Metallica: Hardwired... Around the World

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  • Filmed between August 2016 and February 2017 during the kick-off of the WorldWired Tour.

    All-new massive production coming to North America NOW!

    © 2017 Blackened Recordings

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Comments: 930

  • Flavio Patti
    Flavio Patti 4 days ago

    Italy please

  • Alejandro Jose
    Alejandro Jose 6 days ago

    unbelievable Costa Rica was appears on the video so many times awesome thank u Metallica I hope to see again soon the best band in the world no doubt

  • George Guambo
    George Guambo 7 days ago

    Quito 1:50 lml

  • Fabian Perez
    Fabian Perez 8 days ago

    And Santiago, Chile?? 🇨🇱 🇨🇱 🇨🇱

  • Raffie Quler
    Raffie Quler 10 days ago

    Lars is the best drummer in the world.

  • Mikhail Krasnykh
    Mikhail Krasnykh 10 days ago

    I love this mix

  • Föxx Salema
    Föxx Salema 10 days ago

    Check it out my Hardwired (vocal) cover on my YT channel... \m/

  • DEREK yt_2003
    DEREK yt_2003 10 days ago


  • nikolax herrera
    nikolax herrera 11 days ago

    falto en chile :(

  • iCharlie
    iCharlie 12 days ago

    why just one time Guatemala?

  • majkl505
    majkl505 12 days ago

    So glad I was in Buenos Aires concert! The best band in lollapalooza! Aguante metallica🤘🎸

  • Roman Urner
    Roman Urner 13 days ago

    SINCE 20 YEARS i´m listening THIS FUCKIN DAM GENIUS Sound ---------- James , Lars ........ THE ONLY , who can do THIS !!!!!

    Awesome , nobody could record those Tracks

  • Fabricio Lema
    Fabricio Lema 13 days ago

    Just one shot for quito :(

  • Sword 376
    Sword 376 13 days ago


  • kyon
    kyon 14 days ago

    2:42 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Bruno Ramirez
    Bruno Ramirez 14 days ago

    I Love This Song! 😻

  • Yuritzi HUT
    Yuritzi HUT 14 days ago

    Metallica is still the best heavy metal band in the world, there was a scene where my Mexico left, we are the best fanaticada in the world there is no one to win us.

    James, Kirk, Lars and Robert the best. Metallica forever.

  • Lion Tours NZ
    Lion Tours NZ 15 days ago

    Truly hope you boys come back to NZ! ...with a mosh pit! :)

  • Deepak sharma
    Deepak sharma 15 days ago

    Now this was all I needed Metallica guyz......Can anyone Match these guyz....

  • daniel guzman
    daniel guzman 15 days ago


  • Troy W
    Troy W 15 days ago

    Wow, so, I was out of the "loop" for a bit, just not checking on a lot of new music. Lo and behold, Metallica has a new album out, and boy does it ever sound awesome.

  • Денис
    Денис 15 days ago

    When are you come to Ukraine guys? You have many funs from Ukraine and they wants see you!!! You are amezing!!!

  • Радиотехника, Рыбалка, Самоделки

    Металлюгам привет из России))

  • Sanya Fonseca
    Sanya Fonseca 15 days ago

    I love Metallica 🙈💞💞 I wish to hear it live

  • Ali Doğaç Köse
    Ali Doğaç Köse 16 days ago


  • TheMetalChannel A7X
    TheMetalChannel A7X 16 days ago

    estuve ahí!

    SAMARAH 16 days ago

    Nice video!

  • Yeimetal Sangre Chan

    y Venezuela? ahhh cierto Muerte a Maduro

  • The Undertaker
    The Undertaker 16 days ago

    3:16 that Costa Rica scene was sad to watch! where are all the rabid Metallica fans to fill up that fucking stadium!!

  • Quaquas
    Quaquas 16 days ago

    this and spit out the bone are the best metallica songs in 20 years!

