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Author A-1 Locksmith (2 months)
This week's video gives a quick and easy tutorial on Group 2 mechanical
dial locks that are the most common on safes. If you've just purchased a
safe and are having difficulty opening it, this video is very helpful. If
you are really not enjoying the dial at all, give us a call and have one of
our technicians install an electronic lock on your safe. You can have it
open in 5 seconds or less:)

Author Frank Poindexter (26 days)
Just received my Liberty safe. I must have fell and hit my head on the
playground.I was shown how to do it , Read the directions would not
open.Watched your video !!!! Opened on the first try.....Thank you for
posting for people like me .....😉

Author John Kaiser (18 days)
DEAN....Open Safes

Author Khun Bud (1 month)
Tremendous help. Thank you so much. I'd still be frustrated if it weren't
for this video.

Author Coyell Witherspoon (4 months)
I want to ask, are the numbers that was used in your demonstration
universal. Because I don't have the numbers for the S&G floor safe the I

Author Merina Chase (4 months)
Thanks Dean! Just what I needed.

Author Jankunas (26 days)
Thank you so much, I was able to open the safe after endless tries with
just one look at this.

Author X (3 months)
+DeanSafe Hey thanks John Dean!

Author Paul Browne (6 months)
Great help open now 😃

Author Luciano Rescigno (3 months)
Hi, do you know how I can change the combination of a MT PROFESSIONAL TOOLS
safe? Serial SE 130075587... I have the combination that came with it, but
I want to change it... Thanks in advance! 

Author tdplumer (6 months)
EVER! ;-) Thank you!

Author Cristin Swoboda (6 months)
Super helpful, thank you! 

Author Jessie Chong (7 months)
Can it work on 4 number safe box? I had tried but failed. Pls help.
...Thanks. .

Author Sophia Marroquin (11 months)
i have a liberty safe box, with a key and the dial, but i dont now if i
have to put the key in and turn it and then dial or only put the key and
then dial ... my question is if i have to turn the key

Author Will Smith (10 months)

Author luie Rdz (8 months)
Thank You So....Much Sir.
Great Help. Had Trouble Opening my Safe, But When I Saw Your Awesome Vid. I
Finally Opened it.!
You Rock.!

Author Drew Hobbs (8 months)
Thanks for the video. It helped me open a safe that hadn't been open in
several years! Brand was "Major Safe Co". It was a group 2 but I didn't
know that until it was open. 

Author John Kaiser (18 days)

Author Will Smith (10 months)

Author scott taylor (11 months)
Thank you so much for this video I opened my safe on the first try after
watching you explain it very helpful

Author Wes Harrington (1 year)
Dean your a life saver! Thank you for this very excellent and helpful
video. After an hour of trying we opened it first try based on this video!

Author SteelBustingBiker (10 months)
Not working. SMH
Dialing feels like it's mushy? 

Author Renee Ramsey (9 months)
Thank you so much for these tips!!!! I have an ancient safe in our office
and have never been able to open it so I use it as shelving. I had the
combination but didn't understand the procedure...til now!!! It was the
exact procedure to follow and just inserted the numbers where appropriate.
Thanks again!!

Author Jrod H (9 months)
Never had to open a safe until this week, tried and then failed. Couldn't
have done it without this video! You tha man John!!

Author Jesse Maldonado (1 year)
how do u get these numbers ?

Author T.J. Kidder (10 months)
Thanks, your directions cleared up the directions I was given by my

Author P Smith (10 months)
Thanks. I had the combo but couldn't remember the correct sequence of
turns. First time after watching this I got it open.

Author John Mc (11 months)
Thanks for the video. Very instructive. Can you recommend a resource for
information on antique safes? A friend has a very old (late 19th C.)
Keystone Lock & Safe Co. safe that was inadvertently closed. He has what
is purported to be the correct three-number combo, but we have been unable
to re-open the safe. Any info would be helpful. Thanks!

Author peter dragon (1 year)
Lifesaver...thank you.

Author Natasha Z (1 year)
Simple, precise and it worked!

Author Sheila Dzimitrowicz (1 year)

Author riverdeltar (10 months)
thanks a lot!!!!

Author windy daley (1 year)
This has Helped me SO SO SO MUCH !! iI am wondering the video says there
is a link to a PDF file with the info I cant seem to find that link ???

Author Sam P (1 year)
He could pass for Tim Conways brother.

Author nmjh (1 year)
i have an amsec bf6030 bought in 96 with original combo and i cannot seem
to get this thing open. i never get that pull for the last step. even if i
clear it.any advice?

Author SHIMMY956 (1 year)
I would like to buy a burglar,fire and water resistant safe for our
home.Who makes the best safe?There are so many to choose from.

Author Lee Schlatter (1 year)
Awesome!!!!! For the last few years, I could not open my little safe,
because my husband said I wouldn't be able to remember the number, so it
flew out of my head.Then, when I remembered the numbers, I had the rest
wrong. Well, I had the combo right, but the sequence of turns wrong! THANK

Author Trista Glass (1 year)
I just want to say you are officially my hero for the past week I have not
be able to open my safe at work and this cracked the sucker open on the
first try!! 

Author simon cohen (1 year)
u can spin my fucking beanbag jagoff

Author simon cohen (1 year)
u crook!

Author g.jackson Goad (1 year)
did not work for me, more bull.

Author hazardmix (3 years)
It dosen't work when i do it

Author Carlos Garces Jr. (1 year)
what about the liberty presidentional safe can that one be picked is that a
hard one.

Author DeanSafe (2 years)
These instructions are for new users that know the combination but are
having some difficulty opening their safe. Thanks, John

Author Lamont Blue (2 years)
what is the combo pattern for a sentry safe? i have the combo but can't
getit open. where do i stop on the last turn?

Author DeanSafe (3 years)
@Karen77001 Its a simplex lock and most locksmiths can pick it for you. The
factory code is 0-0-0

Author DeanSafe (2 years)
Chances are you have the wrong combo, or even a malfunctioning lock, It's
time to call in a pro

Author DeanSafe (2 years)
Save your money. Star round door safe opens the same way except after you
go to the last number of the combination and before you all-the-way to the
drop in point you stop at "0", push and hold dial down, while holding it
down continue to turn to the right until it stops. That it, good luck, John

Author DeanSafe (3 years)
@cherrle310 Sorry to hear that, but it can be opened by a good safe guy
with technique known as manipulation. In Los Angeles we charge about $300
to do this and we're successful about 95% of the time. If manipulation
fails, drilling is the next best alternative. Good luck, John

Author rodney12321 (2 years)
Im curious as to how anyone knows this How ? lol

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