SNL - "Coffee Talk" with Linda Richman

SNL - "Coffee Talk" with Linda Richman

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Author seleehwekim (3 years)
Actually Liz's mother was visiting from Scottsdale, not Scarsdale.

Author Ariella Elia (6 years)
this is just absolutely wondaful! you are twice the stick of butta!

Author CoffeeTalk101 (6 years)
OMG i LOVE this skit on snl!! you guys did an AMAZING job at it!! you guys

Author VMKguy8010 (6 years)
I can also do it really good I am gonna put on as in a chipmunk voice

Author AbuAvital (3 years)
how did people of this age get to know about "Coffee Talk"?

Author Bring Your Own Bombs (2 years)
im only 13 :p

Author Gilgamesh (6 years)
this is amazing.

Author OfficialTribe (3 years)
@AbuAvital right?

Author JunkE4Theatre (4 years)
did you say ZAND? When you first said her name? It sounded like it. Linda
would neva make that mistake. lol. And Linda DOES need her hair to be more
poofy. BUT it was funny. :)

Author EIZvideos (5 years)
haha ya lindas hair needs to be more poofy.

Author dafattyup (2 years)
My science teacher told me about it

Author MissRyry567 (4 years)
This is as funny as the real thing!!!! Congrats!

Author ugmos2unite (5 years)
Pretty Good compared to the SNL version

Author Coco Lahtay (6 years)
good job but linda would never be caught with unteased hair.

Author WytZox1 (1 year)
OMG, this is such a lame impersonation of the real deal it has me feeling
all verklempt. Talk amongst yerselves; I'll give U a topic. Grape Nuts are
neither grapes nor nuts; discuss ... ☺

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