Love scene (Cruel Intentions)

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Author MargotteCosmo ( ago)
Thank you for sharing this, so beautiful and one of the best love scenes
I've ever seen.

Author Kim ( ago)
such a cute song anyone know the name ?

Author singing in the rain ( ago)
i could cry this was so beautiful

Author Chelsea Leah ( ago)
This is porn for girls <3

Author kylie rose ATL obsessed fan girl of bands and shows ( ago)
Beautiful scene and a really beautiful song .

Author Flávia Avlix (875 years ago)
favourite movie ever <3 <3 <3 

Author rosela96 (1892 years ago)
the best part of it was when he asked her..."are u okay?" n slowed down!!!
like that was the crowning glory!!

Author Emily McLennon ( ago)
Oh cute :)

Author jazzixo leigh ( ago)
hes cute <3

Author Olivia Thompson ( ago)
I know how you feel, I was begging for this song! It's 'Colourblind' by
Counting Crows (you probably remember them from their song 'Accidentally in
Love' Hope this helped :)

Author Yash Meshram ( ago)
the whole reason why we r watching this

Author chiodoce ( ago)
"Colorblind" by Counting Crows

Author Chrisalis Tangputri ( ago)
I am ready/ I am fine, ithink... lol

Author orlendatube ( ago)
my boyfriend asks me that when we have sex...mostly cause i have issues
with sex....its nice, and he stops if its uncomfortable right away and
takes care of his needs with his hand while we kiss...i am very lucky....

Author SweetBeccaGirlie ( ago)

Author Rana Ishar ( ago)
what am i doing here? lol

Author Baki Jankela ( ago)
Because my friend that happens to be a girl sent it.

Author daniela Bay ( ago)
i want to be love like that

Author DearOblivion ( ago)
The real thing is overrated. Nothing like this ever happens in real life.

Author DearOblivion ( ago)
"lonely female with 57 cats" describes me perfectly. Seriously who needs
the real thing when you can just watch fictional people fall in love on

Author PrinceOfDarkness ( ago)
cant lie a beautiful love scene

Author Dimel D ( ago)
2wingo F off

Author Cesar Roberto Coelho ( ago)

Author Ayub Khan ( ago)
yeh so rom

Author Ayub Khan ( ago)
realy beautifull enjoy

Author Skittlesyl ( ago)
year and years later...this scene is still so romantic and hott all at the
same time

Author Lili Rayne ( ago)
sad but good ending to this movie. and im pretty sure everyone is secretly
questioning why the fuck we are watching this.

Author MrThebeatles69 ( ago)
Ryan Phillippe is soooo handsome in this film! Beautiful scene...

Author peterdabest94 ( ago)
idk i should be studying right now LOL

Author Elizabith Cole ( ago)
so beautiful

Author V KAF ( ago)
You should watch 'Lie with me' with Eric Balfour, fantastic movie.......

Author M Filangi ( ago)
it sucks seeing your friends being in relationships and you are just
watching them and saying it will come when it comes, really hurts,

Author earthmusic100 ( ago)
I got here from Snow white and the Huntsman -.-

Author CharlieTheCookie ( ago)
I'm so alone at the moment.. I wish I would be in a relationship.. :(

Author Rebecca nash ( ago)
nothing like having sex when you're in love.

Author Reem Samir ( ago)
Counting Crows - Colorblind *

Author Amanda Smithe ( ago)
talk about close up views....of lips and kissing....jeez....

Author 008ets ( ago)
twin towers :(

Author Lafawnda Brown ( ago)
Because this has to be the cutest movie love scene in the world, that's why

Author Phoebe Katy ( ago)
i dont know how the fuck i got here

Author MyPushplata ( ago)

Author Rita Bogado ( ago)
como se llama la cancion de fondo ? es hermosaaa

Author BloodyLisBeth ( ago)
Maybe you'll put other "smart" pearls on your list, because I don't know
who Michael Bay is. Sorry..

Author Patricia Silva ( ago)
"counting crows - i am ready"

Author 2wingo ( ago)
3. "The Earth is only 10,000 years old." 2. "Don't worry, the gun isn't
loaded." 1. "Michael Bay can't possibly screw up 'Ninja Turtles' THAT

Author BloodyLisBeth ( ago)
And the first three are..? Please , don't let me hanging!

