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Author Aiyaphol Kemapuckpong (6 months)
I find this video very helpful for Chinese people lah. I always see them
smoke in public, and they never stand on the left side of the escalator!
You know, meh? Does anyone agree that sometimes Chinese people are Jibai?

Author furbygr (4 months)
And all these, cause of the stupid Muslims...

Author somuchsolittleful (9 months)
Inhuman sadistic savages should be a description included in any travel
website for Singapore. Barbaric brutality is the badge of Singapore, and
remember to carry your vomit bag with you. Then leave for a safe civilized

Author Alexander North (10 months)
You can chew gum in Singapore, so get your facts straight!

Author Shaun Low (1 year)
Some what inaccurate -from a Singaporean.

Author ben lim (1 year)
where in hell you got the idea you cant touch a persons head or show the
bottom of your feet? THATS THAILAND MATE LOL

Author castlegate2013 (1 year)
I really don't like the sound of Singapore. Maybe they could do us a favor
and ban tourists. 

Author ben lim (1 year)
haha.. absolute.. newbe rubbish.. lol have you been to singapore mate? you
are a bloody joke XD

Author somuchsolittleful (1 year)
Third World, Barbaric, Savage, Torture, Floggings, Censorship: Just some
descriptions of Singapore

Author somuchsolittleful (1 year)
Dirty little Singapore. Dirty in deed little in intelligence. Yes, it is
true--this is the little North Korea.

Author Михаил Торгов (2 years)
i want to be there

Author Ll Pp (2 years)
Yes and in singapore, people like you are locked in a place called
Institute of Mental Health.

Author indranil phukan (2 years)
I like the music that is playing in background ...can anybody name the
soundtrack please :)

Author FoxDragon89 (3 years)
i'll be there in 2weeks ! wait singapore ! :D

Author Jumbo Limo (2 years)
I Am A Singaporean, Born And Bred Here All My Life. Theres No Such Thing As
Barbaric Government As Mentioned by @somuchsolittlefl. Its a pity you voice
your opinion cowardly under anonymous alias. If what you said is true we
Singaporeans will back yo 100% but obvious what you alleged is untrue.

Author Kevin McMahon (3 years)
Holy shit... a mandatory death penalty for drug use!

Author 007jimmymac (3 years)
Then, America could also condone 'waterboarding' to make sure it is
"terrorist free" or any other nation could resort to inhuman abuse to
achieve it's agenda? Singapore, like N. Korea, Iran, Syria etc is in
defyance of international law, and it is truly disgusting that these
sadists get away with their crimes.

Author Elisabeth Esther (1 year)
I am a Singaporean so you can chew gum, just not resell it. You can smoke
in public just smoke at designated areas..

Author Jano Zen (2 years)
U are sprouting nonsense

Author somuchsolittleful (3 years)
So then, Singapore's answer is to resort to barbarity and torture and kill
human beings? All nations can do the same thing, but civilized first world
countries abide by international laws against inhuman practices, and have
agreed that such actions are illegal crimes. Shame on Singapore.

Author somuchsolittleful (2 years)
Imagine if all nations would implement the torture of human beings? There
are reasons why most of the world agrees that extreme physical assault is
unethical and immoral, and therefore have outlawed such barbarity. .
Floggings are crimes against humanity and these violent acts are not
acceptable and violate the decency of mankind

Author somuchsolittleful (2 years)
RIGHTS crimes. GO ELSEWHERE IN ASIA Try Bangkok, Tokyo, Hong Kong, etc but
Stay Away from here.

Author shutterbugwarrior (2 years)
That is misleading. Using drugs is not a capital punishment. Just a lengthy
jail sentence and caning. Only those caught selling drugs or are drug
runners, couriers or mule will be get the death sentence. That too is being

Author rockyboy467 (2 years)
you are a real asshole, human right activists going around insulting spore
. Come visit here and find out yourself and find out the truth yourself
rather from this devil, human right human rights , what a joker

Author IsisStarlights (3 years)
What is this music????

Author Nicholas Joel Lim (3 years)
Sad but true. Singaporeans want out freedoms too, we voice them out but are
easily taken down by own government. But as a Singaporean, I have to say
that I'm glad these freedoms are violated. It's all in return for safety
and security. It's amazing how you can walk the streets at 3am in the
morning and not be afraid of getting stabbed or robbed.

Author somuchsolittleful (3 years)
@therealcortneejones "It's not a big deal." Lack of fundamental freedoms
and human rights violations are not a big deal--right?All media government
censored, Internet bloggers arrested and persecuted, people detained
without trial, authors jaiiled, incarcertated males tortured, teenagers
sentenced to mandatory hanging, and the list goes on.....Oh, I forgot, you
didn't see this-only if it begins to affect you, your family, or someone
you know--then it's quite different, but of course too late.

