Pokemon White-Dream World Arceus

In this video I go to the Dream World to get an Arceus (My first one that I caught in a Pokeball). This Arceus is from a Pokemon Popularity Poll where the most popular Pokemon was given out through a special code that you can put into the Dream World and catch an Arceus in the High Link. The Arceus is level 100 and contains no special ability.
Here is the code to get Arceus:
This event has ended long ago.
It wasn't ever accessible for anyone without a Japanese game.
I have no idea what it translates into.
This was not a hack.
For more info on this event and more please go to:

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Author Refuel ( ago)
arceus is the god of pokemon

Author Arturo Coria ( ago)
How do you get dream world?

Author Abdallah Du31 ( ago)
Pour quoi faîtes comme sa ? Sans montrer :( T1 JL'AURAI JAMAIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author BrotherhoodDemon ( ago)
plz register me name Esteban code 0777 5750 3088 pokemon white

Author IronManOfficialguy ( ago)
hey gay stats!

Author Yasmine Mahmoud ( ago)

Author Syd Gangar ( ago)
no you can get him in the dream world, i have tried it and i got him, but
my brother took my game and deleted my file...i hate him so much *puts on
fake happy smile and giggles*

Author Bindu Roy ( ago)
were do you type the code

Author mark jay ( ago)
i saw him too but i killed him can i rebattle him

Author 8hachi8 ( ago)
Nothing!There is no Arceus.

Author zekrom24816 ( ago)
i actually found out that u can't trade these pokemon u get sorry.....
seriously look up the and get the dns code for it follow the
steps get pokemon and try trading it does nto work

Author DVS7 4Lyfe ( ago)
translation: gravel of judgment

Author versostintos ( ago)
where do yo u catch ur pokemons in the dreamworld==????

Author zekrom24816 ( ago)
i get all the pokemon i want completely free if i want an arceus with fly i
can even get it you know why cause i got to best site ever free
pokemon i even got a shiny level 100 genesect and a level 50 keldeo o3o

Author zekrom24816 ( ago)
oops typo i meant "lol you made meh laugh o3o"

Author zekrom24816 ( ago)
lol you mademeh laugh o3o

Author LegoBakugan7 ( ago)
*Goes around on a Trip around route 1* Until..... LE ARCEUS APPEARS! Me:
to get a drink of water :3 *You Thow a Pokeball*

Author couching5000 ( ago)
Tyranitar is a psuedo-legendary. herp derp.

Author Casey Millen ( ago)
yeah go magikarp

Author 8hachi8 ( ago)
Read the previous comments,dumbass!

Author couching5000 ( ago)
Anything could rape arceus. Even magikarp. I mean... Especially magikarp.
Because you know, magikarp is god of all pokemon.

Author Zachary Shields ( ago)
That would be very unlikely, Arceus is one of the best pokemon in the game,
and Tyranitar isent one of the best, Tyranitar is just beefy and sometimes
a wall.

Author josey king of the wells ( ago)
my tyranitar woukd rape arceus

Author Otaku- sama ( ago)
the date even in america is alredy over

Author JJ240 ( ago)

Author Otaku- sama ( ago)
u havent found it caus ethis event is alredy ended in america

Author 8hachi8 ( ago)
Sometimes,you can't complete the Pokedex for 2 reasons: 1)You can't catch
event Pokemon,like Arceus or Darkrai. 2)You don't have a GBA game for
transfer. For me,both. Luckily,I have many legendaries,all final evolutions
of the starters (except Sceptile) and some good Pokemon like Aggron,thanks
to my cousin who had Diamond in a DSTT card and cheats for those Pokemon.
Today,I will search for the Arceus you told me,even though I have searched
in serebii and bulbapedia and nothing found.

Author luisganerS1334 ( ago)
impossible! you catch arceus whit a normal pokeball!

Author 8hachi8 ( ago)
I have White so I will search carefully for the Arceus. But I have searched
in some websites for Pokemon and no one was saying that you can catch
Arceus in Black or White without cheats or Dream World.In fact,I read about
the DW event for Arceus in serebii. PS:I have 1 Arceus in Platinum which I
caught in Diamond with the Azure Flute cheat.

Author 8hachi8 ( ago)
Question: In which game did you caught Arceus?

Author LaserResal ( ago)
You are all really dumb. This was a legit way to get a level 100 Arceus.
The event is over so you can't get it now. He has not used any hacks to get
this Arceus, don't believe me check the internet. Just search Arceus dream
world event.