Author 2wingo ( ago)
That is, without a doubt, the 4th stupidest thing I have ever heard in my

Author David Hammond ( ago)
WRONG! Charlie Hunnam got the role.

Author Pia Duchessofchapina ( ago)

Author carolinchengelbi ( ago)
Omg it is the most beautiful scene i ever seen,

Author Dimel D ( ago)
i have notice that the girl is not a virgin cause she is not breathing hard

Author Kaist Manshin ( ago)
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in basic surveys at home. This website shows precisely how\27sft27

Author V KAF ( ago)
Matthew Ryan Phillippe, better known as Ryan Phillippe, has been cast as
Christian Grey bother, doesn't it make him too old being 39 yrs of age?
Anyway he's still hot!!!

Author unpredictablemove88 ( ago)
it is!! it is more intimate ;) :)

Author satriazamis ( ago)
because it is ....

Author chelsea kc ( ago)
it is sexier ;)

Author Lolabellasisters ( ago)
Yeah, I am asking that myself very often. Look at him now... awww *s*

Author Gaëlle Loison ( ago)
Counting Crows - Colorblind

Author Wandile Zama Zungu ( ago)
he is so hot why is he not my age

Author Veronica Robinson ( ago)
what song is this i need it !

Author Maggie Heart ( ago)
It is!! but unfortunately not available for mobile. :(

Author KyriaLuscena ( ago)
Lies. I went there and nothing :(

Author Le Marie ( ago)
Omg same here!!!

Author Le Marie ( ago)
Author Maggie Heart ( ago)
One of the best movie of all time!!! Watch Cruel Intentions [full movie] on
my channel. :)

Author amon willy ( ago)

Author effy stonem ( ago)

Author mohamed naser ( ago)

Author alley c. ( ago)
why the fuck am i watching this

Author Volantis Acedia ( ago)

Author Ranveer Kumar ( ago)
they will masturbate

Author Ranveer Kumar ( ago)

Author Maddel97 ( ago)
he kinda reminds me of klaus in the vampire diaries.

Author Evelyn Pinto ( ago)
Es la escena de amor más linda de todas♥

Author mariana medrano ( ago)
thatt wass soo perfectt

Author Jan-Nessi Sainz ( ago)
That's how every time should be,so sweet & romantic...

Author nature s ( ago)
i really love wen guys kiss girl's neck..find it sexier dan kissin on lips
dunno why

Author nature s ( ago)
oh my god. this is tooo hott..specially cuz both of them look like greek
god nd goddess :0

Author BLTKellys ( ago)
Sebastian was such an ardent lover because he'd had plenty of practice
making love to himself in the mirror.

Author DearOblivion ( ago)
This is such a beautiful scene, it's perfect.

Author moon harison ( ago)

Author Geo rgina ( ago)
Colorblind by Counting Crows :)

Author Rach Go ( ago)
what song is this?

Author Elizabeth Deason ( ago)
I feel horny now

Author Oi naka ( ago)
wowww feel horny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author annette spizuoco ( ago)
that's ok. i say that all the time. my first time was with someone just
average, so i was fine.

Author enchantedacker ( ago)
This is going to sound really awkward but it actually depends on how..
uh... small the girl is. It friggin' hurts to have those muscles stretched,
mmk? Not saying it'll hurt the entire time but it just depends on the kind
of body. Lol I cant believe I said that.

Author Dan Lute ( ago)
They went out after this movie real love in the movie

Author Dan Lute ( ago)
I am ready I am ready I amm colorblind

Author Danielle Buchanan ( ago)
He's so freaking hot.

Author Victoria C ( ago)
This is so sweet.

Author Dolna Ray ( ago)
Nah his name is Ryan Phillipe and he's actually ex husband of Reese

Author sherimoi ( ago)
i think this is best love scene ever.

Author Pippa Wakefield ( ago)
How awkward would it be for their children to see this ? Ups xD

Author jonathan wesh ( ago)
thank you very much

Author Freya Ridley ( ago)
Counting Crows- color blind I think

Author jonathan wesh ( ago)
song please

Author DaisyPatricia ( ago)
haha me too

Author Annalise Salem ( ago)
color blind by counting crows

Author nelly j ( ago)
no!! chad doesn't have curly hair and he is so much more cuter.

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