python vs monkey

python vs monkey

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Author Randolfo Carlos ( ago)
Ninguém faz nada para salvar o macaco. Impressionante o ser humano,o macaco
é um primo nosso ,a cobra não. Por isso deveriam dar prioridade a ele.

Author space jockey ( ago)
Eunectes murinus (Sucuri/Anaconda) and Monckey. BraSil. Amazing

Author King Titanoboa ( ago)
is better shut up in back gran

Author aretwo deetwo ( ago)
honestly, i jerked off to this. It's pretty hot. The snake is coiling and
constricting the monkey, and the monkey is screaming in pain and fear.

It would have been cool if the snake constricted the retarded monkey on
land rather than in the water. I'd much rather see the monkey get slowly
killed than have it just drown. Either way, seeing the monkey struggling
was even more of a turn-on. It would have been the most sexiest if mr.
snake swallowed the monkey feet-first while it was alive. THAT would be

Nice kill snake, hope you made that monkey have a horrible painful death.

Author Carlos Arturo Sousa Garrido Lecca ( ago)

Author tjc ( ago)
i don't know which i like more - the sound of the monkey crying and
shrieking in terror for its life, or the sound of the chic holding the
camera crying because she is so upset over the monkey being eaten alive.

Author Martin Sommer Moreira ( ago)
Stupid bitch, this is the nature. God is the nature, so god likes some
violence. Other genious in the video said in portuguese: we can try to
make noise and probably the snake would stop to attack the monkey. In my
opinion, maybe with noise the snake could attack the dumbass and make the
world a best place. 

Author gunk6887 ( ago)
because its fucking NATURE!!! & helping would be interfering

Author Ragesausage ( ago)
Why didn't u help him!!!!!

Author Chris Gallerie ( ago)
bashing stupid people? have you read your post?

Author BashingStupidPeople ( ago)
looks like the snake caught another obama. good snake! hahahaha! kick that
whinny lady in the face and shut her the hell up. stupid bitch! mew, mew,
mew, mew... such a stupid babbling whore.

Author Bill Tidy ( ago)
I would have saved the monkey......but that is just me

Author Alex da Vinci ( ago)
You want to help the monkey, but you must let nature take its course.

Author Davy Barnes ( ago)
All I see are a total of 50 green and white megapixels with a shaky camera

Author jo schmo ( ago)

Author Bryan Zamorano ( ago)
Daum tgats fucked up

Author scenecheck123MYJ ( ago)
I dont like monkeys so i love this

Author BikerRussell ( ago)
Right you are!

Author Vorisk Anaconda ( ago)
That's an anaconda. 1:44 shows the belly markings. <3

Author Sterling Shepherd ( ago)
Snake - Para-Medic, that looks like dinner.

Author Jillian Reeves ( ago)
@SethVid holy shit! people have the hardest time with getting a joke. why
don't you go somewhere else and be a dickhead. the problem? the problem is
you're dumb ass. get the fuck away from me fucko.

Author SethVid ( ago)
@notclayreeves You idiot, that monkey would have fucked them up if they
even tried. Why fucking meddle in nature like that anyway? Natural
selection, the monkey wasnt smart enough to avoid a snake that could kill
it. The snake succeeded in outsmarting and overcoming its prey. What the
fuck is the problem guy?

Author jjc882011 ( ago)
@356butch, this is survival, so what you are saying is that you don't eat
to survive....

Author Jillian Reeves ( ago)
@VegensRCows yer mean.

Author jjc882011 ( ago)
This is the law of nature why would one want interfere. it may look cruel
to see the monkey get killed, this is survival for the snake.

Author Your Hero ( ago)
@notclayreeves shut up if you dont like then blame nature moron.

Author Jillian Reeves ( ago)
fuck you for not saving the monkey!

Author Lingus Lingus ( ago)
Monkey- Don't just stand there! Get this snake off me. Snake- your coming
skinny dipping if you like it or not.

Author boyler1998 (1142 years ago)
Bet the python wouldnt pull that shit on a gorilla

Author Shmuck60 ( ago)
@pinociocio What are you talking about? This is an act of nature occurring
in the wild. This happens hundreds of times without people around to film

Author Adrian Caldeira ( ago)
@nostalgiamelancolia1 no! hit the eye and make sure u stick ur finger deep
inside the bitchy snake will leave u not baring the pain more :d

Author daniel hughes ( ago)
Atleast the monkey finally shut the fuck up ^_^

Author Gio Ortiz-Magro ( ago)
Euhm what are some off you talking about ?? He did not feed the python with
a monkey This is filmed in the wild , some off you really need to learn how
to watch

Author tribranchvo ( ago)
@xlr8up seriously?

