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Author Raffaele Colucci ( ago)
what about going to marina bay and going swimming? you still cant show your
feet? lol

Author Poiuy Yuiop ( ago)
السلام عليكم

Author furbygr ( ago)
dont bother, monkey

Author furbygr ( ago)
And all these, cause of the stupid Muslims...

Author Aiyaphol Kemapuckpong ( ago)
I find this video very helpful for Chinese people lah. I always see them
smoke in public, and they never stand on the left side of the escalator!
You know, meh? Does anyone agree that sometimes Chinese people are Jibai?

Author somuchsolittleful ( ago)
Inhuman sadistic savages should be a description included in any travel
website for Singapore. Barbaric brutality is the badge of Singapore, and
remember to carry your vomit bag with you. Then leave for a safe civilized

Author Alexander North (1135 years ago)
You can chew gum in Singapore, so get your facts straight!

Author Shaun Low ( ago)
Some what inaccurate -from a Singaporean.

Author somuchsolittleful ( ago)
Dirty little Singapore. Dirty in deed little in intelligence. Yes, it is
true--this is the little North Korea.

Author ben lim ( ago)
where in hell you got the idea you cant touch a persons head or show the
bottom of your feet? THATS THAILAND MATE LOL

Author ben lim ( ago)
haha.. absolute.. newbe rubbish.. lol have you been to singapore mate? you
are a bloody joke XD

Author castlegate2013 ( ago)
I really don't like the sound of Singapore. Maybe they could do us a favor
and ban tourists. 

Author somuchsolittleful ( ago)
Third World, Barbaric, Savage, Torture, Floggings, Censorship: Just some
descriptions of Singapore

Author xxxdieselyyy2 ( ago)
Strange thing about Singapore is that u can get into serious doo-doo for
smoking a joint, or death penalty if u have a certain quality of rasta herb
which harms nobody, but u can go ahead & use a traficked sex worker from
Malaysia, China or Indonesia in the many massage clubs dotted across the
city state :O 

Author hengcc ( ago)
Some public toilets in malls are free . No need to pay.

Author hengcc ( ago)
Singapore is a clean city

Author Pinky And da Brain ( ago)
not turning a blind eye just what I read I have not been there so I woudl
not know 

Author CyborgRyu ( ago)
i think you are turning the blind eye if you think there are no homeless
there. crime is there, just not as high as other countries. 

Author somuchsolittleful ( ago)
CORRECT, but you ignore the floggings as well as conscription that both
apply only to ONE sex. The Truth is the truth.

Author Goh Kai Hong ( ago)
So far there's only one law that I consider discriminatory and it's the
377A law which states that no gay men are allowed to have sex or something
along that idea.

Author Pinky And da Brain ( ago)
@so much, so sorry to hear of it! prisons here do it but it is all done
secretly if caught they themselves would go to jail. It is done though! But
not openly. That is horrible healthy enough to be tortured? wow! 

Author somuchsolittleful ( ago)
Nobody that I have heard of in the US is sentenced to be tortured at the
hands of sadistic paid perverts, so I do not know what you are talking
about. There is crime in Singapore, along with the barbarity. Yes here you
have medical personnel certifying that a human being is "healthy" enough to
be Tortured and brutalized. These people are fanatical in every sick sense
of the word.

Author kaisiden ( ago)
I love singapore.

Author Pinky And da Brain ( ago)
But the trade off is no crime or homelessness there! 

Author Pinky And da Brain ( ago)
I live in NYC. I do not believe in violating someones medical rights or
brutalizing anyone. However here in NYC we are the safest large city in
America. yet we have hundreds of thousands of homeless people ,crime upon
crime even though as I said we are considered safe. That is compared to LA
or Chicago which are just hillbilly gang territories. The kind of things
you say that happen in jails there for men happens here as well! The
medical thing though thats even scarier! 

Author sih1688 ( ago)
If you touch a Muslim or Budhist on their heads depend on their mood "ugly"
thing will follow. You touch me I will give you a bloody noose. 

