorpion44 1 month ago

      watch your mouth mozzy type beat - my life

  • Certi
    Certi 2 months ago

    VI spittin fire as always

  • M
    M 2 months ago

    Niggas know Fields been running Brixton truss the rest are fakes

    • CruzSW
      CruzSW 2 months ago

      AxeMan Da G Stinks, Mill, Snakez etc was never PDC g. SMS was always their own ting.

    • M
      M 2 months ago

      AxeMan Da G Stop being dumb without Fields the A would be wiped out niggas know most work have been done by these man

    • Totty Showerman #sho
      Totty Showerman #sho 2 months ago

      M a town been running Brixton u idiot.. The original OC members from back in the day like stinks and even syikes in this vid started off in pdc but they made OC in 03

  • Tony H
    Tony H 2 months ago

    Westwood has heard so many different rappers and rhymes, he must really love this hip hop.

    • Jav 1Arda
      Jav 1Arda 2 months ago

      veteran in this ting!!

  • real lifeshit
    real lifeshit 2 months ago

    whats the firstt best jheeez man killed dat shit

  • If you read my name u your a nitty

    410 crib session out at 6, cmon 💥🤘🏽💯

  • YR
    YR 2 months ago

    This is 410 not sykes

    • Zi Got 22shots
      Zi Got 22shots 2 months ago

      YR yeah dis is original oc sykes ... 410olders .. tiny syikes still in bin

  • richard gwap
    richard gwap 2 months ago

    AxeMan Da G you know everything like your gang! Stop the comments before I find your ip adress and fly kick your mum

    • richard gwap
      richard gwap 2 months ago

      I'll sleeper your dad, DDT your nan through your dinning room table while your mum masturbates

    • Totty Showerman #sho
      Totty Showerman #sho 2 months ago

      richard gwap loooool bare saying my name u neek ur white stfu and stick to ucking your skinny bitch lucy

  • Real Then
    Real Then 2 months ago

    he fucked up incy in jail dirty

    • Real Then
      Real Then 1 month ago

      jamie jackson nah incy didnt rep no gang after he left 150 & movements always be uptop look on hes old vids with grizzy aka tense

    • jamie jackson
      jamie jackson 1 month ago

      I think it's coz when incy got kicke dout from 150 he switched to 67. I also heard that movements got banned from tulse so he went to uptop

    • Real Then
      Real Then 1 month ago

      jamie jackson yh word its upsetting how jealousy gets to ppl but idk why 67 claim SQs death

    • jamie jackson
      jamie jackson 2 months ago

      shit I just clocked gora and sq were killed by their own boys. dats peak

    • jamie jackson
      jamie jackson 2 months ago

      why did they reject incy for when he's oj

  • Ghost Of Erk Russell
    Ghost Of Erk Russell 2 months ago

    Is he still cool wid DVS?

    • Gass
      Gass 1 month ago

      AxeMan Da G bare man was in dvs hometown video lol

    • BigboiFCN GWOP
      BigboiFCN GWOP 2 months ago

      +Dont Cry Dont Beg 😆😆😆😆 maud

    • Dont Cry Dont Beg
      Dont Cry Dont Beg 2 months ago

      From when DVS came barbershop one day with dry ass ashy skin n was going on a mad one over some lil girls I knew he was goin downhill lol

    • BigboiFCN GWOP
      BigboiFCN GWOP 2 months ago

      +john doe yes man he did

    • Mynameisnot John doe
      Mynameisnot John doe 2 months ago

      5.00 mins did he mention perm? Or am I bugging

  • Abdi Issr
    Abdi Issr 2 months ago

    Do they still h8 y.troopz

  • T1_Splash 25/8
    T1_Splash 25/8 2 months ago

    syikes mashed some proper work in jail if ukno ukno 😅

    • Rhys Leon
      Rhys Leon 1 month ago

      What's the beat from 7 minutes ?

    • David Reed
      David Reed 1 month ago

      mmr south dats facts 86 had brikky on lock till like 013

  • Chilling Kid
    Chilling Kid 2 months ago

    So fucking cold fucking hell mate ❄️❄️❄️

  • Ozzy NLDN
    Ozzy NLDN 2 months ago

    calm but didn't skengdo am bt and rendo have their parts too

  • Caleb [atum1s]
    Caleb [atum1s] 2 months ago

    "fried like frozen chips" almost threw up

  • richard gwap
    richard gwap 2 months ago

    Looch needs to release stuff he been hard from day one! would of blown up by now! Best trap rapper

    • Totty Showerman #sho
      Totty Showerman #sho 2 months ago

      richard gwap ur wet

    • Certi
      Certi 2 months ago

      richard gwap looch Gwalla got a mixtape out called trap I think

    • richard gwap
      richard gwap 2 months ago

      What mixtape?