Author MOVIEmania709 ( ago)
@guins99 i would throw the monkey in an alligator and its the way of life.

Author malekith87 ( ago)
at the end?

Author pprzeeemo123 ( ago)
Kurwy jebane szmaty pierdolone zamiast sie patrzec to bysta odgonili tego
napstnika!!!! bydlaki !!!

Author davidgriffin14 ( ago)
@junkintrunk55 ,......17 snakes??? wow i think u should know what u were
talking about. but obviously you don't EINSTEIN. you are wrong on your
statements. shows your ignorance. and NO, it could not easily of eaten it.
the largest part is not the head its the SHOULDERS. their skeletal
structure is almost identical to humans. and if u fed a macaque to a monkey
in Vegas, then i wish i had your bankroll since they go for thousands of
dollars.and re-watch, the monkey is huge compared to the snake.

Author MarcusGM24 ( ago)
That's so sad, monkeys are fuckin awesome

Author guins99 ( ago)
I would have saved that monkey from the snake, and I would have killed the

Author davidgriffin14 ( ago)
to all of you out there crying that this is nature and its the way things
EXPLAIN....(in easy terms for your uneducated self) #1- the people filming
/ watching should of helped the monkey. #2- why, do you ask? as an owner of
several snakes and raised probably hundreds, look at the size of the monkey
and compare it to the size of the snake. #3- there is no way that the snake
could fit, and if he did, it would puke it back out.

Author firebirdnewt ( ago)
@MiniMarioBros let nature take its course

Author MiniMarioBros ( ago)

Author Shane159 ( ago)
That is an Anaconda not a python.

Author anakkapalsedia ( ago)
The python would end up like the monkey when it stumbled onto king cobra!

Author cadillacowboy1 ( ago)
where are the lil monkeys buddies to help him whoop the damn snake?!?!?! >:P

Author infinltyshock ( ago)
all you idiots complaining about this giant monkey hors d'oeuvre are only
showing how stupid you are. for starters its not a python...its a green
anaconda. this is nature, the way things on this planet work. where do you
think your mcdonalds burger comes from? it came from a living, breathing,
four legged animal full of blood and guts. you fucktards complaining about
this snake having its equivalent of a fast food snack would starve to death
if there werent a grocery store on the corner.

Author chronic2495 ( ago)
@xXAkridXx i wanna punch u in the face for being retarded

Author ShogunRuaFights ( ago)
That python couldn't do shit to a silverback gorilla, it would snap him in
two if it tryed to wrap itself round one.

Author punkx52 ( ago)
@ProbablyCoolerThanU we should feed you to a snake and see how it feels to
be eaten alive

Author damtachoa ( ago)
Eh Monkey, use your nails to kill that slut python.

Author mistah001 ( ago)
fucking people!!!!

Author Silent Walker ( ago)
@ProbablyCoolerThanU I wanted the snake to win because I just hate monkeys
nuff said :)

Author Kha Zix ( ago)
@stiffy69er1 No, you would help the monkey because you are a human being,
and that is what human beings are, selfish ignorant over intelligent
idiots, who want to stop nature from taking its course just to please
yourself, you would help the monkey because it would MAKE YOU FEEL BETTER.
Well I was rooting for the snake, it makes me FEEL BETTER knowing that he
got a nice meal and did an awesome job catching it, NICE

Author MrDavkoz ( ago)
reptiles 1, primates 0

Author Rajesh Kumar ( ago)
hate this video,cant help a little being ur no human

Author Randall James ( ago)
all you retards that are saying save the monkey, your fucking stupid, its
nature get over it... you wouldn't save a snake being attacked by a monkey
would you? NO you would fuckin cheer it on

Author fdyjt ( ago)
fucking people hade to help the monkey stupid fucks

Author Oats ( ago)
you fucking asses save fucking monkey dick bags; i would of stabed that

Author Jake Schimmers ( ago)
lol i can see the python come up behind the monkey and as it strikes the
monkey pulls out a knife and says, "Don't Fuckin try it man.... DON'T

Author infinltyshock ( ago)
@1945Rossi1945 snakes have to eat too where do u think your mcdonald
hamburgers and chicken nuggets come from? hint: it aint santa claus

Author infinltyshock ( ago)
@brownie1010 take your meds you gibbering errant puddle of your daddies
testicular emission

Author Claire AwesomeSauce ( ago)
@smanukas but they end up with aids...

