The Weeknd - I Feel It Coming ft. Daft Punk

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  • Christina Brezovsky
    Christina Brezovsky 6 minutes ago

    I love his voice and his music. Reminds me of MJ...MJ would be proud!

  • TehStarDrem
    TehStarDrem 11 minutes ago

    I really hate music like this

  • Aazavier Stephens
    Aazavier Stephens 25 minutes ago

    I. Love. Your. Saog

  • Danielle Madeiro
    Danielle Madeiro 42 minutes ago

    lindo o dono da indústria musical

  • Danielle Madeiro
    Danielle Madeiro 43 minutes ago

    rei conceitual, quer @?

  • Daniel Rivas
    Daniel Rivas 52 minutes ago

    increíble la cancion

    GERALD SMITH 54 minutes ago

    this go hard

  • BroBro Girl
    BroBro Girl 56 minutes ago

    this is the grown up michael jackson. xD sorry for the comment. btw the weeknd can bring the 80s and 90s back

  • Dekorian Byrd
    Dekorian Byrd 1 hour ago

    this song is my favorate i love it so much

  • iWannaSing
    iWannaSing 1 hour ago

    This song disgusts me. The lyrics though... not trying to be rude... but...

  • gerant de la chaine : bot2fou1

    daft punk <3

  • Salome Gonzalez Ebratt

    yousef cuando bailo esta canción <3

  • Abbas
    Abbas 1 hour ago

    I thought i'm the only one who remembered micheal jackson until i saw the comments.

  • Maelkenstein X
    Maelkenstein X 1 hour ago


  • Dreed
    Dreed 1 hour ago

    easter egg starboy 4:46

    LOVE MOON 1 hour ago

    SKAM 💞

  • TheDionee
    TheDionee 1 hour ago

    exactly the michael jackson voice!!!

  • LT3175
    LT3175 1 hour ago

    Is this an ode to Michael Jackson?  His jacket even seems MJ-like.

  • PowerlesList 13
    PowerlesList 13 2 hours ago


  • fernando vera
    fernando vera 2 hours ago

    muy guay

  • Cherri Pie
    Cherri Pie 2 hours ago

    All I hear is my hero Michael J. Jackson
    *fistpump + tears*

  • Bleach
    Bleach 2 hours ago

    I Feel It Cumming. (ft Penis) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Elyane Silva
    Elyane Silva 2 hours ago

    is bhrotter Michael Jackson B-)

  • johnytwofeet
    johnytwofeet 2 hours ago

    161 million people felt it coming

  • GameCentralJack
    GameCentralJack 2 hours ago

    Probably a solid 1.5 million of the views are me.

  • FloydMuser - Followback He did it a meme, Anyone see this?

  • Vany Trip Beats
    Vany Trip Beats 3 hours ago

    i am just crying , be cause HIM VOICE is like of MICHAEL JACKSON . MY GOD

  • Don Cocroft
    Don Cocroft 3 hours ago

    I'm hearing Brothers Johnson Strawberry Letter 23.

  • Faisal Haque
    Faisal Haque 3 hours ago

    you,ve been scared of love what it did to you just a simple touch I feel it coming

  • Patrick Moraes
    Patrick Moraes 3 hours ago

    ; ]

  • 888 rugi888
    888 rugi888 3 hours ago


  • Muthia Ulfah
    Muthia Ulfah 3 hours ago

    i loveee this song! thank u the weeknd 😙😙

  • Patricia Dodo
    Patricia Dodo 3 hours ago


  • Devil 666
    Devil 666 4 hours ago

    I am going to his concert

  • Natalie Wighman
    Natalie Wighman 4 hours ago

    Oh god! The new micheal jackson

  • Ingrid Carol Alfaro Ludeña

    i heard like MICHAEL JACKSON....

  • KLaster Oxiz
    KLaster Oxiz 4 hours ago

    You can't hate to Theweeknd AND you can't Daft Punk

  • Rosa Alcantara
    Rosa Alcantara 4 hours ago

    My mum das thiking it das Michael Jackson

  • Robko Robo
    Robko Robo 4 hours ago

    očo sa snaži??? napodobnit michael jackson?fackkkk

  • Fajrin Mustika
    Fajrin Mustika 4 hours ago

    Fave song ❤❤❤

  • Muhammed Alinizy
    Muhammed Alinizy 5 hours ago

    aklìmdaki 😢😢

  • Alan Dill
    Alan Dill 5 hours ago

    1 - Wait on the bus stop
    2 - Spot the bus
    3 - Scream I FEEL IT COMING & do the dance(1:01)

  • Muhammed Alinizy
    Muhammed Alinizy 5 hours ago

    best song ever

  • stefann1989v2
    stefann1989v2 5 hours ago

    I feel it baking.

  • Hawa Jaafar
    Hawa Jaafar 5 hours ago

    this should deserve a billion!!

  • Эд Сир
    Эд Сир 5 hours ago

    Michael jackson live

  • Alessandrums97
    Alessandrums97 5 hours ago

    Hi, I'm a 19 year old drummer from Italy!
    I'm a big fan of the Weeknd and I've recently made a drum cover of this song and "Secrets"!
    I'll be very happy if you check them out! You can find them on my channel! Thanks!

  • Rosa Gordon
    Rosa Gordon 5 hours ago

    this my song yes think you for putting my father on YouTube

  • black goku
    black goku 5 hours ago

    i FeEl It CoMiNg

  • Luulu Rdz
    Luulu Rdz 5 hours ago

    Nice song!