  • josue brest
    josue brest 16 days ago

    jajaja 170 chilenos no les gusto este video

  • Matias Ruarte
    Matias Ruarte 16 days ago

    No double bass 😞

  • Frieza Yuu Liu 石本遊

    Why did not come to Taiwan? Loss of Taiwan fans to support you so many years ... I really hope that life can see Metallica live performances! May I?

  • S4chamun
    S4chamun 17 days ago

    And Baltimore

  • Оксана Тарнавская

    Лучшая группа!!! Всех времён и народов.)))

  • anaacurls
    anaacurls 17 days ago

    Tantos países y en ninguno armaron el mosh:(

  • The MrEliaX
    The MrEliaX 17 days ago

    And chile? :(

  • Andy RosєTM
    Andy RosєTM 17 days ago

    QUITO!!! <3

  • Grungerocproductions

    Can't wait for PHILADELPHIA TOMORROW!!!!!

  • sebastien drouard
    sebastien drouard 17 days ago

    tros-tros bien

  • valdas valdas
    valdas valdas 17 days ago


  • John Moss
    John Moss 17 days ago

    2:41 gets me every time

  • Omer Oguz
    Omer Oguz 17 days ago


  • jafet juarez
    jafet juarez 17 days ago


  • Raven Lunatic
    Raven Lunatic 18 days ago

    AWESOME show in Baltimore last night.They rocked the house. Side note the experience packages are not worth it. Paid an extra $100ish for a hat and little poster. Save your money there but go see them!!!!

  • Luke Blazevic
    Luke Blazevic 18 days ago

    James has the voice of an angel 🤘💀👊

  • aries manlapit
    aries manlapit 18 days ago


  • George Ioannidis
    George Ioannidis 18 days ago

    The MetallicA Passion; They surely live for ever, alreadies!!!!

  • Kadija Zahouane
    Kadija Zahouane 18 days ago

    trop bien j adore

  • xBMPR
    xBMPR 18 days ago

    Can't wait, I'm going to the St.Louis show.

  • kainicol
    kainicol 18 days ago


  • Mouad Ababou
    Mouad Ababou 18 days ago

    2017: Metallica still kicking ass

  • luisa oñate
    luisa oñate 18 days ago


  • AlExaNdeR CasTAñEdA

    bogota presente con doris...

  • noe jovelozo
    noe jovelozo 18 days ago

    always sounds so much better live

  • Metallica fan
    Metallica fan 18 days ago

    fuck yeah

  • Oscar Rodriguez
    Oscar Rodriguez 18 days ago


  • Fermin Pradena
    Fermin Pradena 18 days ago

    Where is Santiago Chile ???? :c

  • asdfgzxcn
    asdfgzxcn 18 days ago

    No Lars found in this video. LOL

  • Moses Garner
    Moses Garner 18 days ago

    James yelling "SELF DESTRUUUUUUUUCT!" at the end of this might be the most metal thing he's ever done. Then he ruins it by saying calmly "Hardwired for you Babee. I love it." Hehehehe. Love you Jamez \m/

  • Baozi ぃウミン
    Baozi ぃウミン 19 days ago

    They didn't put Chile :(

  • David
    David 19 days ago

    Sucks that I couldn't get tickets for their tour...

  • cristian lagos
    cristian lagos 19 days ago

    a 149 chilenos no les gusta esto, que les costaba ponernos en el video pusieron a costa rica 100 veces... menos mal que no pude ir a lolla a verlos, una decepción para mi pais

  • danrojara
    danrojara 19 days ago

    vengan otra vez a COSTA RICA

  • Xasthur Slut
    Xasthur Slut 19 days ago

    De lo tan vacío que estaba Costa Rica una sola vez tendrían que haberlo mostrado

    • Xasthur Slut
      Xasthur Slut 13 days ago

      En Argentina había muchos más de 33 mil
      ademas fijense en su campo re vacío

    • Jose brenes quesada
      Jose brenes quesada 18 days ago

      Xasthur Slut claro, 33 mil es muy vacío

  • Katie Campbell
    Katie Campbell 19 days ago

    Playing fast doesn't mean it sounds good. It sounds like noise making me feel sick.

