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Float off to dreamland. Rocking your baby to this lullaby will help baby drift off to sleep with this lovely Fisher Price style musical lullabies and these wonderful dreamy images of floating above the clouds to the stars and moon beyond.

They are very hypnotic even for adults.This is called 'Night Night' and is a lilting waltz rhythm which is great for rocking baby before putting baby down for the night, Subscribe

Fisher Price Style Sounds
Fisher Price toy makers use a particular sound in their musical toys. They are simple and high pitched with a twinkling sound.

The sounds are commonly made on a glockenspiel or digitally made to reproduce sound similar to this. It is a sweet, pretty sound and are very appealing to younger babies.

Make sure you give your baby other music to enjoy and don't think that they won't appreciate the variety of listening to a hoe range of sounds and music.

visit for tips about baby sleep.

Here are the Lyrics

"good night, good night
little sweetie pie
such a beautiful day
rest those beautiful eyes
good night, good night
time to turn off the lights
rest your head on your pillow
dream of this lullaby

sweet dreams, sweet dreams
all the things that you’ve seen
all day long, little baby, making new memories
sweet dreams, sweet dreams
counting sheep, 1, 2, 3
rest your head, little baby
fall asleep, fall asleep"
Sweet dreams and love from Best baby Lullabies x

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Author Fbi Connect ( ago)
Woke up from a double found my husband and baby rocking to sleep and the 2yo on the mat snoring. This is now apart of our family a daily go to 😍 Thank you!!

Author Delilah1ist ( ago)
turned it on and my sister was like ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and then started rocking back and forth.

Author Chigozie Oneyka ( ago)
Lil guy was knocked out cold in 6 lol

Author John Sid ( ago)
dropping a comment for nothing just so y'all have something new to read while you scroll down every night like me 😂

Author Josie Rae ( ago)
i'm often left at home with my niece and this manages to make her fall asleep so quickly bless

Author Anna Sui ( ago)
thanks lullabies for dis baby sleeping song....❤

Author Geovana Garcia ( ago)
This song always puts my 2 year old to sleep

Author Nejra Poric ( ago)
My baby loves it 😍😍

Author Clay Ferguson ( ago)
works wonders on Infant twins 😂 Thank you for this

Author Szintia B ( ago)

Author Tianna Carmon ( ago)
currently using this to help my 27 day year old baby girl to go to sleep. I don't know what I would do without it. thank you! I hate being up at 2 am and this helps her go to sleep faster so that I don't have to be awake as long

Author IpadPop90 -roblox ( ago)
my baby sister was KNOCKED OUT. (im a kid commenting)

Author Rajubhai2990 Rajubhai ( ago)

Author Nevaeh Taylor ( ago)
my life suck
do your life suck

Author emmarie BS ( ago)
My daily routine at 11am asia time, playing this music for my ward, he humms with it till he fall asleep, 😍

Author 1boy081girl10 ( ago)
a joke for the random person reading this...
Q) What gets longer when you pull it, slides between a woman's breasts and enters a hole??

A) A seat belt!

I hope you enjoyed it 😉

Author Jamie Speis ( ago)
watching again tonight. My daughter almost 6 months is the crankiest baby I've had yet. she fights so hard to stay awake...she fights this for awhile but this with rocking is the only thing that will do it

Author lucia little ( ago)
I use this songs to sleep

Author Charlotte Johnny ( ago)
Thx this is very relaxing for my child really good for nap and bedtime thx so much ||GOTTA SUBSCRIBE||❤️❣️😍

Author Sara Cassidy ( ago)
Love it

Author The IDK ( ago)
18 k esti tare

Author md abul Azad ( ago)
Who's listening to this now get it 🙃 Now like now

Author Grace Lou ( ago)
My 10 month old daughter loves this music she falls asleep within 5 to 10 mins of it playing and is sleeping peacefully. I hope I'm not the only adult who falls asleep with it playing as well!

Author Priyank Gupta ( ago)
Who wants to have a baby just to make them hear this??