  • Miguel Zuniga
    Miguel Zuniga 5 hours ago


  • silvina trigo rivas
    silvina trigo rivas 5 hours ago

    me enamoré de este negro hermoso

  • Byron Abad
    Byron Abad 5 hours ago

    need to listen to the lyrics!!

  • dick andballs
    dick andballs 5 hours ago


  • tbone28926 Vlogs
    tbone28926 Vlogs 6 hours ago

    Don't you think this sound ALOT like micheal jzckson

  • Saiful momin
    Saiful momin 6 hours ago


  • toudi x
    toudi x 6 hours ago

    why he sounds like michael jackson

  • Eva Jonsson
    Eva Jonsson 6 hours ago

    nice to see there is talented artists in the world.

  • thony Nelson
    thony Nelson 7 hours ago

    that is not michel jaskan song

  • Stephen Curry
    Stephen Curry 7 hours ago

    GOOD VIBES ♥♥♥
    LOVE IT! ♥

  • ElRubius #30
    ElRubius #30 7 hours ago

    GOOD VIBES ♥♥♥

  • thony Nelson
    thony Nelson 7 hours ago

    that is not michel jasckson

  • Music Boy
    Music Boy 7 hours ago

    When I Watch Porno And
    I Like I Feel it Coming 😯😢😂!!
    [Like the Comment] ahaha...

  • thony Nelson
    thony Nelson 7 hours ago

    that is not true

  • Mark Bradshaw
    Mark Bradshaw 7 hours ago

    Thought it was Jackson???? Cool tune and I love it!!!! :)

  • Maikon Ferreira
    Maikon Ferreira 7 hours ago


  • DPMB Rangga
    DPMB Rangga 7 hours ago

    lagu kontol

  • Jayden Salgado
    Jayden Salgado 7 hours ago


  • Kim m
    Kim m 7 hours ago

    I see so much Michael Jackson in this .

  • MeruVelasquez
    MeruVelasquez 8 hours ago

    Yo solo vine aqui por Daft Punk TuT ♥

  • luis brito
    luis brito 8 hours ago

    Michael Jackson revenant....

  • Opre Roma!
    Opre Roma! 8 hours ago

    I feel it cuming 8====✊====D 💦💦

  • Omer Kafadar
    Omer Kafadar 8 hours ago

    I Feel it Cumming :D ?

  • Alp Alfonzo
    Alp Alfonzo 8 hours ago

    Is that a MJ tribute?

  • ziyad sami
    ziyad sami 8 hours ago

    wow 😭😭

  • منوعات Iraqi56

    Subscribe to my channel Subscribe to your channel I swear to you

  • Merve Nur Sekmen
    Merve Nur Sekmen 9 hours ago

    ah this girl Kiko ... i hate youu 🙂

  • pandaboygja
    pandaboygja 9 hours ago

    Getting some real Michael Jackson vibes

  • starmikey
    starmikey 9 hours ago

    Is it just me who thinks that these are Michael Jackson's songs?
    PS: glad somebody this good takes his songs to nowadays

  • kevin william
    kevin william 9 hours ago

    im cumming

  • Fernada Sosa
    Fernada Sosa 10 hours ago

    I love the Weeknd👍😎

  • Michael Bedolla
    Michael Bedolla 10 hours ago

    Told u guys I'll be back, my brothers lol 👁

  • Walid Belefkih
    Walid Belefkih 10 hours ago

    I like how he's standing in the same place but he keeps making sick moves

  • Rasmus-Anders Kirber
    Rasmus-Anders Kirber 10 hours ago

    This is a very beautiful song!

  • Trung Trần
    Trung Trần 10 hours ago

    Draft Punk so fucking awesome

  • Ruberteiz
    Ruberteiz 10 hours ago

    Está muy buena esta rola

  • Luce
    Luce 10 hours ago

    Lion King setting 🦁

  • Işınsu Çobanoğlu
    Işınsu Çobanoğlu 10 hours ago

    It's like Vaporwave

  • Aman Ray
    Aman Ray 10 hours ago

    Daft punk look like sith lords


    Michael Jackson better dancing. MJ baila mejor.

  • khangdu89
    khangdu89 11 hours ago

    Free lyric Version
    ''I Feel It Coming - The Weeknd''

    tear fall'in
    just sorry
    cause the solar
    the own solar run out
    out the snake stars system
    just the smile
    just the time
    just cause the space way

    robot cannot feel
    the tear of young soul
    the tear the guy love that system on sky
    the tear fake cause from re-acting
    take the next step
    take the scar in wives

    mass in free
    the soul feel not cheap
    the space in next way

  • Renê de Souza Santos santos

    Esse cara é o novo Michael Jackson

  • BastiPlays
    BastiPlays 11 hours ago

    Well I think i saw the pink cross in the end

  • Volkan Çağlayan
    Volkan Çağlayan 11 hours ago

    it makes me happy, gives awesome feelings!

  • Kawaii Pandas
    Kawaii Pandas 12 hours ago

    dirty minded-ness ruins this song...

  • UPdownLEFTright
    UPdownLEFTright 12 hours ago

    daft punk = world class music

  • Ray Kayne
    Ray Kayne 12 hours ago

    Now imma fucking fan of this guy!! love him

  • DJ Mauro Gonçalves
    DJ Mauro Gonçalves 12 hours ago

    My favorite song for ever.

  • Zhara Sweet
    Zhara Sweet 12 hours ago

    Is it true that this guy is really Brono Mars??

  • Alejandro Gang
    Alejandro Gang 12 hours ago

    I Feel It Coming ☺☺

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