How to Dial Open a Combination Safe Lock

Step by step instructions on how to dial open a group 2 mechanical combination safe lock, the easy way. Works on all Group 2 from Sargent & Greenleaf, La Gard, Kaba.

40 years of telling people how to open locks over the phone, I hope it works as well on youtube.

For decades group 2 locks like the S & G and LaGard type were the locks of choice virtually every safe manufacturer in the world, including American Security (Amsec), Cannon, Browning, Fort Knox, Liberty, to name a few.

Hi, my name is John Dean and I'd like to show you an easy way to open up a group two lock whether it's an S&G, Lagard, Kaba, doesn't matter. All the group two locks open up exactly the same way. Now the first thing I want you to do, trick number one is I want you to write down left, right, left, right and then next to that, four, three, two, one, that's the sequence that we are going to be using to dial this safe open, right now.

To follow our sequence first thing you do is, you turn it four times to the left. You sneak up on your first number, in this case it's fifty, and you want to make sure that the crows foot is directly above it, ignore the other mark, this is the one that counts.

Our second number is twenty-four you pass Twenty-four once, going to the right, pass it twice, and we're going to stop at twenty four our third time. Bang there we go. Our last number is sixty-five you pass sixty-five, once, you stop your second time.

We're almost home.

Now you go to the right, and right about, somewhere, between ninety-five and five, it kind of pulls itself in, and you want to pull it a little further, it'll stop somewhere between eighty-five and ninety-five, now that's retracting
the bolts, at this point this safe is unlocked, and you just open it up.

Now one last note in locking the safe, all group two locks, you must turn them to left four or more times, if you don't do that you're safe is a really locked and it can be easily manipulated opened. Now by the way, if you want these instructions in PDF form, I'm going to put in a link over here on the information thing, on the little more info, so you can go directly and print down a PDF.

Watch the video couple of times you'll get the drift of it, it's pretty easy to do.

Thank you very much

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Author nefrojas ( ago)
Thanks, Dean. I got my safe back and it is all thanks to you.

Author Cazauxx ( ago)
In the thumbnail I thought you were Dr Phil.

Author Lacey Cole ( ago)
Will this method work on a 1900's Reliable Safe and Lock inc Covington KY
safe as well?

Author Morbius1963 ( ago)
Very, very grumpy before I watched your upload. Happy as Larry now. Thanks.

Author Anthony Puga ( ago)
I get stuck on the last part 

Author Kenneth Stevens ( ago)
Will this work on an old "Yale HERRING-HALL-MARVIN SAFE CO". The name in
quotes is what appears on the dial. YALE in the middle and herring hall
marvin safe co circling around yale.

Author G Ledesma ( ago)
Worked like a charm

Author Kathy Faul ( ago)
Thank you!

Author Theresa Headd ( ago)
Hey' you know James Cagney ' copper's look out for them copper's " 

Author sara snowwhite ( ago)
Thank you so much! Super helpful - got into the safe!!!

Author Thịnh Hưng ( ago)
Hello Dean, I'm having a Hanmi HS38-C safe, it's a combination of three
number 14-93-29 , and the owner also gave me a key , but i don't know how
to dial it , please help me

Author John Cassidy ( ago)
I found a safeguard sd105 safe in a storage locker, and tips on opening it,
it has a key and dial

Author Christopher Baker ( ago)
Dude thank you 

Author Cody Tran ( ago)
Can you do this with unknown numbers on a safe?

Author mhadman ( ago)
Hello. Thank you for the free sharing of information. I have a question I
hope you can help me with. I have a Victor Certified safe from around
I was given a set of four numbers for the combination and was told the
sequence was R-L-R-L ,but cannot get the lock to retract. I have tried the
opposite direction and still no result.
I also see you have 3 numbers instead of four. Is my last number just an
approximation,and carry on like your tutorial shows?
Thank you for your time,

Author Frank Poindexter ( ago)
Just received my Liberty safe. I must have fell and hit my head on the
playground.I was shown how to do it , Read the directions would not
open.Watched your video !!!! Opened on the first try.....Thank you for
posting for people like me .....😉

Author Jankunas ( ago)
Thank you so much, I was able to open the safe after endless tries with
just one look at this.

