Sepaktakraw: The best killer in the world.

Check out their amazing kicks.Song:In the ground by Paradise.

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Author Rob Robbery ( ago)
Slow Motion....

Author BIONG RENN ( ago)
WTF. Forget DUNKING. Go spike some takraw balls.

Author wasana puentong (275 years ago)
Mr. Wachirasak kaewta A-licence coach thailand I teach sepaktakraw two
Champions on the world number one Mr. Kittipoom namsook champions SeaGames
Chiangmai thailand year 1995 Champions SeaGames Indonesia year 1997
Champions AsianGames Bangkok thailand year 1998 (Original Instep first
serving sepaktakraw on the world) number two Mr. Keingky kaewmin Champions
SeaGames laos year 2009 Champions AsianGames China year 2010 Champions king
Cup thailand 2007-2012 Champion super serie thailand, Malasia,singapore
Mr. Wachirasak kaewta A-licence coach thailand

Author chandra sonic ( ago)
Thailand the best killer 

Author Black Smith ( ago)
thailand #1 separ takraw

Author Klon Sepah ( ago)

Author Wsauce ( ago)
Captain Tsubasa Real Life?

Author Mark Andrew Ayuda ( ago)
pornchai's group wins!!!!!!! 

Author Peren Lee ( ago)
Pornchai jump higher

Author MARKJHAY THUGZ ( ago)
no KAKOEW PORNCHAI is the best thailand spiker ♥

Author Bisa Ular ( ago)
14-14? naah... no winners yet.. it's a deuce

Author muhammad farhan ( ago)
i love ponsak...

Author Tristhan Sarmiento (886 years ago)
This sport is our National Sport here in the Philippines but it originated
in Malaysia. 

Author haiba9 ( ago)
I know that it is a famous sport in South East Asia. However, Sepak Takraw
is originated from Malacca (Malaysia), not Philippine :)

Author Marconi Tabangcura ( ago)
filipino invented this sport, its a country sport>

Author razif shood ( ago)
adnan saidin still the best.............

Author Vô Danh ( ago)
very very good 

Author Dabi Sadler ( ago)
cacad ah

Author 94anisah ( ago)
Malaysia bleh.. lolx

Author Jorge Ramos ( ago)
Thinking about it,If Bruce Lee played this sport, he would be KING cuz
you'll never know how fast hell get up there and Spike

Author samyshet ( ago)
0:06 lol PORNchai

Author CheezitsChrist ( ago)
His name is Poonsak...? Pronounced Poon-Sack?!?

Author douwethaman ( ago)
volleyball for ninjas

Author Shamir Apurillo ( ago)
this kids are FLYING..

Author APK38VIDEOS ( ago)
in overtime.. they add basketball nets and trampolines... also, the ball is
on fire.

Author Rohan ( ago)
sweet airtime 

Author Adis K ( ago)
Poonsak and Pornchai, nice names

Author 1989jamb ( ago)
shaolinvolleysoccer D:

Author balisong209 ( ago)
made by ninjas, played by ninjas. 

Author yimmiytube ( ago)
they were told to change the name to footvolley to be eligible for
Olympics,No was the answer so new sport was created,guess what? footvolley
and it will be shown at Olympics s that for decade old sport????
but centuries old sport not allow to be in Olympics 

Author ruytijuas ( ago)
this guys would be amazing strikers in a football match.

Author Zul Hilmi ( ago)
the slow motion make this vid gay 

Author Jhocel Sese ( ago)
wins is the blue shirt

Author khabarangin ( ago)
shit you! i have seen better than this!!!

Author Azam Azmi ( ago)
the best shoes for sepak takraw just RM20.00. kasut sekolah.Pallas or

Author pero dzukić ( ago)

Author axess1202 ( ago)
@eeewut ouch

Author Emir Danial ( ago)
@eeewut yes we are rising up !

Author Jariworld Aljazera ( ago)
Malaysian's Dangerous opponent. And Lao,Vietnam,Cambodia,Mynma too I think
Thailand should prepare to these Warrior. Cheer Thailand Lonely Samurai.

Author arskankuumakesapaiva ( ago)
@johnnylynnlee what the fuck is soccerball you fucking retard D:D:D

Author Juv Juv ( ago)
ako rah mga gago!!! ^_^

Author Yi-Min Seah ( ago)
insane spikes. almost like a gainer hamspring

Author Johnny Lynn Lee ( ago)
soccerball sucks! sepak takraw rule!!!

Author KamenRiderDanDan ( ago)
man... can't think of it.. i can't see it clearly either..

Author thuckz ( ago)
so who win the game?

Author Rafael Raihan ( ago)
power sak !!! d best ever !!!

Author Tyco John ( ago)
malaysian playeer..zabidi is the best killer in the world....thailand scare
with he....hahahah...

Author syah putra ( ago)
maju lah sukan takraw tuk kolej aku...huhu

Author Ahmad Syazwan ( ago)
wala wei... mmg gila puak2 ni lipat...tinggi gila mau bedarah bila tahan
bola ni.....

Author tisoy4ever ( ago)
1:08 SICK!!! O.O

Author fritz578 ( ago)
well atleast malays have a connection with thais...

Author Aslamhenry mas ( ago)
haha padei tu org mleayu la..hehe saje malas speaking...erm ya tp aku
observe satu je...kte power...killer same je power ngan satu
je..tekong..tekong kite xde cam suebsak..huhuhu tekong penting doh

Author Rosdillah Ibrahim ( ago)
zabidi shariff is the best killer in the world n legend killer...

Author Aslamhenry mas ( ago)
heh this is current best killer..be4 got 1 malaysian killer name
zabidi.....i think his better than those two..if u all dun believe watch
king cup 98...even thai legend poonsak also lost..that time thai boy scared
when meet zabidi..but now i admit that thai are better.malaysia oso gud but
player like zabidi dont want to represent for msia anymore...they retired

Author Aslamhenry mas ( ago)
padeii aku dak takraw gak..aku rase wat masa skang ni dorg ni la best klu nak ikutkan aku setuju ngan ko...dulu mmg zabidi lg
power...thailand pon skang msia hampeh..pilih kasih byk...

Author Chin Wut ( ago)
This vid is just match between clubs in Thailnd League Dear Malays I'm
waiting to see next Shariff , He's an explosive player!! I really love and
hate him Where are you ?, the brutal Malay , We need the same old great
rivals , not pieces of shit like current Malay team today! Come on Malay,
Rising up!!

Author Padeil ( ago)
u said taht is the best killer in the world?? better use your brain la..
zabidi shariff is the best killer in the world.. from MALAYSIA..

Author arip zakwan ( ago)

Author zaal1973 ( ago)
great spike man.....

Author Javier Lorenzana ( ago)
@ darealdeal404

Author Javier Lorenzana ( ago)
... Wow ... Why don't you go outside and play with the garden gnome,
sweetie? The grownups are watching.

Author Crossfootball ( ago)
The Team in white wins. Because team blue hit the net before the ball hit
the ground after the block...??? 5 Points ..Hard skill..

Author Villy Jason ( ago)
what is the title of the song?? i can't find what is writen on the
details... TNX...

Author ehansana ( ago)
didnt you read the title in the video? it WAS them

Author Stagmadnoh Nazri ( ago)
do you ever heard about Pak dee

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