3 Wasps That Will Do Anything to Survive

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  • From ripping your own appendages off to cockroach mind control, wasps go to great lengths to ensure the survival of their species.

    Hosted by: Hank Green
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    Fig wasps:

    Fairy wasps:

    Jewel wasps:
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Comments: 668

  • Travis Dunningham
    Travis Dunningham 23 hours ago

    And I thought humans were fucked up...

  • 00daveyr
    00daveyr 1 day ago

    How does the wasp as small as an amobia breed if it wipes out the bulk of it's dna before maturation? won't it need the dna somewhere to pass into the new ones?

  • Lewis Moore
    Lewis Moore 1 day ago

    Hymenoptra are awsome!

  • Yu To
    Yu To 1 day ago

    You forgot proustiting their body for money.

  • Va gina de ick
    Va gina de ick 1 day ago

    I can feel their eggs in my skin 😱

  • friendz productions


  • Ghost_Blue
    Ghost_Blue 1 day ago

    Even tiny little cells aren't safe from wasp

  • ServallPestControl
    ServallPestControl 2 days ago

    Thanks foe sharing. Stinging insects like bees and hornets send more than 500,000 people to the emergency room each year. These pests are especially active during the second half of summer and early fall when the colonies forage for food that will sustain their queens during the winter.

  • Optic500
    Optic500 2 days ago

    This is confusing

  • Derek Knight
    Derek Knight 2 days ago

    Wasps are sinister.

  • Cinnamon bun Gamer
    Cinnamon bun Gamer 3 days ago

    That line you said sounds how aliens are born

  • Steven Mellon
    Steven Mellon 3 days ago

    I learned all of this beforehand, off wikipedia.

  • Peter Oldak
    Peter Oldak 3 days ago

    Does this mean every fig I've ever eaten has also in turn eaten a wasp?!

  • Pyriform
    Pyriform 4 days ago

    You've put me right off my fig rolls.

  • mystery night
    mystery night 4 days ago

    I want the kind controlling wasp to kill all the cockroaches in my house!!!

  • sub zero fights
    sub zero fights 5 days ago

    These Facts STING
    {I'm really sorry for this cancer}

  • fox b5
    fox b5 7 days ago

    what purpose do wasp have in the animal kingdom

  • Rebel90x Gaming!
    Rebel90x Gaming! 7 days ago

    1:40 This just opens up a whole new can of worms.

  • kevinbs05
    kevinbs05 7 days ago

    "If you want to learn more about tiny stinging insects...", no, no I really don't.

  • AssassinGrudge
    AssassinGrudge 8 days ago

    my biggest fear is insects at dog size

  • Jakub Ujhazy
    Jakub Ujhazy 8 days ago

    O god kazadors

  • Thomas Smith
    Thomas Smith 8 days ago

    this video made me really uncomfortable

  • The Michael Anderson Show

    life is brutal

  • Justin Playz
    Justin Playz 8 days ago


  • KnightShadowsong
    KnightShadowsong 10 days ago

    Why... Why... Cockroach Mind Control? *Racks shotgun* Okay... Hunting season! No Bag Limit! seriously! kill those F*ckers!

  • Carl Li
    Carl Li 13 days ago

    Bees: Pollinate Flowers, Keep Our environment alive, make sweet honey

    Wasp: Unforgiving, painful little shits that everyone hates

  • Outta Here
    Outta Here 13 days ago

    A vid on my ex wow

  • Lew M
    Lew M 14 days ago

    how long till people start trying to get high from that wasp that got the roach drugged up

  • justandy333
    justandy333 14 days ago

    This is why i'm a believer in Evolution and Science and not in any 'god loves us all and all his creations' thing. Some fucked up god to create an organism that uses another intrusively and destructively for its own procreation.

  • Rick James
    Rick James 15 days ago

    so, do they have figs that dont have wasp orgies?

  • Emmanuel Hernandez
    Emmanuel Hernandez 15 days ago

    What happens to the male babies?

  • Eric Vickery
    Eric Vickery 15 days ago

    wtf......... i did love eating figs off my grandparents fig tree

  • Camersauce
    Camersauce 15 days ago


  • Dustin Noyfba
    Dustin Noyfba 15 days ago

    ... i hate wasps even more now. ::shudder::

  • Óscar Martín
    Óscar Martín 15 days ago


  • Emma Grader
    Emma Grader 15 days ago

    Reminds me of John Green.

