CoD:WaW Custom Zombies Map - Woods

Custom zombies map for CoD:WaW. Map designed and scripted by [HOG]Rampage.

Download the new v1.3 today!;12617745;/fileinfo.html


1) Extract contents
2) Place nazi_zombie_wh.ff in:

XP - C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR_PROFILE\Local Settings\Application Data\Activision\CoDWaW\mods\usermaps\
VISTA - C:\Users\YOUR_PROFILE\AppData\Local\Acti vision\CoDWaW\mods\usermaps\

3) Place the nazi_zombie_wh folder in:

XP - C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR_PROFILE\Local Settings\Application Data\Activision\CoDWaW\usermaps\
VISTA - C:\Users\YOUR_PROFILE\AppData\Local\Acti vision\CoDWaW\usermaps\

- If the 'mods' folder is not shown, create a new folder and name it 'mods'.
- If you cannot view 'Local Settings\Application Data\Activision\CoDWaW\mods\', do the following:
1) Go to the Control Panel and click on 'Folder Options'.
2) Click on the 'View' tab.
3) Check the check box next to 'Show hidden files and folders'.


More maps coming...

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Author james baker ( ago)
yep ;)

Author james baker ( ago)
they have let me go find a link and ill send it to you :D

Author ZayzoYT ( ago)
shore I will check out your channal and sudcribe

Author vigikiller123 ( ago)
Please check out my channel it has custom zombies and also like and
subscribe. Thanks . My channel is vigikiller123. Also u can add me on
tunggle - vigikiller.

Author megueno ( ago)
Awesome map, but not enough rooms/ doors.

Author UnshiftedPluto24 ( ago)
Omg someone make an actual map not an easy one

Author gtapringle ( ago)
yeah, you use a tool called radiant. you can find it on customcod(dot)com

Author DecsMind ( ago)
Its not hacks

Author carmanino ( ago)
hacks mods yes

Author OneWound ( ago)
yes...but you deserved to be slapped for that...

Author UnshiftedPluto24 ( ago)
There already is a Nazi zombie game

Author wing dings gaster blasting maniac ( ago)
how do u make the mods folder in oreder to play custom zombie maps

Author Redheart (1511 year ago)
@reperMC start menu,all
programs,acesseries,run,appdata,local,activision,codwaw,mods, that's all
you need to do for custom maps

Author Redheart (1931 year ago)
so is there only 2 areas or did you only show us 2?

Author racetime224 ( ago)
@hiphoppolice55 Technically, but it's not nearly as easy as you would
think. I'm sure it took days to make this, probably longer.

Author ZzElitegamerzxX ( ago)
@Cod4Ipod Thats a good idea cause i can play WAW but not BO and i lov BO

Author iTzBlackVenom911 ( ago)
Treyarch should make a Nazi Zombies game. You know Call of Duty: Nazi
Zombies or something of that sort. You should have all the maps, and maybe
they could release map packs containing 3-5 new zombie maps. They should
also have a feature where you can create your own maps for Nazi Zombies.
Thumbs up if you agree!

Author J0hnD13 ( ago)
@oran9810 well, it's called dead sand. look it up on youtube

Author Oran Carbery ( ago)
@J0hnD13 can you give me the link to a vid ?

Author J0hnD13 ( ago)
@oran9810 they already did

Author Oran Carbery ( ago)
i think someone should make omaha beach, you have to defend the bunkers and
stuff from the zombies, you have mg42's deployable it would be AWESOME !!

Author Luka ( ago)
the link is dead

Author ChedderCheeser1 ( ago)
its VERY hard to make a great map for the PC version of waw. and NO, you
cant use these maps on xbox/ps3!!!!!!!!!!

Author yankeesown333 ( ago)
if you buy cod waw for pc can u make your own maps or is it a hack????

Author RagingBlast2Fan ( ago)
@MrTylerboo1 wii?there aren't custom maps on the wii...hey look my cousin
has a wii and i could add u but how does it works?i dont know much about
the system

Author Robert Currie ( ago)
@MrTylerboo1 your an idiot this is on pc and who the fuck plays zombies on
wii youd get fucked up on round 2 lmao!

Author Tyler Windham ( ago)
add me on wii on call of dudy waw my code is 1806792339228 plzzz add me

Author Crash Bear ( ago)
@zombiekiller091 thats no reason to use such rude names.

Author zombiekiller091 ( ago)
@TheMario74891 this is his first map dip

Author royalfootballman (1600 years ago)
I wish Black Ops had this feature...

Author Privilege ( ago)
Where's mystery box?

Author Crash Bear (1188 years ago)
fairly uncreative looking design...

Author Malpaise Legate ( ago)
this map looks like suicide at about round 10

Author Colin T ( ago)
@hiphoppolice55 yes but you need the mod tools which are difficult to use,
there soon releasing them for black ops

Author Rand0mAwSomeGuY ( ago)
check ma channel :O add meh il suscribe back. gonna do gameplay of this and
more mapz once i reinstall this :o if u have this add me iPwnUrDumAss i
think thats it :p

Author supertonyda ( ago)
You need to show us I don't like this make me one for :‰XBOX

Author sk8snowbro ( ago)
This isn't that good compared to others

Author raisebarhere ( ago)
@halofreak8 just get the mod tools for it

Author 956jake956 ( ago)
@hiphoppolice55 ya but i tried it once and it is not at all like halo forge

Author Cod4Ipod ( ago)
someone should make a custom map of kino der toten or the other black ops

Author TP - Terrenke ( ago)
at the first room i was like, oh this seems lame 1 room, then the second
room came and i was like, :O oh umm this is better then i thought :]

Author Jordan Robinson ( ago)
thumbs this up!!! its pc only!!! no ps3 or xbox!!!!

