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    If you want more Funny CS:GO moments videos leave a like bros ^_^/

    My twitch http://www.twitch.tv/aaronlawd
    Instagram https://instagram.com/azzythemlgpro/

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    More Cs Go Funny Moments ,trolling , Epic fun https://www.youtube.com/user/aaronlawd
    Music by Epidemic Sound (http://www.epidemicsound.com)
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Comments: 583

  • Alexis Ikonomou
    Alexis Ikonomou 4 hours ago

    hey Azzy

  • Profesorius Lithuania

    I have better competive on lem rank my team 4 aimbots other team 5 aimbots and Im like retard without cheats,all account 1.500h+ still not get bans :-D

  • Sheexoy
    Sheexoy 1 day ago


  • UrMomIs2OP4U
    UrMomIs2OP4U 2 days ago

    nice vid man!

  • madcaesars
    madcaesars 2 days ago

    Rank 1?

  • Suraj Mandhare
    Suraj Mandhare 4 days ago


  • P Ts
    P Ts 5 days ago

    Love u bro

  • P Ts
    P Ts 5 days ago

    LOL du er den bedste.

  • Lucasplayz_MC Eller xXLucasGamingXx

    Marbil feed? I like your accent!

  • Minsung
    Minsung 7 days ago

    8:10 coffee , soda

  • Érik Sousa'
    Érik Sousa' 8 days ago


  • Inno Sual
    Inno Sual 8 days ago

    The hackers should be ban

  • Inno Sual
    Inno Sual 8 days ago

    I think the suspect is cheating

  • robert henry
    robert henry 9 days ago

    @Azzy that sheep guy was bhopping as well..😠

  • Mortis Thorne
    Mortis Thorne 10 days ago

    I think it's time for these kids to give up on hacking in CSGO Comps, they're going to get caught no matter what. Like, Overwatch isn't as scarce in Overwatchers as they seem to think. There's no sense in it, you hack in comp, get caught, Vac banned, and you come back for more with a different account. What are you accomplishing? Other than making 20 useless email accounts so you can continuously feel good about yourself in the cheapest way possible, you're not getting anywhere. Players even report others who are just really good at the game just to be safe, you think you'll get away with this? Lol

  • LowResGamr
    LowResGamr 10 days ago

    i was playing on a casual server with someone who was using wall hacks and everyone saw and reported him instantly. Maybe developers should put all hackers in the same servers and have no legit players in the server except as spectators.

  • RushAndGun! [Rashinggan]

    the voice he is trying to push himself so badly plz use voice changer azzy

  • Lucio Verrijzer
    Lucio Verrijzer 12 days ago

    Can I have the knife plz ?

  • Hugo Ahlbäck
    Hugo Ahlbäck 13 days ago

    Sweden man

  • 8 Ball Pool Kaiser #1

    meee give it toaoaoa m8888 meee!!🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃

  • Pikachu TV
    Pikachu TV 13 days ago


  • Simba HD
    Simba HD 13 days ago

    "Hello Mother Fuckersssss" Greatest Intro ever

  • Ashking
    Ashking 13 days ago


  • hestek 18
    hestek 18 14 days ago

    I have no chance to get that knife... I can't join to it and I can't do anything... :( I am fucking poor that knife will fuckingly help me

  • SnoopFnfy
    SnoopFnfy 14 days ago

    cs-go hacker 5.1 indetect http://encurtador.com.br/suCF3

  • My Name Is Swag
    My Name Is Swag 15 days ago

    azzy nice video

  • SnorG TraPz
    SnorG TraPz 15 days ago


  • Verily
    Verily 15 days ago

    You sound like Hagrid in that weird "You're a wizard, harry" video

  • Philip Grenzer
    Philip Grenzer 16 days ago

    This is simply hax comparison which one is better haha

  • sCaNdreiul
    sCaNdreiul 16 days ago

    *comment* I want that knifeeee....I got scammed recently

  • struś bob
    struś bob 16 days ago


  • Axton
    Axton 16 days ago

    azzythemlgpro comment "pube" if this is really azzy. becos in this video you are an alien.

  • Hamada Minkara
    Hamada Minkara 17 days ago

    how can we send you the match

  • Bartek Krupa
    Bartek Krupa 17 days ago

    what crosshair have you?

  • ravschan1 1golfasss
    ravschan1 1golfasss 17 days ago

    i rlly like the video but ur voice like 20 years old retarted shitface

  • cristi true
    cristi true 17 days ago

    fackig chit

  • GameFor Epic
    GameFor Epic 17 days ago


  • SonOfMars
    SonOfMars 17 days ago


  • Funk You
    Funk You 17 days ago

    i love his voice

  • Guten Morgen
    Guten Morgen 17 days ago


  • Jenny Abrahamsson
    Jenny Abrahamsson 17 days ago

    Ur russian i know it

  • Neman Sanket
    Neman Sanket 17 days ago

    This game is not playable now

  • Mohamed Faisal
    Mohamed Faisal 17 days ago

    Cs go is soooo fuck*d up right now, even a player with new account has hacks, I think valve are themselves supplying cheats to everyone

  • Orangehas
    Orangehas 18 days ago


    I left a comment. Lets see if I'll win.

