DragonBallZ:SUPER SAIYAN 50!!!!!!


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Author Kevin Acevedo ( ago)
los que le ponen no me gusta están locos >:[

Author Dima Capatina ( ago)
wtf the ssj50 is ssj 5 and that is a copy cater fucker

Author Goku Supersayin ( ago)
First of all there both fan fic second of all the first one is ssj3

Author ProPlayerr93 ( ago)
F-FAKE.... ?? F-f-FA-Ke ? FAKE ?!!!
haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!!!!!!!!!! SUPA

Author mesupaf1y ( ago)
3.5 million people feel a little dumber after watching this.

Author Michael Xior ( ago)
raditz ssj

Author Antonio Perinić ( ago)
And you uploaded this video yust to tell us that google is a GAY,lol

Author Achille12345 ( ago)
OH MAH GAWD.... <_<

Author philipp zimmermann ( ago)

Author TheYellowBone14 ( ago)
What song is this I like it

Author LegendGhostX21 ( ago)
This is fake and gay

Author 小 超人 ( ago)
stupid vid bitch

Author CRAZYJOKER 6161 ( ago)
the first one is raditz in ssj dude

Author chotu221 ( ago)
I think some one here needs to have there iq tested and be registered as an
full honorary retard

Author MrKickassFTW ( ago)
tell more

Author LegendGhostX21 ( ago)
Wow 679 idiots like this

Author LegendGhostX21 ( ago)
please explain

Author LegendGhostX21 ( ago)
i know that feel bro

Author LegendGhostX21 ( ago)
i -i wasted 23 seconds for this shit . first one was raditz . and why do
you hate google

Author SAV ( ago)
Prime example of people taking things said on the internet entirely too
serious. Dismiss yourself.

Author Marc Chavez ( ago)
Since when could Raditz go Super Sayain, since that's all the first picture
is, and the second looks a bit more likethe common idea of what SSJ5 would
look like. This video is a load of shit.

Author Yodabyte TehShyGuy ( ago)
You want us to raise our hands..... and to be able to tell whether we
are... over the internet? Did you mean "Thumbs up"? Because if not, we have
no clue what you're talking about.

Author raymen parra ( ago)
it all stops at super sayin god

Author raymen parra ( ago)
there JUST SSJ3

Author Pedro Rivera ( ago)
im pretty sure the first one was Raditz. Dumb jew.

Author SAV ( ago)
Raise your hand if this was gay

Author James Alers ( ago)
retard mexican

Author aiserone10 ( ago)
Es tan chidos

Author The Test Itself. ( ago)
23 seconds of my life... Gone, its all gone.....

Author Michel Jurgens ( ago)
i want my view back =(

Author Potato chan ( ago)
lol eh XD

Author Gigel Frone ( ago)

Author Yodabyte TehShyGuy ( ago)
"Are you some kind of retarded"? Nice contradiction. Genius.

Author Allen Hollis ( ago)

Author Allen Hollis ( ago)

Author malik ettu ( ago)

Author Steven Taylor ( ago)
you gay not google

Author Ramon Sigala ( ago)
google is gay

Author flames dboss ( ago)
well done you have saved the day again captin obvious

Author Potato chan ( ago)
are you some kind of retarded?

Author Poodleinacan ( ago)
At Super Saiyan 50, they are supposed to become pure energy.

Author Luke Skywalker ( ago)
Then i guess its a lightspear .

Author gammaray4evrr ( ago)
dis is fake u fag

Author Druugs101 ( ago)
3 millon view for this

Author MrWTFYOUDOING ( ago)
The first photo are Raditz SSj, and the second doesen't exist

Author mathias justus ( ago)
es gibt kein super saiyan 50 der will mich veraschen ich bin nicht dumm
gerade ebend um 21:27 den 18.6.2013 habe ich einvideo angeschaut das war

Author pb mcgee ( ago)
I'm pretty sure that's just super saiyan Raditz...

Author Cosmo - tron ( ago)
deslike bar isnt red anymore ._.

Author Jacquelyn Pierce ( ago)
wats the music

Author ethangaming002 ( ago)

Author reggienuva183 ( ago)
No lightsaber.