  • francois dinauto
    francois dinauto 17 days ago

    Damn that's dark even by my standards and I'm dark AF

  • Cringe cast games
    Cringe cast games 18 days ago

    Anything 😏💦

  • Andrew Knackstedt
    Andrew Knackstedt 19 days ago

    0:20 I know of one of these species, i think it's called "Fockmearm justgotstung".

  • Sleepercreeper
    Sleepercreeper 19 days ago

    I'm not kidding when I was 7 I was putting fake cobwebs around my house when it was almost Halloween then all of a sudden I got stung by 7 hornets I was hurting for a day or two

  • Josh Derak
    Josh Derak 19 days ago

    The Jewel Wasp reminds me of the alien character in Under The Skin.

  • bone hurting juice
    bone hurting juice 20 days ago

    this wasp needs to leave them roaches alone set my man's free he didn't do nothing.

  • Rathernot Disclose
    Rathernot Disclose 20 days ago

    mind control wasp is nuts

  • Anodyne Melody
    Anodyne Melody 20 days ago

    Wow, that green jewel wasp's venom sounds like it would make a really fun recreational drug! Also, *wow*, just WOW, what a crazy life cycle!

  • Quen Loust
    Quen Loust 21 day ago

    Strangely itchy all of a sudden...


  • Gresi Lamaj
    Gresi Lamaj 21 day ago

    I love figs! They're so delicious and sweet!

  • Joe Penguin
    Joe Penguin 21 day ago

    when I have liquid in my throat and tilt back my head why doesn't it go down my throat? same for solids

  • Christopher Rodriguez


  • Nie Pewny
    Nie Pewny 21 day ago

    Great video! A lot of curious knowleage.

  • Seamus Callaghan
    Seamus Callaghan 22 days ago

    "Intelligent Design"

    *grabs popcorn

  • NWinnStudio
    NWinnStudio 22 days ago

    Gasteruption Jaculator is what they used to call me in high school.

  • Dominik Prajzner
    Dominik Prajzner 22 days ago

    so male fig wasps are just ants

  • Infnit3Space
    Infnit3Space 22 days ago

    Wow, reminds of Xenomorphs....

  • Lava Hound Legend
    Lava Hound Legend 22 days ago

    It's scary to think that the jewel wasp can mind control I mean I was scared of wasp as it is but losing control of yourself is just


  • seniorcafe
    seniorcafe 22 days ago

    Ok, that was insanely interesting, for real, didn't expected that from this video.

  • Binary Magpie
    Binary Magpie 23 days ago

    I'm never touching a fig again

  • El Gero
    El Gero 23 days ago

    The smallest wasp in the world has "mega" at the start of its name.

  • CtrlFreak
    CtrlFreak 24 days ago

    The jewel wasp reminds me of facehuggers from Aliens and how the cockroach can't move and wait for the wasp to burst out is exactly like how Xenomorph is born.

  • Mohamad Ghotbizadeh
    Mohamad Ghotbizadeh 24 days ago

    3 Wasps That Will Do Anything to Reproduce

  • DangerMou$e
    DangerMou$e 24 days ago

    a wasp as small as an amoeba...incredible

  • Myrmidon
    Myrmidon 24 days ago

    How can fig wasps survive or evolve if they are 100% inbred?

  • kangourouuu1
    kangourouuu1 24 days ago

    Is there any wasp characteristic that would justify us humans to not hate them? I mean, pollination can be done by other insects. Horror movie scenarii aren't a reason to love them. And the fact that they can die, while reassuring, still doesn't hold my grudge against their fraking existence in check.

  • Brysonperidot
    Brysonperidot 24 days ago


  • Open Wheel Is The Best And You Know It

    wasps are still little fuckers

  • Carpet Shark
    Carpet Shark 24 days ago

    Gasteruption Jaculator sounds like a sex move that needs to be invented.

  • Monochromize
    Monochromize 24 days ago

    Nature is so fucked up.

  • CarthagoMike
    CarthagoMike 24 days ago

    those are a lot of wasps

  • Lucas Rodmo
    Lucas Rodmo 24 days ago

    I love Hymenoptera!