Author haylee kuit ( ago)
My brothers been crying all day, I put him in his little swing seat thing and gave him a bottle, as well as put this song on. And in 8 minutes he fell asleep :)

Author Nyssa Xoxo ( ago)
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- If you could live anywhere where would you choose?
- Would you rather be living in the mountains far away in a big house with pool, movie theater, etc. with no internet or live with ALL your family members in a big house in town?
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Author Starvally Charged ( ago)
Omg this totally worked
thank you for doing this creator
or should i call you best baby lullabies thank you for makinh this my little cousin that is a girl fell asleep so fast thank you so much for making this😊😊

Author Tari Weng ( ago)
scrolling and scrolling 😅😅😆

Author Tari Weng ( ago)
scrolling and scrolling 😅😅😆

Author steviec363 ( ago)
I've listened to this song so much I hum it while at work, great lullaby to help my little one drift over.

Author Ivan Hoe ( ago)
I'll try to use this method. Thanks

Author Adrian Buchwald ( ago)
me kari

Author Adrian Buchwald ( ago)

Author Adrian Buchwald ( ago)
my baby fell asleep strat away

Author Lenka Puhek ( ago)
also affraid to turn this off :-)

Author lilly love ( ago)
Just had my first child this month. My fiancé found this video and it has worked like a charm.

Author Jihad jiji ( ago)
c'est vraiment relaxant même pour nous les grands lol

Author the63Michael ( ago)
trying to get my son to sleep with this music but he is on custards last stand

Author Golden Nunez ( ago)
I swear no matter what kid or adult I play this for end up asleep.10min later

Author 1stladybreezy ( ago)
Who has listened to the whole thing?

Author Samantha Sims ( ago)
found this when my son was 1. he's listened to it nearly every night since. he's for, now, and he asks for "his lullaby" every night. I cherish this song

Author cookiedough__911 acorn ( ago)
wow this really works my baby fell asleep so fast

Author K Am ( ago)
bruh my one year old brother is dancing to this mannn I just wanna sleep

update: he yawned

Author Gina Khangura ( ago)
My husband and I have been using this song for over 2 years to put our Princess to sleep. It's part of our bed-time routine and we fall asleep to it too. 👶👌🏼😴

Author Brayden Greenwell ( ago)
Why am I watching this.. I'm 13

Author Hailey Zuk ( ago)

Author Manha Rahnan ( ago)
I am. in love with this song

Author Horváth Zsuzsa ( ago)

Author RomanBlogs ( ago)
I put my sister to sleep with this

Author Dave Tebbutt ( ago)
nose music

Author Toddle Time ( ago)
Such a soothing video... our son loves the song just as much as the moon graphic :)

Author Edna Edna ( ago)
sud joj drasguu bi vawwsv konk jinfnk good komlj jmdjz jnmkkz uitbkdr rtrewq.

Author Phuong Chu ( ago)
I love this sounds of music
it's so calming music

Author Harriet Styles ( ago)
my son is new born baby (30.4. he will have one month) so i play it to him and he likes it #Noah #myprince ❤👶👣

Author Helen Donham ( ago)
baby's almost asleep not even 10 minutes into it

Author thea gueno ( ago)
this is so long!!!!

Author HFD l Roblox, Minecraft, And More! ( ago)
im such a baby why do i need this to sleep? xD

Author Rena O'Donnell ( ago)
just found this! my seven month old son is so hard to put to sleep at night and now he's falling asleep after only a couple of minutes of listening to this. whoever posted this is an angel sent from god

I just put my niece to sleep to test the theory. This song is MAGIC lol.

Author Colonel Simmons ( ago)
My brother was 6 months old when I saw this then guess what? He immediately sleeps upon hearing this. Right now he is almost 2 years old and... HE DANCES WHENEVER HE IS HEARING THIS NOW! Haha! He loves to dance I suppose! 😂😂😂

Author Angelica Carire ( ago)
My son has listened to this lullaby since he was a baby he's now turning 2 and he still falls asleep to it. This brings me back to his smaller days 💕

Author just another ghost trying to make it ( ago)
YouTube search *music for babies to *sleep* and than you us it for me cause I'm big ass baby😂 well goodnight y'all APR252017

Author BlackSun Shipper ( ago)
Used this once to help my baby cousin sleep, then when I was at a camp far from home, I remembered this, put it on with my earbuds and it really helped calm my homesickness. Even tho I'm not a baby, it still helps my fall asleep. Guess it's the kid in me huh 😅

Author Stine Martinez ( ago)
can someone please find the names of these songs so I can download to my phone XD

Author Andreína Martins ( ago)
the best music to put baby sleeping..😇😇😇😇😇😇

Author Hazel Rabbit - Songs for Children & Babies ( ago)
Lullabies we love :)

Author Sophia Leigh ( ago)
who is watching and listening right now ;-)

Author Brandi Conover ( ago)
I Put Myself, My 6yr Old, My 4mnth Old, And My Daycare Babies To Sleep With This..❤ It!