Author wwemickieandme ( ago)
they should put this in a cod game. when ur done with it u can post it 2
the psn or xbox live so u can still play with random people lol

Author XxCCCxX1 ( ago)
Yea how do you desing maps

Author TheSharpieslay2 ( ago)
how do you design maps?

Author Connor Harrison ( ago)
@spiderluvshalo me 2

Author pretzule ( ago)
i cant install them help

Author zmbyhntr ( ago)
@Titleification I agree. Especially with, the trench gun and the thompson
set up right where you spawn. The map is easy.

Author spiderluvshalo ( ago)
i want a tut of how to make your OWN maps

Author rawr261 ( ago)
thats alot of widows ya got der

Author GayFishKayneWest ( ago)
@hiphoppolice55 ya but just pc

Author david15david15 ( ago)
haw do you make a zombie map for this games i cant find ani programs for
making ma map

Author BackTo TheKitchen ( ago)
bill bob


Author MrZombiesSlayer935 ( ago)
I only have the first version of that map which version is that one?

Author Juan Blas ( ago)
@dizzle2212 it is stupid...... for the pc

Author MW2VIDEOShere ( ago)
no? :DD

Author Rapishes ( ago)
sounds kinda stupid, but can you make and test without the game??

Author DuhMitre ( ago)
that should be real

Author hiphoppolice55 ( ago)
can you desighn your own maps on the pc version of this game?

Author Alex Hobley ( ago)
@slipknotfan you can only do this on pc not ps3 xbox or anything

Author CJ12500BOY ( ago)
@Slipknotfan13666 u Buy them.....i think

Author Slipknotfan13666 ( ago)
how do u make a map? and can u do it for ps3?

Author streetcone22 ( ago)
i wud make a map where ur just in a big box where all weps are 0 points and
theres just 1 gigantic open space in the box but theres barricades and then
leave the survivors be till they all die

Author Rockmaster9497 ( ago)

Author Boris Boriss ( ago)
how find appdata on vista??? I see descriptions,but i can't find. sry my
english is bad...

Author corycoll ( ago)
Xbox and ps3 are for little kids but PC is for mature people

Author magicmarijn ( ago)
??? wy???

Author Luis Chin ( ago)
whats the name of the song in this video??

Author Jeremy Wells ( ago)
just base it off der riese

Author Cypress Willow ( ago)
ok how about pack a punch?

Author Jeremy Wells ( ago)
the ones based of shi no numa or der riese

Author sacramentolove ( ago)
dis pc, i saw the thing, it said press n hold F to rebuild barrier

Author sapanarith ( ago)
NO! it on pc dude

Author x5FingerDeathPunchx ( ago)
Nope, PC

Author tornadocoursekirby ( ago)

Author John SMith ( ago)
they sould make a system for all consloes, and the PC* that you buy, for
say 200 dollars that lets you easily make your own map that store on a cd
for all to play that CAN be made in a few hours or even minutes. now that
would be cool!

Author Frank P ( ago)
free to make free to download

Author kellerm24 ( ago)
are these maps free to make or do u just buy em

Author xxDanPersonxx ( ago)
Its funny how people think making maps is simple, and may take them a few
hours. Custom maps are extremely complex and take weeks to finish (months
if you include the countless bug fixes). Just a little thing to think about
before buying the game.

wats the program called to make maps

Author Cypress Willow ( ago)
do any of these custom maps have the wonderwaffe?

Author carmine wins ( ago)
how much is this game for pc and how do u create ur own zombie maps

Author Arend ( ago)
is his link, the one to make it on my own? or just his map?

Author Oi325 ( ago)
another state of mind is way better or mommys little monster

Author dkman227 ( ago)
that was an actually pretty cool map

Author ThE3BrAkiLLaz ( ago)
how do u make this maps

Author fiskemager ( ago)
do we need cod waw to download?

Author Barry Tickle ( ago)
how do u make custom maps

Author Alan Casha (932 years ago)
wow did you did this. on the ps3 u can only use 3 and cant create one. cool

Author flamewingman150 ( ago)
Pc has custom maps xbox and ps3 has map pack no big evry1 gets there fun

Author marineman345 ( ago)
fuck you hater its the best that happened to the world

Author chrisrules7 ( ago)
how u create this

Author John Watkins ( ago)
nice map..pc gets most of the fun with mod maps XD

Author Danny Halsall ( ago)
can u make a costom map on pc??????

Author sisisisi112 ( ago)
only for pc

Author jsm10505 ( ago)
fuck xbox 360

Author Wolfboy794 ( ago)
pc or xbl?

Author joey white ( ago)
:O NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author joey white ( ago)
:O NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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