Author Khun Bud (1414 years ago)
Tremendous help. Thank you so much. I'd still be frustrated if it weren't
for this video.

Author X ( ago)
+DeanSafe Hey thanks John Dean!

Author Luciano Rescigno ( ago)
Hi, do you know how I can change the combination of a MT PROFESSIONAL TOOLS
safe? Serial SE 130075587... I have the combination that came with it, but
I want to change it... Thanks in advance! 

Author Merina Chase ( ago)
Thanks Dean! Just what I needed.

Author Coyell Witherspoon ( ago)
I want to ask, are the numbers that was used in your demonstration
universal. Because I don't have the numbers for the S&G floor safe the I

Author Paul Browne ( ago)
Great help open now 😃

Author tdplumer ( ago)
EVER! ;-) Thank you!

Author DeanSafe ( ago)
You clear the lock by turning the dial 4 or more times to the left. Thanks,

Author A B ( ago)
how do u make sure u have started with a clean slate on the dial? how do u
know ur ready to start with the combo...ive browning safe that ive been
trying to open for almost a month!

Author Nym Rod ( ago)
Thanks, I forgot the last turn.

Author DeanSafe ( ago)
Glad I could help you. John

Author mrsdjquest ( ago)
THANK YOU so much!!! Had to watch your video twice to get it, but I got

Author justin hall ( ago)
Thank You so much being trying to open my Browning safe for 2 days lol

Author Graham Anderson ( ago)
Thank you!!!!!!!!!!

Author Oscar Moreno ( ago)
Thanks a lot DeanSafe, My dad had a Safe and with the combination we didn't
know how to open it. Thanks to your intructions we made it.

Author DeanSafe ( ago)
50/50 right?

Author DeanSafe ( ago)
That's a good safe and it's dial lock is all you really need. I'm just
showing you how to open the safe if you have the correct combination
numbers, So many people forget how to dial it open even if they have the
combo. Thanks, John

Author Carlos Garces Jr. ( ago)
what about the liberty presidentional safe can that one be picked is that a
hard one.

Author antlogalbo ( ago)
Thank goodness I found this. I bought a liberty safe and I haven't been
able to open it

Author ryanmotch2 ( ago)
Thanks for the help

Author Carl Fontanilla ( ago)
what am i missing?I've done this 2 years ago and opened the same safe
twice...but now I'm at my 10th try with no the "pulling in" part
means that i pull the dial out?

Author DeanSafe ( ago)
Sorry to say If I have it my hands I can do it, just know how to explain
it. So many types of lock so little time. John

Author Hayashi Ed ( ago)
I have an old Safe Cabinet, that has a wheel stack combination lock. I have
the safe open but don't know the combination. Would you know and can you
explain how to determine the combination. I have accessed through the back
to the wheels, but don't know how to get the combination. Help!

Author Beckinstein Shinn ( ago)
Thank you so much! I was having trouble getting into an old family safe
that only my dad, who passed a few years ago, could get into. It was that
final little "pulling in" part that I was missing! Thanks!

Author DeanSafe ( ago)
While a Group 2 lock will fit, they're rare Korean safes. Most come with a
low end, unrated E-Lock or a low cost dial lock that works fine, just not
rated. You may want to see if you can find Booil safe email and ask them to
send you the instruction sheet in English, I'll bet they'll do it. Sorry I
couldn't be more help, John

Author DeanSafe ( ago)
Sorry, this ONLY works on group 2 locks, you must have a group 3

Author g.jackson Goad ( ago)
did not work for me, more bull.

Author Royal King ( ago)
it has 1 big wheel and 1 small and a key hole under the 2 wheels

Author Royal King ( ago)
my friend has a safe at home and hes dad died he only knew the combination
it needs 2 combinations and a key how to unlock it

Author Ariella Esther Woolf ( ago)
I can't see it but I need it cuz I have a lock that I cnt open. I have
already had 2 have one lock cut open Cuz I cdnt open it nd I dnt want 2
have another one!!!