Author ClarenceJosh ( ago)
everybody is asleep and im still awake. the light is off and im just in the comments section for about an hour. i love this

Author Alexis A ( ago)
this puts counting sheep to shame! PS. I imagine myself just flying through the clouds all peaceful and what not while my daughter sleeps!

Author Catherine ( ago)
Beautiful ❤ I'm listening to help fall asleep... high anxiety tonight. 😓😭

Author DeAndrya Harris ( ago)
this made my baby to sleep and me too thanks you for that

Author Ted Taylor ( ago)
Son is asleep but I'm still scrolling through the comments.

Author 4x4chevyrob ( ago)
trying to put my 5 month old to sleep and my wife and lil girl are sleeping now it works good

Author MsCJones2011 ( ago)
My 10 month old just learned to walk and when they learn a new skill it tends to disrupt their sleep schedule. Tonight, instead of fighting with him to get him to sleep, I just turned the lights down and put this on. After about 20 minutes he was in such a deep sleep he didn't stir at all when I put him down to prepare his crib or when I actually put him in the crib. This will be part of our nightly routine from now on.

Author Katie Elizabeth katiekatie030 ( ago)
My son is 4 & this is without a doubt the ONLY music that will put him to sleep, we have tried hundreds of other baby lullabies on YouTube and this is the only one that works, I've sent it to every parent I know, it's amazing 😍😊🙌🏻

Author Edgardo Gomez ( ago)
this helps my little brother stop crying. and make him go to sleep

Author Kerry Sutton ( ago)
This music isn't working tonight 😞 I have a active baby crawling around his cot, he's 10 months old. 😞 its 11:45pm here.
anyone else watching this right now waiting for baby/babies to fall asleep?

Author Darko Dojcinovski ( ago)
Aww thanks a lot, this helped me put my girlfriend in sleep. this may sound wierd but we are only 10 years old and we are more than friends. I showed her this so she can go to sleep. thanks!

Author Emma Reilly ( ago)
Another night off scrolling through the comments until baby sleeps 😂 👶 🍼 😴

Author Liliana Bedolla ( ago)
who's watching this still? like if you are 👍

Author alen varzic ( ago)
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Author Justin Stanford ( ago)
this is the best one i think use it for my son snd it puts him to sleep faster than any other i tryed

Author Simona Břízová ( ago)
toje smutni


Author Zenah Taha ( ago)

Author Vion Lee ( ago)
Wow my sis was crying so loud but when I open this she stop and she sleep

Author Fouz Alshamman ( ago)
i sleep before my baby sister

Author David Cosimeno ( ago)
lol I'm 15 cant sleep but this is working lol

Author Grace Raymundo ( ago)
As cv Eva

Author Brooke Fox ( ago)
my 7 yr old loves this and listens to it every night to go to sleep.

Author Vikas Kapoor ( ago)
Have been using this for about 11 months for my twin daughters , works like a magic , Thanks a lot and God Bless !!

Author X Noxy ( ago)
Puts our newborn to sleep thanks guys

Author Ja Fo ( ago)
always puts me to sleep☺😊

Author Jhani Gaga ( ago)

Author Jhani Gaga ( ago)

Author Maritza Flores ( ago)
and here I am again hoping to not fall asleep... 😁

Author Jojo & Kaite N&P ( ago)
this really helps my baby brother fall asleep he LOVES❤️ it! thank u😘

Author PokéNinja ( ago)
Thanks for the video. This calmed my 3 day old baby sis right down

Author Jenandem Gonced ( ago)

Author Laura Abraham ( ago)
my 13 week old son listens to this every night it's his routine he knows it's sleep time😊😊😊best ever👍👍

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