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Author triplehfromhell (6 years)

Author BARIBARAD (6 years)
i love both

Author dandoon12345 (6 years)
thanks alot!!!

Author orgthingy (6 years)
because i like other characters ;)

Author Cankeser (6 years)
hey brothers from another mothers, new turkish serie in arabic, series name
is "Kurtlar Vadisi"

Author Murly46 (5 years)
I wish that Leannehatx would put a synopsis of what each episode contains
like guycito did on his soap site. Like for instance: Noor goes to Instabul
and meets...etc, Mohaned reflects on his past, and his friend....etc...but
not to reveal everything.

Author feby blink (2 years)
noor is the best i am from indonesia i love you noor

Author katrol7 (6 years)
His friend looks like he is jealous talking to him out of it. Thank you so
much for posting!!

Author dandoon12345 (6 years)
yea me 2 i started watching it like in the 70th episode i would like to see
the hole story so i can understand everything!!

Author lurveforever21 (6 years)
i wish

Author OooArabicStylezooO (5 years)
muhanad is sweet :D I luv him <3

Author Ameena Al-Mansoori (6 years)
i loove muhanad

Author fanofashleyandjustin (6 years)
its so nice thnx

Author orgthingy (6 years)
haha, yea me too

Author abdullahab4 (6 years)
i hate them both lol

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