Author filip dilip ( ago)
looks like your pokemon is playing

Author pedro quintero ( ago)
I`ll trade you my Kyurem for Arceus.

Author 8hachi8 ( ago)
Who told you that he used AR,dumbass? He used Dream World,a legal way to
catch Pokemon in Black/White and made by Nintendo.

Author 8hachi8 ( ago)
Mobile phone?Lending a camera from your friend?

Author Cheyenne cx ( ago)
i got acurs with out AR go to poke gen .com all free pokemon shiny

Author 8hachi8 ( ago)
Take a photo of your Arceus that shows: that it is an Arceus and not any
other Pokemon where Arceus was caught in which level was Arceus caught If
you do this,PM me to tell you my mail and send it to me.

Author Dominic Wilcox ( ago)

Author 8hachi8 ( ago)
Then find a way to prove you caught it in Victory Road and not in Mt.

Author 8hachi8 ( ago)
Which website?

Author 8hachi8 ( ago)
It's Mt Coronet. If you caught it in Victory Road,make a vid.

Author 8hachi8 ( ago)
Hey,you said the same thing with me.The Hall of Origin is reachable only
with Azure Flute,a key item that you can obtain only with the event or with
a cheat.You can obtain Arceus with an event from ToysRus.Correct me if I am
wrong about the last event,I am not from USA and I caught Arceus with the
Azure Flute cheat,in my Diamond,and then traded it in my Platinum.

Author XteriaPlays ( ago)
you can get arceus with a event i think correct me if im wrong i havent
played the 4th gen in a while

Author Oscar Rosado ( ago)
The Japanese code in the description means "Gravel of Judgement"

Author 8hachi8 ( ago)
I agree with Terakkion.But Arceus is not caughtable in B/W without Dream
World. In Sinnoh,you catch Arceus in Hall of Origin,which is in Spear
Pillar. You should do some research.

Author 8hachi8 ( ago)

Author KsXxUnd3adxX ( ago)
its not a hack but u need a dream world account and type in arceus vote 1
but its over

Author Sean Wallace (1000 years ago)
not a hack

Author GameGeek20001 ( ago)
No i did this you just need to go to the sad thing is it is

Author TheAmazingToons ( ago)
Entralink LOL....

Author HA VIX ( ago)
i remember this being announced in last year :D still cant
beleive i missed it D:

Author Moch Iqbal Fauzan ( ago)
さばきのつぶて = Gravel of Judgement

Author TheBIueDitto ( ago)
I actually got one without cheats using the dream world ;/

Author Clockwork ( ago)
i cant read the code :(

Author Felix Thompson ( ago)
Thats Cool how you caught it with a pokeball, Ppl who think this fake leave
her alone, She is just trying to entertain pokemon luvers.

Author GameGeek20001 ( ago)
I think so.

Author tsuchikarasu2 ( ago)
question. i entered the password. but todays the last day for the event and
i cant tuck in a pokemon, as long as i already entered the password i can
wait as long as i want, and next time i go to dream world arceus will still
be waiting there for me to download right?

Author Royal Fenikkusu ( ago)
pd, that arceus is supposed to be friendly, that why its catch rate is
100%, thats why it says ''come here, arceus!'' instead of ''trainer threw a

Author Royal Fenikkusu ( ago)
its an event -_- go to pokemon gl dot com to get info about the event, now
you cant, the event ended

Author 101supermariofan ( ago)
you found acreus in dreamworld O.o

Author GameGeek20001 (451 year ago)
Actually this is the dream world , so you catch pokemon without fail.

Author GameGeek20001 (658 years ago)
You have to go to the pokemon gbl website. Then make a account and give it
your game sync code. Then tuck in a pokemon with game sync. Then go to
promotions type in ARCEUSVOTE in the box and you have arceus. After all of
that you go into the dream world and log off. Now wake up your pokemon with
game sync and go to the enterlink go up three spaces in the forest and
there is arceus. Now in the enterlink you catch pokemon with out fail so
use any pokeball. I did it no cheats.p.s. ends may 1.

Author LunarRay ( ago)
Master Ball only? lol no, I saw someone putting him into red, and then
catching Arceus into a PokéBall.