  • rodrigo santos
    rodrigo santos 18 days ago

    i do trades https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=317797462&token=KVu0aA9A

  • KAZUTO Kirigaya
    KAZUTO Kirigaya 18 days ago

    Azzy ur gay m8

  • Toni m
    Toni m 18 days ago


  • Paul Terrand
    Paul Terrand 18 days ago

    Azzy u have scam a karambit case hardened of a french youtuber, his name is Jeanfils, u are not friendly....
    pls like

  • Olivero 57
    Olivero 57 18 days ago

    u trade knife to my revolver reboot? azzy plz

  • balder verstelle
    balder verstelle 18 days ago

    ey azzy, give me that knife boiiiiiiiiiiii

  • TheEpicRider
    TheEpicRider 18 days ago

    just skipped the first minute :/

  • Cannon Ball
    Cannon Ball 18 days ago

    He be hosting a geffowii ^^

  • Sopermon
    Sopermon 18 days ago


  • Contase :D
    Contase :D 18 days ago

    bf4 any1?

  • Anous kon
    Anous kon 18 days ago


  • Skiv Yt
    Skiv Yt 18 days ago

    bro i was in that game

  • CS Russian
    CS Russian 18 days ago

    csgo nowadays...

  • Curse Gaming23
    Curse Gaming23 18 days ago


  • Iv_NO_MERCY_vI
    Iv_NO_MERCY_vI 19 days ago

    XD Spinbot hacks are so fucking funny I love them

  • P3W P3W
    P3W P3W 19 days ago


  • Jan Christian Liquit

    Ostrich and Iguana going ostrich XD

    PSTVCMD 19 days ago

    Cool Video :) Just subbed

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 19 days ago

    you wanna know a spingbot hax


    m_yaw 1 on console

  • Yunox TR
    Yunox TR 19 days ago

    Mevlana açmış özürlü

  • Kolbija Guszti
    Kolbija Guszti 19 days ago

    coment :D

  • cons
    cons 19 days ago

    Nice commentary boi

  • CrImSOn
    CrImSOn 19 days ago

    I'm gona give a free csgo skin to anyone who stays in my group for longer than 1 week ^^
    If you really joined, Thanks a lot :)

  • abv
    abv 19 days ago

    good ;))))

  • WillMuzz03
    WillMuzz03 19 days ago

    'Ostrich' *posts pic of emu*

  • MRlomoMR
    MRlomoMR 19 days ago

    Use code 'Assy' for a free $0.50- Skinhub.com

  • Moe Chan
    Moe Chan 19 days ago

    I'm kinda impressed of the spins

  • ImRushingB !
    ImRushingB ! 19 days ago

    1:44 nahh man thats legit

  • Makikotka
    Makikotka 19 days ago


  • theo player
    theo player 19 days ago

    i want to win the gevawy

  • Barry Bobert
    Barry Bobert 19 days ago

    im a pussy

  • Blazing King
    Blazing King 19 days ago


  • Sean Pinyo
    Sean Pinyo 20 days ago

    uploaded on my bday!

  • Casper Xx
    Casper Xx 20 days ago

    sheep was hackin too xDD

  • Spielefreak
    Spielefreak 20 days ago

    Sich clickbait thumbnail shows Mirage but gameplay is Cache unsubscribed!! *IT WAS A JOKE*

  • Konsta
    Konsta 20 days ago

    I need cases https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=235144378&token=uNoaTieD

  • Albert Einstein
    Albert Einstein 20 days ago

    If you're cheating aren't you griefing as well?

    SKY DEM0N 20 days ago

    ye irish ay fuck

  • Tom Kampfraath
    Tom Kampfraath 20 days ago

    Honestly, I'm starting to dislike CS:GO so much> I was GN3 (Yes I was that good) last week, and now I am GN1 because I have literally played only against hackers. And no, I don't say that because they were better than me, but because they were literally hacking, I even got a notification on CS:GO that they thanked me for reporting because someone got banned. And even their own team said they were hacking. So they really need to step up their anti cheat system.

    • Tom Kampfraath
      Tom Kampfraath 19 days ago

      Bro do you even understand sarcasm?

    • BijuuBunny
      BijuuBunny 19 days ago

      Tom Kampfraath "gn3 yes i was that good" lmao mate gn is trash

  • DashMLGNO
    DashMLGNO 20 days ago

    this is why i stopped playing this retarded game to many kids hacking

    LARGETYPE 20 days ago

    Hellooooo motherfuckeeeers!!

  • Siddhant Midha
    Siddhant Midha 20 days ago

    Learn how to edit

  • David Chambers
    David Chambers 20 days ago

    your the best m8

  • Chris Punt
    Chris Punt 20 days ago

    LMAO at his fucked up edditing skillz. 😂😂

  • mohamad isa
    mohamad isa 20 days ago


  • Matt Nutella
    Matt Nutella 20 days ago

    2 gay m8

  • Paul Merkel
    Paul Merkel 20 days ago

    video actually starts at 0:57

  • FroLLe Gaming
    FroLLe Gaming 20 days ago

    When you make the vid a little over 10mins to get that extra cash ;)

  • nino courtois
    nino courtois 20 days ago

    i love csgo give me free skin

  • sam vag
    sam vag 20 days ago

    hackers -.-

  • Gabriel gani
    Gabriel gani 20 days ago

    i think that knife is gonna be mine

  • Temartus
    Temartus 20 days ago


  • iPeak CS:GO
    iPeak CS:GO 20 days ago

    i am ostrich my acc still isnt banned http://steamcommunity.com/id/owismylyfe/

  • zak clairmont
    zak clairmont 20 days ago

    a givawey

  • I Hate MY LIFE
    I Hate MY LIFE 20 days ago

    sup man just wanna say hi

  • Night Fall
    Night Fall 20 days ago


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