Author rashasabz ( ago)
and what does it mean do not touch someone's head!?

Author somuchsolittleful ( ago)
How sad and disgusting you and other females such as yourself believe it is
perfectly ok to brutalize males- but not females. NO human being should be
subjected to cruel, degrading, and inhuman treatment as the civilized world
recognizes these acts as crimes against humanity-- and that is the clear
line to be drawn on human rights- for your information. Look around and
find SAFE places in the world and they do not beat human beings. Yes as a
female sadist you would enjoy seeing men brutalized.

Author somuchsolittleful ( ago)
Of course you may be as brazen as you like -- as a female--you are
protected against the sexist discriminatory and biased laws of this one
party state. If it were the female sex that were singled out to be Tortured
you would be singing a different tune. These are vicious and vile laws
based soley upon VIOLENCE and a human beings gender. How utterly stupid,
but typically Singaporean of you to say S'pore is peaceful while sadists
legally torture and maim the flesh of men and boys in prison. 

Author Ah Jing Koh ( ago)
Human rights? hmmm that's a tricky topic. Where is the clear line to what
considers as human rights? Based on your judgement? That's what the law is
for. If you do something wrong, face the consequence. It as not as if the
law popped out of nowhere. You should consider the consequence before
committing a mistake. If not, too bad. Seeing how you are reflecting on
your crime makes me wanna see you back in prison to be caned.

Author Ah Jing Koh ( ago)
I feel so sad for you. But this is really punishment. It is strict for a
purpose and that's why Singapore is peaceful and I would dare say that it
is the safest country in the world.

Author Ah Jing Koh ( ago)
What the heck is "Do not touch someone's head or show the bottom of your
feet"? I have been a Singaporean for life and never heard of this. Also,
chewing gum is allowed as long as it is for private enjoyment and not for
resale. AND... when was smoking not allowed in public? It's only in
air-conditioned areas where it's not allowed, but that's just basic manners
ain't it?

Author Elisabeth Wang ( ago)
I am a Singaporean so you can chew gum, just not resell it. You can smoke
in public just smoke at designated areas..

Author somuchsolittleful ( ago)
YES Barbaric judges who are criminals themselves court order males to be
stripped Naked during medieval prison rituals and chained to whipping
frames. Victims are brutalized by paid homosexual perverts and trained
sadists and beaten over and over 3, 5, 15, 20, 24 times, even for trivial
infractions. You do not understand the international community agrees and
condemns these disgusting violent acts as Torture--and as HUMAN RIGHTS

Author Man Hound ( ago)
@somuchsolittleful I have seen similar comments that you say singapore
tortures chained naked boys and men in the prisons. A police never do that
in Singapore . You must be one of those who have offended serious offense
in Singapore , sent to prison, canned on your buttocks 3 times. Well,
that's not torture. That's punishment. Oh! I'm sorry to say that.

Author somuchsolittleful ( ago)
COWARDS are vicious vile animals who Torture chained naked boys and men,in
the prisons of Singapore. CRIMINALS are so-called judges who sentence human
beings to be brutalized at the hands of perverts. 

Author somuchsolittleful ( ago)
You can NEVER respect inhuman barbarians, Always fight for Human Rights
regardless of where you are. DO NOT COME TO SINGAPORE

Author bnbalenda ( ago)
If you are in Rome, do what Romans do. If you're in Singapore, do what the
Singaporeans do by respecting the laws of the land, else you must not go
there, just my opinion.

Author bnbalenda ( ago)
I do not think so, I wish all countries followed this example.

Author bnbalenda ( ago)
I love Singapore and I am determined to abide by the laws of that country
when going there. Libertarians do not like such laws because they are
rebellious teenagers who just cannot seem to get their way in the world.