Author jesse .vazquez ( ago)
i have gone up to super saying 100(x

Author baraka490 ( ago)
the first pic looks like goku's brother, the second one doesn't even look
like goko

Author IkotoTV Abe ( ago)
five bro

Author Ivan Li ( ago)
Looks kinda like Broly to me

Author Jiajun Li ( ago)

Author Edda Fernanda Forero ( ago)
El vídeo genuañ

Author Gareth Roberts ( ago)
The fan made video? Please.

Author Bong Precilla ( ago)
what they have super saiysan by 50 lol whats wrong with this guy men are
you crazy dude

Author moomoomoomoo .moomoomoo ( ago)
i came here to dislike

Author Ravingstar Schroeder ( ago)
Anyone else notice that ssj50 kinda looks like East Kai?

Author DigtalPulseHD ( ago)
He has grey long hair like super sayain 3 and red eyes and a diffrent

Author DigtalPulseHD ( ago)
Theirs no 50 thats fan art but their is super sayain 5 because ive seen the

Author kim samaniego ( ago)

Author Genesis Gomez ( ago)
que es eso

Author King Craft ( ago)
the ssj15 is actually raditz ssj and the ssj50 is gohan ssj2

Author Dragon Ball Nationwide | Dragon Ball Clips & More! ( ago)

Author TheBammer78 ( ago)
fan art...

Author Elias Gustafsson ( ago)
What was your point with this?

Author winning duh ( ago)
ssj15 is ratiz?

Author Elucidator ( ago)
What happened to the other 45 supersaiyan transformations then

Author Luigi Redken ( ago)

Author naenae gusby ( ago)
dat ainn real

Author ivanoovoo ( ago)
ssj 15 is raditz when gets hit from gohan, but whata

Author Siobhan Clair ( ago)
There isn't.

Author uriel rebollar ( ago)
Ithe one that uploaded this video is just completely stupid

Author Damien Baca ( ago)
This is so fucking stupid. There is nothing higher than 4 and i doubt there
ever will be. Even if there was it'd be SS5 not 15 or 50.

Author Anis Saha ( ago)
The ssj15 is more like a raditz ssj1 because a ssj3 has no eyebrows

Author KaW. Official ( ago)
Ss15 is ss3 you know

Author the darkness sees all johnson ( ago)
theres a ssj 20

Author DaniTheHero ( ago)
How can anyone like this retardness xD.

Author sherrymccage ( ago)

Author Brayan Flores ( ago)

Author Pasquale Morcos ( ago)
SSJ15 = SSJ3 in DBZ SSJ50 = SSJ5 in DBZ AF

Author Enes Karaca ( ago)
waas isst das für eine scheise ferarschen kann ich mich selber

Author Dylan sam ( ago)
google is not gay ass

Author YTACCification ( ago)
Well, actually. If you disliked it, there would be only one dislike, so you
would have JUST a coloured bar, and not a lightsaber. Moreover, a large
dislike bar does not look like a lightsaber anymore, as the portion of
dislikes is represented as grey, and not red, red obviously being a much
more recognizable lightsaber colour (I question the existence of grey
lightsabers altogether) So, you were wrong on multiple accounts. Good stuff.

Author jerrold kamote ( ago)

Author joe vilhena ( ago)
ssj50 is just goku edited in paint shop or standing under fluorescent

Author leo ulloa ( ago)
Wats da song in the background

Author Arthur Hossein ( ago)
0:12 paint

Author RedHash9000 ( ago)
Well that's the Sith lightsaber but true it would be pointless to make a
green saber for this video

Author Perfect Cell ( ago)
it`s not good he faking that`s ssj3 and ssj5

Author Bren Isidro ( ago)
pamelazanest has a smelly pussy.

Author Data Grab ( ago)
I think you're trying to communicate with me. Better try some schooling
first then come back again.

Author Son Goku ( ago)
Wtf dats gay bitch dosnt know anyting fat shit

Author Son Goku ( ago)
Yh it goes over 10,000 its 80,4500

Author c0ok1em0nsterAK47 ( ago)
U guys r trippin. This is funny.

Author Blaze Goldenblood ( ago)
Goku's max super saiyan form is infinite. You guys know nothing about dbz

Author Paul Goodwill ( ago)
So what you're saying is, its over 9000?

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