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Author Asianet (1 year)
Bedai Bungalow Mohanlal Special Episode 14 11-01-14

Author Abraham Santhosh Assariparambil (7 months)
Drishyam Malayalam Movie Part 01

Author aravind nair (5 months)

Author ali ihsan KC (5 months)

Author Gopal Nair (8 months)
Totally misleading. Cannot youtube do notbi.v to prevent such crass
misrepresentation ? Shameful. To think there are such people witbout a
conscience !!

Author amal king (8 months)
asianetilum fake?? get lost..

Author rashid karakkandyvadayam (8 months)
Pppa nsyinte mone

Author haiyyaseethis (8 months)
Bullshit and creep minded fellow, your God will count you by how many
visits as by visit your page and this video. Sorry subscribers :(

Author Jayadevan Kshemendren (1 year)
Mohanlal ,Mukesh & Ramesh Pisharody A Big clap for giving us a visual
treat. Waiting to see the next episode.

Author cosmiclaw (1 year)
Shame on u Asianet.. misleading title. Even C grade channels wouldn't do
such crap to increase clicks. 

Author John Stephen (1 year)

Author imfousi (1 year)
please report this channel. Misleading title

Author Rajesh Qatar (1 year)
peppatti nayinte mon

Author DEVI o.p (1 year)
Thanks for bring lalettan. Great moment. Just loved it

Author Shadiya Rasheed (1 year)
Iot mislwading viewers

Author Nisam Nisam (11 months)
lalattanu oru selut... i love you lal.

Author shibin sebastian (1 year)
Ithano Drishyam ? Idiots !

Author sudhi II (1 year)

Author Sagar Sam (1 year)
Mohanlal entry is Superb! 

Author anna thomas (1 year)
ee kunna paripadikku clicks koottan pala thanthakku undaya kunnatharam
kaanikkalle asianet le pooran mare .ninte ummane koothiladikkunna video
nnu idu ithine 

Author Anupam Biju (1 year)
Best film

Author jijom007 (1 year)
അവന്റെ അമ്മേടെ!!!! വീടിനടുതാ എന്റെ വീട്..എന്നിട്ടാണ് അവന്‍ എന്നോടിത്

Author apt2105 (1 year)
Misleading title !!!!!

Author Shochan Andrews (1 year)
Hi Laletta nice to see you on Bedai bungalow

Author Jayasankar Sathis Velichappattuparambil (1 year)
The thumbnail and name shown is the latest hit malayalam movie and the real
video is a evening show in asianate

Author Arun P B (1 year)
Lalettanu thullyam lalettan mathram......eagerly waiting for the next

Author Nithin Thulasi (1 year)
Entry of Lalettan...awesome...

Author dinu Bhuvanesh (1 year)

Author SOJAN MATHEW (1 year)
Plsss upload 2nd part...

Author Nihal Spy (1 year)
Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes

Author jijumon ev mon (1 year)

Author Rince Nilavoor (1 year)
Dharmajan evide

Author Sultan Vaisulkarunai (1 year)

Author niyas kb (1 year)
kollamayirunille ethilum nallath athayirunnu

Author Nithin Thulasi (1 year)
Mukesh is better than Jagadeesh in Comedy Star...

Author Dileep MT (1 year)
Waav...superb...Lalettaa kalakki ...

Author Anas Ali Khan (1 year)
hi laletta supper

Author Amal Vijayan (1 year)
Nammude Lalettanu Enthoru vinayamanu.!

Author Jithin Jidu (1 year)
A Nice Show.....Lalaetan Rocks......But have to say "this show is just a
copy of Comedy Nights With Kapil..." 

Author Terry MS (1 year)
lalattan entrY the best of all!!!

Author sreejith mohan (1 year)

Author VIPIN MATHEW (1 year)
ഇജു സുലൈമാന്‍ അല്ല പഹയാ.... ഹനുമാന്‍ തന്നാ !!

Author Geetha Shaji (1 year)
Mohanlal. Entry super and outstanding

Author sreejith mani (1 year)

Author Zam Sam (1 year)
Mukesh... please clear off... you have lost your charm. Horrible and

Author Rahul Soman (1 year)
lAleTTAAaaa entry KIdu aatto...... (y) it

Author anu ae (1 year)
kalakki......waiting 4 next episode.. 

Author Jeena Joseph (1 year)
love this episode. Superhit movie Dhrushyam.. manassil pathinja characters..

Thanks Jitthu Joseph, Laletta, Meena..

Author vinod kumar (1 year)
Commadyyude standard kuranju varunnnunduuu take caree

Author Priyesh K (1 year)
2nd part pls

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