Sepaktakraw: The best killer in the world.

Check out their amazing kicks.Song:In the ground by Paradise.

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Author 圓山治巳 (1 month)

Author Peren Lee (1 year)
Pornchai jump higher

Author umatkita (4 years)
Malaysia is the best, but nowday i dont know why they are so weak

Author balisong209 (3 years)
made by ninjas, played by ninjas.

Author paiwunanpaichow (3 years)
eeewut : we all malay also waiting for next shariff...nobody like him
today...i'm quite impress that u also admired him....

Author Chris Bosh (3 years)
Poonsak and Pornchai, nice names

Author thuckz (4 years)
so who win the game?

Author slapoglue (3 years)
Porn and Poon ftw

Author Rafael Raihan (5 years)
power sak !!! d best ever !!!

Author APK38VIDEOS (3 years)
in overtime.. they add basketball nets and trampolines... also, the ball is
on fire.

Author aznplayertake (4 years)
He is not the best killer.

Author Chin Wut (5 years)
This vid is just match between clubs in Thailnd League Dear Malays I'm
waiting to see next Shariff , He's an explosive player!! I really love and
hate him Where are you ?, the brutal Malay , We need the same old great
rivals , not pieces of shit like current Malay team today! Come on Malay,
Rising up!!

Author RaZKaulitz (6 years)
what about ahmad tapri????i heard he is 1 of the best too...but he's now he the best too???because he is my takraw coach and he said he
played with adnan saidiin too...

Author porkisgood4u (5 years)
macam mana dia ne tau bahasa msia? translate: what aslamhenry said, for
now, thai is the best killer, last time zabidi was a very power house
player that even the thais said so but now msia is not anymore. aslamhenry,
I setuju dgn ko

Author moose6692 (4 years)
were playing this in gym class, its awesome

Author yimmiytube (3 years)
they were told to change the name to footvolley to be eligible for
Olympics,No was the answer so new sport was created,guess what? footvolley
and it will be shown at Olympics s that for decade old sport????
but centuries old sport not allow to be in Olympics

Author khabarangin (3 years)
shit you! i have seen better than this!!!

Author waterwhella (3 years)
i want to see you... amazing im girl but i want that sport..... i want to
saw you guysss i want to meet you and teach me more about takraw !!!!!!!

Author ehansana (6 years)
didnt you read the title in the video? it WAS them

Author ScoopShot2008 (6 years)
Of course, he's very old now... but still doing some work with Malaysian

Author fido171 (6 years)
i never got the luxury of seeing adnan saidin plays..he was very very
powerful with his spike...the best striker i ever saw up to date was
myanmar striker who perform in the 2005 sea games

Author wak1979 (6 years)
adnan saidin was great unce upon a time but not this time

Author muqsitboy (4 years)
malaysian also had some killers, why did u said just that two thai?? wtf..

Author kakaroct11 (6 years)
the best killer in the world is from malaysia and his name is adnan
saidin,he can roll spike with he rigth and left foot,when he spike any
killer afraid to block

Author 2pmfan (4 years)
Thailand 's team is t5he best

Author olympia717 (3 years)
whoever invented this sport is a beast! awesome

Author Bisa Ular (1 year)
14-14? naah... no winners yet.. it's a deuce

Author luis17lee (4 years)
1:10 woah ! nice timing dude ! ahaha ! teh camera man is the one i'm
talkin' about..^^

Author Detsurasu (2 years)
@Pilipacman Bruce never did any acrobatic moves, he wasn't stuntman, but I
see your point. Yes, if Bruce could play this game, I think he would be
No.1, I agree. Somehow, I also, think that Tony Jaa can play this game with

Author Marconi Tabangcura (2 years)
filipino invented this sport, its a country sport>

Author Mark Andrew Ayuda (1 year)
pornchai's group wins!!!!!!!

Author kakaroct11 (6 years)
yes,i know about pak dee and his position is tekong but he never won to
adnan saidin

Author SimAlias (5 years)
Damn nifty and devastating Foot work!! Fuckin Physical Fuck yeah!!!

Author ScoopShot2008 (6 years)
yup... heard a story about Adnan Saidin where one of his opponents blocked
so many of his rollspike. After the match ended, the opponent killer (who
blocked many of his spikes) passed out and rushed to hospital.

Author islamicradle (5 years)
this sport test the human limit... zabidi is the best killer

Author KamenRiderDanDan (4 years)
man... can't think of it.. i can't see it clearly either..

Author Zul Hilmi (3 years)
the slow motion make this vid gay

Author Villy Jason (5 years)
what is the title of the song?? i can't find what is writen on the
details... TNX...

Author BBoyPurify (5 years)
Pornchai<3 rofl

Author Jhocel Sese (3 years)
wins is the blue shirt

Author TheIrfan14 (3 years)
the white shirt win. the blue shirt guy touches the net. and it is a fault

Author samyshet (2 years)
0:06 lol PORNchai

Author peawpeaw (4 years)
they said the BEST not just an average player

Author Tyco John (5 years)
malaysian playeer..zabidi is the best killer in the world....thailand scare
with he....hahahah...

Author Azam Azmi (3 years)
the best shoes for sepak takraw just RM20.00. kasut sekolah.Pallas or

Author hantutoncet (5 years)
tat wat they call deuce but it the third set~

Author Yi-Min Seah (4 years)
insane spikes. almost like a gainer hamspring

Author haiba9 (2 years)
I know that it is a famous sport in South East Asia. However, Sepak Takraw
is originated from Malacca (Malaysia), not Philippine :)

Author Rosdillah Ibrahim (5 years)
zabidi shariff is the best killer in the world n legend killer...

Author HellfireT (5 years)
we also play deuce in the third set, so it ends with two points ahead or at
the latest when one team reaches 17 points... (may be european rules)

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