How to Dial Open a Combination Safe Lock How to dial open a group 2 mechanical combination safe lock, the easy way. Works on all Group 2 from Sargent & Greenleaf, La Gard, Kaba, and most others.

40 years of telling people how to open locks over the phone, I hope it works as well on youtube.

For decades group 2 locks like the S & G and LaGard type were the locks of choice virtually every safe manufacturer in the world, including American Security (Amsec), Cannon, Browning, Fort Knox, Liberty, to name a few.

Hi, my name is John Dean and I'd like to show you an easy way to open up a group two lock whether it's an S&G, Lagard, Kaba, doesn't matter. All the group two locks open up exactly the same way. Now the first thing I want you to do, trick number one is I want you to write down left, right, left, right and then next to that, four, three, two, one, that's the sequence that we are going to be using to dial this safe open, right now.

To follow our sequence first thing you do is, you turn it four times to the left. You sneak up on your first number, in this case it's fifty, and you want to make sure that the crows foot is directly above it, ignore the other mark, this is the one that counts.

Our second number is twenty-four you pass Twenty-four once, going to the right, pass it twice, and we're going to stop at twenty four our third time. Bang there we go. Our last number is sixty-five you pass sixty-five, once, you stop your second time.

We're almost home.

Now you go to the right, and right about, somewhere, between ninety-five and five, it kind of pulls itself in, and you want to pull it a little further, it'll stop somewhere between eighty-five and ninety-five, now that's retracting
the bolts, at this point this safe is unlocked, and you just open it up.

Now one last note in locking the safe, all group two locks, you must turn them to left four or more times, if you don't do that you're safe is a really locked and it can be easily manipulated opened. Now by the way, if you want these instructions in PDF form, I'm going to put in a link over here on the information thing, on the little more info, so you can go directly and print down a PDF.

Watch the video couple of times you'll get the drift of it, it's pretty easy to do.

Thank you very much

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Author Jesse Maldonado (2 months)
how do u get these numbers ?

Author peter dragon (3 months)
Lifesaver...thank you.

Author Trista Glass (3 months)
I just want to say you are officially my hero for the past week I have not
be able to open my safe at work and this cracked the sucker open on the
first try!! 

Author Timothy Brown (2 years)
YouTube is a beautiful thing! Not only can you go there for entertainment
(i.e. raywilliamjohnson, Smosh, Mega64, College Humor, etc.) but you can go
there to learn a plethora of knowledge (i.e. everything from how to install
a car radio to setting up a Minecraft server). I, like you, always knew
this, but I didn't realize how much I appreciate this until I needed to
learn how to open a dial safe at 3am in the morning!!! LOL!

Author SteelBustingBiker (1 day)
Not working. SMH
Dialing feels like it's mushy? 

Author Sam P (8 months)
He could pass for Tim Conways brother.

Author P Smith (21 day)
Thanks. I had the combo but couldn't remember the correct sequence of
turns. First time after watching this I got it open.

Author John Mc (1 month)
Thanks for the video. Very instructive. Can you recommend a resource for
information on antique safes? A friend has a very old (late 19th C.)
Keystone Lock & Safe Co. safe that was inadvertently closed. He has what
is purported to be the correct three-number combo, but we have been unable
to re-open the safe. Any info would be helpful. Thanks!

Author windy daley (5 months)
This has Helped me SO SO SO MUCH !! iI am wondering the video says there
is a link to a PDF file with the info I cant seem to find that link ???

Author Will Smith (26 days)

Author Sophia Marroquin (1 month)
i have a liberty safe box, with a key and the dial, but i dont now if i
have to put the key in and turn it and then dial or only put the key and
then dial ... my question is if i have to turn the key

Author scott taylor (1 month)
Thank you so much for this video I opened my safe on the first try after
watching you explain it very helpful

Author Wes Harrington (3 months)
Dean your a life saver! Thank you for this very excellent and helpful
video. After an hour of trying we opened it first try based on this video!

Author T.J. Kidder (9 days)
Thanks, your directions cleared up the directions I was given by my

Author Natasha Z (4 months)
Simple, precise and it worked!

Author nmjh (8 months)
i have an amsec bf6030 bought in 96 with original combo and i cannot seem
to get this thing open. i never get that pull for the last step. even if i
clear it.any advice?

