Love scene (Cruel Intentions)

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Author MOHAMMED7514 (2 days)

Author Katie Kingg (23 days)
when i saw this movie my friends brought it over and i was completly
shocked 6th grade to early lol

Author Messylin (1 month)
When he taps the taxi at the end, it just kills me. Hilarious. It was
already off.

Author Deirdre Staunton (4 months)
Beautiful love scene....but I really hope Reese & Ryan's kids never see

Author Valentina Kiagia (5 months)
It's ok, I have my dog.

Author Kyle Lancaster (1 month)
Beautiful scene

Author tinashe makiwa (2 months)
this makes u horny kkk

Author lamujermaslinda (2 months)
sad to see the twin towers in the background at the beginning

Author ali porghlam (3 months)

Author ayayayify (3 months)

Author Hidalgo Alvin (3 months)
Well i'm in love ♥

Author missvanee (3 months)
i love this movie so beautiful

Author PRAVEEN RAJ (5 months)
Lovly sex.

Author Sara N (6 months)
Definetly one of the most beautiful love scenes of movies. The soundtrack.

Author fefloria (6 months)
that is one nice peach he just took there bwahahaha

Author Eli Archer (7 months)
1:27 she is REALLY enjoying it. this is not act...^^

Author Zodia195 (8 months)
Love this part of the movie. It's what makes the part near the ending all
the more sadder!!!

Author callie smith (8 months)
i hope to experince this intense moment i felt just by watching this

Author mwanamke2 (8 months)
what happened to Ryan Phillipe?...such a hot actor

Author Jasse Schierbeck (8 months)
I love this song (Colorblind Counting Crows)

Author athina limon (9 months)
oh god i just hope soon live the love, because i dont want to die if i
never love someone

Author peterdabest94 (10 months)
idk i should be studying right now LOL

Author Dan Lute (1 year)
I am ready I am ready I amm colorblind

Author Margot Blomtrock (1 year)
I forgot how much I loved this movie, when I came across this clip I just
had to watch it again... love this song so much, I'm addicted to it right

Author BloodyLisBeth (11 months)
And the first three are..? Please , don't let me hanging!

Author Dimel D (11 months)
i have notice that the girl is not a virgin cause she is not breathing hard

Author Rebecca nash (11 months)
nothing like having sex when you're in love.

Author natalieanderson1982 (1 year)
probably my favorite love scene ever.

Author Evelyn Pinto (1 year)
Es la escena de amor más linda de todas♥

Author unpredictablemove88 (11 months)
it is!! it is more intimate ;) :)

Author cartergirl3of3 (1 year)
Absolutely the most perfect love scene ever filmed. It's got everything:
it's sexy (obviously), it's sweet, it's romantic, it's a good length of
time, it's with two people IN LOVE. There should not be one person in the
world who doesn't want their sex life to be like this. My favorite love
scene of ALL TIME.

Author Rach Go (1 year)
what song is this?

Author BloodyLisBeth (11 months)
Maybe you'll put other "smart" pearls on your list, because I don't know
who Michael Bay is. Sorry..

Author Pia Duchessofchapina (11 months)

Author moon harison (1 year)

Author Yash Meshram (10 months)
the whole reason why we r watching this

Author Josy Jack (1 year)
the chords of this song are wonderful

Author Lafawnda Brown (11 months)
Because this has to be the cutest movie love scene in the world, that's why

Author CharlieTheCookie (11 months)
I'm so alone at the moment.. I wish I would be in a relationship.. :(

Author jazzixo leigh (10 months)
hes cute <3

Author Dolna Ray (1 year)
Nah his name is Ryan Phillipe and he's actually ex husband of Reese

Author jonathan wesh (1 year)
thank you very much

Author Palig D (1 year)

Author SHANAYNAY (1 year)
People say that this love scene was "real" but I don't get what they mean
by that.

Author 2wingo (11 months)
3. "The Earth is only 10,000 years old." 2. "Don't worry, the gun isn't
loaded." 1. "Michael Bay can't possibly screw up 'Ninja Turtles' THAT

Author Lara Bim (1 year)
Ooooooh.... Sooo seet... <3 I have never seen soething like that... Really
nice. :) Big LIKE!

Author Emily Hutchins (1 year)
Ryan Phillippe I swear is the hottest man on planet earth!!!!!

Author Ranveer Kumar (1 year)
they will masturbate

Author petbetpet (1 year)
Why is everyone so excited about "are you ok?" I mean really, isn't that
kinda natural? And saving for marriage...girl you better try it beforehand,
you don't want to get divorced after :)

Author Skittlesyl (10 months)
year and years later...this scene is still so romantic and hott all at the
same time

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