Author FCM ( ago)

Author James Beaumont ( ago)

Author dave g ( ago)
thanks man i have to watch this time to time ,

Author Noku Dzu ( ago)
Thanks for the great video. What do you do with the center "toggle" or
"handle" in a Steelcase combination lock file cabinet?

Author Fucknuts ( ago)
Don't learn how to speak and write properly and also not accuse
others' of wrong doing when they post a video on Youtube, and maybe I'll
give some respect. In the meantime, shut your fucking cunt face!

Author T Brown ( ago)
Whatever rocks your boat dude.

Author T Brown ( ago)
This is not a video about breaking into safes Elio. Perhaps if you watched
the entire video, you would have realized this and not have posted such an
absurd comment.

Author T Brown ( ago)
Hi there Mr. Dean. Thank you so much for your video. My husband and I just
purchased a used combo safe, and for the life of us, we could not open it.
The combination instructions given to us read like Greek. After about 50
attempts to open the safe, I had an epiphany. I went to YOUTUBE and
searched for " how to open a safe." Thank goodness your video came up.
After watching your video only 1 time, my husband opened our safe right up.
Once again, thank you.

Author DeanSafe ( ago)
The simple answer is, on most locks you can ONLY find out the combo if you
don't take the lock apart. Just remove the back of the lock, turn the dial
and be a keen observer. Some old lock (with number printed on the wheels
need to be taking apart but this is not for the faint of hart. I would not
think less of you if you called a pro, as long as the door is open a good
safe guy should noodle it out and service the safe in short order. Hope
this helps, John

Author Hatem Abdel-Monem ( ago)
Thanksssss :) I was not able to open my old safe and finally i opened it
... thanks for help :)

Author Fucknuts ( ago)
Shut your fucking piehole you stupid motherfucker, he's teaching the
procedure to dial in the combination numbers...not how to defeat the lock!
You're fucking vulgar, shithead. If you don't understand the language then
shut your cunt!

Author Bbarfo ( ago)
Thanks for posting this, it is helpful.

Author Voight Kampff ( ago)
Pay a safe technician!

Author jossa gonzalez ( ago)
I bougth a property in vegas and theres a safe box how can I open it?

Author DeanSafe ( ago)
You do know it only works if you know the combination. I not teaching how
to break into a safes, only teaching the correct dialing sequence which can
be very confusing if you don't do it everyday

Author Elio Viviani ( ago)
I find it vulgar to teach open a safe!

Author Kara Baylor ( ago)
thank you so much, i wish i'd found this video an hour ago!!

Author DeanSafe ( ago)
Try 877-736-8794

Author DeanSafe ( ago)
The Key is not an override so you'll need to dial it they it likes before
it will open. I don't remember what the opening sequence on sentry's are
but give them a call I'm sure they will help you. thanks, John

Author SirKnightSilvayne ( ago)
Hey Dean, I have a sentry save model V330, serial U703941. I have both the
combination and the keys for it but no matter what I do, it simply will not
open. Could the lock be damaged in anyway? If so, how do I open it? The
instruction booklet says I have to start at zero, turn 18 to the left 4
times, then "1 turn past 18 to 58" then finally go to 98.

Author Bezeid Chelhi ( ago)
Combination forget to help hack code without scratching

Author Eston MacMath ( ago)
I give up I have tryed so many times and I know it's the right code

Author DeanSafe ( ago)
On a safe with a group 2 lock, L5 is the same as L4 (as it's really L4 or
more times). It takes a full 4 turns to clear lock and line up the wheels.

Author Eston MacMath ( ago)
the sequance i got for it is L5 R3 L2 is that possable its an old safe?

Author Eston MacMath (858 years ago)
how do i clear any codes before i dial in the opening combo?

Author DeanSafe ( ago)
It should be, L4, R3, 2L, and right to Open

Author Eston MacMath (1387 years ago)
i have been tryin ot open my safe but cant its left 5 right 3 left 2 right
to open i have the code just cant open it its a old pacific johnson floor
safe HELP ME!!!