Author Sheila Dzimitrowicz (4 months)

Author riverdeltar (24 days)
thanks a lot!!!!

Author simon cohen (7 months)
u crook!

Author Lee Schlatter (7 months)
Awesome!!!!! For the last few years, I could not open my little safe,
because my husband said I wouldn't be able to remember the number, so it
flew out of my head.Then, when I remembered the numbers, I had the rest
wrong. Well, I had the combo right, but the sequence of turns wrong! THANK

Author SHIMMY956 (5 months)
I would like to buy a burglar,fire and water resistant safe for our
home.Who makes the best safe?There are so many to choose from.

Author simon cohen (7 months)
u can spin my fucking beanbag jagoff

Author g.jackson Goad (1 year)
did not work for me, more bull.

Author hazardmix (2 years)
It dosen't work when i do it

Author Carlos Garces Jr. (11 months)
what about the liberty presidentional safe can that one be picked is that a
hard one.

Author DeanSafe (1 year)
These instructions are for new users that know the combination but are
having some difficulty opening their safe. Thanks, John

Author Lamont Blue (1 year)
what is the combo pattern for a sentry safe? i have the combo but can't
getit open. where do i stop on the last turn?

Author DeanSafe (2 years)
@Karen77001 Its a simplex lock and most locksmiths can pick it for you. The
factory code is 0-0-0

Author DeanSafe (2 years)
Chances are you have the wrong combo, or even a malfunctioning lock, It's
time to call in a pro

Author DeanSafe (1 year)
Save your money. Star round door safe opens the same way except after you
go to the last number of the combination and before you all-the-way to the
drop in point you stop at "0", push and hold dial down, while holding it
down continue to turn to the right until it stops. That it, good luck, John

Author DeanSafe (2 years)
@cherrle310 Sorry to hear that, but it can be opened by a good safe guy
with technique known as manipulation. In Los Angeles we charge about $300
to do this and we're successful about 95% of the time. If manipulation
fails, drilling is the next best alternative. Good luck, John

Author rodney12321 (1 year)
Im curious as to how anyone knows this How ? lol

Author Royal King (1 year)
it has 1 big wheel and 1 small and a key hole under the 2 wheels

Author Eston MacMath (1 year)
how do i clear any codes before i dial in the opening combo?

Author Samha Cares (1 year)
Can you teach me how to be a safe person? do you have any video on how to
be a safe person??

Author DeanSafe (2 years)
Sorry, I cant speak for them but I've received combos many times in the
past. Maybe they changed there policy..... I just asked they still do but
they only go back a year (that's new).

Author Izzat Ishak (2 years)
why if u missed alinged one of them. how to restart?

Author DeanSafe (1 year)
Your best bet is to call the manufacturer of the safe they may still have
the comb. if not you're going to need to call a local safe guy.

Author Mustange500 (2 years)
how do you unlock a safe that's old and non of my family members knows the
combination. that's how old it is.

Author Annalizer77 . (2 years)
Thanks. opened my safe literately the first time. Great instructions. Can't
be easier.

Author Vicki McDonald (2 years)
Thank you so much I was finally able to open the safe. This works!!!!

Author DeanSafe (2 years)
You need to call a good Safeman in your area to manipulate or drill it
open. sorry no easy way on this one. John

Author DeanSafe (1 year)
The Key is not an override so you'll need to dial it they it likes before
it will open. I don't remember what the opening sequence on sentry's are
but give them a call I'm sure they will help you. thanks, John

Author caroldavis576 (2 years)
Opened my safe following your instructions....thank you!

Author TheLastLongGaming (11 months)
Just Robbed a Bank all Thanks for your Help thanks LoL Nice Video

Author DeanSafe (2 years)
@SmileBmxing Sorry, you'll need to find a safe guy close to you.

Author KiraBlazBlue (2 years)
It's say dial the number 4 times etc . So do i stop at the number 4 times
or spin 4 times . It just seems that it won't work for me . ._.

Author guysalsburg (1 year)
About 3000 dollars

Author DeanSafe (1 year)
Glad we could help John

Author Bezeid Chelhi (1 year)
Combination forget to help hack code without scratching

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