Pokemon White-Dream World Arceus

In this video I go to the Dream World to get an Arceus (My first one that I caught in a Pokeball). This Arceus is from a Pokemon Popularity Poll where the most popular Pokemon was given out through a special code that you can put into the Dream World and catch an Arceus in the High Link. The Arceus is level 100 and contains no special ability.
Here is the code to get Arceus:
This event has ended long ago.
It wasn't ever accessible for anyone without a Japanese game.
I have no idea what it translates into.
This was not a hack.
For more info on this event and more please go to:

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Author Arturo Coria (2 months)
How do you get dream world?

Author Cad Bane (2 years)
i got arceus from the evnt tht is still in effect for those who wish to get
it! i havent used it to battle elite 4 yet...

Author josue vasquez (1 year)
my tyranitar woukd rape arceus

Author Victor Garcia (2 years)

Author LegZtrippin (2 years)
Serebii said the international release for Arceus will start febuary 1st
2012 and ends febuar y 29th

Author 8hachi8 (1 year)
Then find a way to prove you caught it in Victory Road and not in Mt.

Author jenny hadley (1 year)
no camera/webcam aint gonna happen

Author pokemonmasta1231 (2 years)
the international verson's gonna be released in.. "febuary first 2012
throughtfeburary 29 2012- when it comes on be sure to get it everyone! :)

Author randomenvelope (2 years)
Arceus dream world-game sync event is this in February 2012 for UK, US and
what not, from february 1-29th

Author Chugachugatrain (2 years)
where do you enter the code in the thing?

Author zilla king (2 years)
I got mine today :D BTW, does the Arceus have a specific nature?

Author jenny hadley (2 years)
thumb up if this doesn't work for you

Author 1nfinityAward (2 years)
@Juanito123417 well if you live dont live in Japan you can get him after
february 1st

Author StevenRamsingh (2 years)
Arceus isn't appearing... Where do you enter re password?

Author Jorne Leurs (2 years)
how can i enter tis freaking code plzzz help me!!!

Author ShinyZekrom120 (1 year)
I already have arceus and i dont cheat.

Author jenny hadley (1 year)
the two i have on pearl and diamond i got like that

Author jenny hadley (1 year)
and what happend

Author MisterMarioFan (2 years)
Read the description. -_-

Author jenny hadley (2 years)
y is this been tried and PROVED wrong u get arceus from victory road deep
inside lvl 70 with a great ball

Author pedro quintero (1 year)
I`ll trade you my Kyurem for Arceus.

Author Joshua Johnson (2 years)
would someone mind sheding some light on why i cant connect to wifi? i have
an original ds if that has anything to do with it. I hope not.

Author infernapeawsome15 (2 years)
@3DTyrant This Arceus can be caught in any type of Pokeball without fail. I
have no idea why it would say that. It happened to me right before I went
to go get my english Arceus and I ended up having to wait one more day.
Nothing too big, just a 24 hour wait to go back.

Author Tonberry115 (2 years)
Ok, so I did everything right, but the Arceus isn't showing up in my
forest. Do you know what went wrong? I got it in while it was still going,
and I know the code was right. But it's not there. WTF.

Author couching5000 (1 year)
Tyranitar is a psuedo-legendary. herp derp.

Author jenny hadley (2 years)
guess what i got mine in VICTORY it was event arceus.haha suckers

Author 李 鬥鬥 (2 years)

Author jenny hadley (1 year)
the one i got on white i did catch on white

Author GameGeek20001 (1 year)
No i did this you just need to go to the sad thing is it is

Author jenny hadley (2 years)
@infernapeawsome15 u get arceus from victory Rd so if u dont belive me ur
weak like a chimchar(instead of infernape)and not it.?

Author BlazingSkys (2 years)
they put in the english version now of pokemon back and white

Author GameGeek20001 (2 years)
Actually this is the dream world , so you catch pokemon without fail.

Author jenny hadley (1 year)
u give me a way and ill do it

Author TheDarkzombies (2 years)
HACK is impossible to capture an Arceus with a poke ball only with a master
ball é impossivel capturar um arceus com uma poke bola só com uma master

Author 3DTyrant (2 years)
@infernapeawsome15 great, thanks for the information, want it in a Premer
Ball, and as for the wait, only afew more hours left i guess, thanks, once
more :)

Author zekrom24816 (1 year)
lol you mademeh laugh o3o

Author Royal Fenikkusu (2 years)
its an event -_- go to pokemon gl dot com to get info about the event, now
you cant, the event ended

Author Bruce Wayne (2 years)
i hear in february you can have Arceus lvl 100 thumps up for ARCEUS!!

Author Cheyenne Derp (1 year)
i got acurs with out AR go to poke gen .com all free pokemon shiny

Author parkour (2 years)
THE GRAINS OF JUSTICE what it translates to

Author infernapeawsome15 (2 years)
@chezzadimple1 You can indeed get Arceus from the Hall of Origin
(considering you obtain it through a special event or hack), but that has
nothing to do with this video. This video was showing that you were able to
get an Arceus through a special event with a Japanese game at the time. I
never mentioned that you could or couldn't get an Arceus in any other game
other than the one shown in this video. Lastly, don't try to call me out by
calling me "weak." It doesn't look very mature of you.

Author BrotherhoodDemon (9 months)
plz register me name Esteban code 0777 5750 3088 pokemon white

Author Felix Thompson (1 year)
Thats Cool how you caught it with a pokeball, Ppl who think this fake leave
her alone, She is just trying to entertain pokemon luvers.

Author Oscar Rosado (1 year)
The Japanese code in the description means "Gravel of Judgement"

Author Syd Gangar (1 year)
no you can get him in the dream world, i have tried it and i got him, but
my brother took my game and deleted my file...i hate him so much *puts on
fake happy smile and giggles*

Author luisganerS1334 (1 year)
impossible! you catch arceus whit a normal pokeball!

Author TheBIueDitto (1 year)
I actually got one without cheats using the dream world ;/

Author lucas rosa (1 year)
translation: gravel of judgment

Author filip dilip (1 year)
looks like your pokemon is playing

Author 1223Nintendofan (2 years)
Why did i used the complete dex ar code ! i can't enter to PKM DW help
please (that isn't by reseting the game please)

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