Author Man Hound (2 years)
@somuchsolittleful. Shut your bloody mouth bitch! You font say anything I
won't call you dumb. Your skin is as this

Author somuchsolittleful (1 year)
Of course you may be as brazen as you like -- as a female--you are
protected against the sexist discriminatory and biased laws of this one
party state. If it were the female sex that were singled out to be Tortured
you would be singing a different tune. These are vicious and vile laws
based soley upon VIOLENCE and a human beings gender. How utterly stupid,
but typically Singaporean of you to say S'pore is peaceful while sadists
legally torture and maim the flesh of men and boys in prison.

Author ymhktravel (3 years)
Some "dont's" are not correct. You can smoke in public, just not in
enclosed areas. You don't need coins for most public toilets as they are
free to use. You can chew gum, it's just that gums are banned from being
imported. You can bring food into MRT trains, just don't consume it. Do it
after you have alighted from train and out of the station.

Author Alekxantra Brekianstine (2 years)
The PAP government is slipping. So dictatorship, I don't think so. By the
way, you are speaking as if you have interviewed every Singaporean. Even if
you say we have a 'dictator' as a government, then sure as hell this
'dictator' of a government do really care about the people, by proving them
healthcare, home, a bright future, a peaceful country to live in and so on
and so fourth.

Author Rebecca Smith (2 years)
Been there and I LOVE SINGAPORE!

Author ilathys (2 years)
Singapore is not so strict, quite nice to live

Author Pinky And da Brain (1 year)
I live in NYC. I do not believe in violating someones medical rights or
brutalizing anyone. However here in NYC we are the safest large city in
America. yet we have hundreds of thousands of homeless people ,crime upon
crime even though as I said we are considered safe. That is compared to LA
or Chicago which are just hillbilly gang territories. The kind of things
you say that happen in jails there for men happens here as well! The
medical thing though thats even scarier!

Author Culeshit Mou (2 years)
im thinking about studying in singapore... what you all think about it?

Author somuchsolittleful (3 years)
continues it's crimes against humanity. One excuse after the other is used
to try to justify that which cannot be justified--inhuman cruelty. The
internet is great to help expose these uncivilized barbarians. GO ELSEWHERE

Author eduardo torres (3 years)
i have been there five times and hopefully i will visit many more times its
one of a kind place in the world.You will hardly find another country with
such level of security and peace setting the example for many many
countries plagued by drugs assasinations and all that stuff

Author scottishthroandthro67 (2 years)
Mandatory Death penalty for using drugs,,, A bit strong don't you think, ???

Author jing ke Koh (1 year)
Human rights? hmmm that's a tricky topic. Where is the clear line to what
considers as human rights? Based on your judgement? That's what the law is
for. If you do something wrong, face the consequence. It as not as if the
law popped out of nowhere. You should consider the consequence before
committing a mistake. If not, too bad. Seeing how you are reflecting on
your crime makes me wanna see you back in prison to be caned.

Author kaisiden (1 year)
I love singapore.

Author jing ke Koh (1 year)
I feel so sad for you. But this is really punishment. It is strict for a
purpose and that's why Singapore is peaceful and I would dare say that it
is the safest country in the world.

Author Alex (3 years)
@FoxDragon89 haha im from singapore and im coming back home in a couple
days :D so are you here yet? how is it?

Author btkw (3 years)
@somuchsolittleful ... you aren't banned from actually chewing the gums but
you are banned from importing or selling them, clear enough?

Author Rebecca Smith (2 years)
Drugs destroy, and I feel Singapore is on target! I will live there part of
the year, now that I am retired. I would even marry a Singaporean to live
there, once my American husband of 33 years have died. He is 81, and I am
51, and we have a beautiful marriage, but he does not want to leave the
American killing fields.I have been to Singapore, and I cried when it was
time to leave, but had to return. You are blessed to live in Singapore, but
you need to come here to understand!

Author xxxdieselyyy2 (1 year)
Strange thing about Singapore is that u can get into serious doo-doo for
smoking a joint, or death penalty if u have a certain quality of rasta herb
which harms nobody, but u can go ahead & use a traficked sex worker from
Malaysia, China or Indonesia in the many massage clubs dotted across the
city state :O

Author Midnightryder7 (3 years)
What's the big deal about chewing gum?

Author Tatiana Sánchez (2 years)
Es una ciudad espectacular, me gustaría conocerla.

Author dailysavor (3 years)
Nice slideshow video!

Author mrx lester (2 years)
it's a problem of tiny states they have to really and rigidly control it
whatever the govt could coz there is not enough for them

Author hengcc (1 year)
Singapore is a clean city

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