Author mrx lester ( ago)
it's a problem of tiny states they have to really and rigidly control it
whatever the govt could coz there is not enough for them

Author mrx lester ( ago)
this will not apply to all and when everybody goes there they will find
that Singapore is not enough for everybody when tiny Singapore imposes
rigid birth control, how about to immigrants. We can live all in this
beautiful and progressive state but maybe bring a cruise ship when it could
no longer accommodate over population

Author gary lyons ( ago)
come to new zealand you can chew all the gum you like, lol...... but the
streets look reallly bad with all the gum on sidewalks etc

Author somuchsolittleful ( ago)
Glad you loved it---by the way your name implies female,,,that may explain
a lot. Drugs are destuctive to society, but you do not commit crimes
against humanity and torture males for it. I and millions of others lived
in many places, including the USA, and have never had anything to do with
drugs. Many have fought and died for the liberty you have but If you do not
value your freedom, then perhaps you never deserved to have them in the
first place, Please come to the police state of Singapore,

Author Rebecca Smith ( ago)
Been there and I LOVE SINGAPORE!

Author Rebecca Smith ( ago)
Drugs destroy, and I feel Singapore is on target! I will live there part of
the year, now that I am retired. I would even marry a Singaporean to live
there, once my American husband of 33 years have died. He is 81, and I am
51, and we have a beautiful marriage, but he does not want to leave the
American killing fields.I have been to Singapore, and I cried when it was
time to leave, but had to return. You are blessed to live in Singapore, but
you need to come here to understand!

Author Rebecca Smith ( ago)
I can chew gum in Chicago, and get a bullet to my head!

Author Rebecca Smith ( ago)
I love Singapore, and working on spending part of my retirement there! The
killings in Chicago and all over America, makes life not worth living! You
should be happy to have a clean city and law enforcers, who make the
criminals scared. You can come and live in my home, and I will exchange wit
your Singaporean home, and you will kiss the ground, when you return to
Singapore! You are NOT burying your children because of gun fire! Your
elders are respected, and you kill, you die! Drugs are bad!

Author Zoe Hunter ( ago)
don't touch someone's head ? or show the bottom of your feet ? Is that in
public ?

Author somuchsolittleful ( ago)
Blatant discrimination and sexist laws are facts in Singapore. The truth
has to be told whether or not it is ever believed.

Author somuchsolittleful ( ago)
You will not tell the full truth. You should explain that for using drugs a
lengthy jail sentence-- and caning ONLY if you are a MAN. You must explain
that there are two sets of laws in Singapore. ONLY Boys and Men are
tortured--ONLY men are required to serve NS--homosexual acts ONLY between
males, not females- are illegal.

Author somuchsolittleful ( ago)
Do not worry about my parents, worry about yourself and how you fail to see
the truth about a tyrannical barbaric regime. Admit there is a sickness and
an obsession in Singapore to beat and brualize men and boys. The laws are
sexist and discriminate against males as females may also commit the very
same crime but are not flogged. Gender violence whereby paid prison
perverts mutilate naked male human beings is the disgusting truth .

Author scottishthroandthro67 ( ago)
Oh Well ., I stand corrected....

Author shutterbugwarrior ( ago)
Wow, so much hatred that you've somehow have become mentally challenged.
Whatever your personal issue with Singapore is, that country have managed
to turn you into a hateful, misguided, deceitful mentally challenged
person. I truly felt sorry for your parents.

Author shutterbugwarrior ( ago)
Well, you can chew gum. Just make sure you don't openly show to the custom
officers when you've reached Singapore. And be responsible while chewing
gum in Singapore. Don't just spit it out anywhere you like.

Author shutterbugwarrior ( ago)
That is misleading. Using drugs is not a capital punishment. Just a lengthy
jail sentence and caning. Only those caught selling drugs or are drug
runners, couriers or mule will be get the death sentence. That too is being

Author scottishthroandthro67 ( ago)
Mandatory Death penalty for using drugs,,, A bit strong don't you think,

Author Tatiana Sánchez ( ago)
Es una ciudad espectacular, me gustaría conocerla. 

Author somuchsolittleful ( ago)
The laws are archaic, discriminatory, unjust, unequal and a barbaric savage
institution of violence is Singapore's way of life. Not only is brutality
legalized upon incarcerated males, sadistic Floggings are an obsession with
this police state. The violence has increased over the past decades so that
it is now in epidemic proportions. Perverts are recruited and rewarded to
beat and mutilate naked boys and men in prison. Unethical medical officers
are involved in the depraved rituals.

