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Author Фил Спектор (1 month)

Author Mercurio Mayo (4 days)

Author Euge Segura (2 months)
Aca si esta cantando en vivo !!!!

Author Soco Abundez (9 days)
Me encanta!!!

Author israel martinez (5 months)
Una de las rolas que me recuerda momentos en la secundaria eva samano de
lopez mateos zihuatanejo gro

Author Ramon Schel (1 month)
knock knock

Author Braca La (12 days)
even 30 years later this 🎶🎶🎶is always hit no1😊...btw, where was this
concert 👏👏👏anyone know?

Author Paulo Victor (2 months)
Os anos passaram, mas ele continua cantando maravilhosamente.

Author cabre4 (23 days)
Big in Japan after more and more years.. With orchestra, the best!

Author Manuel Zamudio (1 month)
Impresionante!!!y la orquesta bien prendida jajja

Author Vinícius Camargo (2 months)
... Tough and handsome music... Heard more than one time!...

Author Mike Del Jasen (2 months)

Author Alessandra Galvao (1 month)
Aí sim!!! Ao vivo!! :)

Author Jul But (13 days)
Nice but a little bit rapid.

Author zarpuska1 (29 days)
e' molto gonfio il cantante

Author Alberto Escobar Okuhama (9 months)
Bravo !!! Bravissimo !!

Author Pista Laci (3 months)

Author Swedish Slave (6 months)
The Aschelloch Peter Kallmyr is big i Japan. And violent more than a

Author Оксана Масько (6 months)

Author Ina Hilden (7 months)
this is the real music:)

Author The Slavery Channel (5 months)
Listen and learn lady gaga

Author HiagoRossi Rossi (8 months)

Author dulcinea pereira (1 year)
gosto muito!!

Author Angilberto da silva (1 year)

Author sandor csatlos (10 months)
Kedvencem 84-böl

Author rosanna lucia (1 year)

Author Dragan Velickovic (1 year)

Author PaisarellX (1 year)
En dos palabras IM PRESIONANTE

Author Karen Altamirano (1 year)
No one like your, i love this song!

Author Betina Ortiz (1 year)

Author Doris Susana (1 year)
que lindo su tono de vos

Author שירלי אלמוג (1 year)

Author isabel valdez (1 year)

Author Фил Спектор (2 years)

Author Liduíno Carvalho (3 years)
Esses cara sãom bons... saudades dessas bandas boas!

Author SubterraneaCCS (3 years)
Se ve reguapisimo sin barba He looks darn georgeous without that beard

Author Vladimir Makarov (1 year)
He is forever young, indeed.

Author Chris Hits (1 year)
2:44 malena pichot :P

Author zachary boss (2 years)
Yea for a live performance this is fantastic!

Author Steven Koja (1 year)
This are very songs, no Justin bieber one direction...

Author DrRaulianio (3 years)
Orchesta make this song X2 power

Author Sasha Abramovich (2 years)

Author Enrico Arlandini (3 years)
@MrDaviGremio Forever stupid this comment, especially regarding a song and
music video.

Author Jair Gomes (2 years)
amo love

Author lina rradviliene (1 year)
gera grupe,gera muzika!

Author smartlee007 (2 years)
does it matter if he is straight or gay...get a life people!!!

Author robert Markelj (1 year)
He still sing OK. .... (Y)

Author bannedspencer (3 years)
One of the few times I have heard a song get an orchestra behind it and it
sounded so much better. Thanks for the upload of this clip

Author Luc vg (2 years)
still sounds great !

Author tubygame1 (1 year)

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