  • Toms Tech
    Toms Tech 24 days ago

    It seems it doesn't matter what porn you're into, nature always has an even more fucked up option.

  • I am superior to all.

    I sort of have a phobia for wasps (ever since the attacked me that fateful day back when I was 7), so this was VERY unsettling... except for the Cuckoo Wasp, had no idea they could look NOT ugly!

  • wings0sgniw
    wings0sgniw 25 days ago

    This was a surprisingly disturbing episode. Also, I'm never eating figs again...

  • Oyamada13
    Oyamada13 25 days ago

    This is what I learned from this. Male fig wasps are pedo. >.>;;

  • Madden 2000
    Madden 2000 25 days ago

    God I almost feel bad for them

  • JaN A
    JaN A 25 days ago

    I swear wasps are out of a horror story...

  • repairdrive
    repairdrive 25 days ago

    Never been so glad I don't eat figs until now.

  • Fransiskus Pramudita

    I actually see the prosses of the mind control wasp few days ago, but sadly I just know that the wasp is dangerous to cockroach, and I forgot why, so after the wasp let the cocokroach go, I burn the cockcroach *sigh, I though she let him go. Before I burn it I still remember that the cockroach try to clean itself by licking its leg, now I know why, sorry to burn it though, should just watch all the way

  • spindash64
    spindash64 25 days ago

    2:22 YOU...

  • Gavin Scherbenske
    Gavin Scherbenske 25 days ago

    did it make you crall and want to bleach your house and bed too

  • Sammywhee Ashton
    Sammywhee Ashton 25 days ago


  • DeusExWolksvagen
    DeusExWolksvagen 25 days ago

    Let me tell you about flowers and bees... and wasp's nightmare inducing reproduction strategies :^)

  • Julia Fermayer
    Julia Fermayer 25 days ago

    The last one reminds me of the movie alien

  • Blueberry101
    Blueberry101 26 days ago

    I realized 2 things today:
    1. there is a lot more in common with my ex girlfriend and wasps other then you fear them when they get close
    2. A wasp can trick someone into having her babies

  • Kristian Welsh
    Kristian Welsh 26 days ago

    I've gotta say hank's outfit is on point in this video.

  • Ingemārs Volters
    Ingemārs Volters 26 days ago

    If i had one question to God : Why wasps though?

  • mMeFlora
    mMeFlora 26 days ago

    i'd never thought i'd ever say this about a sci show video. but. i could've lived my whole life without know any of this and it would have been a better life.

  • Manfred Höffken
    Manfred Höffken 26 days ago

    Wow, I suddenly hate wasps even more than before!

  • Soufiane Artwood
    Soufiane Artwood 26 days ago

    this blew my mind man

  • Bill Chabot
    Bill Chabot 26 days ago

    2:00 HFS!

  • Blair Andrecheck
    Blair Andrecheck 26 days ago

    ok... eww... keep up the awesome

  • Rein Ryuumata
    Rein Ryuumata 26 days ago

    An A-HAHA wasp? is its name Tidus?

  • Patrick William
    Patrick William 26 days ago

    I had 6 tarantula hawks in my shoe

  • fission
    fission 26 days ago

    if this were facts about wasps number 1 would have been that they are satan in his purest form

  • François Maspuche
    François Maspuche 26 days ago

    Ok, now I'll no more eat figg without watching closely every fuking flowers.

  • Briana Allbright
    Briana Allbright 26 days ago

    You should make an entire episode dedicated to the mantis shrimp!

    I promise you won't regret it.

  • Paige V
    Paige V 26 days ago

    Wasps? You mean those v-shaped papers I'd shoot with a rubber band?

  • Darth Biomech
    Darth Biomech 26 days ago

    dear god. At least, xenomorph chestbusters are killing you upon their emergence. babies of THIS thing will emerge _inside_ of you and then will start to eat you while you are _still alive_. thank god that humans are too big for most insects.

  • Linsey Alvarez
    Linsey Alvarez 26 days ago

    now I can't eat a fig without looking inside it😐

  • sheller153
    sheller153 26 days ago

    If anyone wants to know more about the fig wasp watch PBS's Queen of Trees

  • amojak
    amojak 26 days ago

    most of the wasps around here are the species "fuckoffanddieyoufuckinwasp"

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