Author geckotrouble ( ago)
poor bugger drowned :(

Author socomsix19 ( ago)
wat a weak monkey,.. i can beat 4 pythons on my own.. no living thing can
beat me... im a living god

Author blockboy5609 ( ago)
i like both snake and monkey but i like monkeys more D: poor monkey

Author Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz ( ago)
the nature is cruel

Author Austin Underhill ( ago)
fucking snakes

Author brownie1010 ( ago)
@infinityshock Wow i can tell your only about 15 with your lame comments.
INtoduce me to your snake id fucking kill it an as fo you id introduce you
to my fist you fucked up prick! an na i wont stfu tlll all u fucked up
people on this post are gone!

@brownie1010 no u just dont like snakes and say we suck even though we dont
give a shit cuz we dont so stfu

Author patrick clark ( ago)
stupid monkey ooooh whats this big long thing i think i will have a closer

Author infinltyshock ( ago)
@brownie1010 sounds like youre into sucking and snakes. id like to
introduce you to my snake...on which you may suck.

Author JayGolas ( ago)
Seriously, why didn't this monkey's mates come to his aid? A bunch of
monkeys could've fcuked up this snake.

Author brownie1010 ( ago)

Author infinltyshock ( ago)
This is not a python...its a GREEN ANACONDA.

Author maan smit ( ago)
i hate does people behind the cam i hope they will die to

Author TheHateYouHATEYOU ( ago)
@comonSense0728 Im from the Philippines i eat half born ducks called Balut
but i dont know anything about the Testicle Soup o_O

Author Superloser2233 ( ago)
Dam nature YOU SCARY!

Author Brooklynhead1 ( ago)
took him right under..damn

Author seals1288 ( ago)
sigh another moron by the name of pittsburgh LOL wata douche!

Author mike oxbig ( ago)
shut the fuck up stupid indians!

Author Bryson Williams ( ago)
@CUSSERKID hey fucking idiot realize a joke when u see one

Author Bryson Williams ( ago)
why did it go for the person in the tree? why not kill that stupid sounding
monkey holding the camera?

Author Chris Howerton ( ago)
@faceless127 Including America. Rocky Mountain Oysters anyone?

Author comonSense0728 ( ago)
@faceless127 in the phillipines the eat testicle soup and half born ducks

Author faceless127 ( ago)
@smanukas Humans will eat anything, there is some country's that eat the
testicles of animals

Author bobomanthecruzan ( ago)
when does the 'vs' happen

Author Noxiteable ( ago)

Author Marcelo Ungido ( ago)
no is python is anaconda sucuri

Author wesley naiman ( ago)
unfair but thats nature leave them alone.

Author 1verstreate1 ( ago)
At 1:58 the snake says "Shut it, monkey."

Author xlinhluvscupcakesx ( ago)
@smanukas humans eat monkeys? i never do that OMG!!!!

Author xXAkridXx ( ago)
@CUSSERKID Mind = blown.

Author CUSSERKID ( ago)
@xXAkridXx you fucking idiot snakes dont have arms or legs.

Author xXAkridXx ( ago)
If I was that monkey, I'd cut off that snakes arms and legs so it can't go

Author 187route14 ( ago)

Author Kingtenasee ( ago)
aww monkeey :'(

Author DonChilenito ( ago)
you stuipid shiets lakc of IQ u cant have dangerous animals like them as
pet assholes! why do you think there exist pythons in the wild now in USA?
cus peaople like you realise them and they reproduced!

Author Paulmichael9 ( ago)
I love snakes I wanted the Eunectes Murinus ( Green Anaconda) but Instead I
got the Eunectes Notaeus (Yellow AnACONDA) BUT they are cool too

Author TheNahdrews ( ago)
poor monkey couldnt get away was being squished to death before being
bitten in the face and then drowned :'( stupid snake! Poor Monkey:R.I.P

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