Author fujilim1975 ( ago)
4) Generally, smoking indoor is probihited, but there is still area you can
smoke in the city area. Aviod smoking at the main entrance, bus stops or
anywhere under the roof. 5) You are allow to bring food to any
transportation mode, but not durian. we are not allow to eat or drink any
transportation to keep them clean. 6) We do not touch someone's head for no
reason, it a form of respect. What's the point of showing bottom of the
feet unless you are sun tanning at the ebach or pool. LOL

Author fujilim1975 ( ago)
1) We address someone as Uncle or Aunty if we do not know their surname. If
we do, we will address them as Uncle XXX or Aunty XXX. 2) Most of the
public toilet are free, you still able to pay with small note for paid
toilet. 3) We are still allow to chew gums but you could never able to
purchase anywhere in Singapore. Gum was banned because of MRT to prevent
anyone to "paste" their gums on the train's door and it will eventually
cause the train to stop operating for safety reason. 

Author Михаил Торгов ( ago)
i want to be there

Author somuchsolittleful ( ago)
Imagine if all nations would implement the torture of human beings? There
are reasons why most of the world agrees that extreme physical assault is
unethical and immoral, and therefore have outlawed such barbarity. .
Floggings are crimes against humanity and these violent acts are not
acceptable and violate the decency of mankind

Author signature1990 ( ago)
No gum, no smoking in public, no drugs... the Singaporeans have a great
society that is free of most crime. Pity other countries dont start and
implement some of their policies. People that obey the law get along just
fine in Singapore. 

Author Unixballl ( ago)
Nice city. But as the country you are too small

Author zivkovicable ( ago)
That's right. People who do not conform & obey dictatorships are often
incarcerated in mental institutions. This often happened in Soviet Russia. 

Author somuchsolittleful ( ago)
RIGHTS crimes. GO ELSEWHERE IN ASIA Try Bangkok, Tokyo, Hong Kong, etc but
Stay Away from here.

Author somuchsolittleful ( ago)
Unfortunately it is TRUE. Floggings of incarcerated boys and men are
internationally illegal, and barbaric, and have no place in modern
governments of cvilized countries.

Author Jano Zen ( ago)
U are sprouting nonsense 

Author Ll Pp (1486 years ago)
Yes and in singapore, people like you are locked in a place called
Institute of Mental Health.

Author cjr0909 ( ago)
Can you elaborate on ..' be conservative in your behavior"?

Author Culeshit Mou ( ago)
im thinking about studying in singapore... what you all think about it?

Author Man Hound ( ago)
Thick ///////. Layer by layer. Thick as an onion.

Author Man Hound ( ago)
@somuchsolittleful. Shut your bloody mouth bitch! You font say anything I
won't call you dumb. Your skin is as this

Author somuchsolittleful ( ago)
Singaporeans have been raised (brainwashed) into believing male gender
violence is perfectly "normal." Videos show this brutality on the internet,
the Straits Times publishes almost daily sentencs of corrupt judges
ordering inhuman vicious sentencs-many times to men who never committed an
act of violence whatsoever. The rest of the world knows the PAP of
Singapore condones barbaric laws and has legalized Torture. WORLDWIDE Human
Rights groups condemn S'pore for this. You dare deny this?? 

Author somuchsolittleful (44 years ago)
Many Singaporeans don't regard brutalizing, beating, mutilating, bloodying
and permanently disfiguring human flesh barbaric. Some don't see a thing
wrong with waterboarding either. But civilized nations of this earth have
internationally agreed upon what is unacceptable barbaric physical
violence. The United Nations conventions against Torture FORBID flogging,
caning, beating etc as degrading, cruel, inhuman treatment tantamount to
torture. Real cowards won't speak out against extreme violence

Author Jumbo Limo ( ago)
I Am A Singaporean, Born And Bred Here All My Life. Theres No Such Thing As
Barbaric Government As Mentioned by @somuchsolittlefl. Its a pity you voice
your opinion cowardly under anonymous alias. If what you said is true we
Singaporeans will back yo 100% but obvious what you alleged is untrue.

