DragonBallZ:SUPER SAIYAN 50!!!!!!


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Author GunRunners (1 year)

Author InnerNinja HD (1 year)
2nd picture is: Gogeta SSJ5

Author PodcastPlayer (11 months)
most of videos that uses this music gets alot of dislike

Author InnerNinja HD (1 year)
1st picture is: Raditz SSJ


Author lilt baby doll (1 year)
That shit was crazy

Author antonio gutierrez (1 year)
waoooo ke tanformasion mas bacana


Author Izzy Dee (1 year)
ssj 15 is ssj 3 and ssj50 is ssj 5

Author Damocles178 (2 years)
Well basically the youtube dislike bar used to be red for dislikes and
green for likes; so it was ideal for light saber jokes. Sadly the dislikes
seems to have been changed to gray; so small blame to you for not
understanding the joke

Author Gogetto Super (1 year)
raditz ssj

Author naenae gusby (1 year)
dat ainn real

Author Marc Chavez (1 year)
Since when could Raditz go Super Sayain, since that's all the first picture
is, and the second looks a bit more likethe common idea of what SSJ5 would
look like. This video is a load of shit.

Author Potato chan (1 year)
are you some kind of retarded?

Author CRAZYJOKER 6161 (1 year)
the first one is raditz in ssj dude

Author Gareth Roberts (1 year)
The fan made video? Please.

Author DaniTheHero (1 year)
How can anyone like this retardness xD.

Author Diego Munoz (2 years)
First one was Raditz

Author ProPlayerr93 (1 year)
F-FAKE.... ?? F-f-FA-Ke ? FAKE ?!!!
haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!!!!!!!!!! SUPA

Author baraka490 (1 year)
the first pic looks like goku's brother, the second one doesn't even look
like goko

Author Damien Baca (1 year)
This is so fucking stupid. There is nothing higher than 4 and i doubt there
ever will be. Even if there was it'd be SS5 not 15 or 50.

Author Bong Precilla (1 year)
what they have super saiysan by 50 lol whats wrong with this guy men are
you crazy dude

Author Pasquale Morcos (1 year)
SSJ15 = SSJ3 in DBZ SSJ50 = SSJ5 in DBZ AF

Author raymen parra (1 year)
it all stops at super sayin god

Author Elias Gustafsson (1 year)
What was your point with this?

Author Ivan Li (1 year)
Looks kinda like Broly to me

Author Jiajun Li (1 year)

Author Zibithollow (2 years)
dragon ball is epic!

Author Siobhan Clair (1 year)
There isn't.

Author IkotoTV Abe (1 year)
five bro

Author cas salba (2 years)
una cagada

Author Eric Escobar (2 years)
Sayians on bath salts

Author gammaray4evrr (1 year)
dis is fake u fag

Author dragonsaiyan111 (1 year)

Author EAidsSPORTS (2 years)
best part 10000000000000000:00:00

Author leo ulloa (1 year)
Wats da song in the background

Author Data Grab (2 years)
You're too late. The like bar was as small as your mind.

Author Tronsez (2 years)
Behold the YouTube anthem!

Author King Craft (1 year)
the ssj15 is actually raditz ssj and the ssj50 is gohan ssj2

Author greymajickjedi (2 years)
How do you make a Sith one?? o.o Or the sexy purple one like Winduu?

Author MrWTFYOUDOING (1 year)
The first photo are Raditz SSj, and the second doesen't exist

Author RedHash9000 (2 years)
Well that's the Sith lightsaber but true it would be pointless to make a
green saber for this video

Author nikolai roberts (2 years)
dude u all u did was show radiz a as a super saiyan and second it said ss
15 when title says ss 50 and just asking are u slow or maybe retarted

Author Blaze Goldenblood (2 years)
Goku's max super saiyan form is infinite. You guys know nothing about dbz

Author prince raj (2 years)

Author ChrisElLoquendero ElMasKapoxd (2 years)
una mierda pendejo

Author jerrold kamote (1 year)

Author philipp zimmermann (1 year)

Author Moeyy Habib (2 years)
when you hear that song..straight away you know its fake -.-

Author Quade Waerea (2 years)

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