  • Vlademir Carer
    Vlademir Carer 19 days ago

    top ! eu estava em São Paulo 😍🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

  • Sanoc Snake
    Sanoc Snake 19 days ago

    Yo me tuve que perder metallica en el lolla :'v

  • menalic zz
    menalic zz 19 days ago

    2:25 double bass

  • toastierplace 49
    toastierplace 49 19 days ago

    00:41 00:50 3:10 MÉXICO CITY BABY 😎💀 YHEA

    YESMYN AM 19 days ago

    Awesome ❤.

  • Kris De Craemer
    Kris De Craemer 19 days ago

    Small world...

  • Efe Yorukoglu
    Efe Yorukoglu 19 days ago

    stamina, vocals, basically everything besides the tone is good... the tone sounds like whoopie cushions...

  • Tim Jordan
    Tim Jordan 19 days ago

    Indianapolis, IN... Not on tour dates listed yet! Gotta come here guys!

  • Sumayya Ramadan
    Sumayya Ramadan 19 days ago

    soul food

  • Carlos Pérez
    Carlos Pérez 19 days ago

    2:34 - 2:54 Never seen before!

  • Emmanuel Yeshua
    Emmanuel Yeshua 19 days ago

    They are still the best!

  • Marcin Łatka
    Marcin Łatka 19 days ago

    Super <3

  • Hunter_ARG
    Hunter_ARG 19 days ago

    Metal Up Your Ass Madafaka!!!

  • Luis Richmond
    Luis Richmond 19 days ago

    Excelentes tomas del concierto en Costa Rica... Grande Metallica Pura Vida!!!!!!!!

  • Salvador Garcia
    Salvador Garcia 19 days ago


  • LMTR14
    LMTR14 19 days ago

    rare songs or fuck off. that's what it's come to. new album does nothing for me, releases are boring as fuck too: no singles, barely any promos, no updates on the deluxe reissues. lazy-ass kirk's presence in the band has become almost unbearabe. james and lars are ready for retirement too. james has become a total asshole over the years to the point I wouldn't even want to meet him at a m&gthe only thing this band can still do for me is to play more unplayed songs from load, reload and anger (and the new album) live. all I'm still interested in them doing. else they can retire RIGHT NOWand btw, I'm not interested in any casuals commenting on my post. it's enough the band caters to you nowadays

  • Frank Castle
    Frank Castle 19 days ago

    C R A P

  • 박경환
    박경환 20 days ago

    Please come again at Seoul~~

  • Przemyslaw Budakiewicz

    great clip and manny left...why!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mark Solokoh
    Mark Solokoh 20 days ago


  • Lic Santiago Lopez
    Lic Santiago Lopez 20 days ago

    Metinbogota!! ✊💀

  • marcelo galvez
    marcelo galvez 20 days ago

    Where's Chile? You don't like us or something? :(

  • Simon Buckley
    Simon Buckley 20 days ago

    No Ireland? What have Ireland done to Metallica that we have had no gig in 8 years?

  • Erwin Agustin
    Erwin Agustin 20 days ago

    The editor loves the Costa Rica shots

  • Muertino Muerto
    Muertino Muerto 20 days ago

    Welcome to Russia

  • Miyacoco
    Miyacoco 20 days ago

    It seems they liked the gig here in Costa Rica... A lot!

  • Aga JH
    Aga JH 20 days ago

    yeahhhh!!to co najlepsze!

  • slimshadoow
    slimshadoow 20 days ago

    Around the world... Except Africa, because fuck Africa !!

  • Gerson Vasquez
    Gerson Vasquez 20 days ago

    tiene q venir a El Salvador Metallica.tengo q verlos antes de morirme jajaja viva el buen metal yeahh!!😈👍

  • taker stoker
    taker stoker 20 days ago

    what about Chile??

  • Michael Mitchell
    Michael Mitchell 20 days ago

    come to Pittsburgh pppplllleeeeaaaasssseeee!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TG 5-5 2-2
    TG 5-5 2-2 20 days ago

    Blood Pumper!!

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