Author Nhu Cao ( ago)
i had vacation in Sigapore. It's good 

Author indranil phukan ( ago)
I like the music that is playing in background ...can anybody name the
soundtrack please :)

Author somuchsolittleful ( ago)
Violations of international law and crimes against humanity must always be
exposed wherever they occur. Whether or not the country is at war (USA). or
whether or not atrocities happen all over the world is still no excuse for
any government to infect an entire society with violence and continually
commit barbaric acts the way the fascist regime of Singapore has done. Sad
similarities exist between Singapore and N. Korea. Singapore's deliberate
cruelty is insulting to civilized people everywhere

Author somuchsolittleful ( ago)
You cannot have a "peaceful country" as you call it by torturing human
beings --behind the walls of Changi prison with the government authorizing
dirty perverts brualizing men. Peace doesn't work that way. Extreme
violence whether hidden from public view or not, is not Peace. What kind of
a facade is this? There is good but why not work to rid a land of evil
instead of ignoring it so that true equality freedom and justice based on
civilized, not barbaric law, will flourish? 

Author somuchsolittleful ( ago)
You mean anyone that reveals the truth or questions the government's
violent or barbaric actions hates Singapore? Try to open your mind in this
closed society. Is your brainwashing so complete that you must remain so
utterly subservient to the master of Singapore--no matter how benevolent?
Surely you are aware of what these ruthless thugs have done in persecuting
those that have opposed this regime? The elections have been a sham--no
oppostion has ever had a chance. Yes DICTATORSHIP.

Author Alekxantra Brekianstine ( ago)
Singapore is barbaric. Dear proclaimed human right activist person on
youtube commenting on this video and on how barbaric the Singapore
government is, go preach some where else. I think there are other countries
that deserve your attention. I don't know, maybe umm, North Korea? OR
perhaps 'preach' on the American so called war on terror. Why don't you
preach on the human rights of people in Afghanistan and Iraq and the
BARBARIC ATROCITIES done there to the innocent civilians?! Thank you:) 

Author Alekxantra Brekianstine ( ago)
The PAP government is slipping. So dictatorship, I don't think so. By the
way, you are speaking as if you have interviewed every Singaporean. Even if
you say we have a 'dictator' as a government, then sure as hell this
'dictator' of a government do really care about the people, by proving them
healthcare, home, a bright future, a peaceful country to live in and so on
and so fourth. 

Author Alekxantra Brekianstine ( ago)
It seems that you real hate my country don't you? Have you even been here?
Yes i do agree and support you on the fact that canning of inmates is too
much but you can't just diss the whole entire Singapore government. There
are humanitarian things that our government does too. Why don't you point
that out? you're being so bias in your points. Dictatorship? Are you really
serious? Yes, the same government have been in power for years but check
out our recent election.

Author somuchsolittleful ( ago)
Singapore leads the entire world--- that TORTURES human beings---Nothing to
be proud of. If the monster minister could do it he would order females
(including the 'Sticker lady' ) tortured as well, but he would have a
backlash from the rest of the world with the likes of which he has never
seen threatening his grip and power. Singapore is not respected across the
world, it is one of the last remaining dictatorships in Asia which cannot
evolve with barbaric laws and a third world government.

Author somuchsolittleful ( ago)
This governent sanctions violence and brutality by legalizing it,
permitting, promoting and paying perverted prison officials to indulge in
their sadistic sickness by torturing thousands of men yearly. Homosexual
prison rituals (for men only of course) requiring stripping naked men and
boys shackled and tied up to whipping frames and brutalized and beaten over
and over again is barbaric and disgusting. All international human rights
groups condemn Singapore for these crimes against humanity.