Author TheDarkzombies ( ago)
HACK is impossible to capture an Arceus with a poke ball only with a master
ball é impossivel capturar um arceus com uma poke bola só com uma master

Author MarioManiaCentral ( ago)
holy shit how can you catch arceus in a poke ball

Author CheddarQuest ( ago)
Mewtwo LV 74 Volcarona LV 78

Author CheddarQuest ( ago)
My Black team :D-Arceus LV 100 (In Poison Form) Virizion LV 100 Kyreum LV
79 Reshiram LV 100

Author MisterMarioFan ( ago)
Read the description. -_-

Author iBlueFTW ( ago)
the code is ARCEUSVOTE

Author •~Akira-kun~• ( ago)

Author Lauren Tripp ( ago)
@chezzadimple1 You sir, are very uneducated. because* you* infernape*
awesome* awesome* . You can currently get the arceus now in the dream world
if you have Wi-Fi. That's all this video was saying. Please think before
you post. o.o

Author possu moilanen ( ago)
hmm i a,m not sure

Author some1smarter ( ago)

Author XBBallplayaxXx ( ago)
@Prullke my code is 3139 1341 1713

Author XBBallplayaxXx ( ago)
@Prullke ill give you a level 82 Arceus for a Mew. deal?

Author Prullke ( ago)
I have every legendary lv 100 except for Arceus nor do I have one I will do
anything for it: Pal-pad Code: 3267-9592-1310 ?'s yours?

Author Tonberry115 ( ago)
Ok, so I did everything right, but the Arceus isn't showing up in my
forest. Do you know what went wrong? I got it in while it was still going,
and I know the code was right. But it's not there. WTF.

Author RagingSpartan24 ( ago)
@infernapeawsome15 can you help me? I know where you catch Arceus when you
get him from the event but I don't know where to type in the code on the
website to unlock him, so could you pleasse help?

Author RagingSpartan24 ( ago)
@infernapeawsome15 Ok, can you help me? The video didn't show what I needed
to know, and what that is that I have no idea where you type in the code to
get the dream worl Arceus on the website. Can you please help me?

Author Sophia Onett ( ago)

Author Jorne Leurs ( ago)
how can i enter tis freaking code plzzz help me!!!

Author Bronson Fife ( ago)
I just got my arceus! Wooh!

Author youbrenyou (1174 years ago)
how do i get the boy to come at the entrance of the forest?

Author 3DTyrant ( ago)
@infernapeawsome15 great, thanks for the information, want it in a Premer
Ball, and as for the wait, only afew more hours left i guess, thanks, once
more :)

Author infernapeawsome15 ( ago)
@3DTyrant This Arceus can be caught in any type of Pokeball without fail. I
have no idea why it would say that. It happened to me right before I went
to go get my english Arceus and I ended up having to wait one more day.
Nothing too big, just a 24 hour wait to go back.

Author 3DTyrant ( ago)
two things, when i do get to Arceus, i can capture it in any type of
pokeball i want (that i got on me) without fail? and when i attempt to get
to Dream World it tells me its recharging for a full day, how comes?

Author rageizreal ( ago)
I made the English version !! Check it on my channel !!! %100 LEGIT

Author Marquis Yarosh ( ago)
Arceus looks like he is dancing to the beat xD

Author Lexy Lexx (1702 years ago)
I need help badly: I befriended Arceus on gl. And he's not in dream world
or anything. So i cant take him to my game because i cant find him. And i
can not trade from my other pokemon games either...

Author Gaelpo | Geometry Dash & Sm4sh ( ago)
Why did i used the complete dex ar code ! i can't enter to PKM DW help
please (that isn't by reseting the game please)

Author zeldaboy1011 ( ago)
atleast is real

Author BlazingSkys ( ago)
they put in the english version now of pokemon back and white

Author Purple Guy ( ago)
i got arceus from the evnt tht is still in effect for those who wish to get
it! i havent used it to battle elite 4 yet...

Author UTAUPo ( ago)
Yo Tambn Tengo A Arceus Esto Es Verdad ;)

Author pkmngiveaway2012 ( ago)
@ItsDeionCrews you have to wake up your pokemon, thenn go to the forest
place, it will be all the way at the end

Author doomkiller3000 ( ago)
How do you move the pokemon to the dream world i wan get my arceus there

Author Ayan Afzal ( ago)
さばきのつぶて stands for gravel of judgement

Author zilla king ( ago)
I got mine today :D BTW, does the Arceus have a specific nature?

Author pkmngiveaway2012 ( ago)
@chugachugatrain at the global link place/ dream world

Author pkmngiveaway2012 ( ago)
@ItsDeionCrews the global link

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