Author Jaky C. ( ago)
Oh god! Surely helped me. Thank goodness for this video!

Author Brad H ( ago)
How much should a safe guy charge to open safe(without drilling)?

Author DeanSafe ( ago)
So glad to be of help. John

Author 98 SR20 ( ago)
Thank you for this. Finally, I was able to help my dad open his safe.

Author DeanSafe ( ago)
Your best bet is to call the manufacturer of the safe they may still have
the comb. if not you're going to need to call a local safe guy.

Author carlohemi ( ago)
Thank you so much! I've tried to open my safe for 4 days now to no avail. I
realized what I was doing wrong with the turns.

Author rodney12321 ( ago)
Im curious as to how anyone knows this How ? lol

Author DeanSafe ( ago)
No Burton safes here in the U.S. so I went to their website and they have
Safes to fit all budgets. All I can tell you is the cheap safes have cheap
locks and like us in the U.S. they have their share of low end products. In
a nut shell, on the low end, dial's have a security advantage over the
e-lock's, on the high end, its reversed. Ask questions, I don't know all
the UK lock standards are but they will know what a Group 2 and/or a grade
1 is, and that's what you want. Good luck, John

Author solidussnake0079 ( ago)

Author DeanSafe ( ago)
Try all the keys, if you can't find the right one you'll to; 1. need to
call a locksmith he can make a key. 2. Get the serial number and call the
manufacture and maybe they can send you a key. hope this helps, good luck

Author Keri Booth ( ago)
I don't know where my 1st comment went. I was asking for help opening my
own fire safe. I lost both of the keys at once because they were on the
same ring ---- stupid, I know. I have found tons of keys and a ziplock bag
halfway full of my old keys. I just don't want to try every key. It could
be faster to try breaking into it. Sorry for the redundancy. Thank you.
Thank you. Thank you.

Author Keri Booth ( ago)
Excuse me. I wanted to say the keys are for everything I've needed- door
and post office keys for every apartment I've ever lived in, keys from
every car I've owned, keys to my friend's and family's places- dating as
far back to the 60s & 70s. So, no. I don't want to try every key I've
owned. I can only think of picking the lock. Until I become a millionaire,
I won't pay $ for a locksmith to do it. I believe the things inside the
safe are important and possibly expensive. I would rather have th

Author DeanSafe ( ago)
Save your money. Star round door safe opens the same way except after you
go to the last number of the combination and before you all-the-way to the
drop in point you stop at "0", push and hold dial down, while holding it
down continue to turn to the right until it stops. That it, good luck, John

Author Senor Ed ( ago)
I have a star safe that was my fathers. It is a floor safe and was cast
into his home's foundation. I have the combination,however, I am unsure as
to how to open it. The dial seems to be able to push down and turn. There
is no lever, just a handle. The safe door is able to rotate as well. It is
a round safe. Any ideas? Don't have any $ to hire a locksmith or safe
dealer to help me out.

Author granadajohn ( ago)
Start by calling the manufacture and give them the Serial number of your
safe, they may have the combination on file. If they don't they may be able
to refer you to a safe service co. in your area. Good luck, John

Author DeanSafe ( ago)
These instructions are for new users that know the combination but are
having some difficulty opening their safe. Thanks, John

Author DeanSafe ( ago)
Sentry uses so many types of locks, your best bet is to get your model and
Serial number and call Sentry safe at 877-736-8794.

Author Lamont Blue ( ago)
what is the combo pattern for a sentry safe? i have the combo but can't
getit open. where do i stop on the last turn?

Author DeanSafe ( ago)
Glad we could help John

Author Bill O'Neal ( ago)
Thanks, we were trying to help our daughter how to open our safe while out
of town.... your video helped explain how to open it ..... THANKS again

Author Ann Reys ( ago)
aww....i wanted to know how to crack INTO a safe that i don't know :( boo

Author starrry95 ( ago)
how bout the elite brand which have 5 number combinations instead of the
usual 4 number combinations? so was it RLRLR or LRLRL? the number went down
from 5 to 1 as well?

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