Author somuchsolittleful ( ago)
Oh yes a barbaric tyrannical government in every sense. Dude- learn some
basic facts. Mr Fricker was NOT beaten for breaking into any place--he was
ordered to be flogged by prison perverts that are recruited, trained and
paid to injure, maim, and scar the flesh of naked men, because he was male
and covicted of outdated backward third world vandalism laws--beaten for
spray painting art on the side of a train-treatment considered inhumane
torture by the majority of the world's civilized nations.

Author Alekxantra Brekianstine ( ago)
Dude Oliver Fricker broke into private property. We do not have a 'barbaric
tyrannical government'. We have a government that is highly respected
around the world. I am also pretty sure that other prisons in other parts
of the world have prison perverts. So, hate all you want, Singapore is
still one of the leading countries in Asia, the world perhaps.

Author somuchsolittleful ( ago)
STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE At least there is a petitiion for the "sticker
lady" for her art which is not vandalism. Where was the petition for Oliver
Fricker? Oh I know he was a foreigner and --- a man so it was ok to
discriminate against him and have him brutalized by prison perverts.

Author mabelgaby ( ago)
ejemplo unico, para gobiernos que tienen a sus pueblos aguantando hambre,
sin educación y sin ninguna oportunidad. Muy bien gente linda de singapur.
aunque estoy muy lejos, los admiro y los quiero mucho.

Author rockyboy467 ( ago)
you are a real asshole, human right activists going around insulting spore
. Come visit here and find out yourself and find out the truth yourself
rather from this devil, human right human rights , what a joker

Author rockyboy467 ( ago)
ya ya ya , everyone knows how perfect singapore has achieved in all
aspects. you go around insulting singapore with horror stories but the true
facts is we have been one of safest place on earth, less than 3% jobless ,
good savings and what else do you expect? You are a spoilt brat, human
rights talking cock groups? you guys should be ashame of yourself, do
nothing great just throwing allegation which does not make any sense and I
think all the world people should come here to look for themselve

Author somuchsolittleful ( ago)
Yes people need to know how low Singapore will sink to supposedly to
achieve a,,,, perceived 'security and peace.' It is right to expose those
that will torture and kill people. The outrageous example that Singapore
sets for the world is that they will not follow interntional laws against
torture that most other ntions do, despite being condemned by all human
rights groups on the planet..

Author eduardo torres ( ago)
i have been there five times and hopefully i will visit many more times its
one of a kind place in the world.You will hardly find another country with
such level of security and peace setting the example for many many
countries plagued by drugs assasinations and all that stuff 

Author somuchsolittleful ( ago)
continues it's crimes against humanity. One excuse after the other is used
to try to justify that which cannot be justified--inhuman cruelty. The
internet is great to help expose these uncivilized barbarians. GO ELSEWHERE

Author Nicholas Joel Lim ( ago)
Countries have their sovereignty. I'm from Singapore and I'm happy that
Singapore is this peaceful. I love how I can stroll the streets at 3am in
the morning without fear. I love how orderly and well taken care of
citizens are. Come to Singapore and have a look :)

Author 007jimmymac ( ago)
Then, America could also condone 'waterboarding' to make sure it is
"terrorist free" or any other nation could resort to inhuman abuse to
achieve it's agenda? Singapore, like N. Korea, Iran, Syria etc is in
defyance of international law, and it is truly disgusting that these
sadists get away with their crimes. 

Author somuchsolittleful ( ago)
You cannot allow Freedom to ever be sacrificed by this bully government.
Don't be naive in believing this is done for safety and security, as these
excuses are always used to violate human rights. Can you not even
comprehend that there are many places on this earth where you or I can walk
safely without having to resort to inhuman savagery? How dare these
barbarians in power get away with their crimes. Until a hero from Singapore
comes forward Singapore stands as an international Disgrace. 

Author Nicholas Joel Lim ( ago)
Sad but true. Singaporeans want out freedoms too, we voice them out but are
easily taken down by own government. But as a Singaporean, I have to say
that I'm glad these freedoms are violated. It's all in return for safety
and security. It's amazing how you can walk the streets at 3am in the
morning and not be afraid of getting stabbed or robbed.

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