    • Certi
      Certi 2 months ago

      He's got a mixtape out

    • richard gwap
      richard gwap 2 months ago

      You sound salty ur mum shouldn't of had you in the sea

  • Young Maks
    Young Maks 2 months ago

    Letting every1 kno dat 410 westwood out at 6pm ♻️ watch out for that💥

    • CruzSW
      CruzSW 1 month ago

      LMainRoad CheffingUp Got to give you ratings for the real talk g.

    • LMainRoad CheffingUp
      LMainRoad CheffingUp 2 months ago

      I hear u bro every hood has certi guys that mash work but what gets me mad is how this don exaggerates da fuk outta tottenham like its narm or brix.. it's any other hood. I see man discussing south politics on every vid like a fan doing he's research but then talks wass about totty lmao there's bare certi hoods in north that ain't copying south.. Totty ain't one of them.

    • Ozzy NLDN
      Ozzy NLDN 2 months ago

      LMainRoad CheffingUp Tottenham are one of the ardest in the north tho

    • David Reed
      David Reed 2 months ago

      LMainRoad CheffingUp lol Tottenham been had da certirst man from day jus ca dere not south don't mean dere moist

    • LMainRoad CheffingUp
      LMainRoad CheffingUp 2 months ago

      Akman I beg you stop tryna get ur dead hood ratings on these comments. Everyone's tired of u bringing up totty.. the real dons in north don't rate tottenham some wannabe south yutes. All RV's new shit is jokes you can tell he does nothin but bang out south man.

  • Grindz Splash
    Grindz Splash 2 months ago


  • JMoneyStar2k9
    JMoneyStar2k9 2 months ago

    all went in!

    MrBOSSMONEYG 2 months ago

    yeah i had love for the raq, but since fizzy gone them niggas move booky!

  • LAY201092
    LAY201092 2 months ago

    The real brix!

  • Thee Boss
    Thee Boss 2 months ago

    Cant lie he got Incy down dirty on visitation

    • The Realist'
      The Realist' 2 months ago

      +GG Kk if he done it on a visit how is there gonna b a vid u fuckin clown

    • GG Kk
      GG Kk 2 months ago

      Sho Sho any video of him getting incy down

    • Sho Sho
      Sho Sho 2 months ago

      Boi he fucked him up

    • bandsoffaaliyah
      bandsoffaaliyah 2 months ago

      cah they wann talk bout q im thinkin they must wann link him

  • Frog Boss
    Frog Boss 2 months ago

    These Myatts field ones?

  • The Tinman
    The Tinman 2 months ago

    Man said eyes like Jackie Chan lol

  • Royalty Rai
    Royalty Rai 2 months ago

    Man like sykies yanna

  • bandsoffaaliyah
    bandsoffaaliyah 2 months ago

    this was cold but swer mandem were dere might as well have done some big session rather than split it in 2

    PZINO 2 months ago

    What's the first instrumental ????

  • Zi Got 22shots
    Zi Got 22shots 2 months ago

    original 410 oc .. niggas kno free tiny syikes free s9 free da rest of the dads

    • Zi Got 22shots
      Zi Got 22shots 1 month ago

      Bob out for parole nex yr

    • Bob
      Bob 1 month ago

      Zi Got 22shots when's Stegz out that niggas been locked for 5 years now

  • Denzel Trevon Johnson
    Denzel Trevon Johnson 2 months ago

    syikes is too frosty❄❄

  • Sosa Oj
    Sosa Oj 2 months ago

    thought this was the 28's Sykes when I pressed it smh

    • My Alter Ego
      My Alter Ego 2 months ago

      Sosa Oj 😂😂😂😂 lol same g i see syikes thinking it was sykes but this guys still hard can't lie

    • David Reed
      David Reed 2 months ago

      come on the original sykes was the 28s one then the PDC one this syikes is a younger to dem

    • sean coxsone
      sean coxsone 2 months ago

      Lord of Frog's breath u da only accurate comment dem ova sikes brothers dad or brother was da original 28 brikky sikes from da 90's

    • Totty Showerman #sho
      Totty Showerman #sho 2 months ago

      Certi he's not 410 he's OC he's 410 older

    • Certi
      Certi 2 months ago

      Sosa Oj this is basically a 410 one

  • Road Toad unruly
    Road Toad unruly 2 months ago

    Rah his still alive ? I clean forget Syike's existed

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