CoD:WaW Custom Zombies Map - Woods

Custom zombies map for CoD:WaW. Map designed and scripted by [HOG]Rampage.

Download the new v1.3 today!;12617745;/fileinfo.html


1) Extract contents
2) Place nazi_zombie_wh.ff in:

XP - C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR_PROFILE\Local Settings\Application Data\Activision\CoDWaW\mods\usermaps\
VISTA - C:\Users\YOUR_PROFILE\AppData\Local\Acti vision\CoDWaW\mods\usermaps\

3) Place the nazi_zombie_wh folder in:

XP - C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR_PROFILE\Local Settings\Application Data\Activision\CoDWaW\usermaps\
VISTA - C:\Users\YOUR_PROFILE\AppData\Local\Acti vision\CoDWaW\usermaps\

- If the 'mods' folder is not shown, create a new folder and name it 'mods'.
- If you cannot view 'Local Settings\Application Data\Activision\CoDWaW\mods\', do the following:
1) Go to the Control Panel and click on 'Folder Options'.
2) Click on the 'View' tab.
3) Check the check box next to 'Show hidden files and folders'.


More maps coming...

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Author Cameron G (3 years)
i have the steam version can u do it on that?

Author Slipknotfan13666 (4 years)
how do u make a map? and can u do it for ps3?

Author TheSharpieslay2 (3 years)
how do you design maps?

Author DidYouPush2Hard (4 years)
Hey guys can you help...? I have a ton of custom zombie maps.. but only
Castle Vacant and modern 1-0 work... how can i play ALL of my other
maps...? I want 2 play all of em' not just 3 =[ respind plz

Author vigikiller123 (1 year)
Please check out my channel it has custom zombies and also like and
subscribe. Thanks . My channel is vigikiller123. Also u can add me on
tunggle - vigikiller.

Author wwemickieandme (3 years)
they should put this in a cod game. when ur done with it u can post it 2
the psn or xbox live so u can still play with random people lol

Author Cod4Ipod (3 years)
someone should make a custom map of kino der toten or the other black ops

Author megueno (1 year)
Awesome map, but not enough rooms/ doors.

Author lawlestest (4 years)
Hey man, nice video, cool maps too. can You tell me your pc specs? couse im
getting cod5 tomorrow, and im not too sure if my pc can run it, i have :
4gb of ram 1024 mb of videomemory. geforce gt120 graphicscard with physx oh
and intel dual core processor. respond please couse i need to know :)

Author Scmdx (4 years)

Author dizzle2212 (4 years)
that should be real

Author MW2VIDEOShere (4 years)
no? :DD

Author KornTwistVid (5 years)
yo, these maps for nazi zombies, for pc only right? how do they make em and
put them up? do u have to hack the game? so if they find out they can ban
ur pc account? or is there liek a map editor/creator in the pc version
where u can make ur own maps and put windows and guns whereever u want?

Author IRONWILL5555 (2 years)
how do u make the mods folder in oreder to play custom zombie maps

Author Rand0mAwSomeGuY (3 years)
check ma channel :O add meh il suscribe back. gonna do gameplay of this and
more mapz once i reinstall this :o if u have this add me iPwnUrDumAss i
think thats it :p

Author corycoll (4 years)
Xbox and ps3 are for little kids but PC is for mature people

Author 956jake956 (3 years)
@hiphoppolice55 ya but i tried it once and it is not at all like halo forge

Author Jeremy Wells (4 years)
the ones based of shi no numa or der riese

Author EliteZ96 (4 years)

Author raisebarhere (3 years)
@halofreak8 just get the mod tools for it

Author chrisrules7 (4 years)
how u create this

Author sapanarith (4 years)
NO! it on pc dude

Author james baker (10 months)
yep ;)

Author 58sdgf (4 years)
how did you make this is it for pc or xbox?

Author Daniel Vale (5 years)
30th rating

Author Oran Carbery (2 years)
@J0hnD13 can you give me the link to a vid ?

Author Boris Boriss (4 years)
how find appdata on vista??? I see descriptions,but i can't find. sry my
english is bad...

Author BackTo TheKitchen (3 years)
bill bob

Author cuddlespoofps3 (4 years)
id make myself in a big ass tower with no way down or up and have a random
box i bet i would uberly pwn at that map :P

wats the program called to make maps

Author blackshelve (5 years)
you know they released patche 1.4 now?

Author carmine wins (4 years)
how much is this game for pc and how do u create ur own zombie maps

Author Norman Way (4 years)
im just as happy!

Author yankeesown333 (2 years)
if you buy cod waw for pc can u make your own maps or is it a hack????

Author CJ12500BOY (4 years)
@Slipknotfan13666 u Buy them.....i think

Author sk8snowbro (3 years)
This isn't that good compared to others

Author x5FingerDeathPunchx (4 years)
Nope, PC

Author Titleification (3 years)
man.. it would be so easy to survive on this map with all the space haha

Author supertonyda (3 years)
You need to show us I don't like this make me one for :‰XBOX

Author Jeremy Wells (4 years)
just base it off der riese

Author flamewingman150 (4 years)
Pc has custom maps xbox and ps3 has map pack no big evry1 gets there fun

Author TH3xD0N (5 years)
no, mods are allowed in the pc version

Author valerio rockettaro (5 years)
name of the song please,

Author laa306 (2 years)
@hiphoppolice55 Yeah, but it takes a long time.

Author GayFishKayneWest (3 years)
@hiphoppolice55 ya but just pc

Author SoWhatPrank (2 years)
@hiphoppolice55 yes

Author RedheartFiM (2 years)
so is there only 2 areas or did you only show us 2?

Author Juan Blas (4 years)
@dizzle2212 it is stupid...... for the pc

Author Colin T (2 years)
@hiphoppolice55 yes but you need the mod tools which are difficult to use,
there soon releasing them for black ops

Author duhduhmonkey123 (4 years)
nice map but its kinda small

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